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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rhianna on a Gold Throne - What is The Message?

Every production show, has a stage setting too. Do you know that every element of what we see holds meaning? Well now you do!

The biggest show on earth - the Paralympics closing ceremony and people saying it was just a coldplay concert, with Rhianna and Jay Z. Evidently a little more help is needed to bring to light some important understanding. When a production is BIG and LOUD, a message is being shared, so that people will take notice.

In the Paralympic's closing ceremony Rhianna arrived on a Steamship, dressed in colour orange, joining Chris Martin from Coldplay. They sang Princess of China. Rhinna sings 'I could've been a Princess, you would be a King' - we learn there is a man who could have been King - is he recognised? A love story between two people who fought continually....'a hopeless situation'.

Jay Z sang about sacrifice - "everything she did, she paid the price, she sacrificed, This is everything, everything she ever dreamed. 'she made the team'" -

While struggling with legal corruption, listening to war mongers - I have been openly exposing corruption and injustice also being vocal about being anti war. My focus is to actively promote global peace and healing. When there were threats of bomb scares in the Olympics, I wrote openly about this here and located relevant research to share with concern. Had enough of the warmongers.

There ware no bombs or earthquakes other than a big noise in the Olympic Arena in London and people being empowered and enlightened too. There could have been bombs and earthquakes and yet this would have been seen to be by the hand of man.

On 12th August, Prince Harry arrived with Catherine - formerly introduced as Prince Henry and the Queen prayer, otherwise known as the National Anthem was sang, while Queen Elisabeth II was somewhere else. William holds a title that relates to being the ruler of Scotland. Excuses were given for the Royal family not to attend and yet it is highly likely they were fully aware of the bomb scare so the military son and sister in law were sent instead.

Since this, and Harry being exposed naked, the media have reported of death threats after he was sent to Afghanistan. The media portrays to each country one aspect and not the whole picture. They also heavily promote the British royal family.

The closing ceremony of the Olympic games was 12th August 2012. August 12th is the date Cleopatra, last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt died. The Cleopatra Exhibition is in California now.

During the ceremony as divine providence shows, from the ancient Greek lineage is another Princess who came down and was raised up by the people, the royal Ballet dancers. A divinely appointed Queen comes from a specific lineage and it is not to be more superior than anyone else. It is to serve the people.

Nothing is hidden from people. People are being told and shown that all is not right and as it should be. Not coincidently Jay Z and Kayne West have toured with the 'Watch The Throne Tour'

In the Paralympics closing festival, Rhianna sang 'Who is going to run this town' - she had changed from elegant orange to black and speaking why she breaks all the rules. Remember also the Wayseer Manifesto addressing all the rule breakers. Everyone who thinks for theirself is not a robot or meant to be.

Sitting on the throne Rhianna is wearing a gold top with black trim, with number 23 and a black cap. On the back of the top says Scott 23. Notice the floods I have posted about these days have related to floods in Scotland and Yorkshire, relating to the House of York and Duke of York. This connects with New York.

My previous article Jay-Z in Brooklyn, with a New Barclays Bank in New York - Barclays is connected to London, international.

On the throne we see two lions with closed mouths - calm? Notice the back of the throne, the swirl ended columns/pillars they seem to be bent over. Above this is symbolising something else - perhaps the sun rising and energy of the sun. With Rhianna singing we are reminded of Zion singing.

In the ancient times, the High Priestess was divinely inspired directly from God which is why she is connected to The Temple. Sitting on the Throne, Rhianna is showing that the HighPriestess, who is born from the Royal bloodline, is also communicating with the people. She is showing what to expect.

The gold top is covering her main body area we are reminded of a golden heart that radiates love and energy. She does not have cloth covering her legs because the gold is the focus and numbers. By sitting on the throne, Rhianna is reprsenting the woman, (not man) the Mother of Humanity. Gold is also the colour associated with angels our divinely appointed heavenly messengers.

The Hebrew meaning of number 5 is GRACE. More specifically, this is meaning God’s grace or goodness toward man. "Five is four plus one (4+1). Now we have a further revelation of a People called out from mankind, redeemed and saved, to walk with God from earth to heaven. Hence, Redemption follows creation. Inasmuch as in consequence of the fall of man creation came under the curse and was "made subject to vanity," therefore man and creation must be redeemed."

With Bolton being shown in the Divine Plan as being very important in relation to the Olympic Arena and the Orbit tower built here too, Bolton is showing to have the ancient Greek connection too. Not coincidently, Bolton Museum treasures are touring the Far East in the 'Quest for Immortality' exhibition, with people ready and more open to realise greater self understanding. Our soul is inner - this is why esoteric wisdom applies. In ancient Greek Wisdom - Know Thyself! Exoteric - from outside.

This is Bolton Town Hall at night. Two lions, one guarding each side of the main entrance. There is also a barrier to the entrance. Several columns, which always remind me of ancient Greece and Athens, my mother's homeland.

The Proclamation of a new Monarch's accession to the throne is traditionally read out from Bolton Town Hall steps.

Surprisingly this is not common knowledge. It is not common knowledge that the museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian treasures in storage in England. It is not common knowledge that the Olympic arena support and Orbital tower were built in Bolton either. Perhaps this is a good thing. What is relevant to come to light will come to light when people are ready to see.

Divine Providence is revealing what we need to know in so many different ways. While I am sharing, some insights with what is being revealed, ultimately there is a BIG BOSS in the heavens who decides everything. We can all see the world idealistically and yet not everyone is in an idealistic place. There is a global healing need and I hope that people will pull together as one humanity.

There are people who will not want help or be ready for help, these are individuals. There is a woman on the internet who has stated she is the Queen and Messiah and yet she is bashing America and American People. She is bashing the Orthodox Cristians and it is so easy to see the false prophets. The days of tyranical rulers is over - there is a need of toughness, as in steadfastness to keep a tight ship, so all officials know their role of responsibility and honor it.

When I trained in holistic health and various modalities of psychotherapies, with other training and understanding, I can see that everyone's healing need is different and there is more than one way to help people according to their need. If we give the tools to people to help theirselves this is the way forward, enabling people to learn and be empowered, by experience.

Meanwhile Rhianna is acting out her art and I have yet to see her interview with oprah. Another young lady who knows real people and their needs. She communicates so many different messages. Turning the sound off, the message is loud and clear with this one and so lets see, time will tell what will unfold.

New York, London, Paris and Milan came to mind - the runways for the fashion houses. Runways are also airports. All these cities are important for change. This came to my mind now - unity and change. Old ways to new ways.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Jay-Z - King of Brooklyn at New Barclays Center

Daiy Mail Headlines- Queen Beyonce looks on with pride as her husband Jay-Z is crowned King of Brooklyn at his sold out concert

Jay-Z was in Brooklyn last night performing an inaugural sold-out concert at the borough’s new Barclays Center. The excited crowd of 18,000, were in uproar, while Jay-Z sported a jersey top that featured his last name, Carter, and the number four.

Beyonce, was front and centre at the show and looked on proudly.

Jay-Z celebrated with the sold-out crowd at the new Barclays Center in the New York borough

With a New Bank we are reminded of a new King and Queen. We are also reminded of the love that Beyonce and her husband share together with baby Blue Ivy as a family. There is no doubt Beyonce is treated like a Queen and in turn responds to her husband as her King. This is how true love should be.

Here Beyonce is glowing with love while supporting her husband.

We see Jay-Z looking upwards, thanking his lucky stars. This is a reminder that people do not just become superstars on stage - they are also serving a divine purpose. The people who sing songs are delivering the messages to the masses - what is the message that Jay-Z has been singing recently?

Did he not do a tour named 'Watch the Throne?'

Jay-Z said performing in his hometown was better than performing at the Grammys, Glastonbury or Coachella. He yelled to the crowd of 18,000: 'Nothing feels like tonight!' - He then went on to perform two songs from fellow Brooklynite Notorious B.I.G and hold a moment of silence for the late rap veteran.

He told the crowd when B.I.G.'s Juicy played: 'Sing loud so he can hear you in heaven.'

Jay-Z reminded his 18,000 strong audience of haven and who else is up there who is not to be forgotten? The universe is bigger than this earth.

After the Anticipation: Music fans arrived for the first of eight Jay-Z shows which will open the Barclays Center. Number 8 relates to infinity and the union between heaven and earth. 8 is spiritual wholeness, mind body and spirit.

Freaky Friday: The Barclays Center welcomed fans of Jay-Z amid the haze of Friday night following a day of rain

Inaugural means marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office: while the new Barclays centre is opened, the venue is also the home of the Brooklyn Nets, of which Jay-Z is part owner, and houses his new 40/40 nightclub.

Jay-Z's childhood home was at the Marcy Houses. Jay-Z often described the housing project as a dangerous place to live, with high crime rates and prevalence of crack cocaine. There is no better person who knows the needs of the people than one who has witnessed it first hand. Jaz-Z has shown, you can rise up and use your voice - to speak out about what is wrong in the world. We can use our voice, time and energy to work putting right the wrongs.

Millions o f people feel lost and go down a destructive path. Millions of people do not beleive they are good enough. Only God decides if you are good enough. If we are to measure who we are by other people and what they say, we put ourselves in a position of being judged by other people and this is not always in anyone's favor. A life of crime and drugs diminishes self-esteem. Follow your dreams. Take steps to realise your potential.

The land Marcy Houses is on was bought in 1945 by the City of New York; it had been the site of an old Dutch windmill. In an earlier article, I was guided to write about New York once being New Amsterdam - the New Netherlands. Wall Street was the dividing wall of the territory. The Head Office of the United Nations is in New York - the centre of the world for the people.

The people who are called to make a positive difference do not always readily run to embace their calling. There are people who eagerly want to run ahead. This is not a race for one person or another. We all have a purpose. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a spiritual team for a greater purpose reaching many millions of people. At the very least, let these two people inspire love and unity. So many people have had a very difficult life and everyone has suffered heartache who has come through with life experience. We have a deeper appreciation for what is really important and life is very precious. There are truly talented people in the world who do not even know they are talented. Everyone deserves a chance.

America is a country with so many deep feeling and warm hearted people. We all have our differences and personality quirks, however in the heart of each individual is what is most important. Where there is love, there is hope!

Jay-Z is the inspiration many young men. Everyone has their own unique message to share with the world. Share because you want to share; not for what you might gain by doing so.

Let HOPE be the sign for the future of the people in New York.

Number 4, as worn by Jay-Z relates to the Emperor in the Tarot deck. Presently Jay-Z is up there with popularity with the people.

With a New Bank - a New King and Queen. Actually a New Emperor and Empress, with the New World Order is being anticipated.

With regards to meaning of the number 40 - this refers both to the Torah, which is water, and also to the Flood. Notice the floods these days. In the future the flood will be a positive concept--the flood of knowledge of God. This is the inner soul of the Torah which will fill the earth just as water covers the seabed.

We are in the Age of Aquarius and this relates not just to physical water, this is relating to the spiritual water of divine wisdom.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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More insights on Floods in Yorkshire and Scotland

As with everything keep an open mind. Sharing these images is to allow you to see for yourself and to undertand in different ways, God is showing people he is the Boss. Now if God is the boss, why are people bowing down to people who are supposed to be obeying Him. What is happening is the reminder to those in positions of TRUST who are neglecting the people and abusing their oath, also to remind people that there is a far higher power on this earth that controls everything.

Here a man in blue is standing outside a house. We do not know what he is thinking, however his mind will be stimulated to think. Notice a yellow rubbish skip filled and the letters 'SMILES'. Next to this the pavement has barriers with a diversion sign. Did the man consider the 'smile' before the flood? Did he see it? Remembering the yellow smiley emoticon. We are reminded to smile.

Chester-Le-Street close to the River Wear - County Durham, Sunderland. If I recall Tony Blair is from Durham, apparently living on Providence Row. A lady I know remembers when he was still in a pram. Does Tony Blair even have a conscience?

"Safety: Somerset Fire and Rescue officers wade through floods in Greinton, Somerset as a fire engine waits at a safe distance"

So here we can see a vehicle waiting in safety, while there are Fire and Rescue officers who are on foot, braving the elements. I am unsure if there is still the Hosepipe ban on in England. One thing for sure with all this flooding the ground and English countryside will be getting a good watering.

Notice on this image on the fire engine is written backwards 'fire rescue' with the fireman on the ground speaking to the man in the police van. It actually does say on British police vehicles 'fighting crime - protecting people' although the police heavily rely on the people to provide evidence to prosecute crime. Police tell lies in court on oath - witnessed by myself personally and yet no one reprimands these oathtakers who abuse 'their oath' - SO I AM!

There are three vehicles - two facing with head lights on and the third with reverse lights in what looks like a Vauxhall. The numberplate adds up to 80 = 8. With the fire and police vehicles, we are reminded of lights on no body at home. With the Vauxhall, Vauxhall Bridge in London comes to mind - to cross over the Thames. The location of this is Gilling West in North Yorkshire.

The Duke of York is connected to Yorkshire - the land that has been extensively flooded. With the lights on and nobody is at home - who this applies to is who can relate. This is an expression and not meant to offend. Sometimes it is better to be sleeping and live with rose coloured glasses, to not see what is happening in our world. Millions of people are killed in wars and suffer injustice. People who are awake do not turn a blind eye.

There are impressive; illustrious NOBLE titles and yet what do they mean? Being noble means doing right by everyone.

With Gilling - This interesting surname is an English patronymic or metronymic, from the early medieval personal name "Julian", which derives from the Latin "Julius", a derivative of "Iuppiter", meaning "the supreme god".

Not long ago I wrote about Julian Clary and Julie Goodyear sitting on a swan talking to each other. Julie was wearing the golden crown. With this reminding people that Christ communicates to his Princess. Also as already said before God does not give mixed messages to people. The media has manipulated this image to stimulate people to think and perhaps observe more closely.

Here is another picture - shocking indeed. A huge branch of a tree collapses on to a car in Willowbank Road in Aberdeen after heavy gusts of wind in the city. It is unclear if the driver excaped alive.

Cars relate to travellng and road ways, also our spiritual journey in life. Aberdeen is connected to the Royal family and the North sea oil rigs. Having worked in Aberdeen many years ago, I can still picture the main road in my mind.

With Willow, the weeping willow tree came to mind and certainly I have cried many tears over these years. Tree relate to 'family trees' and 'the tree of life'. Bank is where money is deposited and given. The Queen's head is on currency and so the next Queen will be too. With a New Word Order - a righteous and ethical government, we will see law courts that work for God not for profit as a priority. A structure that SERVES the people will reflect this on every level. Today every government official should be motivated to do right by people - they are civil servants.

From what we are being shown, people in the British and Scottish establishment who are not following God's Orders and so HE is letting everyone see, with the help of the media what is happening. The doctored images were handy too illustrate that what is meant to be happening has been reversed. Because God wins, His way is His choice! He Guides and His Law and Order WILL BE HERE!

Some time back we saw the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury had been deliberately sawn off seen to make sure to sever the bloodline that God established. There was even the planting of a new tree, that was given 'steel protection' and the tree got vandalised and snapped off. This is an example of what goes around comes around. With this image, those who manipulate the laws and violate people are reminded that God's Power is far more mightier to break the branch.

Two cars, one blue, one silver and two police sharing information. With the car Fiat comes to mind and Fiat currency that derives its value from government regulation or law. There is a difference between man made laws and God's Law. THE LAW is being revisited. When a government holds God ALMIGHTY at the head, currency is guaranteed. There is no injustice whatsoever. This is possible.

Numberplates have meaning. On the silver car we can see the letters 'ING' so it is a commercial vehicle. The numberplate in full adds up to 12 = 3 and we are reminded of the twelve tribes of Israel. What we can see clearly missing out the final letter adds up to 44 = 8. The second vehicle adds up to 8 also.

We are seeing duality here, the road is blocked 'temporarily'. The blue car is free and yet at a standstill. The other unable to move, even if the driver wanted to go. This is by a force beyond human hands to illustrate a point.

Number 8 relates to infinity and the reminder that God is the boss. Number 8 relates to self mastery and union with the divine. We are also being reminded of the union between the heavenly realms and earth, with the ever constant flow of energy.

We are shown that God can halt anyone in their tracks, cast down and lift up who he likes for punishment and for his purpose. If you are a conscious servant of God, it is likely life has not been easy but we are not here for an easy life. Conscientious most definately. We are here for a purpose.

Today thre are still people who condemn entire nations of people, or religions. Why is there this mentality anywhere? We urgently need to deal with the destructive mindset - not feed into destruction and hate. If we were not meant to be here, we would not be alive today. The same applies to everyone.

88 is used as shorthand for 'hugs and kisses'. Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. The 2008 Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m. 88 is often used to mean "bye bye" in Chinese-language chats, text messages, pronounded ba ba. Neo-Nazis use number 88 as a code to represent the slogan Heil Hitler. Letter H is eighth in the alphabet, so 88 is meant to stand for HH.

My parents marriage took place on 8th August. August relates to Leo astrology and the Lion. With 8 appearing twice we are shown there are two lions. There is the Lion associated with Judah and Lion is connected to Zion too.

Here we see two runners and the man is wearing HH on his red top. We also see a big rainbow and a ship. God does not need a ship to make His laws known and already, in Holland a new Noah's Ark has been built, that re-establishes HIS rule. Where in the past people have used religion against people, not this time - God has His plan to prevent this happening again. When people are ready...

"I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. "Genesis 9:13

In the final picture shared with this article, Rachel Brewer is holding two branches of the same apple tree. The article is showing blossom next to fruit fully grown - another sign of the times. With the paralympic ceremony compounding the Holy Mother and matriarchal lineage, with everyone born from Eve, every family has their own family tree now.

Rachel is a reminder also of Jacob's wife, mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Jacob's brother was named Esau who were at war with each other. The battles that take place all these years happen for a reason. To the Sons of Abraham - Christ did not say war with your brother and cousins. Confront corruption and wrong doing. Put wrongs right. Stand for Justice! Being a man is more than a gender.

If we go back to the begining we have all been born from one woman - Eve. With so much talk about about the New Eve, perhaps we are being reminded of her role as the Spiritual Mother of humanity. There is a global healing need and to start we must bring and end to all the fighting. Will man allow this? In the divine plan, what is unfolding, is the realisation we must understand who we are - where we have come from and to realise if we do not take care of each other - who will? I have lived my life on a wing and many prayers. God nourishes me and gives me the strength to keep going but sometimes it is hard. I just take one day at a time.

It is not in the divine plan to keep people down. We can trip and fall, we can be halted to learn lessons and also because we are going the wrong way. I have had to learn to completely trust God too. This is the new cycle of time where women must be empowered, especially spiritually and realise their profound and powerful influence in the family, not just children - partners too.

In any home where women are spiritually empowered, this reflects in their outlook and how they influence family, friends and even strangers. Keeping anyone down and telling people they are not good enough is soul destroying. Spiritual empowerment is living with love that can be honest with people. In reprimanding anyone, confronting behaviour, giving the opportunity to change. We can all learn from the error of our ways but we cannot change who are are as a person.

A picture can tell a thousand words. An edited picture is revealing. This flood reminded me of the ebb and flow of the tides. As the energy shift takes place this reflects accordingly. We are also reminded for every action there is a reaction. Time is going to reveal what will happen....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Dr. Phlip Brodie - Cry Zion...An excellent article.

The following article came to my attention. It is profound, insightful and in many ways brings to light what is happening in our world. Being born from a mother who loved unconditionally, she was my teacher. A mother who will encourage her children to learn and grow, nurture and assist healing, help them to fly and so so selflessly asking for nothing in return. The most challenging of any mother experiences is when their child has gone down the wrong path in life or is suffering. When family is the cause of suffering and suffering - we can be in a hopelesss place.

Cry Zion, Lest Thy Ultra and Anti Sons Trap the Light

"Zion is trapped between the hate of the anti- and the denial of the ultra-. She wanders, aimless, her heart torn by those closest to her. Only her youngest reach out to her. Netanel Yahalomi, hesdernik, Hy"d, was one.

Zion is a woman who appears at present to lean upon her two strongest children.

One of these children curses her with a contorted anti-religious fervour. The other turns away from her to serve G-d religiously with ultra-fervent denial.

While she cares for all her children, not all her children care for her.

Her strongest ignore her. They fight so bitterly they have no time for her. One hates the other and the other rejects the one; so disposed, they seem to have nothing but scorn for their mother.

Zion might feel completely abandoned, but for her younger children. These reach out to her. But as they reach, they cannot touch because they are pushed away by their anti- and ultra- siblings. Zion is trapped between the hate of the anti- and the denial of the ultra-. She wanders, aimless, her heart torn by those closest to her.

Her misfortunes come in pairs. Two Temples destroyed. Two exiles. Two irreconcilable sons. But her comfort also comes in pairs: teshuva as spiritual return to faith and teshuva as physical return to Zion; two wars that have miraculously brought freedom and emancipation--the War of Independence and the Six-Day War; two all-powerful parents, the source of whom she is--Heritage and Land.

Zion weeps because she can see her future, but is powerless to move forward: her two strongest children restrain her and her younger children are not yet strong enough to help her.

If her eldest struggle against each other, they still agree on one thing: Zion will always be their focus, as one rejects with cursing, the other with denial.
Zion tries to escape her imprisonment. Her youngest watch, appalled.

Her eldest force her hand. One child, the most powerful—the anti- has controlled her before. He wills to control her now; meanwhile, the other son—the ultra—refuses to speak; because his belief contains denial, he will offer no comfort; because that faith is both strong and stubborn, he refuses to let her move.

Her younger children become restless. Awake, Zion! Awake for your children’s sake!

Her parents, Heritage and Land, watch their descendants in sorrow. Their daughter is abused by her strongest children, the anti- and the ultra-, while her younger offspring are treated by their elder siblings as unwanted orphans.

Their strongest grandchild, the one with the most responsibility, rebels by rejecting his entire past, both Heritage and Land, while the other strong grandchild rebels by denying Land, claiming that he descends only from Heritage. Torah, he cries, is everything. It is the only thing. Land today is at best neutral; at worst, it is the embodiment of wickedness: Land means nothing to him.

Together, Heritage and Land mourn. They have created Zion together and their Zion is enthralled: the anti-child hates, the ultra-child denies, and the younger children are spurned.

Still, Heritage and Land are wise. They can see what the grandchildren cannot. They see the future; and they see that only the youngest, the most scorned, will inherit that future with the fullest inheritance. It is they who cling to family. It is they who are loyal.

Zion does not have her parents’ vision. She cannot see her future as clearly as they. She cannot move forward. She cannot defend herself. And yet, despite the pain caused by her elder children, she hears her young ones' voices.

She is indeed restrained. But through those younger voices--so persistent, so filled with hope and joy-- she stirs, reminded of family, her lineage. Through those joyous voices, she understands that her future does not belong to those who refuse or deny. Her future belongs to those who want to embrace the Land-- and sing.

Zion, Zion, awake, awake! If your anti-child would destroy and your ultra-chld would deny, they cannot help you. It is they who are helpless, not you! Forgive them! Sing to them! Comfort them! If they cannot see how events lead to your Fulfilment, you must turn to them. Draw them near. They are your children. Do not let their refusal tarnish your hope.

Help them heal; show them the way. Do not be silent!

Zion, you have the power to awaken closed hearts with song: sing with your young children. It is they who will lead. Sing with them. They are your future.

Let your future become your song.

Zion, your legacy is Heritage and Land. Your strength is Heritage and Land. Your past was Heritage and Land. Your future will be Heritage and Land. Sing, Zion.

Remember the songs of old. Sing to teach your stronger children while you sing for joy with your younger children.

Sing, Zion. Sing now of Heritage and Land so that those who choose the wrong path can return.

Sing before they turn against you forever."

Article by Dr. Phillip Brodie

The Holy Scripture provides some timely insight

Sing, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel; be glad and rejoice with all the heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.

The Lord hath taken away thy judgments, he hath cast out thine enemy: the king of Israel, even the Lord, is in the midst of thee: thou shalt not see evil any more.

In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem, Fear thou not: and to Zion, Let not thine hands be slack.

The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly, who are of thee, to whom the reproach of it was a burden.

Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame.

At that time will I bring you again, even in the time that I gather you: for I will make you a name and a praise among all people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the Lord.
Zephaniah 3:14-20

The author Dr. Phillip Brodie worked at the University of Pittsburgh where he received his doctorate. He made aliya recently with his wife and lives in Maaleh Adumim. Full article and more can be found on the link.

Jeremy Forest & 15 yr Megan Found Out in France

While exposing the SERIOUS crimes taking place, this is one that has been touched on but not gone into deeply. Today I got the little sign that saying, talk about this some more - meanwhile the media have done a really good job in covering this story, and officials have rallyed together to deal with this situation.

A few days ago Jeremy Forest, a school teacher disappeared to France with 15 year old schoolgirl Megan Stammers. Young Megan, unaware of her beauty and vulnerability, had captured the attention of 30 year old Jeremy Forest who was to the advantage of being much older. He was also captivated by the young girl to have planned to take her away from the safety of her parents home to another country.

This situation rings alarm bells. While children who are unhappy might want to run away, go and stay with a relative, for someone to plan to go overseas and take a minor with them, shows intent to decieve. If any relationship is upfront, there is no reason to hide from this. There are children who tell their parents of their love interest even as a minor and by saying so they are not hiding anything.

Jermey Forest is a married man. While on his wedding anniversary with his wife Emily in Thailand and Malaysia in April, it seems the trip was far from romantic. A photo published by the Daily Mail, from TripAdvisor, Emily wrote: ‘Jeremy on the balcony (he stayed here most of the night).’

It seems clear Jermey's thoughts were far from loving and cuddling up to his wife in this beautiful setting - no second honeymoon.

Apparently not long before, Jeremy Forest had gone on a school trip with 50 pupils from Bishop Bell School to Los Angeles, one of which one was Megan Stammers. Perhaps his attention was there. Pupils were reportedly shocked to see Mr Forrest holding hands with Megan when sitting together on the flight home.

Well the love story between Jeremy and Megan has been well and truly busted by the media and police internationally. The situation is every mother's nightmare and we must count our lucky stars that Megan is alive and will come home safely. There are countless other teenagers who disappear and never seen again .

More has come to light since about Jeremy Forest. He used fake identificiation to go overseas and look for work. Jack Frances Dean is the name complete with a photo. He claimed to be a journalism graduate; writer for rock magazines NME and Kerrang, with experience in human resources, bar work and music tuition.

It was Mr Forrest's application to work at an English pub in Bordeaux - HMS Victory, staffed by English and Irish workers and popular with expats - which is said to have blown his cover. He was recognised by the manageress there.

Hotel staff noticed something unusual about the couple. Mr. Forrest left Megan waiting outside, her arms sheepishly folded, while he checked into the hotel, paying €61 cash up front.

A hotel worker said ‘He seemed calm and relaxed; but I never saw her close up' - Apparently Megan had possession of her mother's passport. She had travelled with this document and managed to pass herself off as a 37 year old mature woman. Mr. Forrest and Megan boarded a ferry from Dover to Calais nine days ago; since this has sparked an international manhunt.

From Calais, hey travelled to Paris, where Mr Forrest’s abandoned hi Ford Fiesta. From there they boarded a TGV train at Montparnasse station then travelled to Bordeaux, 400 miles away in the south-west of the country.

Without being required to show their passports, they checked into the Choiseul, a two-star hotel in central Bordeaux for one night. After moving to different hotels, Mr Forrest - who had been scrupulous about remaining anonymous - made the crucial error when applying for the bar job - and got caught out!

Mr Forrest is still in love with Megan and wants to be extradited from France so he will be closer to her, his lawyer said today. ‘We have discussed how he feels about being taken back to Britain and he will not contest it.’

‘This is primarily because going home will take him back closer to the person he loves. ‘His only crime is to have fallen in love with a 15-year-old, without any recourse to violence or manipulation. Of course he is devastated and only wants to be reunited with Megan.’

Forrest will appear in court in Bordeaux on Tuesday for formal extradition proceedings.

He confessed the couple had planned to 'lie low' in Bordeaux for another six months - when they could legally return to the UK as lovers when Megan turned 16.

From these experiences, we can fully appreciate why it is necessary to be protective to young girls and be alert to the warning signs. Many males find innocence alluring and might even beleive they are in love. Considering Mr. Forest took his wedding vow - an oath to God to another lady, his promise was not kept for very long. Fickle men are known for being heartbreakers in the long run.

Mr. Forest has been exposed using different identity names.

In looking at the article, there is a video that highlights Jeremy Forest has a MySpace account under username Jeremy Ayre. While many people use the internet to share information, research, network and even make friends, there are many more who use this medium to hide under different personas. The romance scammers are many. These scammers are people who are stealing hearts.

It is particularly interesting that HMS Victory is where the truth came to light. HMS Victory being a ship - Victory means winning and success associated with Nike, the brand name, the same as the heavenly helper Nike Goddess.

This relationship has forged bonds between English and French people. In many ways there is a need to strengthen bonds between people internationally and to realise, we might be living in different parts of the world, we are human beings and we are many who do care about people, wherever they live in the world.

Bordeaux in the middle ages was a kingdom and the duchy of Aquitaine. The Motto of this region is: Lilia sola regunt lunam undas castra leonem.

"The fleur-de-lis alone rules over the moon, the waves, the castle, and the lion"

The fleur-de-lis appears on the coat of Guadeloupe, an overseas département of France in the Caribbean, Saint Barthélemy, an overseas collectivity of France, and French Guiana. Our Lady of Guadelope is the Virgin Mary.

From the signs we are given with HMS Victory our earthly and heavenly mothers have been instrumental in helping to bring Megan home safely. Kudos to everyone who has got involved and to all the people who did poke their nose in and get involved. Far too many people think we should mind our own business.

My advise to Jeremy is to get some help and recognise anyone who really does love someone will be able to endure with this love for a lifetime. It is OK to ackowledge weakness, failure, being rejected and even being emotionally abandoned. If this issue is not addressed now, a trail of broken hearts will be left with having to one day face up to being responsible and accountable.

My reason to state get some help is after listening to his song!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Read more:

Miss Wilson RIP - Patricia Wilson not yet found!

With recent floods here in UK, (also happening in other countries) I was reminded of being told everything happens for a reason. Nothing is coincidence.

Today I have been guided to write about Miss. Wilson. With what is happening in the world - injustice is being exposed. Tragedy with innocent people being killed, is bringing to light what is hidden and relevant to know. Unlike 9/11 where airplanes struck WTC Twin Towers in New York, the elements, air, water, fire and thunder have caused death. Trees are wood; rooted in the earth.

Erena Louise Wilson from New Zealand died on Sunday afternoon in the Royal Botanical Gardens in South West London. Her two friends heard a 'loud crack like thunder' and saw a 12 inch thick branch from a 60ft tall Lebanese cedar come crashing down. While the pair ran for their lives, looking back they were horrified to see their friend, Erena Wilson lying face down on the ground surrounded by branches. Onlookers and paramedics were unable to save Miss Wilson who died instantly from 'non-survivable head injuries', West London Coroner’s Court heard.

London had gales of 30mph that day. Gary Baker, 51, told how he heard what sounded like 'shotgun fire' as the branch fell. Could this be with thunder hitting the tree or sound of breaking of the branch - we will never know.

Marcus Allan, 42, a friend of Miss. Wilson from when she worked at a pub near Dumfries, before she moved to London, said she was loved by everyone and described her as a 'one-off'. He told the Evening Standard: 'I have never met anyone like her. She was stunning, beautiful inside and out.'

Erena Wilson was an Accounts Manager working in the media industry.

Erena, described by friends as a 'Star' we are reminded of stars in heaven. All the people who have known and loved Erena will never forget her.

Miss Wilson’s mother, lives in Auckland, New Zealand and her father in Australia. A maternal uncle who lives in the UK is helping to organise the repatriation of her body to New Zealand. The family have asked for respect to their privacy while they come to terms with their loss and bring Erena back home.

Rest in Peace Erena Wison.

We are reminded to think about 'Why do good people die young?'


'Another' lady named Wilson in the Daily Mail Headlines.

A French gardener has 'allegedly' admitted killing a Briton Patricia Wilson. Two deaths reported with the same surname - two days. There is a reason for this and more has yet to come to light.

Jean-Louis Cayrou has been charged with Patricia Wilson's murder. Police launched an intensive search close to her cottage, although they admit unless Cayrou confesses and leads them to the spot, Miss Wilson's body may never be found.

'A fellow inmate of Cayrou, 50, phoned prosecutors from inside the prison in which they were both being held – claiming that he had admitted his guilt to him. He told them: ‘Cayrou said they’d had a fight. He hit her and then realised she was dead. He panicked and hid the body in a thicket close to a pond.’

Police took the claim seriously as the inmate had risked imminent freedom by getting in touch. He had called on an illicit mobile on the eve of his release from a long sentence. After the call, officers began an intensive search close to the £250,000 stone cottage north of Toulouse that was renovated by former advertising executive Miss Wilson and her partner Donald Marcus on their arrival five years ago.'

Police say friends told them the relationship between Cayrou and Miss Wilson was tumultuous and stormy, with many arguments and fights. Yet expats in the 500-strong village, and friends and family of the shy, quietly reclusive Cayrou, do not believe he is a killer. A relative said: ‘We’re a large, extended family and, unlike most French, don’t have constant contact. Jean-Louis was always a bit of a hippy. We know little of his life but we do know he was gentle and kind – and never cruel. We thought of him as a good man.’ - here we see contradictions.

'Police believe Cayrou attacked Miss Wilson on the steps of her cottage and dragged her down to his car. Blood and DNA in his Renault saloon matched Miss Wilson’s – and forensic officers found her DNA on other items inside the car.'

I am reminded of the time when Princess Diana died - where it is 'THE LAW and usual practice' to carry out autospy where someone has died. This was told to me by the Coroner in London - where he told me even strangulation can be ascertained as the cause of death from looking at the pupils of the deceased. I am forever grateful for the time and help given to understand THE LAW especially.

Also unfortunately there are police who lie - I can only speak from experience in England and knowing that police think they are protected from prosecution. It is quite evident there is a lack of responsibility in the police force to realise the consquences of lying and that innocent people have suffered.

We will have to wait and see the outcome of the case with Patricia Wilson. Also all women are warned to be careful - men might appear to be nice, not all are. Men might appear to be kind and yet insecure men can be reactive and even violent. Not all men realise their physical strength. It is a crime to protect a crime.

In the first instance Erena Wison died from head injuries from what appears to be the elements and a tree branch falling. In the second instance we are given a report of a search for Patricia Wilson's body. A man in prison, not the accused, is said to have phoned the police to say he killed Patricia Wilson and yet without a body there is no evidence to prove this crime. Police should know this!

This is something I recall British police telling me in 1986.

Cayrou has repeatedly denied any involvement in the 58-year old’s disappearance, remaining ‘walled in silence’, according to a police source. Time is going to reveal all here too.

What is relevant and true the ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING God does really see and know everything. The truth will come to light eventually! These two situations have brought to light that My personal situation is being addressed below. The signs being shown recently that injustice is not acceptable whatsoever. We are also being shown that officials are being carefully scrutenised.


Patricia Wilson is the name of a relative of Caroline Wilson a former police officer from approx 1981-1983. Her family were family friends. Patricia Wilson above and Caroline's Aunt Patricia Wison are not the same person.

Patricia Wilson lived four doors away from my parents' in Bolton. She asked me to be friends with her neice Caroline because she had no one. My parents were against the friendship. They did not like her at all and said she was unsuitable company. After my mother died in 1986 in seeing her mother, I got in touch.

In 19th November 1999, as a rear seat passenger, I suffered a whiplash injury when Caroline Wilson reversed into an oncoming vehicle. She declined to give insurance details to the driver and gave her mother's address, saying if the woman writes, her mother will deny knowing where she lived. Caroline said she offered £20 for the number plate and the driver refused. Her words were racist with profanity refering to the woman with the F word - One lie in court exposed. Caroline stated very clearly that she had no intention to pay the other driver.

If Mr. Cowell, the Judge was to hear the case again IN TRUTH, he would be forced to apologise to me and address the crimes that took place on oath in court. As far as compensation, 'her friend' was seeking £500 for loss of earnings that day - so my losses of potential earnings could be measured on this too!

Caroline Wilson said in court she said she could park a car as if spining on a pin. I am unale to remember detail if she said on oath she 'never' had a car accident. She evidently forgot about reversing into the Managers car at Macro in Manchester and went to seek out a FRIEND of mine to ask if she would lie and say she skidded on some oil. One lie in court busted and exposed.

Caroline Wilson blocked out of court settlement from December 1999 to September 2003. Her intention was to get me in court and lie so that I lose the case. My intention was to launch my business in January 2000 and build from there. The millenium was expected to bring new spiritual revelation and the new age is with holistic health, empowerment and human potential. Caroline Wilson once admitted being jealous of me. Jealous of someone who studied for many years and made personal sacrifices so humanity could know another way in life?

In 2003 Caroline Wilson used her very brief police career (1981-1983) in court for credibity and lied on oath. She committed perjury with intent. Her lawyer Mr. Aggrey Orleans lied and said I was never injured, never had referral or treatment for injury, never studied, had no qualifications and no business intention intention whatsoever. He was repeatedly and abusive in an aggressive manner saying LIAR, LIAR LIAR, at least three times and so I expose Mr. Aggrey Orleans as the Liar who abused his oath. Such abuse is totally unacceptable.

My then lawyer merits a black mark, Mr. Collins for advising me to lie on oath - to deny my professional training is something I will never do! Evidently the plan in court was decided before entering court and the corruption of the court was exposed to reveal lawyers who even violate their own oath. THEIR CRIMES!

Caroline's aunt, Pat Wilson recommended my professional training to be counsellor and wrote my reference. Already qualified in Holistic health therapies and selling my home to buy a bigger place to start a treatment centre - and took her cousin to show her. Even she showed interst to work with me. The British Law court have to face the silence they are trying to keep in my case is criminal too and for as long as the British legal system refuse to address the crimes, this means the corporation is corrupt and ether needs to be closed down or cleaned up.

Before being forced to go to court when suffering with chronic breathing problems from asthma, Caroline Wilson's cousin passed on a message from her mother Patricia to say if Caroline was to commit murder, Caroline's mother would lie for her and protect her. This was said to warn me. Caroline Wilson had already said she had every intention to lie and deny my injury 'and get away with it'. It was her cousin who encouraged me to consult with the lawyers. Not my choice!

With Caroline Wilson committing perjury on oath and Mr. Aggrey Orlean, her Barrister LYING and rubbishing HIS Oath - both are accountable in their crimes. Injusice is a crime against humanity. Mr. Aggrey Orleans rubbished the Queen by his diabolical abuse. Mr. Aggrey Orleans and over British 300 lawyers and police have been the cause of the Queen violating her coronation oath. Did the Queen EVER do anything to merit BETRAYAL from HER officials?

Every officer who takes an oath to the Queen, is serving the Queen!

In my situation, I could not escape because I was tied to a contract - the British legal system are in breach of. People consult lawyers and police for advise and help, we think they will sort problems out, not destroy our life.

UK court have obstructed justice and this is goes totally against God's Laws that is written in the Holy Bible. Divine justice still applies.


I may never get justice in the law courts but I am instrumental in bringing an end to all the injustice taking place and accept this. People need to realise that the lie is far reaching and jealousy is one of the deadly sins.

With regards to Erena Wilson - even being such a good person and losing her life in such a tragic way, She has brought to light God's Laws and they needed to be brought to everyone's attention. Erena has been instrumental in this and served a very important purpose. Erena's soul is being taken care of from the heavenly realms. We are also reminded when God wants to take life, it will happen in his time and way - it is not for man to take anyone's life whatsoever.

With regards to the body of Patricia Wilson in France not being found -contradictory stories has come to light which is suspicious. Police statements and people being put into prison on the strength of what is being told by officials and also a third party making a statement. All police and law court judges know without evidence there is no crime that can be heard. Perhaps DNA is enough in this case 'if' blood and belongings to Patricia Wilson has been found.

While the Case of ex-policewoman Caroline Wilson's perjruy cannot be denied - I have been reminded with the body of Patricia Wilson not being found, that there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute either. Something I did not consider but am reminded of the Court in Heaven that Judges everyone!

We are also reminded of what happened to Jesus Christ. Injustice today is an every day occurance with officals boasting of lying to be paid. The tears people are crying with their suffering and the loss of life in wars. We have been living in a time of great evil, when peple wear suits and wigs expecting respect, when they are actually shown to merit disrespect. Where is rightousness?

People wonder why good people die young, while people with cold evil hearts get away with their crimes. No one actually gets away with anything. Here is the opportunity to see that in so many different ways the truth will come to light. Learn the lesson.

My thoughts go out to the families who have lost loved ones.

Two women I gave my time and care to showed their true colours and put me in a position to break my silence. They betrayed Britain, mocked the British Legal system and rubbished Queen Elisabeth II. We are given one life, I did not earn my fortune. My wealth is sharing understanding. A lifetime of learning has been put to use. Time for people to think carefully before lying on oath.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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LAWS Perjury, Perverting Justice & Negligence


(1)If any person lawfully sworn as a witness or as an interpreter in a judicial proceeding wilfully makes a statement material in that proceeding, which he knows to be false or does not believe to be true, he shall be guilty of perjury, and shall, on conviction thereof on indictment, be liable to penal servitude for a term not exceeding seven years, or to imprisonment . . . F1 for a term not exceeding two years, or to a fine or to both such penal servitude or imprisonment and fine.

(2)The expression “judicial proceeding” includes a proceeding before any court, tribunal, or person having by law power to hear, receive, and examine evidence on oath.

(3)Where a statement made for the purposes of a judicial proceeding is not made before the tribunal itself, but is made on oath before a person authorised by law to administer an oath to the person who makes the statement, and to record or authenticate the statement, it shall, for the purposes of this section, be treated as having been made in a judicial proceeding.

(4)A statement made by a person lawfully sworn in England for the purposes of a judicial proceeding—
(a)in another part of His Majesty’s dominions; or
(b)in a British tribunal lawfully constituted in any place by sea or land outside His Majesty’s dominions; or
(c)in a tribunal of any foreign state,
shall, for the purposes of this section, be treated as a statement made in a judicial proceeding in England.

Read full legislation in the link below for English courts, For people who live overseas, there will be the information available online to access. (1)


Perverting the course of justice can be any of three acts:

Fabricating or disposing of evidence
Intimidating or threatening a witness or juror
Intimidating or threatening a judge

Also criminal are:

conspiring with another to pervert the course of justice, and
intending to pervert the course of justice.

Doing an act tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice[2] is an offence under the common law of England and Wales.

This offence, and the subject matter of the related forms of criminal conspiracy, has been referred to as:

Perverting the course of justice
Interfering with the administration of justice
Obstructing the administration of justice
Obstructing the course of justice
Defeating the due course of justice
Defeating the ends of justice
Effecting a public mischief[3]

This proliferation of alternative names is "somewhat confusing".[4]

This offence is also sometimes referred to as "attempting to pervert the course of justice". This is potentially misleading. An attempt to pervert the course of justice is a substantive common law offence and not an inchoate offence. It is not a form of the offence of attempt and it would be erroneous to charge it as being contrary to section 1(1) of the Criminal Attempts Act 1981.

Perverting the course of justice carries maximum life sentance.

What is the difference between Perverting the course of justice and obstructing justice is answered here by an ex police officer.

"Perverting the course of justice is an conscious act which is intended to prevent the normal application of law, such as giving false details when stopped for a traffic offence. Obviously, justice is not served as a summons could not be issued to the right person.

Obstructing police is an conscious action which prevents or interferes with a police officer carrying out their duty. Most commonly, it is friends of people being arrested trying to pull the officer off or something along those lines but would include blocking officers entering a building where they have a lawful power of entry.

Both offences require the offender to deliberately or carelessly do whatever it is they did."

The crime of Obstruction of Justice is identified in USA. 'Obstruction can include crimes committed by judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, and elected officials in general. It is misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in the conduct of the office. Most commonly it is prosecuted as a crime for perjury by a non governmental official primarily because of prosecutorial discretion.'

NO OFFICER OF THE COURT is exempt from prosecution or is to be protected from crimes of perverting the course of justice. It has been clearly stated by ethical lawyers overseas that Injustice is a Crime Against Humanity. Furthermore, there are lawyers in prison in Switzerland who got greedy and there needs to be an ethical standard that can be trusted. Judicial procedings is for remedy - for the Administration of Justice not abusing law courts as a profit making machine.

Focus is on putting wrongs right. Corrupt lawyers must be removed from the legal profession for abusing their position of trust to commit crimes.

“You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor." Leviticus 19:15


Misrepresentation in English law is an area of English contract law, which allows a person to escape a contractual obligation or claim compensation for losses. If one person can show that she entered an agreement because of another person's false assurances, then the other person will be unable to enforce the agreement against her, and may have to pay her damages. A misrepresentation can be an outright lie (fraud), an unintentional but careless falsehood (negligence), or an innocent slip of the tongue. In most cases[1] English law allows escape from the bargain when a misrepresentation was made, because it holds that people should only assume contractual obligations when they have given their true consent.

Remedies are partly regulated by the Misrepresentation Act 1967. English law generally allows a contract to be unwound, so that both parties are put back into the position before the agreement was made. It may be that the misrepresentation was incorporated into the contract as a term, so as an alternative one can claim the contract should subsist and claim for a loss in expectations.[2] In this case the misrepresentee can equally sue for damages as if the misrepresentation had been true. A misrepresentee may also sue for any losses which resulted from her relying on the misrepresentation.

More information on this subject posted in link below


'Misrepresentation is one of several vitiating factors that can affect the validity of a contract. A misrepresentation occurs when one party makes a false statement, inducing another party to contract. For an action to be successful, some criteria must be met in order to prove a misrepresentation. These include:

A false statement of fact has been made,
The statement was directed at the suing party and
The statement had acted to induce the suing party to contract.

An action in misrepresentation can only be brought by a representee. This means that only those who were an intended party to the representation can sue.;

Fraudulent misrepresentation occurs when one makes representation with intent to deceive and with the knowledge that it is false. An action for fraudulent misrepresentation allows for a remedy of damages and rescission. One can also sue for fraudulent misrepresentation in a tort action. Fraudulent misrepresentation is capable of being made recklessly. (In my experience British Law courts, lawyers and police have refused this and also said I will never find a lawyer to work to sue another lawyer in this country for their crimes)

The Queen's job becomes more appealing just to change this!


'Negligence (Lat. negligentia, from neglegere, to neglect, literally "not to pick up something") is a failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances.[1] The area of tort law known as negligence involves harm caused by carelessness, not intentional harm.'

Through civil litigation, if an injured person proves that another person acted negligently to cause his injury, he can recover damages to compensate for his harm.

'Negligence can be conceived of as having just three elements - conduct, causation and damages. More often, it is said to have four (duty, breach, causation and pecuniary damages) or five (duty, breach, actual cause, proximate cause, and damages). Each would be correct, depending on how much specificity someone is seeking.'


'Once it is established that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff/claimant, the matter of whether or not that duty was breached must be settled. The test is both subjective and objective. The defendant who knowingly (subjective) exposes the plaintiff/claimant to a substantial risk of loss, breaches that duty. The defendant who fails to realize the substantial risk of loss to the plaintiff/claimant, which any reasonable person [objective] in the same situation would clearly have realized, also breaches that duty.

Damages place a monetary value on the harm done, following the principle of restitutio in integrum (Latin for "restoration to the original condition"). Thus, for most purposes connected with the quantification of damages, the degree of culpability in the breach of the duty of care is irrelevant. Once the breach of the duty is established, the only requirement is to compensate the victim.'

These are just some aspects of the laws that are supposed to protect the people from suffering by people who lie in court. However, people may not realise that under no circumtances whatsoever is it excusable for police, lawyers or judges to lie or prevent justice. The officials who are abusing the law court to cause injustice are doing so here in the Queen's name and are Mocking God.

The crimes of murder, war and stealing peoples homes and livihood might earn a packet for the lawyers and the is these people who think it is OK to abuse their role who are the cause of mankind suffering.

I do not need money to speak out and refuse to be silent. It was a conscientious decision not to study to be a Barrister that my father wanted to fund - at the time there were big arguments in my home and I said I never wanted to be in a case where an innocent people suffered. I would never be able to live with myself knowing that I was earning from innocent people being in prison. Unfortunately, lawyers and police earn their wages but putting innocent people in prison and for this reason there not only needs a complete clean up, there also need to be an end to ALL the human rights abuses taking place, especially with law courts.

The Hand of Justice - Louvre. Is this hand familiar to you?


The only reason the establishment continues with crimes, is because officials refuse to prosecute and remprimand corrupt officials for crimes.

When an expert witness statement is based on lies, this also merits being prosecuted and if in relation to a court hearing must be dealt with accordingly.

If a Barrister is to deny what an ethical expert witness statement following a medical examination, and instead lies, that results in a case being lost, he must be prosecuted and struck off. There is no exuse for this whatsoever.

When lawyers, police and judges have abused their position to lie and prevent justice, not only do they need to review why they are in the legal profession. there is an obligation to put wrongs right - even if UK law courts refuse to.

Karma comes back to everyone. Divine Justice is not avoided and while there are so may lawyers and police who believe they are exempt from prosecution - belief is not fact. There will be many prosecutions taking place and overdue. The only way to bring an end to these abuses is to prosecute corrupt officials so they do not work in the trused legal profession to clean up the shop.

There is also the necessity to review training and criteria for elibility of people to work in the legal profession. This especially applies as we move forward 'if God's New World Order requires' where justice is not injustice! For all the lawyers who have refused to work for justice and studying Human Rights Law 'because that is where the money is' - Human Rights Law is Justice for ALL and applies to all court hearings. Justice for All IS GOD'S LAW!

With appreciation for this image for the question raised.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Loving Relationship to our Sacred Marriage Union

Mercy and Truth are met together. Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other - William Blake, lat 1700's.

Two people need to trust and not force a union with anyone. We need to be healed from the past before we can move on. We need to accept we are all learning lessons - if we did not understand the lesson we will never know.

Sometimes we think we have met the right one, and the experience is to teach us something about ourselves or to meet a healing need. Through close friendships and love relationships, we learn so much about each other and love challenges us to grow. Real love is not about the physical union between two people. With an emotional and spiritual union between two people, love bonds.

In an ideal world, everyone will be focussed on healing and seeking real love in their life - not by trying out different people and moving onto the next best fit, even someone who appears to offer something different, or to try and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence it is not.

Men have the golden opportunity to shape up and deal with their issues if there are apparent healing needs that need to be resolved. Women also can do the same. If we are to learn to trust the higher power again and realise HE is in control of everything, He also knows exactly what is in our heart and soul.

Even our parents do not know the best for us. They might know what is not right for us. Today there are many couples who get together in practical compatibility by the suggestion of other people and yet, the timing might be out. When there is pressure for women to marry and have children this is not easy. Today because women have been through this, they want to wait a little while, study and to know who they are as a person - this will serve well in motherhood and in marriage.

If we want to live our life to be to our full potential and with spiritual fulfilment, we must look to our heavenly Father to be our guide. If we want to be with our soulmate, we must have this focus - a soulmate relationship is a spiritual bond two people share that is beyond physical reality. Not everyone is willing to get to know each other - to REALLY get to know eachother, enjoy each others company and experience the connection to build emotional bonds. This takes time. Emotional bonds unite people - not treat the other person as a possession. Love is energy - emotion is energy we feel and expression. A relationship is an ongoing journey not a destination.

The commitment two people make between each other in the Holy Sacred Wedding in the Orthodox faith is in trusting that God has brought two souls together and will take care and watch over the souls in their marriage and family life. Not wanting to create any illusions, not all marriages are perfect and many people do lose this focus and yet, when people have married for all the right reasons, they can come back again if both people are willing to reaffirm their commitment to eachother.

For a loving relationship to work, we need to bend and trust to allow growth. We need to forgive and not take too much personally. We need to learn to be kind, thoughtful, caring and considerate...and we need to learn the dance of love.

More to the point, if two people are not best friends, when you can talk about anything and everything, enjoy eachother's company, take an interest in each others growth and life, let go of control and go with the flow there is less internal conflict and even less emotional turmoil. An emotional roller coaster ride might allow poeple to feel highs and lows, with reactions that reflect what is happening however, this is not necessarily healthy. Marriage between our heart and soul is spiritual unity within.

Years ago I was out shopping and an elderly couple caught my eye, they were holding hands, talking and looking occasionally while walking along. The gentleman leaned to kiss his lady and I was so deeply touched by this they must of heard me say awww and we got talking. The man told me the secret to his happy marriage is making his wife feel special every day and he lived to make her happy. He said when my wife is happy, she makes me happy too. Wise words from experience.

Many years ago, In the company of Peter Cushing - the actor. We were drinking tea together in his lounge, surrounded by books, paintings and minature toy sets, he spoke of his love of his best friend, His wife. Such a refined and perfect gentleman. He offered one of his paintings as a gift and they were so nice but I did not want to take from him, even though I would have treasured this. When leaving he insisted of putting on my long coat and said 'the last time he had the pleasure was with Helen, who died some years before. We walked to the car and he opened the door as I stepped in. He waited til I drove in the distance before stepping inside. Peter's love for his soulmate was as real as when she was alive. He had a smile in his heart again that day. Peter was an inspiration never to settle for second best if I want a lifetime loving marriage.

Thinking about the elderly who have lived 50 and 60 year of marriages together, through the good times and bad. Often with great struggle, sacrifies - people have stuck it out The midwife for me and her husband were always bickering and yet they could not live without eachother. Everything he did was to please his wife and she did find him irritating sometimes - vocal about it too. He did all the cooking and every meal was made with love. This relationship was one that was filled with challenge and difficulties and yet was meant to be for a for a greater purpose too.

It takes courage to make a relationship work and make that commitment for all the right reasons too. A marriage ceremony is not a business contract. It is a spiritual agreement that is joining the hearts of two people with God and documenting that might be signing papers. What is written in our heart is where the marriage contract is really made and the dance under the stars in heaven.

One time in a department store, a lady tapped me on the arm and asked me which I preferred. She was holding two beautiful negligee sets that looked like they were for a wedding. We got chatting. She was in her 70's and was meeting her long lost childhood sweetheart for a romantic weekend. When they were young he went one road in life and she went the other. They both married. After becoming widowed, both found each other again and said 'the feelings were still there' She said this man was her soulmate and knew she should have married him. Not exchanging names just love and happiness for this couple, there is no doubt this was a couple brought together 'because it was meant to be'.

There inspirations for love everywhere. True love does not always run smoothly but the feeling is always there. Perfect relationships do not come pre-made, with all the right ingrediants both sides, the physical and spiritual union can form. None of this juming in or out of relationships, waiting or going to look elsehwere The people who meet THE ONE, KNOW they are with THE ONE!

Both men and women must want REAL LOVE and to trust their heart to love too. Being together for all the right reasons is the spiritual key. If we are to put our life to trust God and know that everything is taken care of, we will be guided in the right way and if we are meant to be with someone it will happen - because soul mate relationships actually have a soul purpose too.

The hidden hand of God opens doors and even takes us down avenues we do not want to go ot although there is a reason for everything. Nothing is coincidence. Those Mr. and Ms. Not Rights and Not Quite Right, were necessary to know. The amount of effort some people go to trap someone, only to realise the fairytale is not quite as it sees. Then there are people divine intevention brings together.

Two couples I have known of. One socialised in the same circles for 5 years and totallly blind to each other. One day their eyes were opened and that was it, the wedding was booked. They shared no feeling, relationship or connection together and yet both were wanting to settle down with the right one.

The second couple married in their 60's. Both had married before and had actually got chatting on a friendship website. They lived closeby and got on really well 'as if they knew eachother forever. There lives had run paralel for something like 40 yeears and they were not meant to 'see each other' then. Another special gentleman who beleives in marriage and doing right by his family. The children left home; so they are on a honeymoon for life now.

We all know someone with a lifetime marriage, even if we have not discussed this. Speak to people and be inspired by their love.

We are here to grow and evolve spiritually. Living with love in a soul mate relationship and even soulmate friendships, we are learning so many lessons. We are all living our spiritual purpose - everything is orchestrated by God and now I know this. Living with love is not easy if you are hurting, however allowing your heart to heal, allows love to flow again. Love is life.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Casual Sex and Gang Rape - Is this Rule of Man?

We are not living in safe times. With the law courts allowing footballers to walk free for alleged gang rape years ago, back then I was told gang rape is happening far more prevelantly than people realise. Women are being drugged and then become helpless, those who do have some memory. There are many people who do not. Even so, these women 'have an inclination' something happened to then but no clear memory. There are women waking up with bruising in a strangers home, or unfamiliar location, with no memory of what has happened while they were there.

There are drugs named 'date rape' dropped into unsuspecting women's drinks. Men are being subjected to this too - male rape is not considered an open subject and the only reason this is all not coming out in the open is because people have not found the courage to speak out. Women and men are scared to seek help. The crippling cycle of self destruction while trying to cope with sexual violations and showing symptoms in different ways. Speaking with a very successful buisinessman a few years ago, he would make his fortune, then lose everything, make his fortune and do the same. It helped him deal with his pain. He did make his fortue and keep it the third time and many millionaires have a few failings before they succeed, so what happened did not appear oout of character. Internally a lovely man who has lived his life with his innocence stolen from him. This happens every day.

A few years ago an article reported 1 in 4 unattended drinks being 'spiked'. On three occaisions I have been drinking water, put my drink down and when sipping, feling suddenly extremely dizzy and needing air. Scared me enough not to keep the same social company because when I told them they thought I was making it up. One thought I was having a flush because an admirer was nearby. This is no joke ladies and gentlemen. The hospitals deal with this issue and there is nothing they can do. No prosecution will take place either unless, there is a rape, samples, DNA and a full investigation. One root cause of the problem is supply of the drugs. Dealing with the mentalty who do this is another concern altogether.

As woman have got wiser and are not so willing to conform to men, perhaps this is why these drugs have flooded the open market. Notice there is prosecution of cannabis but rarely prosecution for rape. For holding these drugs? In England lass than 6% of rapists are prsecuted and that is just what gets to court. Having spoken with women who have been gang raped - they were not encouraged to prosecute and one fears she would lose the case because she has mental health problems. I have spoken with many women who have expereinced 'date rape' drugs - it is no date when a woman goes out with her friend or family somewhere and her drink is spiked by a complete stranger. Men who think this is a big thing to do - think again.

Any lawyer or judge who prevents justice because of anyone's mental disposition, needs to reconsider why he is in the legal profession. The law court that is representing God, does not excuse the violating of people. Most certainly God does not excuse lawyers and judges who obstruct justice either. A law court that excuses a 17 year old girl being raped by 5 footballers who live a wild life, is a disguting set up that has created a bigger problem in society. In England the loser pays the legal bill and the girl would have had media blackout too. I do not know who they girl is but she has been on my mind over these years and every other person who goes through these experiences too. Do not suffer in silence.

Years ago I saw a British movie with a scene where a woman was taken down a back street and a male was portrayed to have sex with her. My awareness was raised to what is happening in some pockets of society. This might be the choice of two consenting adults and yet, are they 'both' really consenting? If a woman was to think a man was going to use her like a garbage can to empty his testicals, would she consent to having sex with him? Would she want to have sex with a man who is going to spit on her afterwards and think/call her a whore? There are men who go around like a dirty dogs having sex whereever possible, and do not respect women - Do women really find this so appealing? I do not think so.

Listening to a man years ago boasting about being sexually promiscuous and not using protection, I told him he was irresponsible and what he was doing is dangerous. He also said he would lie to have sex with a woman if 'he wanted it'. The boys spoke of regular visits to the veneral disease centre, described as 'the clap clinic' as if it was some social club where 'friends met up'. This is one situation I was put and meant to be in to LEARN how people really think and what is REALLY going on. Out of serious concern for the danger he was putting women in, I asked what he would do if he contracted a deadly disease and passed this on. At the time, I did say HIV or AIDS. He told me he would take it out on every woman and make it his mission to have sex with as many women as he could to 'punish them!'

In speaking with another girl. She was a heavy drinker at the time and often got into states where she was vulnerable to exploitation because of this. She spoke of having a one night stand with a man - her choice and she was attracted to him. However, the reason I share this is because she showed me a card he left her, like a business calling card. On this it thanked her for a good night and advised her to go get herself checked out at the veneral disease clinic ASAP 'in case he had infected her with something'. I do not remember the exact words. Other women who have slept with this man will have been given a card like this too.

At one time, there was a massive campaign to warn people about safe sex - to use condoms or better still it would make sense to abstain. This was the time when HIV and AIDS were brought to peoples attention. This was marketed as a killer disease and should have raised peoples awareness to other STI's. One would think when there are STD's and STI's brought to light people would take the warning signs and be more careful. Casual relationships are not safe with unprotected sex. The secondary issue is the ongoing self destruction to self esteem etc.

Any man who can go from bed to bed having unprotected sex is a walking time bomb. Not only is he functioning on a very low vibration, he could be spreading disease. There is also a mindset promoting the rape of women to get power. Are males so weak they need to stoop to the lowest possible behaviour to feel powerful? Women have been put down because why? Fear of inadequcy of the manhood?

Men have reached the lowest possible mentality to treat women so badly and with all the other problems in the world, this is one not being ignored!

Men who are aware know, a man who lives without love in his heart, will fight, go to war, beat up and rape men, women and even children. Any man who has not developed emotional intelligence, will never understand the real meaning of refinement and gentlemanly qualities and why these is necessary.

Put aside all the 'given' titles where people look down or up because they have titles. Even the Royals in history have done their fair share of bed hopping - a life living a party at the expense of the people, does not take away that even people in 'high places' excuse affairs and mistresses. Just recently the palace were reminded that when those who expect respect are romping about naked in front of people and treating women with disrepect, they deserve to be exposed as Harry was in the international media. One lady in USA was asked to comment on the photo and said 'That is not a ROYAL PENIS.' She has a point there.

Years ago I used to say men need to carry a government health warming because some can potentially damage your health. At the time this was related to broken hearts. With what is happening in society, evidently they do. The males need a cure for this degenerative mental illness, that is masked 'as fun'!

Women get raped every day, even in marriage and are expected to put up with it. Even if women escape danger - children are still vulnerable. A woman might heal from an abusive relationship, to later find a man who treats her well. She may never marry. Many men do not want to marry. Not every man wants to make a commitment because they are not emotionally ready and yet are in steady relationships. Men who refuse to enter a relationship might be healing from the past and wanting to make sure they are with the right person before involving their heart.

Men who refuse to marry might want to keep the door open in case something better comes along. There are many men who dismiss marriage because they have no intention to be faithful whatosever. Few people maintain a marriage with fidelity and so in a time when veneral disease is a real and still growing concern, how many faithful partners have been infected by a cheating partner?

Women have got the idea of the fairytale is marriage - yet if a man is refusing to marry, who is asking who? Who started the relationship? There are men drifting into women's lives and moving into their home and yet, women have not even taken time to know who is the person - a stranger who has no home who sweet talked their way into their lives. Children are very vulnerable today. A man who does not talk about his past and why he is without a home, what happened in his last relationship should be sending a red flag. Why do men get kicked out of the house?

Meeting a coach in Manchester city a long while back - waiting allowed me to witness the prostitutes at work and while they might have even been using precautions, there were so many cars picking up these women. This was lunch time. In Bolton, while the problem area with prostitution has been cleaned up, the problem will have moved to somewhere else. Speaking with a girl years ago, she had been abused and raped by her boyfriend, met 'a nice guy' who gave her drugs and then sent her out on the street to earn the money to pay for his addiction.

Not everyone wants to be helped or is ready for help. The lifelines still need to be in place. The safe houses and shelters that allow women to go to and get the therapy and care, to allow healing are needed. There are places, the demand is far greater. There is a need to address what is happening with the males who show abusing self and women is the only way they know to live. Anyone who is existing in life as a drug addict is at the lowest point. Speaking to drug dealer years ago I told him, if you can sell drugs for profit - you have the potential to trade legal goods and be successful in business. He was given his wake up call!

From where I am sitting and what has been witnesssed - women need the help to be empowered, because they are the child bearers of future generations and primary teacher. Men need to have a massive wake up call. If everyone was tested and was cleared of any STI, this would still not eliminate the problem. There is a huge task that needs to be addressed an multidynamic healing too.

Men have been conditioned to see women as sexual objects and domstic companions. One man was complaining that his wife does not clean the house - so I told him to hire help. He had married his wife to be a bed mate and clean his home and he had high expectations. When I asked he gives as a husband he replied 'a nice house to live and she should be grateful'. Not impressive!

When a couple are miserable and 'not in love' it is because the man is not treating his woman right. A woman who is in love with her man, responds well to his kindness, thoughtfulness, generous heart and RESPECT. A woman might put up with being short changed on what really matters, for some material gains, in the long term if a man wants to be happy and fulfilled emotionally, he has to give from his heart. A man who does not love his girlfriend or wife - is he using her?

One lady spoke of her deep unhappiness and feeling trapped living with a man 'she hates'. He treated her badly, went out drinking leaving her at home. She said she pretended to sleep when he arrived home and hoped he did not want to have sex with him. He had taken her forcefully, when she resisted. She said she put up with the situation for a roof over her head. She does not have financial means of her own and he does not want her to work. He does not want to lose is sex slave and cleaner he kept prisoner for years. She lacked confidence and yet she heard her truth she is liiving with a man she hates. The realisation of the end of a relationship, is to acknowlege there is no relationship.

Many men look at women as dirt. This is about their process - Sny man who is not treating a woman with respect, lacks self respect. The challenge to violate a nice girl is a game to some men. If a man cannot restrain himself, he reveals himself to be a very weak individual. The man must acknowledge this and how the man has sunk in his behaviour - there is no lower he can go to.

Domestic violence is a huge problem, internationally. So is rape of women even in marriages and this is now being confronted head on. For certain, there are leaders in countries that are motivated to address these issues. There are people within all structures of society who are not actively working to address this too. Now we need to deal with the system who excuse it. We need to heal the root cause of the problem if we want to resolve the problem. Civil servants are in a 'paid' position to empower people and have the right to confront inappropriate behaviour. Law courts are for prosecuting criminal behaviour - real crimes.

Another casual trend is 'friends with benefits' - those who sit right at the top 'who are aware' watching society mess up their lives, do not care if people sleep around, rape each other, have illigitimate children, have birth certificates where the father does not need to be identified. As long as people do not know where they are born from, they will never know their heritage or their rights. It is bad enough people's human rights are violated by the system here!

Taking risks, crossing fingers and legs hoping to be safe is not the way to be responsible about bed choices. A man might want a friend with benefits because he has others too. The man in a casual relationship is no fool, he leaves himself open to being with a woman who is fooling around with other women too. A causal relationship is never going to turn into a serious relationship. If you love yourself enough and want real love, seek real love not second best. if you have been hurt, used and abused - get help. So have other people. You have two choices, keep feeding the pain and feeling more dirty, or heal and live with love.

What is the world going to be like for the young children today. Men have kept women down and blamed women for their weakness. Where are the men who show restraint and respect? Where are the men who can say no and walk away from being allured by a women and control internal urges. There are men like this so it is possible for males to respect a woman and also learn self respect. How many married couples look in each other's eyes with hearfelt love and trust? The spiritual battle has been to prevent such a union. In England many people oplenly rubbish marriage and love, yet people are open about wanting/promoting casusal relationships. These people might not be 'protective' of their children too. This is not all - we are living in a promiscious society who are blind to the dangers and cannot see the potental consequences further down the line.

Men who continue to live a promiscious life violating women and spreading disease, will reap the consequences. One of the most common STI's today is Chlamidia, which causes infertility in women. Millions of women are unable to have children - perhaps because infertility has been a cause. So many women have decided not to have children, aware of the way society has been heading. With millions of orphans around te world, a woman can still give her love is she is inclined.

The numbers are immeasurable of people who have gone down a very dark path in life because they are emotionally abandoned and psychologically scarred. Hurting people can be a liability to hurting people. While groups of people gather together, like minds attract like minds, there are groups also living a destructive life, with drink, drugs and promiscuity - to numb the void and pain.

Men do not just become rapists. Women do not just become sexually available. Women do not have a sign on their head to say they invite men to use and abuse them - then cast them in the gutter. Weak men target vulnerable women. The macho front is not the real person and men are capable of deep love and tenderness too. When a man has grown up witnessing a mother being disrespected and abused - they might have learned this and re-enact in this later in their own life. An man who recognises the reasons why he abuses any woman, can start his healing process. If a man is not going to exorcise his demons, eventually he will reap the consquences.

As for women who seek sexual gratification without love - this is the consquence of accepting conditioned learning. Women are not machines. In a society where body image is seen as important and heavily promoted. Surgery to enhance the breasts, women are saying they are doing this to feel more like a woman. Women are having these operations with scars to appear more attractive. We come in all shapes and sizes - when a man loves a woman, he loves THE WOMAN, not just the physical shell. This is a new era where love is and self love is being promoted in context. Self harming and causing harm to other people has been addressed!

There is every reason to be deeply concerned with what is happening in society. With millions of hurting and lost people just in Britain, a healing need is identified. Injustice and corrupt lawyers is only one issue of concern!

Before we can forgive other people - first we must forgive ourself. When we can be honest with ourself, we can be sincere with forgiving other people. We are children who have been taught to blame, instead of taking responsibility. It is easy to step into the destructive and hate cycle. Only you can break it.

The global healing need is multilayered and sometimes, we must be prepared to look at what is happening, so that we can bring positive change. Change is not going to happen without conscientious effort and willingness to reject a self destructive life. It takes inner strength to not use or exploit other people. We all know when something is not right....Guys, the rules change now!

The healing need is far greater than the male ego need!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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