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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 20 September 2012

12 Billionaire Hearts Making a HUGE Difference

Meet a dozen of the great hearts and minds of the Billionares.

America has so many philanthropic hearts....People who have been fortunate to have made their fortune and decide to use this and their voice to make a positive difference. Some years ago I had the vision to set up 'Movers and Shakers Elite' organisation for the 'elite of the elite' people who have the vision and wealth to unite and create positive change. This is happening now - thoughts have power! It does not matter that I am not a part of it directly. What we see are 12 people realising their spiritual purpose.

The people who have taken advantage of not paying taxes, could consider to give back in some way. There are also people sharing their expertise and giving opportunity in some way to people. Experience is a great teacher. People do not need to be rich to give - The pay it forward movement is diverse. Make a difference!

Some time ago I started to write an article about this. When the gentlemen contacted other people to get them to pledge, quite a few people did not hesitate to join in. It takes just one person to start the ball rolling. Some time ago a celeibrity was faced with someone who was very ill. He spontaneiously wrote a big check to help the family - the feel good factor was his reward experience.

If I was a billionaire, I would be focussed full time into using my wealth to make a posiive difference, building schools and training facilities - helping people to become industrious, assisting self esteem and confidence building. Plus health is a focus - promoting health and well being. Empowering the people. There is so much I want to do which is probably why I am not a billionaire.

Sadly I am not a billionare or even a millionaire. The only wealth I have is my mind, my ability to see and positively influence people. My global peace and healing campaign is not doing so good.

As billionares and millionaires pledging their wealth - The Queen should join them - She is reportedly a mutli-billionaire too as research showed. As quick as I found the link the website was cleared. Oh dear. The truth cannot be hidden. A tremendous amount of wealth is collected by the family. Someone suggested the Queen is only worth about £400 million. The royal family account for £200 million a year and money just sitting in bank accounts is wasted. That could be put to so much good use - Cut back a few million and house the homeless for a start.

With William suing for exposure of his wife being topless etc, I made a public proposition that if people go to Googlemaps, type their address - locate the red arrow and if they can 'see' their home, I can rightfully claim the Crown as Queen of England. It was fair. This was after Wiliam threatened to jail the photographer. There is reason to be concerned if he was ever made king he might be in a bad mood one day and turn on the people. This is how easily war is decided 'and planned'. Anyway, NO MAN can take the place of Jesus Christ. Not seeing the world bow down to William and Kate although as a celebrity they do have a huge fan club.

The job of Queen pays really well and there is so much that I would love to do include clean up the legal corruption in England!

With regarding the above picture which is lovely, just to say that I am really proud of the people who have grown from experiences, faced and overcome huge personal challenges, trials and tribulations, to be now in a position to 'inspire' other people is something that is not overlooked. Your gift is your heart.

It is very easy to sit and collect wealth of people and expect people bow down. It is shameful for anyone who is a multimillionare to be asking for money and not digging in their own bank accounts and using that. My RESPECT goes to people who uplift humanity not to anyone who oppresses people!

If the British establishment want to dig deep and write a huge check to me, I might be able to use my time and these funds productively. If not, the Queen's job will do nicely thank you - with freedom to travel anywhere globally to SERVE the people!

The givers in this world are shining a very bright light.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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