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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 21 September 2012

2012 The Festival of The Flame - Part One

The full video of the 2012 Paralympics Closing Festival.

The theme title of of the ceremony is 'The Festival of the Flame'

The meaning of 'festival' is 'An occasion for feasting or celebration, especially a day/time of religious significance that recurs at regular intervals.'

The Olympic arena stage setting has three cresent moon shapes connected to the Paralympic Flag. Crescent moon sculptures are appearing around the world and the popularity of the feminine influence is being openly celebrated today. With this, what comes to mind is the triple moon goddess.

There is also seen to be a clock face that appears to be erect and open, as in not a solid clock face - with the reminder of 'time and space'. This could also be the sun dial that is not lit up becuse at night time the moon is shining. The sun has not disppeared, this is a reminder of the sun and moon in harmony, in relation to the universe, also that each has it's divine purpose of being.

Also seen what is a reminder of the crop circles of which there have been many interesting ones appearing in different locations around the world. The one that appears to me, seems to relate to planetary orbits and how they allign with each other. These are my thoughts and observations - YOU might see something totally different and so allow your eyes to see what is relevant.

Unusual sculptures are revealed. The opening shows a man with a book and a harp type music stand. As he holds the book to the heavens and then opens the page - we are given the message that the contents of the book are divinely inspired. We are being reminded that the festival, is inspired too.

Books are being shown to spark our imagination to higher realms. There is a saying 'as above and so below. Even the most unusual detail has been created for a reason and shows as a reminder that we are all unique and individual. We are all here for a purpose and we all are contributing to the divine plan.

We are shown what looks like a 'brown horse' made up structure which reminded me of the Warhorse movie and there have been wars 'made' in history and the present time to reflect on why they are happening. A monster type vehicle, is a reminder of 'the beast', also what looks like a bomb. The dark birds are associated with the royal palace and it is said if they depart, this is to be a bad open.

There is also a 'fish' scultpure vehicle that is with open eyes - the eyes are missing, yet we see becaue peple are leading this, the fish is being guided to where it needs to go - towards the Olympic arena in London. We see the male on top of the roof circling his eye and so this could be a connetion too.

The fans reminded me of plane engines from observation.

There is a ship structure that is a reminder of the 'Queen ship' - the fish also from the seas. Traditionally in ancient times the Queenship came from the Matriarcal lineage because the women held the spiritual key of life. This is the ankh seen held by the Egyptians - with Egypt being the location of the Old Kingdom - God's Kingdom.

We also see a lady on a ring floating upwwards with lights. Lights relate to illumination and beings of light. This lady is being raised and illuminated by beings of light - the angelic realm, we are reminded of angels being our inspiration. Also the 'ring' is by the spiritual realm and the Spiritual Crown. The Bride of Christ and 'wedding ring' come to mind.

What looks like a scene of war and chaos is approaching the Olympic stadium - with the reminder that there was a threat of bombing, of the Olympic Closing Ceremony and seen why Prince Harry looked worried yet with him was Kate who the world sang the national anthem too. Be careful of not being decieved.

We are shown that a women is steering the ship, who looks a little like Kate Middleton when younger, she is sterring the direction, towards the Olympic Arena, where the people stop outside before entering. With fire breathers, flame carriers this all adds up to the setting that is showing the reminder that people are inspired in different ways. It is what we do with our inspirations that matters - are we here to create war with people or live in peace?

There is a whole credible Royal bloodline who have been sounded out and people are oppressed in England by the structure of titles and 'elitism' - just a shame focus is more on titles then doing right by people, as noblity means.

The engines are said to represent 'wind and storm' - with the drivers having horns we are being reminded that there has been a spiritual battle taking place both in the heavens and on earth.

There is also a reminder that when 'the olympic flame goes out' this is putting out the light from the pure heavenly realms - tradition held that the Olympic flame was ignited by a High Priestess who was santified to serve God. Whenever the flame goes out it is always relit by an original that has been carried from Greece and for this we trust this is done to keep the Sacred flame alive.

The commentator speaks of 'the irristable power of music' that draws people together - music has vibration and it is with frequency - vibration of sound, that messages are conveyed to large groups of people.

In the centre of the arena someone is with a pillow that is filled with white feathers being rleased. Whether this is the representation of the Doves of Peace, or white feathers being associated with heavenly angels is unknown. As already said there is a spiritual battle taking place...

We see wheeled onto the centre stage next a basket box with the reminder of the New Ark of the Covenant being brought for everyone to see. The Festival of the Flame is watched by 70,000 people plus several billion people. There is someone inside 'alive' and we also see a man holding a teddy wearing an outfit that could be pyjamas and a bed hat, with the reminder of inspired dreams.

The spiritual battle continues with the basket 'ark' taken off stage and a man is standing raised on top of a carriage being pulled along by men, it looks like a woman is sitting in front of him. The war horse is seen again in the scene - with the reminder that wars take place by the order of Kings. Again we see people wearing clothng that could depict dreams being acted out here.

The scene is then said to be related to dreamers, who 'wake up' from their sleep. This is a reminder that there are masses of people who appear to be awake and yet they are spiritually sleeping, unaware of what is happening in the world and even all the human rights abuses taking place in England especially.

Protecting the agitos - the paralympic flag is also identified.

Next appears people with flames in a ceremony and a male figure on fire that is on a bike. He is still cycling to show that he is connected with fire. Fire is also connected with the Spiritual flame of Harmony - the Olympic flame. The flame of the mn appears to diminish as if put the arrival of Edward the Earl of Wessex in a vehicle, with Sir Phillip Craven.

It is interesting to learn that Sir Phillip Craven is connected with Bolton where the Olympic Stadium and Orbital Tower were made. Few people in Bolton realise this and the world is being shown that the Divinely inspired Princess who is connected to Greece is connected to Bolton Too - Born Princess, not a given title!

The National Anthem follows - a song that is sang in the prayer by thousands of people for God to save the Queen. This is a reminder that since the ancient times the Queen prayed for the people to save them from any danger of evils.

With such an important year, the Jubilee also relates to God's Law and returning what belongs to the people. This is a year when people should be free from man made laws and land that has been taken from people. As God rules this earth, this is a year where everything should revert back to God's Order again.

Rory McKenzie then walks to the top of ladders and opens a book, 'described as the sun dial stage' to address the crowd at 14:23 minutes. He speaks of festivities being auspicious occassions with people coming together as one. He continues 'We bring you the Festival of the Flame - the symbol of the Spirit of the Games which has burnt bright here at London 2012' Rory speaks of celebrating the Spirit and acknowledges our differences - plus what we all share Human Spirit. The drama and challenge has brought everyone together in untiy and peace for the games and through experience, this offers hope for the future. The coming together of humanity as one has been experienced over this time.

Rory continues 'Let the love that the Paralympics has kindled in our hearts burn Brightly as we come together as one for 'The Festival of the Flame'

All the flag bearers enter the arena. 164 nations pariticipate.

The unity of the flags are as one big heart shape together, with what is seen a purple illuminated center part - with the reminder of the Spiritual heart and Purple Flame seen through the Spiritual Eye. This is a unity of harmony and peace that has been imagined and prayed for the united humanity as one family.

The heart is then lit up with light to show clearly the ring of love heart that embraces all of humanity as one together. This is a reminder that for all the evil and wars that aer happening, love has far more power than hate and it is with love that we unite together. United we are together - let no one divide us or turn anyone against anyone else, espeically people living in other nations.

As the flag bearers disppiate we see radiating energy from the Spiritual Eye where people will take the love from untity and spiritual energy to share this with the people in their nations when they return home.

Rory continues to the audidence with the following 'calls upon the spirit of the autumn, the spirit of water, of the ebb and flow of emotion, of open seas and running streams , of cleansing rain, spirit of the evening son, of twighlight and of autumn. I call upon the spirit of winter, the spirit of earth, the womb of creation, of night and the snows of winter deep roots and ancient stones. I call upon the spirit of spring, the spirit of air, the breath of life, of sunrise and of new life, and new growth, I call upon the spirit of summer, the spirit of fire, of energy and of passion. The spirit of the noon day sun, the heat of summer, vitality and abundance - My friends let the festival commence'

There are 13 sections to the festival, with the reminder of 13 children of Jacob - who was named Israel. Jacob had a daughter named Dinah.

We see men with flames trying to light the floor of the stadium and the flame is not destroying this - with the reminder that what is pure and right cannot be destroyed by anyone. The spiritual flame is energising and uplifting. People can also use the energy to try and destroy - what is meant to be is going to happen.

In the audience there is light settings for messages to be conveyed and we are seeing the internal mechanics of the clock with the reminder that time is moving forwrad and humanity is progressing to a new era now.

The scuplture vehicles from the start of the production enter the arena together in a scene called 'Truck invasion' - We see a ship with someone at the front looking ahead to lead the way, the fish and even 'a Christmas tree', of which has been discussed in previous articles. This is connected to Christ and the Christ family fefore his birth and also descendants. The Christmas tree identifies people who bring God's Wisdom to the people. Following this is swan - swans are associated with the Queen. Again we see the very tall ravens, the clock dial, a 'steamship with horns and people on board 'as if' to make an announcement...

There is a green plane like vehicle that reminded me of a dragon fly, a blue vehicle with wings, reminding the bluebottle fly that spreads germs wherever it goes - a woman wearing a tshirt with a big banner above her saying 'climate revolution' - when this is necesary because there is weather modifiction programes taking place and I discussed this openly saying, that if we are interferring with the natural order of things on earth, we are interferring with the natural order of the universe. With the weather modification programes this is creating inbalance in the universe and we must learn to work in harmoney with the universe.

While all the vehicles are making their way around the arena, we see the central three parts radiating and pulsating as showing the ever energy that emits, responds and reacts - something that people need to consider. Love is energy. Hate is energy and we are not only impacting this earth and other people - our actions and energy is also being sent out the the universe. The three landmarks could be replications of the sun moon and earth....just a thought. The sun and moon balance and harmonise this earth we live on, the tides, growth and cycles of the seasons.

Reference to the steam ship being driven by a 10 year old girl Kitty is a reminder that the children lead this world and we adults are guardian of this earth for the children of the future. The children know the world they want to live in, we must allow ourselves to take care of this world for future generations.

In the background the song is saying 'open up your eyes' - as the vehicles gather to the centre stage and the people aroud form what looks like an eye on the ground. We are reminded also that even with the diversity of life, the fighting, drama, war and differences people have - unity and peace are also possible.

We are also being shown the meaning of 'Order out of Chaos!' What people do not realise it is God's Order being restored, as God has Ordained.

Rory continues with his speach 'May the songs of the people of the earth continue to ring true, hail to the festival of the flame, of root and branch, tooth and claw, fur and feathers, of earth and sea and sky.'

The divinely inspired Princess is descended from the christ family tree lineage 'the christmas tree' - as in ancient times. Two ladies who are celebrated in remeberance for bringing the Word of God to the people are Athena and the Holy Virgin Mary. The Queen of the Seas, Queen of Heaven and of Earth apply. A while back I wrote of the Holy Thorn Tree being damaged in Glastonbury and a New branch started to shoot out from the trunk, even though the tree was cut down.

There are biblical refernces in relation to this.

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." Revelation 22:16-17

There is an anouncement to honor the triumph of human spirit - with the reminder that we can all overcome obstacles put in our way.

Following opening section of the festival, coldplay performed live with Rhianna appearing. It has been said that both people performed for a token of £1 each. Their being a part of the Paralympic ceremony was not about money or increasing already international fame. As with everything, there is reason for everything. There is more to the songs. We are given ears to listen.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

With much appreciation to include images located on the pubic domain in these articles. No copyright infringement intended.