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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Are You a Descendant from King David (Davidic)

Here is some information that is relevant to know.

Everyone who has descended from the Davidic bloodline is Prince or Princess. Only one specific bloodline identifies the messianic King and Queen. This is the lineage marked out of the Holy Mother Mary and ends with Jesus Christ.

The attempts to deny the divinity of Christ and even denying women having a right to land and titles is seen to be deliberately corrupting God's Law! Promises have been made to the people and it is in the finest detail, planned, that people can discover the truth and what is relevant to know.

While there are people who are born Royal Prince and Princess, man made rules have forbidden people using Prince and Princess from foreign houses. Man made laws deny what God has ordained for people to protect them. *sigh*

Many kings have been elected and without knowing the details, there have been titles have given to illigitiamate children too. Adding to the confusion there are so many internet fakes claiming royal and noble status. Being royal is not about prancing around wearing tiaras and titles. In case anyone has forgotten there have been wars where millions of innocent people have been murdered.

Because of wars, fires and deliberate destruction to cities and buildings, this is destroying evidence of genealogy records. By destroying evidence of records relating to the Priesthood and the ancient Royal bloodline, people might not be able to prove who they are. Examples of these fires include 70ad Jerusalem, 1910 Rennes Town Hall France, 1922 Smyrna, ancient Greece, 2001 9/11 WTC where tens of thousands of birth and marriage records went up in smoke. Just recently Chios is another location that has a connection to the ancient royal bloodline.

As a Jewish Lady pointed out the Jewish people are a threat to the world. The reason especially being is because the can identify who is who. Jewish people have been given the understanding to look deeper into names and meanings. Even where we have lived in our life and schools bring spiritual understanding. The hidden Torah is revealing more information from every letter documented. It is timely people are discovering the Bible Codes. So all the effort for males trying to be King of the World - it is NOT going to happen!

It might be difficult for people to trace their lineage both through their maternal and paternal line - however it is not impossible. The British royals do this to claim eligiblity to the Throne. They have even traced Catherine.

What defines a King or Queen by divine right comes with a criteria that must be met and this is not something that just anyone can claim. To be recognised as being divinely appointed. There are Three Essential Crowns. The three crowns form three distinct pillars of leadership, political and spiritual.

The Crown of Kingdom descended from David
The Crown of Priesthood
The Crown of Torah

When Jewish people speak of the Mashaich/Messiah they also know that the one they are waiting for has not come. Jewish people are acutely aware of the Word of God and also instruction not to change anything. There have been many claimants to be king messiah and yet unless all the above criteria is met they are not.

It is expected that the wearer of the Crown of Torah will be a divinely inspired spiritual teacher. This is why there has been talk of the Matraya - this is meaning Mother. The world teacher - is explaining that the knowledge will be shared globally, not just with one people and not another.

'Women may receive the Crown of Torah - Although a woman can neither aspire to become a king of the Davidic Dynasty, nor a Kohen, the Crown of Torah is available to adorn her head.' - The mother is the Queen of the Torah.

'According to the Midrash, the Torah is engages to the Jewish people like a bride to her groom'

Being told eligble claimant of the Crown of Torah, claims all three Crowns and so this is quite an education to understand. For 10 years I have been caught with legal corruption in England with refusal for justice. For 30 years known about legal corruption so these human rights abuses are my concern to stop.

The three crowns is identified in Bolton by the higher realms. Here in Bolton, also the 'steel support' for the Olympics stadium and the steel structure Orbital Tower were built, to be discussed further. The Olympic mascots were inspired and created from steel. Bolton celebrated the Spirit of the Olympic Queen, in Queen's Park on 31st May - the feast day of the visitation of the Virgin Mary. Notice the connection to ancient history coming to light in the present timetime too.

With my mothr named Athena - She was the Mount Olympus Queen.

The King of the World is for all people, not for one and not another. God is not for one people and not for another. Above all this is paramount. To be King of the world is not by claiming ownership of buildings or to battle in wars to be King either. If anything, a warmonger proves he is not King by Divine Right.

We know that King of Kings and Lord of Lords is Jesus Christ and no man can take his place. If a specific bloodline has been identified it is for a reason in the divine plan and because mere mortals cannot see the bigger picture.

Because of the attempts to change history, identifying Christ/Christos specifically by this name is seen to make sure that people do not mix up to bloodline of the Priesthood or descendants of King David. With the attempts to destroy evidence and the many millions of people being killed, there comes a point to understand and unite; not create arguments and divide from differences.

There is no reason for conflict for 'management' of land and maintaining fairness for everyone. It is expected that any official is sensitive to care for people's spiritual well being too and enables their divinely appointed purpose, not the opposite. Slavery has been abolished so there is no reason for anyone to be treated as a slave. There is no reason to cause suffering to anyone.

If a King/Queen and government keep people down and allow injustice, this in conflict with God's instruction. This is in conflict with spiritual upliftment and helping people to evolve accordingly. We are here for such a short time and every effort is given to enable humanity to progress. People who are spiritually enlightened do not keep people down. Spiritually awakened people are not interested in having a puppet making rules and laws that they live by. And anyway, no man has been given the authority to 'rule' since Christ.

The Divine Right of Kings is when a monarch is subject to the right to rule directly from the will of God. This means that God is the Boss. If a monarch is not divinely guided by God, they do not have divine right to rule.

A while back, news reports identified France demanding the Crown Jewells instead of compensation. The crown that is being identified is with Purple and this colour relates to the Imperial Purple. On the top of the crown is an Orb representing the World with a Cross above. This could be the Crown of Torah that has been held in safety, at least this is what is being revealed from this image.

With religious differences - our relationship with God is our own and not determined by any doctrine. Anyone who is guided by God, knows also everyone has to find their own way. With people pushing the agenda to get people to convert religons and this not being done with pure intentions, is why we see effort to unite people together under 'one umbrella' and most definately I encourage unity of hearts and the brotherhood of man. Global peace is overdue and healing too.

Spiritual ignorance allows people with agendas to exploit. In ancient times the meaning of church is gathering of people. This could be family and extended family. The meaning has not changed today. It is not a good idea to get people to convert relgion if it is taking people further away from knowing their family heritage. If churches bring people together in harmony and peace, without alienating any people - this can associate with the name 'House of God'.

With the acient Greeks being divinely inspired and the Greek Orthodox Church being Patriarche of the Holy Land, with a Greek Orthodox Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai this is to preserve God's Truth to the people. It is expected from within the Greek Orthodox Church the Truth will continue. The Old Testament is the Torah. The New Testament is the Christian age.

The Crown of Torah has not been rightfully claimed yet, however this corresponds with the Enlightenment Age. We are now in the 'Age of Aquarius' - the sign of the water bearer. This is the time when God's Wisdom will be given to people again except this time, everyone will be given the same information. With the use of the internet, the knowledge can be passed to people globally.

There is no conflict with anyone who is divinely appointed - All the misinformation that has been going around has to be squashed. Just be careful you are not decieved into worshipping false idols as being more superior. As one lady from America said we do not want the British royals - we have Hollywood Royalty. Hollywood Royals are quite likely to be Royal by divine right too. Notice the people who want to make a big difference in the world and were born to do so.

There are now many people who are trying to trace if they are from a Davidic or Levite lineage. This is bringing people gathering together and reconnecting with their spiritual and physical family. The bridge that unites the two and humanity as one in peace is how the messanic Queen is identified.

The Holy Bible speaks of the Daughter of Zion, Queen of the South, Bride of Christ and Wisdom. With Mount Zion being in Jerusalem, she is connected to Mount Zion. Mount Sinai is South of the Oasis. Wisdom is God's Wisdom. The Queen of Sheba was the Queen of Wisdom. Bathsheba means daughter of the oath. There is a lot of focus on the male lineage, however in the ancient times the matriarchal linage was very important after all without our mother we would not be born.

By denying the divinity of Christ and this branch of the bloodline, people are denying the one bloodline identified that is given the authority to bring and end to all the wars, injustice and human rights abuses taking place in this world. There are so many issues to address. The ethical officials need to make their voice heard now and let's unite to create a better world for everyone.

My attention just caught this. According to the New York Daily News, a thief allegedly stole two "torah crowns" from Young Israel of Queens Valley. We are given a sign where the Torah Crown is being stolen, however anyone who is declared to be King and Queen of the Jewish people, need to remember the meaning of being divinely appointed or history will keep repeating itself.

Quoting some other important information here.

"According to Jewish law, the child of a relationship between a Jew and a Gentile always assumes the legal status of its mother. The child bears no legal relationship to its father. See Babylonian Talmud, Yevamot 22a-b; Jacob ben Asher, Tur, Even Haezer ch. 16."

"According to Jewish law, maternity, like paternity, is irrevocably established as belonging to the natural parent. It is beyond the power of a court of law to rearrange the parent-child relationship to create a parental relationship which mirrors the custodial one."

Being born 'at home' in England, my mother took me to Greece to be baptised to ensure I was protected by Divine Laws. She was no fool. My father who was English born went to live and die in Greece, by this action, the Rule of Law is compounded. The divine plan is to put EVERYTHING BACK IN ORDER AGAIN.

It is time to uplift humanity from all the oppression.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria