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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Closing Ceremony 2012 Olympics Full Video

The complete 2012 London Olympic games closing ceremony that took place on 12th August, 2012. This is posted below so people can watch at their leisure. It is a huge relief that there were no bombings and no harm to people.

The Queen, Phillip, Charles and Wiliam were not there and to be honest I am not surprised, because they will have known of the Olympics bomb scare. Perhaps this is why Harry looked worried in the press photos. Harry was introduced as Prince Henry of Wales - title of heir to the British throne. Catherine had no introduction and the people were led straight in to sing God save the Queen.

The Earl of Strathern is a created title of the Principle ruler of Scotland. With the Catherine given the title Countess of Strathern and others, this might explain why people are being asked to address Catherine as Maam. Catherine is not born a Crown Princess or Queen By divine Right. She is an example to show people given titles and to remind people not to worship false idols.

The British Royal family do not have the right to rule by Divine Right and with their allowing injustice and even illegal wars for profit, they have violated God's Laws. There are countless credible Royal descendants who have been born from a legitimate bloodline. They do not highlight that God rules this earth, not man! Man made laws are increasing by the God mockers.

Few people consider what is the role of responsibility the Monarch has - which the Queen took an Oath. This is supposed to be protecting the people. The Priest King bloodline has been chosen for a reason. It is to take care of people's spiritual well being and this comes with huge responsibility. This is a purpose of service, not one to LORD over people. This is a spiritual calling.

For God's Order to be restored again, Injustice and War must end. British officlas laugh here in England and say we will never get rid of injustice. It is now for the Jewish people to set up their ethical government and follow God's Laws. They are given the task to identify their messianic King/Queen. Millions of Muslims are waiting for the rightfully divinely guided one too.

It is not in the Divine Plan to bow down to anyone. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Annointed Royal descendants have a spiritual purpose to fulfil. The Jewish people have a spiritual purpose to fulfill in relation to the Torah. The Jewish people have been chosen to identify a specific lineage because they have maintained the Original Torah. Jewish people understand that God's Word is to be taken very seriously and that His Divine Plan will unfold His Way Only.

Jewish people are aware of THE THREE CROWNS and this includes the Torah Crown. No one can become King or Queen of the Jewish people without meeting the criteria. Such effort there has been to 'own' the world - even Phillip has claimed ownership of the Government buildings in Jerusalem and Charles tried for years to get this. With Diana being Killed when she was about to campaign for the Palestinian People, evidently she knew of her husbands plans and he was exposed. The media reported with letters from Diana that her husband was planning an accident in her car. The 15th anniversary of Diana's death was commemorated Yesterday.

Diana's soul will be flying free now. Diana was instrumental to bring the truth to the people and she did expose the hypocritical faces in the royal family. One way or another the truth would have come to light. Diana being a public figure was able to bring the awareness to millions of people. She was under threat of her life and defied to be silent. She refused to be quiet and rightly so!

A few weeks ago the media reported the French demanding the Crown Jewels, instead of compensation. This is no joke. Angers is not far from where my French Grandmother lived. The Crown is with purple velvet and relates to the Empire - God's kingdom is a Global Empire. A physical crown is not needed to do right by all people. Our Crown Chakra is for this purpose.

The Queen is in the role of Head of the Church of England and with being crowned Queen, she is in the place of Spiritual leader of the Christians. If any of her children or grandchildren take this role, when there is effort to unite the church globally in peace, this is decieving the people. The role title has been changed to be governer so that people do not think that her family are taking the place of Christ. If the royal family are not guided by God and able to show this, they should not be in the position of Head of any Church. The church is a house of Prayer to God not to be used as a front for a corporate empire. And most certainly not to be used as a front to allow injustice and war to the people.

In the Olympic closing ceremony there is a theme of newpaper cuttings. England is a brainwahsed nation with the government controlled media deciding what people should know. The war for profit was promoted through the media.

Real people are sounded out - voices that should be heard. The Olympic Games is all about empowering the people. This is so since ancient times. There are thousands of inspirational people - especially the atheletes. The commercial investment into the Olympic games came to billions of pounds. Over a billion pounds in security and yet the British establshment have declined to pay out compensation for their corruption being exposed. Instead they are so busy promoting Catherine. Is she going to be promoted as Queen of Greece too. What a farse!

People are entitled to have their voice heard. The glorification of anyone is why people have been so easily decieved and enslaved by man's rules.

The main Olympic Arena was designed as a Union flag by Damian Hirst who has produced a body of work that relates to the Vrigin Holy Mother. Denying Mary's lineage is bad enough. There have been people who deny the divinity of Christ and this is why people have suffered over the years with elected Kings and those who believe they have the right to rule 'over' people. The United Kingdom 'should be' GOD'S KINGDOM with all the Global United Nations in friendship and peace.

We see the stage setting of the houses of Parliament with Big Ben and 30 St. Mary's Axe - informally known as the gherking. In the the middle is the London Eye. We are reminded of the All Seeing Eye and also this is a reminder of the wheel of fortune and what goes around comes around. Divine Justice applies.

The Swiss Re Building skyscraper is situated in London's financial district, the City of London. The building was extensively damaged in 1992 by the explosion of a bomb placed by the Provisional IRA.

30 St Mary Axe was designed after the millenium tower plan was dropped. The building stands on former site of the Baltic Exchange, headquarters of a global marketplace for ship sales and shipping information. The Exchange Hall was a celebrated fixture of the ship trading company.

Queen Ships are associated with shipping vessels and admiratly law. The Queen launched the New Queen Elisabeth - marketed to celebrate the new Golden Age - the Age of Enligthenment. With this, this relates to bringing spiritual understanding to enable humanity with their spiritual progress. We are in a time now where there will be an exchange taking place due to violations to the people.

During the ceremony the building of a pyramid took place with many people involved in this. The people who are ethical and aware have been building, aware of the divine plan and the obligations to do right by the people. We are reminded of the steps of spiritual ascension, the steps of the freemasonry and alsothe steps to enlightenment. Pyramids in ancient times were royal tombs and the understanding that the ancient royals were born to empower and uplift the people.

There is also the concern of building a corporate empire where people are kept down and enslaved. In history horrendous goings on happened - to prevent abuses happening to people again, people need to to acknoweldge their divine rights. No human being has the right to take away anyone's divine rights, whoever they are.

There is an unfinished pyramid on the dollar bill. A completed pyramid is showing the spiritual wholeness and union with God. The All Seeing Eye in the Sky in God. The All Seeing Eye depicted with a person, is someone in Union with God - someone who is guided by God and bringing God's Order in the world.

Pyramids also relate to Egypt and the Pyramids of Giza are Royal Tombs of the Pharoah. The Isis Gene is passed down from mother to daughter. Any Branch of the female line of the family will have this gene. The last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt was Cleopatra who came from Greece. She ruled Egypt by Divine Right. Queen Elisabeth was crowned on fake pyramid steps in London. She is showing to be custodian of the Crown that assocites with the ancient United Kingdom of Egypt.

Notice in the Olympic stadium there were 14 pyramid shapes around the Olympic staduium. This could represent 14 people. From what I know there are 12 sons of Jacob, one daughter Dinah and all have descendants. In my own family, it seems that my neice is also divinely inspired and she has been inspired to initiate the Goddess Project in USA. This is to empower women and she shows with this, without knowing her grandmother's name Athena, or her Greek heritage. If anything is to happen to me, I know now that America has a massive movement where women are being empowered and people are encouraged to meet their personal potentail.

Here in England people are kept down and oppressed.

With regards to the cauldron and extinguishing process of the flame. Take That were singing 'Rule the World' - There are people who seek the higher power for their guidance and trust in this for their journey in life. The links between God and Man have been many over the years and all point people to God.

With the phoenix rising from the ashes and this was seen to be the Female Holy Spirit rising to the heavenly realms to be Queen of Heaven. People pray to the Holy Spirit and Holy Mother as they did to the ancient Goddess Athena Minerva, because their connection to God. People also ask for the intercesson of the Saints for the same reason. Earthly 'rulers' are not divinely appointed. People who are divinely appointed are servants to the people. This is why people are given the opportunity to know that all the man made law's violate God's Laws.

Millions of people are able to realise they are divine instruments to creating a better world for everyone. Perhaps this is all an illusion and the royal family are just actors in a play. While bombing and war games are taking place on waste land - there are also innocent people being killed and this is a sick game!

We see in the ceremony the Royal Ballet were wearing clothes that showed flames and with the Prima Ballerina Darcy Bussell arriving from the 'heavenly realms' with wings to the people below. The ballerina was raised up by the Royal Ballet. The name Darcy and Bussell connect to France annd the Royal association to the Crown. People might notice that there have been fires in different parts of the world recently and these are signs of the times that reflect what is being shown.

The Davinci Code showing a Royal Princess with a French connection - there is not one. Countless people are descendants from the ancient royal lineage. Why have people not remembered that Christ was born and raised in the Middle East. People have been supporting wars to kill innocent people over there. The Virgin Mary was born of human parents, she had relations and for Christ to be born a King he had to be born from a divinely appointed Queen. The genealogy of the house of David, via Jesse his father is documented in the Holy Bible. There are countless descendants from this bloodline - it is not a secret. Nothing is hidden.

To have the Rhesus O Negative blood type is said to be a bonus. This blood type is in my family. Elected Kings are not Kings by Divine Right. Because people are kept down, they have not realised their role of responsibility and the valuable role everyone has in helping to contribute to create a better world.

The ancient Royals were born spiritually enlightened and Served in their appointed roles. They were guided to follow instruction - Divine Guidance. When the ancient City of Smyrna was burned to the ground in 1922, this being the homeland of the ancient Spiritual Royal Family and the Holy Virgin Mary. This is where my family came from and where the ancient Temple of Athena was situated. It is usual to pass down the names of close family through the generations. In the Mount Olympus, shrouded mythology were people who were divinely guided by God.

The fire in Smyrna destroyed the ancient lineage genealogy records. Any people who were killed - their souls live on . Prince Phillip's father, Andrew, both given titles of Prince, was on a ship while hundreds of thousands of people were having their throats slashed - all these people were early Christians. Countless people begged to be let on board the ships out of desparation and were refused. This is not an action of divinely appointed Royals. They were politically motivated. Eventually the truth will come to light no matter the attempts to hide it.

Out of bad comes it is said. By Divine Intervention!

The Queen owes me an apology for unneccessary suffering and injustice in her courts. She is also obliged to remove corrupt lawyers from the law court! If she refuses to do so - the end of these abuses will happen with divine intervention.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria