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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Danni Minogue trips up and lifted up again

Danni a recording artist, is the sister of Kylie Minogue. When sisters even being close as they are, are in the public, eye people form opinions and sometimes be very cruel too. We must never forget public figures and human beings.

Danni landed a role as an Xfactor in England and appeared to do a good job. Meanwhile behind the scenes, sparks were flying and this appeared to show between the judges and in the media. One chapter closed another began.

Danni fell in love and became a mother. A relationship that appeared to hold promise fell apart. Meanwhile a book exposes a prior relationhip between another xfactor panel. The timing, was close with the reported breakup of her partner.

In a fickle world, not everyone is quick to expose their relationships. Few people seek a commitment. The difficulty many people face today is, with so many people into casual relationships, disappointment and rejection is rife.

In the public eye Danni conducted herself professionally and ethically. This won her admiration and respect. Celebrity life can impact relationships and private life. Where money is to be made and this is tied with maintaining popularity, distractions and temptations are rife. There is a price to be paid for this life.

Today the MailOnline reported on Danni Minogue tripping up a full length gown. Danni is then helped up by a gallant gentleman. Graciously she smiles and brings a reminder to everyone, we can get up again - even if we need a little help, or a hand to do so.

Where have all the gallant gentlemen in this world gone to?

Danni was dressed up and attending her latest collection of fashion label Project D at The Cavendish Square in London. We can see number 5 on the floor design and this number holds meaning.

2012 is a number 5 year. Five relates to freedom and this starts from within our own being. Noone is born a slave. People who are being oppressed or in slavery will be released by God's Will.

He is the fifth letter of many Semitic alphabets. 'He' is often used to represent the name of God, as 'He' stands for Hashem, which means The Name and is a way of saying God without actually saying the name of God.

"The hei’s right vertical line represents hierarchy, which is speech. A king rules with his words. He is empowered to sit in his palace and utter a decree, which then becomes law. People do not have to see him. He does not have to shake their hands. All he needs to do is speak; that is his power. The vertical line of the hei descends from a higher state, the ruler, to a lower state, his subjects."

Prince William was asked on his trip to Malasia what superpower he would want - he replied 'invisibility' - his wife being a follower said the same. If asked the same question, I would reply to bring an end to all the famine, war and injustice in the world - this would be done by a decision. This is my decision.

We are at a time when if royals are not spiritually enlightened and at one with God, they are unable to recieve divine guidance to serve God on this earth. Wars and injustice is mocking god. Unfortunately a system that allows people to make laws who are not anointed by God, might be for corporate gains. This is a time for people to understand 'God fearing' in context.

Hei also represents teshuvah which means repentance.

In the background of this image we see a throne like chair with red velvet and gold leaf. 10 10 is being shown on the clock face of the event sponsors - we are alo reminded of eVent and the new Eve with the New Testament. This is the right time.

With the number 10 relates to God and 10:10 to God's Law and 10 commandments. The knowledge was given to everyone to know God does communicate with people and we are to obey instruction. Unless someone has attained spiritual mastery, they are not given the authority to carry out decisons for other people and this can only come with pure heart and pure intentions. 20 relates to Judgement - Spiritual upliftment and guidance for the highest of humanitarian ideals.

Notice a rise of interest in the goddess and spirituality today. It is because the female was chosen to carry the spiritual key for humanity. The reason the female has been hidden has also suited men who want to rule the world. Man keeps people down; not God.

With the reminder of The Olympic ceremony showed the Phoenix rising from the flame and coming to earth again - Number 37 Cavendish Square is 'The Phoenix' described as a central London Pub with many personalities. Coincidence?

If we consider Goddess Athena is the Patron Saint and Protector of the People, the Saints are in union with God in heaven and on earth. Today there are decisions being made to the detriment of people - someone is authorising this.

11 Cavendish Square - the King's Fund. Today the President in Prince Charles. The focus is ideas for healthcare. The truth has been silenced - the truth about what makes people ill that is hidden is just scatching the surface.

It is vitally important for the image of the royal family to portray interest in health, because Jesus Christ was a healer and spiritual teacher. Charles and William are not Jesus Christ and far from being spiritual teachers either.

There have been those who deny the divinity of Christ and defy the bloodline that has been marked out specifically for the divine plan. The Queens past and present know the truth. Still when there is reluctance to do right by the people, what is relevant for people to know will get louder until they hear.

Looking on the map, Cavendish Squre is a particularly interesting Road with landmarks. On the edge is the 'Covenant of the Holy Child' with nearby Harley Street, where I was going to register my office and work from but my plans were not meant to be. Perhaps the king does not want to empower the people'.

Evidently in the divine plan I was meant to experience legal corruption and refusal for justice and suffered losses. With this sacrifice to be instrumental in reminding people of their divine rights and pointing out to all officials that mocking their oath is not excusable at all. Will the Queen do right by everyone who has suffered because of her oathtakers. Tony Blair is a servant of the Queen. There is nothing holy about war and bloodshed for profit.

There are promises made to the people and these still stand. As people we cannot obey two masters - God is my boss. Who is yours? A righteous King and Queen do right by all people. With our drinking being deliberately contaminated with toxic chemicals, a royal authorised this decision - A TRAITOR!

With land that is conquested and owned, this allows whoever to make decisions for the land. English laws excuse corrruption, war and injustice and all the other human rights violations taking place. People are asking 'Where is the Queen of Justice?'

Everything happens with divine timing. It seems the spiritually blind are busy idolising Catherine, Williams wife and totally oblivious to the role of responsibility a Queen holds in ancient tradition and to this day! Do Charles and William know?

The City of Westminster relates to Christ and God's Law. The Royal Court of Justice is in Westminster. Cavendish Square is in Westminster. In Thornton Heath, where I was born is a building 'Westminster Court'. You might not think this relates however everything is connected. We are given intellect to understand.

While the artle headline is 'Project Downfall! Dannii Minogue trips over her flowing sequined dress and lands on her bottom' - too uncanny that I had a nasty fall recently with a big bruise. No one helped me up. We get to a point we just keep going because we have to. Life is hard sometimes. We are all here for a purpose.

A covenant means - God's promise to the human race.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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