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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Simon Cowell - Happinez VanDutch

Simon Cowell hit the headlines these days - the MailOnline got the reporting from Twitter when Sinitta tweeted about his heroic act.

Sinitta told her followers: 'Just had a mayday message, 35ft boat sinking. Simon has sent us to help and rescue 9 people on board!'

A few minutes later she added: 'Everyone ok, no-one hurt. Captain won’t let boat sink, petrol in sea etc. No tide, so hole plugged!'

Whenever anyone gets a May Day SOS call from another boat, there are laws governing the waters. Simon Cowell's vessel, the Slipstream went to rescue the people, as is usual procedure.

May Day relates to the May Queen. The Queen of May is the Virgin Mary. On the 31st of May, the day before my birthday, a sign was given for the Dutch people by the Holy Mother and Christ.

Simon is pictured with friends and another brunette with headphones around her neck. Mine are usually on my head. If they were cordless, perhaps I would be wearing them 24/7.

There are images on the article, atlhough I want to bring the attention to one in particular. What we see is relevant to know.

With 'Happinez' we are reminded of 'Happiness'. VanDutch is meaning 'From Holland' The message is being shown on a boat that Holland is happy with what is happening. First Simon rescues the people with the help of the crew, there is something else too that perhaps people have forgotten about. This is a reminder.

Some time back I wrote about the New Noahs Ark and how this relates to the righteous courts of Justice. There was talk of this coming to London for the 2012 Olympics and I am unsure if this happened. Someone said Health and Safety prevented it - So guarded do the British establshment protect God's laws and Human Rights even lawyers here hide them from the people!

It was an intuitive find to locate the Dutch built Noahs Ark. This corresponded with the find on Mount Ararat in now Turkey. Already I have been shown Holland has been chosen to establish God's Laws again. With not not marrying the ship builder's son, to be Queen of the ship in Holland is not possible.

The divine plan is to show the man made ruler that God can make His Rules known and demonstrate theirs are void too. When something people are meant to know about is continually hidden, in different ways the message will be put out to people until they get it. So, Hollywood are building a Noah's Ark too .

Interestingly enough this is being built on 'New York’s Long Island' and this is divine providence at work being shown here too.New York was New Netherlands and so by establishing this build here, establishes God's Laws in America too. Are we going to see more inspired Noahs arks around? Actually there is no need - God does not need a ship or even a paddling boat to establish his law.

New York is also where the United Nations head office is located.

Anything important to know that is silenced, the truth will come to light anyway. If the message is not heard the first time, it will be repeated over and over again until people get the lesson. If the message is sounded out it will continue to get louder and louder.

The inspiration of the new Noahs Ark built in Holland is the size of biblical proportions from what is written in the Holy Bible. This has brought international interest from people of all faiths.

Holland has a very important role in the Divine Plan - for the Ark at the very least. In my experience of knowing a Dutch Lawyer and even with all our arguments, he is just as revolted by the corruption taking place in the UK courts and why the Queen sits there and does nothing while people suffer.

With all the talk about Simon Cowell having a knighthood - he does not need a token title to be who he is. There are people who say Simon would make an excellent Prime Minister. He might likely make an even better King. Prime Ministers make decisions to create huge debt and this makes interest for privately owned banking corporation that has the Queen as head at this time. At least £13 billion has been spent on the London Olympic 2012 games. Eventually the British people need to face that the establishment is not working in their best interest as a priority.

Millions of people are very courageious and face tremendous difficulties in their life. They do not get any honor from the Queen. People are sufering because her officials have been the cause.

Apparently St. Peter is said to originally been named Simon. It was Simon who identified Christ as the Messiah. And Simon was also the Son of Jonah - there is a name that came up earlier in other articles. Here by the photo above, we see Simon being instrumental in delivering a message from the Dutch people.

It is very easy to spot anyone who is Noble. They do right by everyone. If people are neglected and injustice is rife, humanity suffers. The British establshment know all about the millions of lost lives in wars - Do they really care about the people? Actions speak louder than words. Injustice is rife here and according to ethical lawyers overseas, injustice is a crime against humanity.

25 years in England I have known about legal corruption and the refusal for the end of these abuses. So many lawyers are corrupt - William has been given an Honorary lawyers degree so he can make and approve more man made laws.

Dutch people have been the sea explorers and ship builders - it seems that the Greek and Dutch people have an important connection to save humanity. The New Noahs Ark is built now!

It is time for the United Nations to address the global concern of legal corruption and bring an end to these abuses taking place in UK. Everything happens in the right time and with divine timing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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