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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Miss Wilson RIP - Patricia Wilson not yet found!

With recent floods here in UK, (also happening in other countries) I was reminded of being told everything happens for a reason. Nothing is coincidence.

Today I have been guided to write about Miss. Wilson. With what is happening in the world - injustice is being exposed. Tragedy with innocent people being killed, is bringing to light what is hidden and relevant to know. Unlike 9/11 where airplanes struck WTC Twin Towers in New York, the elements, air, water, fire and thunder have caused death. Trees are wood; rooted in the earth.

Erena Louise Wilson from New Zealand died on Sunday afternoon in the Royal Botanical Gardens in South West London. Her two friends heard a 'loud crack like thunder' and saw a 12 inch thick branch from a 60ft tall Lebanese cedar come crashing down. While the pair ran for their lives, looking back they were horrified to see their friend, Erena Wilson lying face down on the ground surrounded by branches. Onlookers and paramedics were unable to save Miss Wilson who died instantly from 'non-survivable head injuries', West London Coroner’s Court heard.

London had gales of 30mph that day. Gary Baker, 51, told how he heard what sounded like 'shotgun fire' as the branch fell. Could this be with thunder hitting the tree or sound of breaking of the branch - we will never know.

Marcus Allan, 42, a friend of Miss. Wilson from when she worked at a pub near Dumfries, before she moved to London, said she was loved by everyone and described her as a 'one-off'. He told the Evening Standard: 'I have never met anyone like her. She was stunning, beautiful inside and out.'

Erena Wilson was an Accounts Manager working in the media industry.

Erena, described by friends as a 'Star' we are reminded of stars in heaven. All the people who have known and loved Erena will never forget her.

Miss Wilson’s mother, lives in Auckland, New Zealand and her father in Australia. A maternal uncle who lives in the UK is helping to organise the repatriation of her body to New Zealand. The family have asked for respect to their privacy while they come to terms with their loss and bring Erena back home.

Rest in Peace Erena Wison.

We are reminded to think about 'Why do good people die young?'


'Another' lady named Wilson in the Daily Mail Headlines.

A French gardener has 'allegedly' admitted killing a Briton Patricia Wilson. Two deaths reported with the same surname - two days. There is a reason for this and more has yet to come to light.

Jean-Louis Cayrou has been charged with Patricia Wilson's murder. Police launched an intensive search close to her cottage, although they admit unless Cayrou confesses and leads them to the spot, Miss Wilson's body may never be found.

'A fellow inmate of Cayrou, 50, phoned prosecutors from inside the prison in which they were both being held – claiming that he had admitted his guilt to him. He told them: ‘Cayrou said they’d had a fight. He hit her and then realised she was dead. He panicked and hid the body in a thicket close to a pond.’

Police took the claim seriously as the inmate had risked imminent freedom by getting in touch. He had called on an illicit mobile on the eve of his release from a long sentence. After the call, officers began an intensive search close to the £250,000 stone cottage north of Toulouse that was renovated by former advertising executive Miss Wilson and her partner Donald Marcus on their arrival five years ago.'

Police say friends told them the relationship between Cayrou and Miss Wilson was tumultuous and stormy, with many arguments and fights. Yet expats in the 500-strong village, and friends and family of the shy, quietly reclusive Cayrou, do not believe he is a killer. A relative said: ‘We’re a large, extended family and, unlike most French, don’t have constant contact. Jean-Louis was always a bit of a hippy. We know little of his life but we do know he was gentle and kind – and never cruel. We thought of him as a good man.’ - here we see contradictions.

'Police believe Cayrou attacked Miss Wilson on the steps of her cottage and dragged her down to his car. Blood and DNA in his Renault saloon matched Miss Wilson’s – and forensic officers found her DNA on other items inside the car.'

I am reminded of the time when Princess Diana died - where it is 'THE LAW and usual practice' to carry out autospy where someone has died. This was told to me by the Coroner in London - where he told me even strangulation can be ascertained as the cause of death from looking at the pupils of the deceased. I am forever grateful for the time and help given to understand THE LAW especially.

Also unfortunately there are police who lie - I can only speak from experience in England and knowing that police think they are protected from prosecution. It is quite evident there is a lack of responsibility in the police force to realise the consquences of lying and that innocent people have suffered.

We will have to wait and see the outcome of the case with Patricia Wilson. Also all women are warned to be careful - men might appear to be nice, not all are. Men might appear to be kind and yet insecure men can be reactive and even violent. Not all men realise their physical strength. It is a crime to protect a crime.

In the first instance Erena Wison died from head injuries from what appears to be the elements and a tree branch falling. In the second instance we are given a report of a search for Patricia Wilson's body. A man in prison, not the accused, is said to have phoned the police to say he killed Patricia Wilson and yet without a body there is no evidence to prove this crime. Police should know this!

This is something I recall British police telling me in 1986.

Cayrou has repeatedly denied any involvement in the 58-year old’s disappearance, remaining ‘walled in silence’, according to a police source. Time is going to reveal all here too.

What is relevant and true the ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING God does really see and know everything. The truth will come to light eventually! These two situations have brought to light that My personal situation is being addressed below. The signs being shown recently that injustice is not acceptable whatsoever. We are also being shown that officials are being carefully scrutenised.


Patricia Wilson is the name of a relative of Caroline Wilson a former police officer from approx 1981-1983. Her family were family friends. Patricia Wilson above and Caroline's Aunt Patricia Wison are not the same person.

Patricia Wilson lived four doors away from my parents' in Bolton. She asked me to be friends with her neice Caroline because she had no one. My parents were against the friendship. They did not like her at all and said she was unsuitable company. After my mother died in 1986 in seeing her mother, I got in touch.

In 19th November 1999, as a rear seat passenger, I suffered a whiplash injury when Caroline Wilson reversed into an oncoming vehicle. She declined to give insurance details to the driver and gave her mother's address, saying if the woman writes, her mother will deny knowing where she lived. Caroline said she offered £20 for the number plate and the driver refused. Her words were racist with profanity refering to the woman with the F word - One lie in court exposed. Caroline stated very clearly that she had no intention to pay the other driver.

If Mr. Cowell, the Judge was to hear the case again IN TRUTH, he would be forced to apologise to me and address the crimes that took place on oath in court. As far as compensation, 'her friend' was seeking £500 for loss of earnings that day - so my losses of potential earnings could be measured on this too!

Caroline Wilson said in court she said she could park a car as if spining on a pin. I am unale to remember detail if she said on oath she 'never' had a car accident. She evidently forgot about reversing into the Managers car at Macro in Manchester and went to seek out a FRIEND of mine to ask if she would lie and say she skidded on some oil. One lie in court busted and exposed.

Caroline Wilson blocked out of court settlement from December 1999 to September 2003. Her intention was to get me in court and lie so that I lose the case. My intention was to launch my business in January 2000 and build from there. The millenium was expected to bring new spiritual revelation and the new age is with holistic health, empowerment and human potential. Caroline Wilson once admitted being jealous of me. Jealous of someone who studied for many years and made personal sacrifices so humanity could know another way in life?

In 2003 Caroline Wilson used her very brief police career (1981-1983) in court for credibity and lied on oath. She committed perjury with intent. Her lawyer Mr. Aggrey Orleans lied and said I was never injured, never had referral or treatment for injury, never studied, had no qualifications and no business intention intention whatsoever. He was repeatedly and abusive in an aggressive manner saying LIAR, LIAR LIAR, at least three times and so I expose Mr. Aggrey Orleans as the Liar who abused his oath. Such abuse is totally unacceptable.

My then lawyer merits a black mark, Mr. Collins for advising me to lie on oath - to deny my professional training is something I will never do! Evidently the plan in court was decided before entering court and the corruption of the court was exposed to reveal lawyers who even violate their own oath. THEIR CRIMES!

Caroline's aunt, Pat Wilson recommended my professional training to be counsellor and wrote my reference. Already qualified in Holistic health therapies and selling my home to buy a bigger place to start a treatment centre - and took her cousin to show her. Even she showed interst to work with me. The British Law court have to face the silence they are trying to keep in my case is criminal too and for as long as the British legal system refuse to address the crimes, this means the corporation is corrupt and ether needs to be closed down or cleaned up.

Before being forced to go to court when suffering with chronic breathing problems from asthma, Caroline Wilson's cousin passed on a message from her mother Patricia to say if Caroline was to commit murder, Caroline's mother would lie for her and protect her. This was said to warn me. Caroline Wilson had already said she had every intention to lie and deny my injury 'and get away with it'. It was her cousin who encouraged me to consult with the lawyers. Not my choice!

With Caroline Wilson committing perjury on oath and Mr. Aggrey Orlean, her Barrister LYING and rubbishing HIS Oath - both are accountable in their crimes. Injusice is a crime against humanity. Mr. Aggrey Orleans rubbished the Queen by his diabolical abuse. Mr. Aggrey Orleans and over British 300 lawyers and police have been the cause of the Queen violating her coronation oath. Did the Queen EVER do anything to merit BETRAYAL from HER officials?

Every officer who takes an oath to the Queen, is serving the Queen!

In my situation, I could not escape because I was tied to a contract - the British legal system are in breach of. People consult lawyers and police for advise and help, we think they will sort problems out, not destroy our life.

UK court have obstructed justice and this is goes totally against God's Laws that is written in the Holy Bible. Divine justice still applies.


I may never get justice in the law courts but I am instrumental in bringing an end to all the injustice taking place and accept this. People need to realise that the lie is far reaching and jealousy is one of the deadly sins.

With regards to Erena Wilson - even being such a good person and losing her life in such a tragic way, She has brought to light God's Laws and they needed to be brought to everyone's attention. Erena has been instrumental in this and served a very important purpose. Erena's soul is being taken care of from the heavenly realms. We are also reminded when God wants to take life, it will happen in his time and way - it is not for man to take anyone's life whatsoever.

With regards to the body of Patricia Wilson in France not being found -contradictory stories has come to light which is suspicious. Police statements and people being put into prison on the strength of what is being told by officials and also a third party making a statement. All police and law court judges know without evidence there is no crime that can be heard. Perhaps DNA is enough in this case 'if' blood and belongings to Patricia Wilson has been found.

While the Case of ex-policewoman Caroline Wilson's perjruy cannot be denied - I have been reminded with the body of Patricia Wilson not being found, that there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute either. Something I did not consider but am reminded of the Court in Heaven that Judges everyone!

We are also reminded of what happened to Jesus Christ. Injustice today is an every day occurance with officals boasting of lying to be paid. The tears people are crying with their suffering and the loss of life in wars. We have been living in a time of great evil, when peple wear suits and wigs expecting respect, when they are actually shown to merit disrespect. Where is rightousness?

People wonder why good people die young, while people with cold evil hearts get away with their crimes. No one actually gets away with anything. Here is the opportunity to see that in so many different ways the truth will come to light. Learn the lesson.

My thoughts go out to the families who have lost loved ones.

Two women I gave my time and care to showed their true colours and put me in a position to break my silence. They betrayed Britain, mocked the British Legal system and rubbished Queen Elisabeth II. We are given one life, I did not earn my fortune. My wealth is sharing understanding. A lifetime of learning has been put to use. Time for people to think carefully before lying on oath.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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