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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 30 September 2012

More insights on Floods in Yorkshire and Scotland

As with everything keep an open mind. Sharing these images is to allow you to see for yourself and to undertand in different ways, God is showing people he is the Boss. Now if God is the boss, why are people bowing down to people who are supposed to be obeying Him. What is happening is the reminder to those in positions of TRUST who are neglecting the people and abusing their oath, also to remind people that there is a far higher power on this earth that controls everything.

Here a man in blue is standing outside a house. We do not know what he is thinking, however his mind will be stimulated to think. Notice a yellow rubbish skip filled and the letters 'SMILES'. Next to this the pavement has barriers with a diversion sign. Did the man consider the 'smile' before the flood? Did he see it? Remembering the yellow smiley emoticon. We are reminded to smile.

Chester-Le-Street close to the River Wear - County Durham, Sunderland. If I recall Tony Blair is from Durham, apparently living on Providence Row. A lady I know remembers when he was still in a pram. Does Tony Blair even have a conscience?

"Safety: Somerset Fire and Rescue officers wade through floods in Greinton, Somerset as a fire engine waits at a safe distance"

So here we can see a vehicle waiting in safety, while there are Fire and Rescue officers who are on foot, braving the elements. I am unsure if there is still the Hosepipe ban on in England. One thing for sure with all this flooding the ground and English countryside will be getting a good watering.

Notice on this image on the fire engine is written backwards 'fire rescue' with the fireman on the ground speaking to the man in the police van. It actually does say on British police vehicles 'fighting crime - protecting people' although the police heavily rely on the people to provide evidence to prosecute crime. Police tell lies in court on oath - witnessed by myself personally and yet no one reprimands these oathtakers who abuse 'their oath' - SO I AM!

There are three vehicles - two facing with head lights on and the third with reverse lights in what looks like a Vauxhall. The numberplate adds up to 80 = 8. With the fire and police vehicles, we are reminded of lights on no body at home. With the Vauxhall, Vauxhall Bridge in London comes to mind - to cross over the Thames. The location of this is Gilling West in North Yorkshire.

The Duke of York is connected to Yorkshire - the land that has been extensively flooded. With the lights on and nobody is at home - who this applies to is who can relate. This is an expression and not meant to offend. Sometimes it is better to be sleeping and live with rose coloured glasses, to not see what is happening in our world. Millions of people are killed in wars and suffer injustice. People who are awake do not turn a blind eye.

There are impressive; illustrious NOBLE titles and yet what do they mean? Being noble means doing right by everyone.

With Gilling - This interesting surname is an English patronymic or metronymic, from the early medieval personal name "Julian", which derives from the Latin "Julius", a derivative of "Iuppiter", meaning "the supreme god".

Not long ago I wrote about Julian Clary and Julie Goodyear sitting on a swan talking to each other. Julie was wearing the golden crown. With this reminding people that Christ communicates to his Princess. Also as already said before God does not give mixed messages to people. The media has manipulated this image to stimulate people to think and perhaps observe more closely.

Here is another picture - shocking indeed. A huge branch of a tree collapses on to a car in Willowbank Road in Aberdeen after heavy gusts of wind in the city. It is unclear if the driver excaped alive.

Cars relate to travellng and road ways, also our spiritual journey in life. Aberdeen is connected to the Royal family and the North sea oil rigs. Having worked in Aberdeen many years ago, I can still picture the main road in my mind.

With Willow, the weeping willow tree came to mind and certainly I have cried many tears over these years. Tree relate to 'family trees' and 'the tree of life'. Bank is where money is deposited and given. The Queen's head is on currency and so the next Queen will be too. With a New Word Order - a righteous and ethical government, we will see law courts that work for God not for profit as a priority. A structure that SERVES the people will reflect this on every level. Today every government official should be motivated to do right by people - they are civil servants.

From what we are being shown, people in the British and Scottish establishment who are not following God's Orders and so HE is letting everyone see, with the help of the media what is happening. The doctored images were handy too illustrate that what is meant to be happening has been reversed. Because God wins, His way is His choice! He Guides and His Law and Order WILL BE HERE!

Some time back we saw the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury had been deliberately sawn off seen to make sure to sever the bloodline that God established. There was even the planting of a new tree, that was given 'steel protection' and the tree got vandalised and snapped off. This is an example of what goes around comes around. With this image, those who manipulate the laws and violate people are reminded that God's Power is far more mightier to break the branch.

Two cars, one blue, one silver and two police sharing information. With the car Fiat comes to mind and Fiat currency that derives its value from government regulation or law. There is a difference between man made laws and God's Law. THE LAW is being revisited. When a government holds God ALMIGHTY at the head, currency is guaranteed. There is no injustice whatsoever. This is possible.

Numberplates have meaning. On the silver car we can see the letters 'ING' so it is a commercial vehicle. The numberplate in full adds up to 12 = 3 and we are reminded of the twelve tribes of Israel. What we can see clearly missing out the final letter adds up to 44 = 8. The second vehicle adds up to 8 also.

We are seeing duality here, the road is blocked 'temporarily'. The blue car is free and yet at a standstill. The other unable to move, even if the driver wanted to go. This is by a force beyond human hands to illustrate a point.

Number 8 relates to infinity and the reminder that God is the boss. Number 8 relates to self mastery and union with the divine. We are also being reminded of the union between the heavenly realms and earth, with the ever constant flow of energy.

We are shown that God can halt anyone in their tracks, cast down and lift up who he likes for punishment and for his purpose. If you are a conscious servant of God, it is likely life has not been easy but we are not here for an easy life. Conscientious most definately. We are here for a purpose.

Today thre are still people who condemn entire nations of people, or religions. Why is there this mentality anywhere? We urgently need to deal with the destructive mindset - not feed into destruction and hate. If we were not meant to be here, we would not be alive today. The same applies to everyone.

88 is used as shorthand for 'hugs and kisses'. Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. The 2008 Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m. 88 is often used to mean "bye bye" in Chinese-language chats, text messages, pronounded ba ba. Neo-Nazis use number 88 as a code to represent the slogan Heil Hitler. Letter H is eighth in the alphabet, so 88 is meant to stand for HH.

My parents marriage took place on 8th August. August relates to Leo astrology and the Lion. With 8 appearing twice we are shown there are two lions. There is the Lion associated with Judah and Lion is connected to Zion too.

Here we see two runners and the man is wearing HH on his red top. We also see a big rainbow and a ship. God does not need a ship to make His laws known and already, in Holland a new Noah's Ark has been built, that re-establishes HIS rule. Where in the past people have used religion against people, not this time - God has His plan to prevent this happening again. When people are ready...

"I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. "Genesis 9:13

In the final picture shared with this article, Rachel Brewer is holding two branches of the same apple tree. The article is showing blossom next to fruit fully grown - another sign of the times. With the paralympic ceremony compounding the Holy Mother and matriarchal lineage, with everyone born from Eve, every family has their own family tree now.

Rachel is a reminder also of Jacob's wife, mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Jacob's brother was named Esau who were at war with each other. The battles that take place all these years happen for a reason. To the Sons of Abraham - Christ did not say war with your brother and cousins. Confront corruption and wrong doing. Put wrongs right. Stand for Justice! Being a man is more than a gender.

If we go back to the begining we have all been born from one woman - Eve. With so much talk about about the New Eve, perhaps we are being reminded of her role as the Spiritual Mother of humanity. There is a global healing need and to start we must bring and end to all the fighting. Will man allow this? In the divine plan, what is unfolding, is the realisation we must understand who we are - where we have come from and to realise if we do not take care of each other - who will? I have lived my life on a wing and many prayers. God nourishes me and gives me the strength to keep going but sometimes it is hard. I just take one day at a time.

It is not in the divine plan to keep people down. We can trip and fall, we can be halted to learn lessons and also because we are going the wrong way. I have had to learn to completely trust God too. This is the new cycle of time where women must be empowered, especially spiritually and realise their profound and powerful influence in the family, not just children - partners too.

In any home where women are spiritually empowered, this reflects in their outlook and how they influence family, friends and even strangers. Keeping anyone down and telling people they are not good enough is soul destroying. Spiritual empowerment is living with love that can be honest with people. In reprimanding anyone, confronting behaviour, giving the opportunity to change. We can all learn from the error of our ways but we cannot change who are are as a person.

A picture can tell a thousand words. An edited picture is revealing. This flood reminded me of the ebb and flow of the tides. As the energy shift takes place this reflects accordingly. We are also reminded for every action there is a reaction. Time is going to reveal what will happen....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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