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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Opening Ceremony 2012 Olympics - Full Video

The full ceremony of the Olympic games opening ceremony is posted here. This is an opportunity to see the full production without other people putting their interpretation with no back up on what they think it happening. Your eyes are so you can see.

When sharing insights, it is with what I know is relevant and some aspects being able to personally relate to. It is with intention that you see and enjoy the process of change and transformation that has taken place over time to become to where we are today. We are ever evolving and progress is being made with humanity.

There is a profound spiritual element to the Olympic games, a flame that has come from ancient Greece that continues to unite humanity in peace. Ignorance has prevented humanity progress. People have been held down and back because man has not clearly understand pure spiritual teaching. Interpretation is not truth.

Everything we see has meaning beyond what we can see. We have ears to hear clearly. The reason why so many people cannot see beyond what they are told and sold is because today, still so many people are being told what something is and is not.

An example of how young children are conditoned. A child is given food it spits out and does not like. Mother tells the child repeatedly it tastes good and is good for it. Eventually the child is convinced the food tastes nice and is good for them. The child beleives the truth it has learn from his own mother.

If people are spiritually blind and unable to understand the basics, they should not be up on the stage talking about consciousness, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment especially if they do not have the understanding. Experience is not words!

There are countless people who really do want to learn from people who have credibility and written their discoveries and understanding. Every opportunity is given so people can be educated - put the degrees to the side for a moment. The internet has been created originally as a free resource and since this people pay on a contract. There are millions of videos on youtube claiming to know the truth about what is happening in the world - we do not know. Why are people promoting wars when there has been countless wars already? It is time for peace and healing now!

Thoughts have power. Prayers are powerful. On 12th of August 2012 the staduim did not blow up. If it had it would have been a direct attack on the British establshment - not on the people. See the corruption for what it is and address that. I had the guts to write to the government to address corruption - who else did? There is power with the people. Get the right person who is protecting human rights and your human rights will be protected. Injustice and war are crimes against humanity - everyone was given divine rights. You have Free Will. If we work together - construction is possible. If one person is demolishing the walls and kicking out the architect, another refuses to listen to safety advice and you do not protect yourself - who is at fault?

The main part of the production is powerful seen in the first part of the video. The middle is the entrance of all the atheletes. The ending is the lighting of the cauldron - with the arrival of the flame to the Olympic Park with David Beckham. This part of the ceremony is deeply touching and the people who have understanding of what this means - also know the effort that has gone into, to unite humanity in peace. Get angry with corrupt officials. Not with anything that it given to create awareness and open peoples minds to realise a greater perspective.

Enjoy the video and may unity and solidarity in friendship, with knowing humanity is one family overcome all efforts to keep people down and misinformed. In my previous article, order out of chaos has been discussed. There is a process. There is a process that is involved in realising higher consciousness too.

No one can teach you this. You hold the spiritual key for you.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria