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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

People Saved in Yorkshire by Heros

This is a deeply touching situation where people are rescuing the most vulnerable in our society from the floods that have taken place. The situation is quite horrific and we do not consider these terrible circumstances happen, but in a crisis, the best of people also comes out and this shows humanity caring about eachother.

The Flood reported here is in Yorkshire. One royal who has had bad press and manages to keeep his private life private, is the Duke of York. The media do a very good job in keeping the royals private life private after all, not everyone gets to travel in private jets around the world and stay in the top accomodation and this be part of their job. Even as trade envoy where it is said to be an unpaid role, the exact figures of all the royal family claiming expenses and details would be revealing. Some time back Sarah, his former wife who lives with him - even though they both lead separate lives, make a huge blunder when asking for cash as 'a charity donation' to have access to Andrew. This royal lifestyle certainly brings priviliges and yet recently someone asked me, What exactly do the royal family do for the people?

These residents were helped from a sheltered housing complex are evacuated in the village of Gilling West, North Yorkshire with firemen carrying them and their luggage. It is interesting to observe these people are born wearing blue, a colour connected with royalty and everyone has divine rights. They are being treated as people should be treated with dignity and respect.

The media have labled Andrew a buffoon - do your research in what this means. The royal family enjoy a lifestyle that is beyond the imagination of many people and yet few people ask or even consider what this family does for the people. If we are to look at the people who merit honor and respect, it is the people. People are not getting the honor and credit they are due. The people in Britain have made Britain Great in the past. They can again.

With the Duke of York I am also reminded of New York. The corporate ownership of our world is complex and people are quite right to ask if they royals are representing a profit making empire or working as Servants of God to the people. With the reminder to everyone reading this, Every descendant from the house of David is Royal by Divine Right, Christ gave 'everyone' Sovereign Rights.

What I do know about New York - this is the Head of the United Nations office and there are many issues that are being addressed, My dear friend Baroness Kimberly Moore in USA was sought out by them to be a Goodwill Ambassasor. While Andrew has been the Queen's representative, we are right to question if their service to empower people or for profit? With being 'trade envoy' this relates to profit making. Looking with much of England's manufacturing having moved overseas to developing nations, with staff and services too - the profits are not being passed on to the people. The one regarded third world nations, are now known as developing countries. With mismanagement as an ethical lawyer from overseas described the problem, we are at a time when the problems need to be addressed before a bigger problem is created and there is no turn around. The British system has worked to keep people down and actually prevented people from being empowered. Something must give! Stop stealing from the people!

Credit to the people who go out in the world, who take risks with their lives, who step out of the realms of normality and beyond their comfort zone, to do extraordinary acts of kindness. And especially much appreciation to all the people who are taking care of our vulnerable. For the rest of these peoples lives, they will remember the heros who took them into a place of safty.

Something to think about. When someone is calling for help, will you ignore their plea and let them suffer, even if it could cost their life? Foolishly I ran into a smoke filled building once - it was impulsive to pull some clothes from a fire and that action might have prevented the house being burned down. Another time someone got locked out their home and I was then very slim and was urged to climb ladders to get into a third story window and climbing ladders make me nervous. Even feeling apprehensive I did it because the ladders were there and breaking into the home was not the only workable solution available. The fire incident is completely forgotten about by the people - no thanks was given. The ladder incident was 25 years ago and came up in conversation with a 90 year old who still remembers the day very well.

Climbing ladders and running into smoke filled buildings is not what I do now, but I have listened to the vulnerable, housebound and lonely - I know the profound difference we can make to people's lives when we care about them. Being a hero is about saving lives and look, these people are not carrying weapons!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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