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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spencer Court on The Verge of Collapse

These images are still from the previous two articles. Again more insight can be gained from what we can see. Nothing is not actually hidden from anyone. We need to expand our awareness and see beyond what is presented. Not everyone considers why a crisis happens. A very wise man told me many years ago, everythng happens for a reason. Nothing is coincidence.

The images are stunning and throught provoking. They bring to light situations that we might never consider and are a reminder that we cannot take anything for granted. Again, to reiterate, crisis brings humanity together and it is in the time, when something happens, that people do pull together. We have seen this.

"Shocking: Residents had to be evacuated from the newly built Spencer Court in Newburn, Newcastle as heavy rain washed away the gardens of the houses"

Lady Diana's maiden name is Spencer - Mother of William and Harry. Court relates to law courts. We are shown the Spencer Royal Court on the verge of collasping. Newburn brings to mind burn's nights - Formal dinners hosted by organisations such as Burns clubs, the Freemasons or St Andrews - the latter connects with William. NewCastle is a reminder of NEW CASTLE - meaning new King or Queen. William's given title relates to ruling Scotland - it makes sense he lives there. The couple living in Wales was not just because it is a nice quiet area. Wales flooded recently too.

Charles was made sovereign by his mother and crowned in 1969 - he did not take an oath to God. At the point of his mother's death, he will assume the role of King immediately. Back in 1969 he was invested in powers and given authority as a soveriegn can do. The Queen has invested titles with here other children. To what degree they relate to authority over the land and even ownership of land, is unknown. What is known, officials here are 'scared' to rock the boat. Unless people know differently, I doubt very much the Queen is telling officials to lie and abuse the people. However, every official who abuses the people is rubbishing the Queen and just with ever miscarriage of justice - injustice alone has caused Queen Elisabeth II to violate her coronation Oath.

In the effort to preserve the throne, previous generations of royals have made laws so that the lineage that has been identified by God would not be eligible. Being reminded of Smyrna where my family came from. There were many descendants of the royal lineage identified by God, and so to read that Andrew, Prince Phillip's father was on a ship watching on while the people of Smyrna, the Greek people specifically were the targets were massacred and even desperate people were turned away from his ship. It is a very cold hard heart who could do this.

There are people who commit the most diabolical sins, go to confession and beleive all is forgiven. If we do not learn by our sin, what is the point of confessing? If we steal people's inheritance and say with lip service 'God forgive me' yet do not give back what belongs to other people, were is the learning?

The building above has a 100 metre cordon and is expected to collapse. People can choose to see it as just a building and natural disaster. Considering that nothing is coincidence, this has happened for a reason.

A few days ago, William and his wife were pictured on Thrones in the Far East. In the meantime topless images created a media storm, with headlines 'the Queen naked' should have spoken to some people. The couple were pictured wearing floral head crowns. Meanwhile Harry was sent to Afghanistan after his naked exposure. The media say people reacted to his presence and so the thought comes to mind the 'game of thrones' not seeing this. What I did notice 70,000 people sang God save the Queen while Catherine stood next to Harry in the Olympic's closing ceremony. William, the Queen and Charles kept far away with the bomb scare.

The images and captions to me are just a reminder that God sees everything and that he is Ruling the world. What will happen next?

The 'signs of the times' are in biblical prophesy. We are still in times of war and rumors of war. We witness here, that God can easily bring down the masses. We need to be rid of the war monger mentality. This does not mean kill people but to help people realise a higher positive purpose. Endless battles and people willing to give up their life to go to war - for who and for what? Would Wiliam and Harry give up their life for humanity - to give up all self serving and truly serve God? Has Charles?

Here is a car almost totally submerged in Newcastle.

The spiritually misguided and misinformed might even be extremists - what is certain is that every Muslim beleives in God and no one can be a Muslim unless they love Jesus Christ. Why do not all Christian's know this? The ongoing cycle of arguments, battles and retaliations, are going to continue for how long?

The building above is not safe and now with the earth shift and tilt, it is surely that structural damage will have taken place. With the billions of pounds insurance companies collecting from people and also using lawyers to try limit or get out of paying out, there is a message here that the cash needs to be put to the reason it is claimed to be taken. Misrepresentation is a crime. If a corporation or even a charity is saying it is doing X and taking funds, yet doing the opposite - this is misrepresentation. Lawyers and court judges should know all about the law and are deafeningly silent on legal corruption in UK! Just by looking at these images, lawyers and judges are reminded that God is not silent.

People only need to watch the story of Moses in Egypt and realise that the wrath of God is not something to mock. The end of the Pharaoh's Kingom was after more than one request to free the people. The Queen was coronated on a pyramid. Charles was coronated on a pyramid. Count the steps too. The Dukes indlude Phillip Duke of Endinburgh - his title will be inherited by his heir.

King Juan Carlos of Spain is paid 292,752 euros (£243,560) annually by the state. Charles collects around £17 million a year. It is unknown if other family members collect an income from their Duchys too. People are entitled to know the truth. Is the monarchy maintained for profit the family at the expense of people, or is the Monarchy in place to protect the people? This is a very fair and reasonable question to ask with all the wars?

When I took my oath to God the first time it was at home. The time my oath was compounded in a British Court of Law - I stated I was Greek Orthodox and take my oath to God very seriously, The Judge must have known consequences would come if the British law court offficials rubbished their oath. No one has been given permission to abuse the Oath, when Trust in God is what the structure of society and all beleivers rely on. Being one of God's anointed and from the ROYAL PRIESTHOOD - this oath was taken in front of three barristers and witnesses plus recorded. Recently the High Court were asked if they work for God ad Justice or a Corporation for profit an they could not answer me. They did not know! They were also again informed that they are holding corrupt evidence that they refuse to reject even though they have had this brought to their attention. Justice has been refused.

Corrupt officials have made the confession. The higher power has made His judgement and by these situations we are seeing clearly. No ne should have to ask for justice - There should have never been an injustice in the first place. There is no point to work for the legal profession if not working for justice. As the Queen and royals live by Divine Justice, as long as poeple are blind, they will not see what God's Judgement is for the crimes against humanity.

The Queen knows that with an anointed Queen, it will be the end of corruption because the entire structure is built new. New Queen, new laws, new oath - new standard of criteria to work by, new ethical standards that restore respectability to a once noble profession. The system is thriving with criminals - corrupt lawyers and police. Ethical lawyers could make a fortune in prosecuting corrupt offiicals and yet they say, if they even touched a case, they would never get work again. This is a confesion I have heard with my own ears. People have been abused for so long by the corrupt system - and this has been done in God's name!

A few months ago, the burning down of a hotel in Cornwall was revealing a message associated to Prince Charles. I would have to research this and pull together the details, the irony was in finding an article that was about a Parrot named Prince Charles who lived in a hut. As it happens Charles is Duke of Cornall and he collects a vast amount of income of the land - many millions of pounds a year. People see Charles as a good guy and he might be, but make sure you take off your rose coloured glasses before saying anyone is a good guy or not. Human beings are complex beings. Even with past issues, while making a confession and even admitting being a sinner, this does not mean a life of grace is entitlement.

Does the Queen really care about the people? The Queen's responsibility is to make sure that injustice which is a very serious crime against humanity, does not happen by 'officials' who are acting as servants of God. To accept a position to work as a servant of God is an honor and privilege not to be underated. King, Queen, Prince, Police, Lawyer or Government minister and everyone else might start to realise why the clean up is overdue.

The present set up in England has been around for a long time. All the changes that take place does not alter the foundation. The foundation is God's Law. Just the mention of Phillip being Prince of Greece, he of all people should know the meaning of Kyrios and Kyria? Do the British establishment respect people's sovereign rights? Are the British Establishment for Christ or Anti-Christ?

"Exposed: Around 20ft of the foundations are exposed, leaving it looking as though it is on stilts, and a torrent of water is gushing around the building" - If we consider that 20 in numerology relates to Divine Judgement this says it all. The 20th card in the Tarot is Judgement and not only is this a time to wake people up but also to raise people up who have been oppressed too.

Number 20 relates to service to souls who are ailing and in need of help. It is a privilege to be in a role that is reocgnised to give spiritual upliftment to people and the guidance to enable humantiy to realise and live up to humanitarian ideals. Not many people have recognised what this really means.

Britian has experienced extreme weather conditions, flooding and landslides. People are moving and being relocated too. The physical shift that is taking place is changing everything. No matter what is to happen, whenever there is an ending and there is always a new begining. Considering what we are seeing in these images, the situation to learn the lessons could be so much worse.

I am overdue compensation for my loss and unnessessry suffering. No one has permission to make decisons for my life. Before anyone says that I vote - actually I never vote for politicians. Why would I want to elect someone who is a puppet and I am not a servant to the Queen so cannot be an MP or PM - even though people have said say I would make an excellent Prime Minister/lawyer/judge and should be Queen, I have no interest to be a lawyer or judge in a law court that allows corruption and even less so than one that turns a blind eye to this!

So where are the righteous officials with integrity?

"Saved: Firefighters rescue residents from Minerva Court in the Yorkshire town of Boroughbridge" - Minerva and Athena have been shown to be connected to Bolton in the heart of England. Royal Court Drive has taken over from the Old Bolton Royal infirmary - the new Royal Bolton Hospital is on Minerva Road.

The Royal Court of Justice is in the City of Westiminster London. It just happens there is a building named Westminster Court in Thornton Heath where I was born. Thornton Heath is connected to the Christ family and Beulahland. The Holy Land people are suffering and all over the world. Who really cares about humanity? The people who are speaking out and reaching out. Can you see?

There are so many images and it is shocking to see chunks of the nation flooded, people losing their homes, the apartments above might collapse too. While not everyone appreciates the beauty here - we do have beautiful countryside, Britain is also known for wet weather. This is said to be the worse weather storm in 31 years and predicted is another strike tonight...Ouch.

With 57 flood warnings and 100 alerts reportedly still in place - most in North East and North West. Read more on the Daily Mail.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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