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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Making of Human Clones

There is much speculation about the cells being taken from the Shroud of Turin to create another Jesus Christ and rest assured, any male in his place is a fraud. Also it has been made quite clear the One and Only Son of God is Jesus Christ.

Reports have tried to debunk the cloning idea and said there were many fake Shrouds of Turin around. With the hunger of power and deception to people today, it would be the ulimate power trip to create a clone of Jesus Christ only being it would not be Christ and he would not be getting his power by God either.

A couple of years ago I was told that Umberto II last had the Shroud of Turin and it had been kept in the family. He bequeathed it to the Pope and Holy See when he died. The detail of what has happened since or if anyone has attempted to make clones is unknown. We can all make assumptions and be way off mark.

What has come to light is there appears to have been effort to destroy the Shroud by fire and I will post a link below for you to look further and you might want to research this if it is your interest.

For now, we must look at what we know to be true.

Evidently there is great effort to ban this process. For the prevention of cloning to become a political and ecclesiastical issue in this present time, evidently there is reason to address this issue of concern.

Because people are so caught up with baby making - couples who have difficulty concieving often turn to IVF treatment. When we consider the above illustrations, it is easy to see how creating the seemingly perfect baby is possible.

When people are approving of what is deemed as an abomination, they are approving of something that has already happened before. There are cloned adults around and about. One young women discovered she is a clone and has to come to terms that she is different. She posted her story to everyone.

Years ago people were told about Dolly the sheep. The extent of interferring with nature is beyond imaginable. Consider the food you eat - the meat and chicken as a live animal might have even be been given hormones. Is cloned livestock really safe to eat?

So disturbing that there have been vaccines with fetus in and this raises the question - a fetus of what entity exectly? Human or animimal. The vaccinations offered by the government are not tested as being safe. People have been used as human guinea pigs and part of a vacination experimentation programe. We do not know if vaccination programmes have contributed to diseases.

When people were 'sold' the idea of stem cell research this rang alarm bells for me. All the abominations taking place to people have come with permission. When we consider the wars are based on lies and people fell for this - the people are caught up in a cycle where our world is not being operated ethically and it is quite clear listening to some of the officials they do not have care or conscience about the people. When we consider many expert scientists have been killed - it is clear that there is a lot more hidden that people do not want to hear either.

Scientists that are brave to speak out are sounded out.

Perhaps some readers will remember the movie the Stepford Wives, this was giving some indication to experimentation taking place. It is a scary thought that men want empty heads as women who pander to their every need. Then again a real man is not looking for an air head and yes dear no dear conformist.

People are taken as fools every day...

Keep an open mind with everything. The possibilities of what is happening, are beyond what I can imagine. There is enough diabolical activities taking place that are giving concern for the future of humanity. On the surface human cloning might seem harmless and years away. The reality is this is happening Now!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria