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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Mystery of The Umbrella - Paralympics 2012

In watching the opening of the paralympic ceremony, the first scene revealed a huge umbrella; reminding me of Hagia Sophia in Isambul. The Middle East was once thriving with Orthodox Christianity, pertaining to spirituality and spiritual enlightenment. This is with people having a personal relationship with God.

We see surrounding the umbrella, people who are under their umbrella and they were seen not only to protect and gravitate towards the Holy energy point, but also they are protecting this too. We also see people with umbrellas over this and being reminded of our heavenly helpers, the saints and angels.

If the focus is on a neutral point that has been marked out by God, where we know God's Wisdom and divine revelation has been given and recieved, this will surely magnify the energy even now. The more love and positive energy that is sent to a Holy Mountain, the more it will radiate love outwards. If we starve anyone of love and kindness, this is how people perish.

With the Eastern Orthodox Church, we know the Greek Orthodox Church is Patriarch of Jerusalem all of Palestine and Holy Mount Zion. There is also the Greek Orthodox Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai - at the top a Greek Orthodox Chapel. The True Church of Christ endures without changing the truth.

Taking into consideration that God is not for one person and not for another, this central point becomes very important for the whole of humanity. Last year I was thinking it would be really nice for all of humanity to restore Hagia Sophia to it's former Glory as a Universal Church of Peace for everyone. This being a place where people can go and light the candles, pray and unite in peace.

Before Hagia Sophia was built, apparently there was a Temple of Athena on this rock that was destroyed by an earthquake. As you will realise Athena is the name of my Greek mother and she was divinely inspired too. When a catastrophe happens that is a natural disaster, especially at an energy point, it is because something is happening. When a man made catastrophe happens it is a human reaction. I have no idea politically what was happening at the time, however there was a evidently a reaction from the heavenly realms to something that was going on.

Building Hagia Sophia on top of the Temple of Athena shows the ancient Spiritual Wisdome given thousands of years ago, has come from the same source. Mary, in Europe known as Maria is connected to Athena. The validation of this is in my family.

Here we see a lady with dark hair on top of a giant apple and she is in a wheelchair. Immediately the thoughts to my mind of is Eve, our Primordial mother and the other of course was my mother, who became paralysed from the neck downwards from a freak car crash; no other cars involved. Miraculousy she survived.

The Greek Goddess Athena is not a name that is ever going to disappear - notice the name is used in business and with empowering people. If people are going to use the name Athena name in this context, The Goddess Athena was the Protector of people and the focus was to empower people with limitations too.

The Olympic and Paralympic games is NOT just about sport! For myself personally, it was tremendously heartwarming to see over 4000 people, with a range of physical limiations become the leaders and inspirational teachers for future generations. The world had yet another opportunity to witness mind over matter in as far as defying limitations and achieving goals. This I envisioned as a child. Every athlete is a winner with a spiritual purpose.

When the message is 'this is your moment to shine' - once the light is switched on, the spiritual light within you cannot be extinguished. Everyone who sees someone try something and in their struggle to overcome the obstacles and blocks, allows people to reach out and help, support and offer encouragement.

Notice the image above people wearing illuminated halos. They are seen to represent angels. Already I know, if fate had taken a different turn, my mother may have been Queen. This did not stop her being My Queen and my most inspirational teacher. There is no one on earth who can match her as a person - an ever conscientious Kyria. She lived her life in all my years selflessly enabling other people with advice, help, encouragement. Her enduring courage helped me to continue my spiritual purpose.

We are reminded of the Queen Mother in Heaven with this and the lady who has been chosen for this part, really touched my heart deeply. When my mother was dying, she used to joke that God could not make up his mind whether she will go to heaven or hell. God does not send good people to hell, other than to help uplift humanity and I beleive that her being born was for this purpose.

Notice above a man siting in a wheelchair. The wheelchairs are being shown as thrones in the heavenly realms. We are reminded with our heavenly helpers and the ever constant assurance that we are being watched over, has certainly been shown clearly with the Olympics and Paralympic games. This is Providence.

Hagia Sophia is the Church of God that understands the Holy Trinity in Context. With thousands of years of generations of Divinely inspired Saints from the ancient Royal lineage the reason why the East is open to understand the immortality of the soul. The Holy Land is a landmark of spirituality - where does this start and where does this end? The promissed land - the entire world?

We see nine steps of a pyramid. The tenth step is the energy point that reminds of stone henge. We an also see lots of apples and books. Notice what looks like dove wings near the books, is the reminder there are many books that have been inspired.

The apples were a major feature in this production with 62,000 apples being bitten into as one big crunch. We are all being reminded this is crunch time, meaning there are no more chances or excuses. God has given enough chances to those who are not doing right by the people. Far too many chances already.

Also we are reminded that we have been born from a mother, who has been born from a mother, who has been born from a mother. If we go back all the way, there is one mother and this is Eve. The mother of humanity will always do right by humanity and it is with understanding we might have our differences, this we must work out. No one is more important than anyone else. When we realise why there are certain people appointed to ensure that people are not harmed or hurt, we understand why the Queen Mother of Humanity is also named the Protector of the People.

Divine Rights and Human Rights are given from the authority of the heavenly realms. No King Queen, Lawyer, Police or earthly Judge has a right to deny people there human and divine rights. Officials set the example. The police in Britain have a reputation for lying in court. They contribute to the increasing crime rate,

When confronting officials about corruption, it is to force the issue. Police have commented that Britain has no right to be involved in wars. I tell them because they refuse to prosecute corruption and they contribute to allow illegal wars and global corruption by ignoring this issue. Lawyers think they get away with lying to be paid. The corrupt have made their confession openly. A judge should be familiar with court proceedings.

There needs to be block for corrupt officials working in public office. British lawyers are unaware there are many corrupt lawyers in prison overseas. There will be many more if abusing the Oath to commit crimes against humanity. Strong words that people need to realise, God PROTECTS THE PEOPLE! Corrupt officials run and hide, duck and dive. There is no where to hide.

We are all going to live our life and look back to realise where we went wrong and if we could have lived any differently. We are also going to look back and see the error of our ways - how we have impacted other people and their life.

New understanding is coming to people so can experience enlightnment for theirself. New divine wisdom is expected. Above we see a gold globe shape that is open with lights within. We see written human rights and all beings are equal.

The traditonal meaning of a church is a gathering of people. In the early church families gathered together who were related to each other. The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care. With love we thrive, with encouragement we can all reach as far as we want to go. If we keep bashing people down and telling people they are not good enough - they might give up!

This is the time to breathe life back into our planet again. When we give tender loving care so this will take care of future generations. This is our world. Ethical officials in this world are revealing who they are and the people who do stand up and care about the people in the world, shine a light and have every opportunity to go out and make a positive difference in their own way.

The people involved in the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies were all volunteers who wanted to be part of the experience.

The light is within. Everyone is entitled to shine their light. Light holders inspire people to thrive, be empowered and to succeed.

The people who live in darkeness are still promoting the darkness, speaking about wars and feeding into this dark and destructive agenda. Seek the light and know that anyone who is appointed by God, is to bring an end to all this abuse. When we live in a fair world everyone benefits from this. The structure that has oppresssed people and especially women is falling apart. It has to.

As above so below. Bilions of people were shown what has already been ordained by God and so we must all work towards this as one humanity. While we all have our own umbrella as shelter, we are all together under one umbrella. We are not living on different planets. God Almighty is the governer of the universe.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria