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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Phoenix and The Flame Rule The World

The Phoenix rising from the Olypmpc flame is seen here, with the reminder that the Olympic Spirit uplifts humanity and energises.

The Song chosen by Take That is Rule the World. It is certainly speaking volumes when Gary Barlow was grieving with his wife for the loss of their baby only the week before. Yet he came, with the boys and Sang his heart out for the Olympic Spiritual Flame.

While for a long time leadership has been sold and spirituality too - neither can be bought or sold. Leadership is setting an example - being a light for people. Being spiritual is a way of being.

Our world is at a time with tremendous changes are taking place. When for the betterment of mankind, everyone has a say in this world. Everyone can contribute to make a positive difference.

There have been already too many tears, injustice, war, oppressing of people and human rights abuses. Bringing humanity together in peace has come without weapons of war. Peace has come with the people who were born for this purpose.

The royals are aware of reincarnation and like in history, when an anointed child will be born, they understand the signs. We are in the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and this is the sign straight up in the midheaven when I was born. Christ spoke of the spiritual waters and once people drink from this they will never thirst again. History will keep repeating until people understand.

When Moses was born, the Pharaoh ordered the murder of all the boys and this is because he know in a certain lineage a child would be born. When Christ was born, the same thing happened again because the King knew that a child was born that was going to be the saviour of humanity. Muhammad was not an enemy of Christ. Every muslim loves Jesus Christ and wait for his return. Muhammad promissed to protect the Christians. This is in writing!

With taking an Oath to God, this is for all of humanity. As a child I wanted to bring an end to the children starving of famine and as an adult was told 'It is NOT YOU who needs to learn the lesson'.

Humanity has been deliberately kept down. Internationally people are waiting for the one who is going to bring an end to war and injustice. The land has been conquested for profit.

With the Queen having her Diamond Jubilee, this relates to Jubilee Law and handing back land to it's original owner. The Creator of this world is God - He rules the Earth and the heavens. His Only begotten Son was born in physical life so that this world is protected from oppressors and those who beleive they have a right to rule over the land and the people. No man has been given the right to abuse people in God's name.

Divinely appointed Royals are born for their divine purpose. Masses of people are spritually connected and realising that we are from one family. You may have heard of the Wayseer Manifesto - This is The Way Seer born to break the rules.

When God said follow his commandments - in the ancient times people were encouraged to be divinely inspire and follow the instruction by God that was given to them personally. To follow no other God means, that there is just one Almighty God. For the people who did not understand why Christ was born - they might never will. The people who do not understand the Saints were evolved souls in direct relationship with God when alive - might not realise their heavenly role either. Move with the times now.

As with the goddess movement is rising internationally - I am also aware of my neice in America who has been 'inspired' to assist the empowerment of women over there. The work to empower the people globally is necessary and happening. The work to assist healing humanity has been constant. The greatest lack in this world is care and compassion. It is a big job to uplift humanity when there is a spiritual battle taking place that has been thriving with oppressing people - even to this day.

Divinely appointed royals are born with their crown chakra open. They have been spiritually crowned by God and born to serve only His Will. To deny anyone their birthright is to deny what God has ordained and His Ruling this earth.

Time will tell what will happen. There are ancient laws in relation to the Davidic Crown. With the Queen being custodean of the crown and with Beatrice the Queen of Netherlands, we see women are not taking a back seat. Women are not meant to be taking a back seat especially with running our world. There are also people suffering in the Middle East and war conditions - Why?

People are waking up to see what God Wills is going to happen. Bolton took a very important role in the Olympics and this relates to me personally. There are a lot of heavenly helpers who want what is right for the people globally.

The divine plan is to bring an end to all the false teachings and preachers who are turning people against eachother. The people who are changing God's Word are being struck down. Divine Wisdom has been given throughout the ages since ancient times. The Word of God is pure as must stay as it is, not be changed by anyone. In the appointed time a divinely guided messenger of God is born on earth. In the divine plan, women have a very important role for humanity. Women hold the spiritual key to God's Wisdom.

Here you can see the extinguishing of the flame with the prima ballerina Darcy Bussell descending seen in the above images. From the Olympic Opening Ceremony to the Olympics closing ceremony on the 12th August, the flame was moved and raised up on a pedistal of purple steps. The colour purple relates to the spiritual crown and shows recognition of the divinely guided one.

The Paralympics opening ceremony relates to the New World Order - I will write about this and explain any insights that I can identify. You have been given eyes to see and if you open your mind you will understand more now. This is connecting the dots.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria