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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why are People Uninformed About The Apostles?

"An Apostle is one who is sent out by our Lord Jesus Christ to spread the gospel that he is the Messiah, that he is risen, and that we are being saved as a result." - Mary Magdalena was witness to Christ risen after he had been crucified. She went to tell the Emperor who did not beleive her. Tradition has maintained he said 'if Christ is Risen this egg will turn red.' and it did.

Mary Magdalene has always been considered to be equal to the apostles in the Greek Orthodox Church. Without her testimony, we would not have this truth.

There were 12 Male apostles and what was to happen to them has been recorded. For an easy link I have chosen to access this information from Wikipedia.

"Our Lord originally appointed twelve apostles as his initial Church community, commissioned with the task of sharing the faith. As told in the Gospels, Judas Iscariot was originally one of them, but with his apostasy and death, he was replaced with Matthias. Their collective feast day is June 30. The Apostles' names are listed at Matthew 10:2, Mark 3:14, Luke 6:12, Acts 1:13, 26.

After Judas' replacement, the Twelve consisted of the following:

Simon Peter - (June 29 and January 16) crucified
Andrew the First-called - (November 30) brother of Peter; crucified
James (son of Zebedee) - (April 30) also called "the Great"; beheaded
John the Theologian - (September 26 and May 8) brother of James; reposed in a miraculous manner
Philip - (November 14) crucified
Bartholomew - (June 11 and August 25) also called Nathaniel; crucified, flayed and beheaded
Thomas - (October 6) pierced with five spears
Matthew - (November 16) also called Levi, brother of James; burned alive
James (son of Alphaeus) - (October 9) crucified
Jude - (June 19) also called Lebbaeus, surnamed Thaddeus, brother of James the brother of God; crucified
Simon the Zealot - (May 10) also called "the Canaanite"; crucified
Matthias - (August 9) replaced Judas Iscariot; stoned and beheaded"

This is an invitation for everyone to consider the horrific death and enduring persecutions to the early Christians happened for a reason. Just one reason that everyone was given the spiritual knowledge to be guided by God. The apostles were all baptised and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The means they were guided by God too. They were guided to set humanity free from man's rule.

Read what happened to these people. Does this anger you? Because it certainly angers me. It angers me that there is a mentality that still is cold blooded to this day and innocent people are being killed. It angers me that man made law's are decided for profit and have escalated. Lawyer war mongers not prosecuted!

There are people denying the divinity of Christ - this is seen to deny the lineage of Christ - I lost the link unfortunately. The Priest King lineage is deliberate. From this BLOODLINE will be born the anointed one. If Christ is the Only King, then his anointed one is a Woman. God knows the devious ways of men and women too.

Today many people, including myself, born into and descended from the early Church are suffering. For all the people saying that Christ was made up to control people - think again when if anything quite the opposite. Crucifixion was the punishment for Treason in biblical times. Christ was a threat to the ruler when he was born and when he returned again to Jerusalem as an adult.

There are people saying Christ never existed and also that it is impossible for any baby to be born miraculously. It is a waste of time to try and explain to people who are closed minds and would never listen, let alone understand. Some will learn the hard way.

There are people who claim to be Christians, doubt Jesus Christ really lived and do not beleive in God the Almighty Creator either. Faith is not a label to wear and Christianity is not a religion. It is better to be non beleivers because you doubt and at least learn to understand, then to abuse the Oath to people's detriment. Do not hate poeple because they come from a different part of the world or different reliious label. There are differences between beelivers but all beleive in God Almighty and all know of Jesus Christ. Not everyone sees Christ as the Messiah. The people who change the truth, have created different teaching and divided people.

This is a plea for people to stop supporting war, injustice and corruption. Do not beleive all you are told in the media. When something happens there is a reason for it happening. Out of the muslims, a very small miniority are extremists. A lot of good people are in England but blind conforming sheep are the majority. It is as if people have had a spell cast over them.

Even I am unable to see clearly....there are many layers!

As someone who trained to be a psychotherapist, we must heal the root cause of a problem, see what has gone on and learn from the experience. As someone who has been violated by the British legal system where Mr. Aggrey Orleans a London Barrister lied in court - if 'the abusers' think I am going to be silent about the injustice boasted to be taking place, it is not going to happen. Even if I had a gag order I would still be speaking out. I have NO RESPECT for any lawyer or judge who refuses justice and have no obligation to abide by Man made laws either. God's Laws were created to PROTECT PEOPLE from corrrupt officials. Read the Bible!

The ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING GOD, KNOWS EVERYTHING. I have been instrumental to be a first hand witness to injustice and gave hundreds of chances for all officials even the Prime Minster and Police Chief to put wrongs right and THE ARROGANT ABUSERS REFUSED! They consulted with their lawyers and REFUSED to work for Justice. This is a very serious crime in the eyes of the LORD! A lawyer who is willing to lie and/or refuse justice, should not be working in the legal profession.

Jesus Christ was an INNOCENT PERSON who was crucified - He is the reminder of the suffering of an innocent man that takes place when OFFICIALS TELL LIES. All the Apostles were innocent people who were murdered are a reminder too! The term martyred is used when people are killed for their faith.

There needs to be an END to lawyers lying to be paid at the cost of human suffering. No excuses and no protecting those who are corrupt. The King made rules for land and Jesus Christ has NOT made the decision to kill innocent people! So who has?

Long overdue is Global Peace and Healing. It is hard, I know!

'12 Apostles' at Port Campbell, Victora Australia. Buildings and locations are named after people. The truth cannot be hidden.

Victoria is a reminder of VICTORY. Faith will overcome all.

There are those who have denied apostolic succession. One day people will realise that whatever man beleives or denies, God Rules this earth. God decides what will be, God raises up and God brings down - Christ Opens the Doors and also Locks them. What is meant to be is what God Ordains in His Divine Plan.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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