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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 24 September 2012

William Hague - Humanity United is Empowered!

The MailOnline reports William 'Hague to launch worldwide network of commonwealth embassies to tackle 'superpower' EU'

Behind William Hague is a painting - not knowing where this is exactly or what the painting is called. This is revealing the Superpower is from the heavenly realms. How many times has their been war followed by divine intervention?

If any government is involved with war, injustice and oppressing poeple, this is against God's Law. If the Queen is not making decisons in the people's best interest as a priority, she is not serving as the Queen of the people. In ancient times the Queen was divinely appointed and spiritually guided. We see in this image a lady with wings and behind her another image. We are seeing this lady is guided by Christ himself. Click on the image to enlarge.

We also see people who are armed coming from overseas to a land where people are appearing to be also fighting. In the middle a woman is wearing a crown - did the Queen give the authority for war to take place? Are there not lessons to be learned from the past with so many wars in history and bloodshed already?

What is certain, we are all related to eachother if we go back far enough. The only people who have a divine right to rule, are anointed by God. Even so they are not ruling in their own right. It is to stamp out all the abuses! Christ was born and ressurected to establish God's Rule on this earth. No one can deny His rule.

Man in history has tried to defy God's ordained plan. The King of Egypt ordered all the male babies to be killed in the time Moses was born. The two midwives refused to follow his order and also lied. Their 'royal' right to save a life. When Christ was born, Joseph had a dream to take him and Mary to Egypt for safety - the massacre of the innocents is related. The patterns are formed.

There are three fundamental laws that can never be changed. Universal Peace, Justice for All and Brotherhood of Man. Divine Justice applies. The universal laws of life apply to everyone!

Respectfully, stop pitching people against each other - Stop the religious fighting. Unless you are spiritually guided to unite humanity in peace, stop the preaching to divide people and turn people against eachother. God does not divide people - this is man's rules. As for all the man made laws - I am sick of them!

Divine guidance has been documented, there is reason for this. For anyone to change The Word of God, to add or change a word to what is already written is going against what God has already given. Anyone who is told to recite the previous prophets is not writing te exact words given in the original form. If I share an experience and someone else share this, yet creates changes - my truth is no longer applied. Contradictory information creates confusion. People are told there will never be another messenger. There are people who say God does not communicate with women. People need to wake up that the All Seeing and All Knowing God decides who will be instrumental in His Plan and in what way. He decides who will be guided to instruct the people. Considering people from the early church were encouraged to be spiritually enlightened, to say people are not is contradictory.

We are in a new age - the Age of Aquarius. God's Wisdom is expected to be given again as in ancient times. This is the age of enlightenment. Illusion is beleiving what we are told and sold.

Britain has been marked out to set as an example to show the oathtakers that you can not take an oath to God and mock it!

Ignoring injustice. War with spilling of innocent people's blood. Man made laws are increasing. Poisoning food and water deliberately. Who is Queen of righteousness? Why the silence?

The greatest power anyone can have is to do right by people! The reason why Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary continue to live on in memory is because they set the standard of what is expected from a King and Queen. A Queen who is divinely appointed is Mother to Humanity. Even a Queen who takes her oath to God has an obligation to do right by God and also to all the people.

That has not been happening for a long time in England - Years!

Stop promoting injustice or close all the courts down!

When every official is motivated to take care of people, humanity will not be suffering. Stop funding war. Invest in people!

It is interesting to note that a few gentlemen in the British political structure are associated with St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. We are reminded of going the wrong path in life and then walking the right path. What it takes to bring people on track again often is the realisation of suffering caused. Injustice is inexcusable.

Was Mary given the divine authority to take over the church? The reason why has not come to light! Mary was divinely appointed.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_Oxford