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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Home Built in USA for Jesus Christ is being Sold

There is a slight problem also because he does not have US currency to buy this - However, this is worth reporting on to share with everyone this home.

The expression 'divine' and 'heavenly' has been used to describe homes. The difference is, this home was built for Jesus Christ himself - on His Second Coming. It seems as if the owners got impatient and want to sell up, for a kingly $14,988 million.

The hall leading to upper floors, Notice the throne style chair.

"Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

The New York Theological Society constructed the palatial home in 1928. It has gained a name of being the Chapel Hill Mansion. The 15,000-square-foot estate has limestone walls, ceilings adorned in gold and silver leaf, imported French walnut detailing throughout is enhanced with the hand-carved marble fireplaces.

Here we see two chairs, with the reminder of the Bride of Christ.

Manhattan College previously owned the property. They planned to use it as dormitories or a seminary. From there it came into the hands of a private owner who is an attorney, The Real Deal reported. Are we being told house has been sold before?

The hot pink paintwork in the dining room, certainly is feminine and also a reminder that colour can be daring - this could become a trend.

The stain glass windows in the home are associated with a church - they also add colour relfecting from the daylight. At night, perhaps it was in the plan that the house would be an illumination of colour. I am reminded of the rainbows and the coat of Joseph with many different colours. There are people waiting for a King born from this lineage, especting a man. However, there are people saying the person is a woman.

The kitchen has been taken as the style to be fit for a King.

What I have learned is that God decides and He knows every find detail about every one of us. He has been involved with the overseeing and planning of everything - we think we are in control, I realise we are not in control of anything. We are all instrumental and whe we are willing to cooperate to be of divine service, then we can be.

The chandeliers were designed by the artisans of The Plaza. To the finest detail, the marble floors have been imported from the Vatican. The Royal connection with the Orthodox Christian uniting with the Vatican SEE is perfectly brought together here.

In the foyer reception area, gold and Silver lead aforn the ceiling.

The home, built in 1928, has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and a spacious conservatory to sit in the day and watch the stars and moon at night.

The master suite has been decorated with the finest attention to detail. The fireplace is hand carved. The colour purple that we can see here in the soft furnishings is the Imperial Purple, keeping in line with a comfortable bedroom fitting for a King.

The master bathroom suite reveals the design chosen for a King.

The mansion sits on the highest point in all of New York City, with woodland surroundings. At Chapel Hill Mansion, it is said the view is the the best outlook of the city that one can possibly buy. Built for the messiah...yet it is being sold now. NOW?

The home was built to house "the Christian savior once He returned to earth to judge the living and the dead," listing broker Sean McPeak of Prudential Douglas Elliman, told The Real Deal. Sitting on 2.3 acres of land at the highest point, is a reminder of the Temple Mount - The Temple is our body that houses our soul. However, the peaceful setting high up is perfect for solitude, prayer and meditation.

Here is the music room with the piano, with the reminder of the Song of Songs in the Holy Scriptures connected with King Solomon and Holy Wisdom being shared. Also again, to remind readers that songs can convey powerful messages that enable our healing and spiritual awakening - music is an energy vibration we all resonate with or repel against. Depending on our inncer process will decide our personal preferences.

The lime green crown mouldings certainly stand out in this reception room. Noticing the white piano, is a reminder of the other house I had in mind. It is also in an area with royal connections. A few years ago I dreamed of a white piano and a specific person sitting at this - we were talking together. Two or three years later, he built this lovely spacious home and the newpaper wrote an article with this white piano, that was given by him to his wife only the month before, she died.

I had decided to be involved in real estate of property, when mans rules put blocks on this setting certain standards to be met to sell a property. Then man's rules put blocks set up an ethical law firm - the courts allow corruption and injustice and puts blocks on putting rignt wrongs. Eventually the blocks need to be smashed away. Everyone is being reminded of spiritual laws now. If this home built for Jesus, was sold, another home would be found. The house locally is not on a hill and I am not in a position to buy it, even at a really good price. It has lots of privacy....very pretty location and very peaceful.

Christ dwells in our heart and His Presence has been seen several times in Bolton, UK (there is Bolton In NY and London, UK) by a 7 year old. Christ can be anywhere and at any time. He is revealing himself to people now in different parts of the world. With my eyes closed in prayer, I had a vision with him descending from the heavenly realms and his light was so bright. Glorious White Light.

The power of God heals, breaks down barriers, moves mountains and knows no time of space limitation. All the people hungry for power and spiritual knowledge, we must first learn to FEEL love unconditionally and let the energy flow. It is hard when we hurt because hurt blocks the flow. Love is flowing again now.

My prayers and thoughts are with the people in America and while catastrophe has hit again, with these floods, I have seen American people pull together and unite together, help each other - Big hearts are over there. It is with appreciation of the organisation and teamwork of officials who are helping people. It takes 'discipline' to manage and clear the vast area of people, in emergency preparedness of the Hurriane and floods.

Back in the 1980's I was told in the event of a nuclear attack, UK government had already decided who was to have passes to the shelter and were to be given to high up officials and their families. If officials only want to save theirselves and have no value for the people - the ship is not safe to be sailing in. In life we learn to become swimmers again, or to float on water. Walking on water is not my interest to even try.

Any officials who neglect people and ignore the warning signs, are being faced with this too. Accountabiity is decided by a far higher power than us mere mortals, even if we are spiritually awakened - we are not the all seeing and all knowing.

People say they are beleivers; yet who actually really trusts God? Even being a woman of faith, with prayers answered since a child, there are times I doubt, guidance and times I seek that assurance with validation. What we are meant to know will come to light. If we ignore instruction, then in different ways we will be shown why this information is being given and everything contributes to a bigger picture yet to unfold.

A few weeks ago I was told to ask for £100 million in compensatoin - they already decided after loss of income for three years and double whiplash injury, that they would allow maximum £2000 and took me to court 200 miles away to try prevent me having what I could earn then in ONE DAY from talking to a small group of people.

Three houses have come to my attention for sale on Crown territory; associated with the Heir to the Throne. This hilltop house in NY is also on Crown Estate. The Crown of God is ruling everywhere. The Crown Plaza has revealing this to be.

Any information that was relevant to come to my attention, is because it connects with other information that is relevant to know. If we do not doubt, we are not remaining humble to ask God for the right way. If we do not totally submit to God, we might be forcing our will and this might change the divine order.

Not having £14,988 million, I am unable to buy this for Him. My previous article invites the kindness of the Queen to do right by me and provide a comfortable home. I am not demanding this. The Queen is obliged to do right by all people and the House is on UK Crown Estate is meant to accomodate the Christ family

We can only set an example within our own being to do right by everyone. Making promises we invite introspection. If we are unable to fulfil our promises then there is no point making them. If we give up before the finish line, we will never get there. There are many people who have promised God they will do anything and serve him, and even asked for wealth, yet they have forgotten what they promised to do for him.....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringment intended with images.

Number 1 Cornwall Terrace - Westminster Home

The house has £100 million price tag and a beautiful home to live in. Classified as the most expensive terraced house, the situation is perfect. So if the Queen would like to arrange this, £100 million compensation would cover. Did Charles secure the expense account? I do not need hundreds of employees as live in staff.

Number One Cornwall Terrace is a Grade 1 listed mansion overlooking Regent's Park in London - Perfect for a Royal Princess. Being 21,500 sq/ft, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 11 reception rooms - os more than sufficient space. Regents Park just over the road provides nature walks in the heart of London.

The fee of £7 million in stamp duty - with wikipedia reporting the Queen accounts for £100 million a year just for security, One would hope she will be keen to ensure that I am 'comfortably' taken care of after her officials caused me years of unnecessary trauma, stress and suffering; three homeless threats too.

With £1,369-a-year in council tax - the same as a £320,000 property with Westminster Council - the second cheapest borough in London. Heating amd maintenance would have to come out of the expense account, leaving me distraction free and without worry or stress, to continue serving the people and focus on what needs to be addressed. A start to reduce council tax for people.

In the front of the home are 4 Greek style columms - keeping the connection with my Greek heritage. Four is connected with angels. Shown in my dream a while back was the New Temple to the heavenly realms which is open and has four columns. The Temple in the City of London connects back to the ancient times.

The side of the home has a neo-classical Stucco elevation with Corinthian pilasters and a grand two-storey bay embellished with sculpted female columns of the Greek goddess Artemis - Another validation, with my Greek Goddess heritage. Lovely! Recently I have been guided to write about the Greek Goddess theme. This year, The Corinthia Hotel is where the X factor contestants have been staying. Sharing the related Scripture:

"If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." 1 Corinthians 13

My life is 'giving' care and compassion...not about taking.

Cornwall Terrace is named after King George IV, who also known as the Duke of Cornwall. The properties were used as grand residential homes for ambassadors, generals and nobility for 150-years. Such a perfect home for a Royal Princess.

The district of Westminster is connected to the Christ family.

This district in Westminster is identified on google as Marylebone, London, Regents Park, London, Greater London - NW1 - meaning North West 1. One thing for sure moving to London again might prove to be 10 degrees warmer weather than North West England.

Marylebone in Gematria 633 reveals 'The Matrix' and 'Free Energy', 'The Song of Songs', 'Solomons Colonnade', 'Trust India' and 'X is the Mark'.

There are two Royal Duchies in England - One is Cornwall and the other is Lancaster. The Queen is Duke of Lancaster - the heart is Bolton where I live. With both Central London Court and Manchester Court declining to work for Justice and causing injustice with corrupt evidence, perjury and lawyers lying on oath, the Kingdom reverts back to God's Kingdom on earth which is expected and anticipated in the divine plan.

Close by this home is Madamme Tussauds, with Madonna recently being immortalised in waxworks - the name Madonna is keeping our Holy Mother's name alive too.

Charles, Duke of Cornwall, brings the memory of Diana who was, Her Royal Highness Princess of Wales, Countess of Chester, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Carrick, Baroness of Renfrew, Lady of the Isles, Princess of Scotland. My dear Diana, the People's Princess - always in the people's hearts.

When Diana was killed, if this was a deliberate act, whoever was involved must pay the price - Spiritual Laws. Diana's successor would automatically take her place and it is God who decides who will be His Queen. When Queen Elisabeth II passes away, people should rightfully expect her successor to become the next Queen.

Some months ago, Michael Hastings in Australia, with a legitimate right to be King died. People said 'The King is dead, long live the King. The next rightful heir automatically ascends. The BBC documentary identfied the Queen has descended from an illigitimate line making her family illigitimate. At one being illigitimate was considered to be shameful; yet when people right at the very top do not value marriage, this reflects on society too. the Queen is not responsible for other people mocking their marriage vows. She has served as she is called to do and is obliged to Obey God and His Instruction for the people.

Cornwall Terrace was originally designed and built in the 1820s by renowned architect Decimus Burton with the project overseen by the acclaimed John Nash. The home was designed by the man who built Buckingham Palace, although it looks far more cozy.

Number 1 means new beginings. Revealing the signs of the times.

If the Queen is not willing to provide this for me, it is not meant to be. If she does - many people might be surprised and a few will be shocked, most being UK lawyers who have refused to work for justice. Btw I do not need a palace to be who I am!

The Freehold of the building is owned by The Crown Estate.

All the beautiful souls in our world, even if they are complex - they are often the hearts with the most love to give. Diana's boys had a mother who was stolen from them far too early and yet her soul lives on. For as long as they keep her cloe in their heart, she lives on for them. My mother and grandmother live on in my heart and from the heavenly realms, they know everything that is going on. God knows our every thought, deed and all the deceptive and manipulating plans that have taken place by man.

Police, Lawyers and Judges are asked to read the Holy Bible, particularly in relation to Justice. An Oath of office carries accountability.

Time will tell what the future holds...This is a magnificent home.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended with images

Images of the Interior can be found here on this link

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown

Just now I am guided to write about 'Robbie Williams with every intention to write about him some time back. As always everything happens when the time is right; with divine timing.

Robbie Williams has named his new album Take The Crown! Robbie is pictured when he appeared on Xfactor performing his new song Candy, written with Gary Barlow, who is also a judge on the UK X factor show. He is also wearing the colour purple, as discussed in other articles. This colour purple is related to the third eye chakra and known as spiritual purple or Royal Purple. The video created for this song is posted further down my page.

Robbie left the band Take That so many years ago and went out on his own. There were people who thought he would never make it. Evidently Robbies thoughts and hard work was to prove all the pessimists wrong. 20 years on, Robbie is shining his own light to the world through his songs all these years, has a huge fan base.

It is easy to look at the person singing on stage and forget they are a human being with feelings. The biggest loving hearts in the world, send out their energy to the world. There is something about Robbie that millions of people can identify with, even if they are not aware consciously. This is one of the mysteries of life.

Women of all ages love Robbie even older ladies have said they want to mother him. His concerts are filled with people from all ages - one lady I spoke with who went to his concert and still riding the high of the waves of energy months later. This energy is magnified with the people resonating on the same frequency. When the frequency is love, unconditional love - everyone feels the benefit. Robbie became one of powerful singers in the music industry by communicating a very important message.

Robbie Williams performs angels live at knebworth, England 2003. Reported to be the UK's biggest ever concert with around 375,000 people on consecutive nights.

In 2003, I was guided by my guardian angels to share spiritual understanding with people. I was told there are many people who are broken and hurting, also there are people being mislead. To be very clear, everyone has a guardian angel and this is your guardian given by God. You do not need to pay to attend some training course to communicate with your guardian angel - God does not ask for money to pray to him either. He said 'You do not need to pay to pray' and so this message has been delivered.

One time when walking Robbie's name came into my mind in relation to angels, I got the impression to share messages I am being given and a book that he will read that will be providing validation. Around this time I had penned messages to publish.....Not having any personal connection with Robbie, at that time I just sent my love and best wishes to him, hoping he is Ok and stays strong. He is fulfilling his own destiny.

Another time while browsing in a store, the radio was playing in the background and when the broadcasters were talking, expressing concern for Robbie. I got the impression he was in a very difficult place within himself and know there are people who struggle with depression who give up. For Robbie to have given up at this point, would have been just before he had lived his life and experienced the reward his giving in life.

For any radeo presenter to express concern, was surely reason to be concerned. In hearing this as a call for help, I just asked God that he finds real love, someone who loves him for who he really is and that he can love in return. I felt that if he found the right person that he would be far happier and settled. If he married and had a family, this would be the dream that he really wanted in his heart. Years on it has happened.

Love Supreme - message to all the lonely hearts in London and everywhere (notice the purple also in the front of the audience, there are people who are wearing bright orange bands on their wrist. The steps and red stage holds meaning too)

People who are walking the red carpet in the entertainment as soap stars or movie actors, singers and songwriters, screen writers and the production team all hold a role of responsibility in communicating messages though their art. The television and stage is a teacher and mirror to reflect back what is relevant to understand. We can learn from other people's thoughts, feelings and their process. Where people do not communicate openly and honestly with each other, it is easy for people to live their lives settling for what they do not want, doing a job they do not even enjoy and living like a zombie.

Robbie has said he was not suicidal. People can go to deep despair and depression to come up into the light again. There are far too many professionals putting lables on people, without helping the person and provide the right type of theraputic intervention, to assist healing, whether this be emotional healing, addressing psychological process, self esteem building and what other areas that need to be identified. There are adults who are hugely successful even in business, who seemingly have everything and yet thy are suffering souls. Putting on a mask and pretending all is ok when it is not feeds into denial.

Robbie has been living out his vulnerability in front of a massive audience and yet, to find the right person, is like finding the needle in a haystack. It is quite obvious that anyone who has gone through emotional ups and downs, which men do and are capable of very deep feelings too, they also do soul searching and pray. When we pray, our prayers are heard and then they are answered. If we do not pray, God cannot hear your call.

Notice how 'everyone' is singing along to Robbies songs. Everyone can relate to wanting to feel real love and having so much life running though their veins. It is in these songs that people are singing along, that hearts are opening and people are realising they want to love and to live with love too. Robbie has become the inspiration to show, no matter how low life gets, never give up because everything happens in the right time - when we are ready. Robbie encourages his audience to sing and so, people are singing the messages in his songs. Music is energy vibration and songs carry a powerful message.

Millions of people do not feel good enough and wanting to win somene's approval - this is something else that is being revealed. With Robbie being an international star, people love him for who he is, despite his personal struggles. If anything his struggles has evoked empathy. We all go through struggles in life so we may grow. What Robbie did is put himself out there. He is an example for other people do do some soul searching. Eventually we all learn to be true to our heart. This has to be said by someone.

Today, the man who has split from the boy band, made his personal success is acknowledging his own process by saying "I think I've needed Gary's approval for a long time and I got it. I just wanted to be in the studio with him and have him go, 'You're good at this.' It was important to him."

In striving to be successful and/or to be accepted by people - most people can relate to justifying theirselves and even trying to take the short cuts. There are people who feel they do not have a valid voice or lack confidence to speak out. There are people who do not listen or sound out the voices that are meant to be heard. The voices that are meant to be heard will get louder and louder - songs carry the real message.

If we are to conform or settle for second best, to turn away from doing what we are meant to be doing, we can lose our way. Few people have the ability to guide people in the right direction, especially when they are unaware of the person's inner process. In the battle to get to the top of the ladder of success, many people tread on other people and also forget, that success has come, for instance in the music industry, due to the people who bought the music - the records or CD.s Without this there is no success.

For a product, service, or music to be bought - people must feel a connection to by this - or they are talked into buying a product or service. Music cannot be owned - the recording of music can be brought. Whatever Robbie puts out there now is going to get a lot of attention. His latest release Candy has over 8 million viewers.

In the video there is also the reminder that if you do go around hitting people, you will attract this too. We are not aware of our guardian angels in physical form, unless they reveal theirselves. We are reminded that everyone is going through their own lessons of learning and we are all responsible for our own process.

Furthermore, Men and women are not always aware of each other - people who are meant to be together, until their eyes are opened to see each other. This brings to mind a couple I met who socialised in the same place; in the same company for years. They were invisible to each other until one day their light switched on.

It is a mistake to bow down to anyone or plead with people - whether in a friendship and even a relationship. If people are unable to see who we are, to love and accept who we are as people, this is not our shortcoming. Because true love is not openly promoted here in UK, sadly, few people strive for this. People can easily drift in life if they do not listen to their heart. Going from one relationship to another is not going to bring real love because we must find this within ourself first of all. Many couples do not know love with each other simply because they do not feel their feelings and give. When we live with love in our heart, this energy is sent out. There is never enough love in the world.

Robbie is the born entertainer who gets up on stage and gets everyone signing - this is his gift to the world. If he is to look back on his life and take stock of all his experiences, he will realise in his struggle how far he has actually grown. He never needed the approval and acceptance of anyone. He just needed to accept his own self. In learning these lessons, he can then be a light of encouragement for other people too.

Robbie Williams Returns From Unicef Haiti Trip With Ayda.

We are in a time of spiritual awakening and and people are choosing to give back in many different ways. If we do not realise who we really are, we might be in danger of conforming to a social form. We have choices and we are all here for a purpose - we are not slaves or born into slavery. In the eyes of God everyone is equal - everyone has a right to life and this earth was given for everyone to live on and thrive. Not everyone understands this.

Robbie was born in Manchester, in England. Bolton is in Greater Manchester. Moving here as a 12 year old I noticed the language people, even teachers communicating is keeping people down. One word that needs banning is the word 'commoner' especially as this has suited a man made structure of Kings who have no divine right to rule this earth. The war monger mentality is over!

Especially in UK, masses of people think they are not good enough. Talking to some teenagers in the City of Salford one time, they told me that they were not clever enough to study and there is no hope for the future - I told them everyone can learn and in Salford, college is free for people who are unemployed. The blocks are down. They were suprised that I believed in their potential and encourage everyone's growth. When a parent puts down their children, this puts them off learning and can stunt development.

Another reason why people are emotionally stunted is because people do not listen to their feelings and not being honest with other people too. The danger in society and Robbie could do with looking at is being careful of saying what is not really meant and being sensitive to the feelings of other people. A beautiful wife and child is asking for love, tenderness and to feel safe and secure. Trust is huge in every loving marriage.

There are people who have so much love to give and yet hold back because they do not want to be hurt. Mixed messages brings mixed signals. If we say we hate someone we love, the person who is true to their heart is going to pick up on this. Women might not be aware of how a man is insecure to love and scared to be hurt. Not all males are good at communicating openly and honestly - perhaps this is the next learning chapter.

Robbie has a voice beyond performing. He is a powerful influence for young people to follow their dream and listen to their intutition. With saying in his song, he has conversations with God who laughs at 'his ideas' - the reason being is because Robbie might not realise he has been chosen in the divine plan for a greater purpose beyond this. His journey so far has been stepping stones to help him reach the next chapter in life.

Here the Scots Guards are playing outside Buckingham Palace on the Queen's 60th Diamond Jubilee party. Jubilee Law relates to giving back land to it's rightful owner and this is actually God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. Jews wait for this.

The magnification of energy on this point is also ackwowleging the heavenly realms for you will see on top of the statue a golden winged angel messenger. The already Queen knows for God's Laws to be applied on earth in God's Kingdom on earth, this requires someone who is guided by God, who will also do right by people everywhere in our world.

Someone is openly claiming to be the Queen chosen by God, with a long list of personal glorifications including the divine feminine, heavenly mother, messiah and the Lord we must obey. Ha! I wrote to say, if she is The Queen appointed by God she will take over from Queen Elisabeth II and bring an end to all the war and injustice. She does a lot of rebuking of people and even told me off. She is evidently not aware of being tested. All God's helpers are.

Robbie Williams message is: Take The Crown!

Not being the Queen, however I am a Royal Princess. There is a specific lineage that God has chosen for his purpose. My spiritual crown, does not need to be a physical crown, however, I am obliged to obey God's instructions! However officials refused to listen. Everyone is given many chances to do right by 'everyone' even the Queen. Time is going to reveal everything now.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Ella Henderson - May her voice go on and on

Today I am sharing the messages, sixteen year old Ella Henderson has performed on Xfactor. Every song has a message and this young lady has a voice that will be giving so much more over the years to come. Here Ella sings 'Beleive' by Cher

The message I am sharing with people is to beleive. Quite recently I was given a gift - a crowned buddah, just after writting about the spiritual crown. The following day, while looking for something on YouTube I noticed Ella was seen wearing the dress with a top that has a shiny mirror type effect - in one of the colours of my buddha.

Notice the shiny effect of the top of Ella's dress. My budhah has a mirror effect on the heart area and the belt, which is replicating the belt of rightousness. The mirror effect has two colours, green and rose gold, depending on the way the light is shining. The evidence is shared so that you have proof of this for validation.

Ella is wearing the rose golden top gown here singing 'Loving You' - singing to her audience sending love to her audience. With sending our love to the world, this uplifts people. The shining light of our souls shine brightly. It is with the understanding that sending love to the world can transform people - feeling the love from our hearts.

In the following video, the Judges houses location is St. Lucia. Lucia means Light and so this is reminds people of the Saint with spiritual light to light other people's spiritual light. Ella is wearing a top with design that reminds me of an Indian theme, I am hearing connects with 'Mastex' people. In the background there are two tall mountains we can see. St. Lucia is somwhere I wanted to travel to being such a pretty location near the ocean too, alas it was not meant to be at least not yet anyway.

The poweful song choice is 'I won't give up'..."still looking up."

Notice with the Iconography of the Saints, they are illuminated with light. It is for everyone to understand what it is to be divinely guided and go directly to the source. This is not to look at one person as if they are God, or bow down to an elected king. There is in the divine plan unfolding. This message being presented is because it is easy for mankind to slip backwards, instead of realising a higher consciousness.

In just looking at the website about St. Lucia the Prime Minister is Stephenson King, who has since appointed himself to be Finance Minister's. With his surname being King - how uncanny and here we see relevant information coming together.

Here Ella sings Take That's 'Rule The World' - Love this song.

During her professional photoshoot, again Ella can be seen wearing a shiny top. For anyone to be able to sing like this girl, she has deep feeling and a gift in her voice is to move people with the messages she will share from her heart. In looking for the image of the photoshoot, it is published by Mirror, a reminder of our reflection.

In the above video, Tulisa Contostavlos is wearing a huge blue coloured gem, symbolising a Sapphire. Our throat charka is blue and relates to communicating clearly and the truth. While evidently with a strong London accent, her name indicates she is Greek. Looking on wikipedia, Tulisa's father is Greek Cypriot explaining her surname. Tulisa's second name Paulinea - this is the Greek way of saying Pauline, my name.

'Ancient folklore claims the sapphire bestows spiritual enlightenment and inner peace upon its wearer, as well as providing protection from harm. Because sapphires were thought to hold the power of wisdom, those wearing these gemstones would be guided to make the correct decision when faced with obstacles and difficult situations.'

Holy Wisdom always comes from the heavenly realms. The Scriptures say:

"Above the surface over their heads was what looked like a throne made of blue sapphire. And high above this throne was a figure whose appearance was like that of a man." - Ezekiel 1:26

Nicole Scherzinger, another concientious lady, is like myself, from a mixed cultural background. I believe, the adantage we have is to expand our awareness naturally beyond the local vicinity. Not only are these ladies in their own right successful performers and know what works in the music industry, also the men too, they can easily spot someone who has what is takes to go the distance. Nicole uses the words to describe Ella as 'being from another planet' and her gift is certainly heaven sent, with her voice.

Ella Henderson sings Candy Staton's 'You've Got the Love'

Taking the lyrics from google to share...

"Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you

Sometimes I feel like saying, "Lord, I just don't care"
But you've got the love I need to see me through

Sometimes it seems the going is just too rough
And things go wrong no matter what I do
Now and then I feel like life is just too much
But you've got the love I need to see me through"

"Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air
I know I can count on you

Sometimes I feel like saying, "Lord, I just don't care"
But you've got the love I need to see me through"

We are being reminded in so many different ways that there is a higher power and at the times when we think we will not get through our situations, we do. It is when we 'trust' in the Lord and ask for His help, He will. We are unable to comprend the love for humanity that is in abundance until we start to reaise this for ourselves.

Ella has been writing her own songs since she was 13. Just with listening to her voice and feeling the energy that she emits from her heart, this is her destiny to use her voice to share her heart and inspired messages to people through song.

There is no competition in reality. There are many people who sing and many beautiful voices who hold back for some reason.. There are many voices that are meant to be heard. Everyone has their own story in life. There are to songs to assist healing, open our heart, promote love, uplift people - written by people who understand the message and sharing their heart allows other people to listen to their own.

In Ella's audition she performed her own song, inspired by her grandfather, who died when she was young. The message her gave her is 'Don't let anyone stand in your way. If you want to sing, don't let anybody stop you.'

The magic of song is when this moves us, touches our heart and soul - where the message means something. Empathy is relating to other people, being in their shoes, feeling their experiences and listening to their heart. This vast audience and the judges were touched by Ella's song in different ways and for different reasons as seen.

In the same way the Holy Scriptures are given for everyone. It is not up to anyone to interpret what has been given. People can pick up the Holy Bible, open the page and let what is meant to come to light, come to light. If we are to have spiritual understanding, first we must understand ourself - the spirit within our being.

In my role in sharing insights from observation, divine guidance and what is being revealed to me, is with a constant process to make sure that I am not misleading anyone. From my own experience, when God gives a clear message, it is precise. It is not one thing meaning something else. Validation will come with whwat is important to know.

No one has right to say that anyone cannot think of their loved ones when they have gone. In a world where people forget life is very short, many people take their loved ones for granted and when they are gone, there are things that are unsaid and even regrets. The opportunity is given to remind people that you can send your thoughts, your love and speak to the spirit of loved ones who are gone. Do not seek a medium. No medium is needed between your heart and the spirit of loved ones who are directly connected to you.

Ella says of her grandfather 'I feel he is with me in the studio' - the spiritual bond they share together is for a reason that is being fulfilled today.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 28 October 2012

7.7 Earthquake in Haida Gwaii British Columbia

Haida Gwaii - Lands of the people fight for conservation.

News reports of an earthquake 7.7 in British Columbia is another reminder of the sign of the times. As many Jewish people know 7.7 relates to the Seven Noachide Laws - Number 7 meaning to establish the Court of Justice. This is God's Law and Real Justice.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the powerful earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands, known as Haida Gwaii just after 8 p.m. local time Saturday. The earthquake was felt on the mainland in Prince Rupert and across a wide area in British Columbia; including the Pacific islands and on the mainland.

Haida Gwaii, comprise of about 150 islands located north of Canada’s Vancouver Island. Their total population is about 5,000. The Haida people make up about 45 percent of the total population. This is a clear shake up message for people globally.

The British associations are clear to see in the name. With columbia we are reminded of Lady Columbia who is featured in Columbia Pictures. Note she is standing on a pyramid, wearing blue and white, holding a lamp light towards the heavens. Lady Columbia symbolises who God has chosen to represent Him. Lady Columbia shines the truth to people.

According to the news report about the earthquake there is more that we can understand. Always what is relevant to know will come to light in some way.

With references of Royals, Queen and Prince are given their wake up call.

There have been vital questions about tankers amid debate on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Justified concerns about oil spills and our environment have been brought to the people's attention with the media. Read more in article below.

Tsunami warnings have been issued for Alaska and Hawaii. What immediately springs to mind is HAARP located in Alaska. Also Hawaii is where President Obama was born. There have been concerns about the dangers of HAARP and the officials surely know this. Our earth is a living body and reacts. What is HAARP doing today in relation to damage our earth? Officials know the truth and the Presendent has permission to halt this.

Hawaii escaped unharmed after a tsunami alert forced over 100,000 people to flee to higher ground overnight.

Vancouver report: 'Canada may be called onto the carpet this week as nations gather in the United Kingdom to negotiate the terms of an international treaty to regulate the controversial practice of geoengineering.'

An incident that took place off Haida Gwaii is up for negotiation at the meeting next week in London for the London Convention and Protocol, which bans dumping toxins at sea. TAKE NOTE, there is to be complete ban of dumping toxins in the sea.

Fish have been given for food for the people and yet the fish are being killed by what is happening - the consequences of what is happening. If people are aware of the toxins they are consuming, do you honestly think they will approve of this?

'Haida Gwaii' means 'islands of the people', while 'Haida' on its own means not only 'us' but also 'people'. Not sure how many people noticed something about America. At one time in correspondence or referencing in abbreviation - we would use U.S.A. Now people commonly use 'US'. To me, I have always thought this to mean US = 'The People'.

The Islands still use the older name 'Xaadala Gwayee'. Alternative orthography, 'Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai', meaning 'islands on the Boundary of the world'.

With names there is always an examine even closer to menaing. 'Xhaaydla' (worlds) refers here to the sea and sky. The Queen Charlotte Islands used by American traders, considered the islands part of the US-claimed Oregon Country, as Washington's Isles.

When we consider that Washington DC is the location of the 'White House' - again keep with name meanings - white meaning very light, house means residence.

With the island hitting the boundary, this is giving a message to the British establsihment and also to The White House Washington DC to take notice of.

When the focus is on profit, the focus is not on taking care of our world and the people. This is timely to bring a reminder to understand the Spiritual Laws.

The largest earthquake in Canada since 1700 was an 8.1 magnitude quake on August 22, 1949. According to the Candadian government Natural Resources webiste, this was recorded to be on the Queen Charlotte Fault - Canada's equivalent of the San Andreas Fault.

In 1948 the Summer Olympic Games were held in London XIV Olympiad.
The United States presidential election of 1948 was the greatest election upset in American history - link posted below.
January 4 – Burma gains its independence from the United Kingdom. In a previous article after given my Crowned Buddah gift as a validation sign, in looking for the association I discovered that the Queen's have worn Diadems with Rubies from Burma, given as a gift. The Ruby is symbolic of healing energy and healing illness.
In 1948 the World Health Organization is established by the United Nations. Not coincidence because everything is connected in one way or another.
The National Health Service Acts are enacted in United Kingdom.
The ship Empire Windrush brings a large group of Afro-Caribbean immigrants to Tilbury near London, starting a wave of immigration to Britain. Tony Blair has formed a LLP named Windrush - I wonder if it is to profit from immigration?
On November 14, 1948 Prince Charles was born.

With references to Queen Charlotte and today Queen Elisabeth II holds the Orb, she took her oath in front of witnesses and televised to the world, to be Queen of the world. The divine plan is to restore God's Order in this earth, with Christ as King and Head of His Church. Did God choose Charles or William to represent him? No he did not.

There is much speculation about who will be the next Queen. The media have been promoting Kate Middleton! William and Kate have been 'given' titles that relate to ruling Scotland. In their trip to Canada, they reportedly did not visit British Columbia. Clear signs have shown that the establishment is having a clean out with the floods.

The floods were not man made - floods are a consequence of something. These earthquakes are as a consequence of descisions to do with the changes on the land. There are officials who speak of the Law of Nature and have said even in England in relation to the Loaw of Nature and Justice. The Law of Nature is cleaning out the establishment.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Black Canoe, sculpture by Bill Reid in bronze, outside the Canadian Embassy in Washington. A second casting, Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Jade Canoe is dispayed at Vancouver International Airport. The plaster cast is at the Canadian Museum of Civilizations in Ottawa - a reminder of Three Holy Spirits.

The Paleo-Indian Clovis, Plano and Pre-Dorset cultures pre-date current indigenous peoples of the Americas. The Métis are one of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada and America who trace their descent to mixed First Nations and European heritage. There is a spiritual unity between people of family lines and this how humanity is united.

Monument to aboriginal war veterans in Confederation Park, Ottawa, Canada.

More validation shines a light. 'The Government of Canada exerted its power over the people living in Rupert's Land after its acquisition in the mid-19th century from the Hudson's Bay Company. The Métis and the Anglo-Métis (commonly known as Countryborn, children of First Nations women and Orcadian, Scottish or English men),joined forces to stand up for their rights and to protect their age-old way of life against an aggressive and distant Anglo-Saxon government and its local colonizing agents. During this time the Canadian government signed treaties (known as the "Numbered Treaties") with various First Nations (but not Métis), which turned over rights to almost the entire western plains to the Government of Canada. In return for signing over their lands, the Canadian government promised food, education, medical help, and other kinds of support.'

Prince Rupert was identified by this earthquake. Rupert's Land is showing the location of York Factory - naming it after the Duke of York. Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II's son has a given title Duke of York. Not a coincidence to a timely exposure.

There are people speaking about the British Royals and their right to rule. No this family are not born to rule over nations of people. They were not appointed by God either. However, Queen Elizabeth II was chosen in the divine plan to be the stepping stone to the next Queen. The Queen, her family and all officials have no athority over God. What is has needed is for people to wake up and realise what is happening.

Both sides of a commemorative coin, Indian Chiefs Medal, presented to commemorate Treaty Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of Queen Victoria.

One of the titles held by Queen Elisabeth II is Queen of Canada.

In Particular with Queen Elizabeth II being elderly now, she is not going to live forever. She has lived her reign and made her mark in history. She has paved the way for the future Queen - because Christ has not returned Yet, although his presence has been seen on this earth and in Bolton a few times. This location identifes a guided one.

More insights about British Columbia and the earthquake

The boundary between the Pacific and North American plates run underwater along the west coast of the Haida Gwaii. The Queen of the Seas unites all lands above and below the ocean. Salford, Manchester has also been identified in the Divine Plan (where I studied and also lived for a while) Salford means Sea Lord - Queen of the Ocean.

'Urs Thomas, operator of the Golden Spruce hotel in Port Clements said there was no warning before everything began moving inside and outside the hotel.'

The Book of St. Thomas identifies the God's Government. Ur is a reminder of early civilisation and the fertile crescent. The Cresent moon is associated with the divinely inspired Goddess. Bells of St. Clements - The Bells are ringing. There was a huge bell that was especially made for the XXX 2012 London Olympic Games

Golden Spruce hotel is a reminder to prepare for the Golden age.

Everything begining to move inside and out. This earthwake is showing the signs of the times for big changes in high places to restore God's Order in the world. This means that every official from the very top to the helper in an official role is a servant of God and to value their role of responsibility. Finsih the mind games of manipulating.

This article, as others, report with observation, spiritual insight and what is relevant to know. There comes a time when every official must consider their role of responsibility and realise they have chosen to serve the people. If they do not want to do the job, there are surely many other people who are dedicated to do so, with sincere heart.

To the people in the world - the message is to unite in peace now!

God's Government is relating to the Whole World and so this is where the New World Order come from. Lady Columbia is shown to be illuminating the World. She does so in different ways.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_1948

Saturday, 27 October 2012

What Muslims Believe - Jesus Christ and Allah

Being guided to explain the following in context for everyone.

First of all I will quote - then give insight in my commentary.

"1st. We muslim believe Jesus to one of the five creatures, that have the highest position in the side of the creator(i.e أُوْلُوا الْعَزْمِ مِنَ الرُّسُلِ meaning apostles of inflexible purposeand Allah says

33:7 And remember We took from the prophets their covenant: As (We did) from thee(referring to Muhammad pbuh): from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary: We took from them a solemn covenant:

2nd. We believe him to be Word of God, spirit God and also Messenger of God.
Allah says

4:171 O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was an apostle of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His apostles. Say not "Trinity" : desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is one Allah. Glory be to Him: (far exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.

Being a prophet/massenger of Allah is the highest rank and favour of Allah on his creatures."

This is very important to say because there are people saying muslims are anti-christ when they are not. Every muslim loves Jesus Christ and it has been said by muslims, that they cannot be called a muslim unless the love Jesus Christ - so I have been told.

Every muslim beleives Jesus Christ was born miraculously. Every muslim holds Mary, Holy Mother of Christ as the most important woman that ever lived to be chosen by God to be the Mother of Christ. If we focus on the truth and the positive - we will get there:)

Masjid al-Haram, the holiest site in Islam. Pictured is the Kaaba

In context I want to go over 4:171 by looking more closely and examining the message that has been given to the muslims.

4:171 O People of the Book!

This is speaking of all believers.

'Commit no excesses in your religion:'

No religous extremism - no forcing people your way.

'Nor say of Allah aught but the truth.'

Speak nothing but the truth about God Almighty

'Christ Jesus the son of Mary'

Jesus Christ who was born from Mary,

'was an apostle of Allah'

Was a messenger of God Almighty

'and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary'

And God Almighty's Word was given as a gift to Mary'

'and a spirit proceeding from Him'

and a Holy Spirit that came from Him;

'so believe in Allah and His apostles'

therefore beleive in God Almighty and His Messengers

'Say not "Trinity".....'

you are advised not to say 'Trinity

'desist: it will be better for you'

discontinue this: it will be better for you

'for Allah is one Allah'

for God Almighty is one God Almighty (no one can deny)

'Glory be to Him'

Give praise to Him

'(far exalted is He) above having a son'

(far placed in a high status is He) more than having his son'

'To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth.'

Everything and everyone in the universe belongs to God Almighty

'And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.'

God Almighty is in command of ordering everything.

Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

A few more insights that are relevant for understanding.

Muslims can say 'Muhammad is our messenger'. Muhammad was instructed so every muslim knows of the Almighty Power of God. More importantly to totally trust God and submit to Him.

This part of my article is especially written for muslims.

If you look above at what is said 'in context' about the Trinity and read carefully to understand. There is no a denial of the Trinity. There is a very important message to say not to discuss this because it will be better for you. Safer for you.

God Already forsaw all the arguments that have taken place. For this reason, in the divine plan, clarity is given the people again.

At one time, masses of people who followed Christ were massacred. These people came from the
early Orthodox church and they refused to give up their faith.

There have been religious extremists who do not know God and do not submit to God. What this means is to trust and leave God to handle everything and He will.

What you may not realise is, when you place complete faith in God and ask for His guidance and protection, you are placing your faith in this highest focus. There are people who are placing their faith in man and being mislead by man. One lesson to learn.

No man has ever walked the planet more powerful than God. Nothing is possible without God. All miracles are by God's Will.

If something is not meant to happen - it will not happen. Even in my own situation, as a Servant of God, it is for His divine purpose and I suffered. To clean up corruption and injustice in this world, there must be evidence of this by a CREDIBLE WITNESS and I am in the Eyes of God; specifically chosen to be for THIS purpose.

Once anyone has the experience of knowing there is a higher power who is Authority over everything and everyone, The Authority and Commander of the Universe, to give this up and change what was given before is to change to something else.

The Word of God is very precise. The information that I am given by divine guidance is specific and for a greater purpose. Being trusted to be guided in the right way, takes complete faith and submission to God. What you read here is related.

The Jewish people were given the Torah - not to change this. Every Word of God has meaning and with every letter there is a meaning too. For this reason, there is much that can be learned from the original Hebrew Texts, that I value too.

Orthodox Christians were given Christ 'in person' to share His teaching with the world. The understanding was for everyone to become spiritually enlightened.

Muslims were given Muhammad, who was said to be visited by Angel Gabriel. Muhammad was a living example to remind people that everyone has a guardian angel they can communicate with at any time. Guardian angels are messengers of God - given by God.

Stop the arguing that one religion is right and another is wrong.

Hindus were given understanding of the evolution of the Soul.
Buddhists have given Wisdom of the Soul - Soul consciousness.
Christ stayed in India. His Soul is fully awake even now.
Meridian points, energy and discipline of Mind, Astrology, The Laws of nature were given at different times. Spiritual healing and healing properties of plants too.

All Knowledge and there is an endless stream, comes from God.

Interpretation of knowledge comes from man.

If you seek truth and do not find it, keep seeking truth. Eventually you will come to the truth. And if you have not yet arrived at the truth, keep seeking truth! The truth has validation.

On a final note to bring just another observation to light. If you read over the text above you will see that the finer detail of what is written is very important. Sometimes, just to break up the sentance where there is punctuation, will be easier to analyse further and get to the root of understanding more of the message.

He is another way of saying Hashem - this refers to God Almighty.

He (Hei) is the 5th letter in the Hebrew alphabet. This is Hei.

The letter Hei represents God. When we read or write 'He' this is a way of saying God without actually saying the name of God. He, His and Him are written with capital 'H' to bring emphasis to HIM!

When muslims tell me 'that I am wrong' without reading, evidently they to not read to seek understanding. Evidently they are not seeking the truth. My page is sharing my journey; with insights, understanding, factual information and history. My efforts are to piece the bigger picture together and unite humanity in peace.

In All faiths there is One God. He teaches Peace to all men.

Contemplation is so much easier when being in peace and quiet.

God is precise to the finest detail. This needs to be understood in context. God decides, who will deliver HIS Truth to the people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saint Joseph - Protector of the Catholic Church

Saint Joseph was declared patron saint and protector of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX in 1870. Saint Joseph is also patron of several countries and regions.

Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Mary, mother of Jesus. Through marriage he became the legally recognised guardian of Jesus Christ. Taking the undertanding that we are born into a particular family for a specific purpose and this is known before we are born, God and Christ chose Joseph to be father and legally recognised guardian on earth. Jospeh has a purpose too.

Do not condemn the messenger - go set all your questions and arguments with God. He waits for your communication so He can show you the truth that you are unable to see and understand.

Christ was not born illigitmate. First he was miraculously concieved. This was an act of God for all humanity and His birth was anticipated before this time. The marriage of Joseph and Mary, has Christ being raised as a legitimate child. Christ is legally recognised as being the son of Joseph and the Son of God. He was born a human being with a Divine Spirit, as the Son of Mary.

Through the marriage of Mary to Joseph, he is regarded as father.

The white lily is often called the 'white-robed apostles of hope.' Notice the colours that Joseph is seen wearing here. The orange and purple are important. We gather more from this because the colours worn show Joseph's Royal pedigree and Spiritual Crown.

Any child, borm from a Royal lineage, even an illigtimate child, can be recognised as being legitimate by another Crowned Royal. We understand that in history, Christ was recognised and given legitimate status. We understand Joseph was recognised too.

Saints are usually sanctified with evidence of miracles by prayer and divine intervention, intercession. Saints are evolved souls who are guided by God. In different ways they are given clear instruction for a purpose, even in their dreams.

One example of this is before what is known as the 'massacre of the innocents' , Joseph had a dream to take his wife Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt to safety.

Joseph depicted in this icon holding an open scroll is indicating that the truth is out in the open and has been written. His truth was proved and recognised by the Church that justified his being recognised as being shown clearly here. With holding two doves, not only are we understanding that he was divinely guided - he is holding close to his heart, the doves of peace, asssociated with both Christ and his wife Mary.

We are told Joseph lived in Nazareth. He traveled to Bethlehem in a time of compliance with the requirements of a Roman census. Because of Joseph's genealogy lineage to King David the authorities will have known this. The gathering of compulsory information of people and their family members, is a clear indication to show that records are kept. People who are in charge of decisions actually know who is related to who.

When Christ was still a baby, Joseph had a dream with the instruction to take Mary and the baby to Egypt to safety. After the death of Herod, it became safe for him to return with his family back in Judea, where they settle in Nazareth.

If we consider in history, long before the birth of Christ, the Egyptian Pharaoh had ordered the killing of all the Isrealite boys. The threat the the throne was known about then, as it was in the time of Christ. In each era an anointed baby is born.

The first appearance of Joseph is in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. These books contain the genealogy of Jesus tracing his ancestry back to King David.

Two genealogy lines have identified different sons of David. Matthew follows the major royal line from Solomon. Luke follows the lineage from Nathan, another son of David and Bathsheba. For this reason, the names between David and Joseph are different.

Scholars have reconsiled the genealogies by viewing the Solomonic lineage as Joseph's major royal line and the Nathanic lineage in Luke to be Mary's minor line.

Nathan was the younger brother of King Solomon, the lineage of Mary. According to Luke, Joseph and through the lineage of 'of Heli, Christ was born.

According to Matthew 'Jacob was the father of Joseph'.

The spiritual bond between two people is revealing a connection.

If we are to look at Scripture and what is written to quote this.

"I Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." Revelation 22:16

The Holy Bible, even translated, is taken to be the Word of God. We have here very clear and precise evidence to identify that Christ is directly connected to David.

Joseph is identified as a 'Tekton' meaning 'a highly skilled person who works with their hands' - this could be working with diverse materials even metal. Jesus was a tekton himself. There has been interpretation of this to mean carpenter.

Interestingly enough, while my father was a co-founder Director of an engineering company, using his technical ability and designs. Sharing this information to illustrate that while there is 'interpretation' of meaning of words, this might not be accurately reflect truth of a person; their professional skill and social standing. Interpretation and assumption can evidently present a vastly diverse impressions of someone's social status.

My father was regarded as an important man in the local and business community. Through his idea and his friend seeing the potential, together with a third person who was invited to be the Sales Director, an engineering manufacturing company was formed. This was to grow to meet international trading and employed a substantial workforce.

Furthermore to add to this, while watching the building of the Titanic, posted on earlier article, it was the skilled craftsmen who actually built the ship from the designs that were made from the architect. For this reason both the architect and hands that build and create the buildings, ships and visionaries are all complimentary.

With Christ being described as a shepherd tending sheep - sheep is also an expression in relation to people. Christ was not born to work in the fields and sheer sheep. He was born to spiritually enlighten mankind and to guide people in the right way. So here we have the idea from a spiritual perspective of a shephed tending to his sheep.

We only need to look around at the great buildings in this world, particularly those that have been inspired by the technical hands of the architect. The architect is also a Tekton because he is using his technical hand and mind to design.

There is more here to bring light. 'Arch-Tekton’s name aptly originates from a combination of the Greek root ‘arch’, meaning ‘chief’, and ‘tekton’, meaning ‘builder’. This is also the root of the word ‘architecture’. We have from this the very clear impression of a master builder and highly technical designer - architect.

How many boys have grown up watching their father working? Many father's have a worshop. Many technical minded men do jobs around the house and fix things. One technical minded man who also trained in engineering, made wooden children's toys just for fun and something for his young children to play with.

Is your impression of Joseph and Jesus of a lowly status?

There is a huge difference between being humble and lowly.

A man with a spiritual heart who marries a lady with a spiritual heart, we can get the impression of the spiritual relationship and service the gave. From this we can also begin to imagine the parent's they were raising a child born spiritually awake.

There is something that has been missing from this picture. All children who have descended from King David are born Royal Prince and Princess. There are people saying that this does not apply for women - God gave such importance to a woman, this is why He entrusted women to carry in their womb the seed that becomes a new human life.

No man or woman has the right to invalidate what God Ordains.

The Blessed Holy Mary had a pure heart. The baby born from her, was Royal by blood and a Crowned Royal by God. The announcement of Christ being King of Israel when he was being crucified, did not take into consideration, his ressurrection.

God is very clever. He knows all the devious ways and plans of man. Even now and throughout the times, the truth is still going to come to light because it has to. Sometimes just focus on the simple, instead of complicating matters to get to the truth.

And even if you do not get the precise details, there is nothing stopping you from searching and to keep searching for the truth. God will reveal everything that you want to know, if you are meant to know. Seek the truth and you will eventually find the truth.

Holy Family with the Holy Spirit by Murillo, 1675-1682.

Notice in the painting above, Christ is raised and illuminated - the dove is symbolising the Holy Spirit and this is while He is still a child. Look closer to see Mary wearing a red dress and has the spiritual lilac colour seen on her lap. This indicates that her third eye chakra is open and already we know she was also given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Cast your eye over to Joseph and he has a metal rod, we see with some design at the top. This is again could be giving some indication of his technical ability with metal.

However, ruling with a rod of iron is identified in the Holy Scripture. Also Queen Elisabeth has a sceptre that is made from metal and not a wooden staff.

"And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father." Revelation 2:27

Many people might think ruling with a rod of iron is to be ruthless and yet this is not how Jesus Christ was. Joseph either. This is the Holy Royal family.

When Jesus was crucified, under Jewish custom have been expected Joseph, his father by marriage to Mary to take charge of Jesus' body. However, this role was instead performed by Joseph of Arimathea. Since ancient times, family graves are maintained. Even the family names are maintained and passed down to other relatives. With Joseph of Arimithea, who was a wealthy man, being uncle of Mary this explains why he took control.

Not only are we shown the importance of the Matriarchal lineage being preserved, we are also given the impression that both Josephs are also family relations.

The truth of the details is written in history. My sharing here is just to open your mind to realise a greater perspective and understand, while people are written about in the Holy Bible they were much more than words on a page. These people are our ancestors and we have all descended from the family lines that have been identified.

For this reason Joseph was seen as being the divinely guided protector of the Holy Royal family. For this reason alone, it is very easy to see why St. Joseph was chosen to be the Patron Saint and Protector of the Catholic Church.

As it happens, my father's family came from a noble family lineage belonging to the Catholic Church. My mother came from a Spiritually Crowned Royal family lineage from the Greek Orthodox Church. Though my birth, I unite East and West in peace.

The expression holding the key in both hands is explained. A few weeks ago I had a dream of being given a bunch of keys by a lady. Dreams are connected to our unconscious and contain Spiritual messages - I have been given the spiritual keys.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Queen Elisabeth II's umberella of Purple Reign

Daily Mail report with the Queen wearing violet purple, with black accents to visit rebuilt Jubilee Gardens in London.

A ceremony to mark the recent transformation of the Jubilee Gardens completed 35 years after they were first created in 1977, celebrated the Queen's silver jubilee.

Jubilee relates to Jubilee laws that can be found in the Holy Bible.

Jubilee Laws relate to giving back land to it's rightful owner. The Queen is not the owner of this world - she is supposed to be the protector of the land in the world so people can live in peace and thrive. She is supposed to be protecting the people.

The spiritually awake know this means giving the world back to God and Spiritual Laws apply. For people who preach 'no one can go to God except through Jesus Christ (just remember the Lord's Prayer starts with 'Our Father, Who Art in Heaven) at least they accept Jesus Christ is King of Kings. The Queen has held onto His Crown. Crowned Royals appointed by God have a personal relationship with God, with our spiritual crown.

Here we see the Queen under her transparent umbrella, with lilac trim. If you take your mind over to Istambul, she is representing the Queen of Hagia Sophia from the ancient Greek lineage. The Eastern Orthodox Church was the early Christian Church. The dome shape is corresponding with the roof top of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral known in English translation as Holy Wisdom. The purple lilac color is the colour worn by the Spirital Queen and you will notice it is very popular now. This is the third eye chakra. The clear top of the umbrella symbolically shows she is guided by God through her Crown Chakra.

In the shadow of the London Eye, the Queen knows that God Rules in heaven and on earth. The Jubilee gardens in London's Southbank, have undergone a £5 million transoformation with flowerbeds, new grass and new granite paths completed. With eye we are reminded of the all seeing eye of God watching every detail. New Solid Granite Path, is showing a solid pathway that has been newly laid down for the future. The Queen is standing next to recorded history and she is part of history for future generations. With the South Bank - Banks pertain to money - the Next Queen of the South will be Queen Head of the Bank.

Number 5 is the reminder of 5 Olympic Rings and 5 continents. 2012 also totals to 5 is an important year for people to understand. The Ancient Greek lineage has been chosen by God in the divine plan and with Hagia Sophia being a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, should be making sense as to why this is important for global peace by now.

The Queen's successor is expected to be a Born Princess, who has been divinely appointed for the role. All the talk of her son or grandson's being successors - they are not appointed by God. Time will tell what will happen because not everyone follows what God ordains and as long as people continue to be spiritually blind they remain so.

With 35 years, 3 + 5 = 8 0 number 8 relates to infinity. God is infinate. Number 8 is also related to God's Covenant. God made promises to people. He also instructed that every first born child is His for his purpose. Being consecrated to God since being born and through my baptism, this is to be one of many God's helpers here on this earth.

The Messenger of the Covenant is expected by people of all faiths. Apocalypse means lifting the veil so people can see clearly. The veil is being lifted so everyone can see and understand; also for the misguided to mend the error of their ways.

1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24 (2 + 4 = 6). Number 24 is the number of elders. There are twelve tribes of Jacob (Israel) and twelve tribes of Ishmael. Jacob had a daughter too and this lineage has not been forgotten in the divine plan. Promises were made to all people.

Consider the term As above so below. There is a Government in Heaven and this must also be on earth too. The government on earth must place God as the boss.

"And around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads." Revelation 4:4

This was taken just after three-year-old Bethany Wiles, pictured here with her mother Rae Wiles presente the Queen with a bunch of pale pink roses.

Young Bethany is wearing a red coat with a hood. Remmeber the stor of little red riding hood. It is also a very important time for all mothers to protect their children and keep them close by, especially in these times.

Bethany's mother's name Rae means light. Young Bethany is to carry on the light of her mother and we see the heart of her mother, through the child.

Three relates to the Holy Trinity.

Bethany is a location in London and also ...Bethany means 'house of misery' or 'poor house'. Jesus Christ was said to have stayed in Bethany when he entered Jerusalem. The King of Kings is not seeking out those amassed wealth from people, or illustrious titles, there has always been a reminder that the Meek Will Inherit the Earth. Matthew 5:5

Pale Pink is a colour of love...

As the Queen departed to make way home again, she was photographed in the car with her legs covered in a blanket. Sensible lady as now the weather is getting much colder and damp here - covering our legs is a growing trend.

Incidently the colour blue blanket is the same as in my dream a few weeks ago. While I was sitting on a chair under the arches (that reminded me of Salford - which also happens to mean Sea Lord and Queen of the Seas). In my dream the Queen held up a small piece of this blue fabric to her face as a mask. Being born from the ancient Greek imperial lineage, the Queen and I are likely to be related, even if distantly so. We have a connection to appear in my dreama and she wrote to my mother too. I do not forget.

While the Queen is covered with blue, A pink cover, the same as the roses is over my legs now. It is one of my favourite colours.

In Britain, many people are not aware that the Queen holds the place of the Queen of the Global Empire. This is why she was crowned on a fake pyramid and is pictured with holding a sceptre and an orb. The Crown here is the Imperial Crown.

The Coronation was televised for people to witness the ceremony. The ceremony showed the Phillip also honored as Duke of Edinburgh (Scotland) taking his oath.

Queen Elisabeth wearing the Imperial crown, holding the Scepter and orb. The orb is symbolic of ruling the world and this is why she hosts gatherings of the international royal houses at Buckingham Palace. There are people who know the Queen is not from a legitimate bloodline - there are also Jewish people saying the British royals are pretenders.

With Greek people being massacred in history and Jewish people too, this has silenced the truth. Still the truth will come to light anyway and the message will become louder and louder until people understand. For this reason the Imam Mahdi is awaited by Muslims and Mashaiach by the Jewish people. Now the Americans are getting louder about the Goddess, Isis and Cleopatra - with Madonna doing her MDNA tour too.

The Imeperial Crown is the Crown of Torah - the Crown of God's Law. This is to a specific lineage - the Line of King David is the eternal throne identified in the Holy Bible. The Royal Priesthood, was identified by the Holy Mother Mary and Christ. There are the three crowns, in one. Wars and destruction of buildings, including 9/11 WTC destroyed evidence of people's genealogy. However Smyrna the Royal City where the Holy Mother Mary went to live is home of my family. This will not be remain silenced forever.

It is written in the Holy Bible and God wll have his Glory now.

The New World Order, relates to the New One World Government. With the Age of Aquarius, it is expected that this brings new Spiritual Understanding and with this, a New One World faith that is a Spiritual Universal Church and a New Currency too.

The Golden Age and Spiritual Enlightenment are related to this.

Like the Queen, I fully understand the Oath she took because I also took my oath to God and this was heard and consolidated in the Central London Court of in front of 3 Barristers and a District Judge. This court was complicit in causing the Queen to violate her coronation Oath in 2003. Every police and lawyer who refused to work for justice since, has violated their oath and also rubbished the Queen. I still speak My truth on Oath!

Furthermore, not only has the Queen violated her oath because HER officials have no respect or regard for her, or the oath they took to be paid, this means that Charles cannot take over the crown or her grandson either. Charles mocked his marriage vow. Is God going to trust him? After the death of Diana, God decides who is His Princess and in case officials forget, Jesus Christ is King of Kings. He is King of His Church.

People do not realise that God really does see everyhing and in our hearts and minds. The establishment saw Diana as creating a 'constitutional crisis' and the media reported her as a 'Loose Cannon' who was about to campaign for the Palestinian people. There are people who think nothing to kill people who are in the way of their agenda. The Royal title Princess of Wales, upon Diana's death went to the next eligible person to hold this - By God's Choice. Princess of Wales is the heir to the Throne.

The Queen set a president being a woman by herself. When a King dies, people say the King is dead, Long live the King. When the Queen dies, it would be expected to be said The Queen is dead, long live the Queen. When my mother died, my role as spiritual head of the family was understood although sadly people did not want to listen.

In history Athena has been pictured on currency. Christ has been pictured on Currency. Brittania was pictured on currency (who was this lady?) The Queen has been pictured on currency.....Why has Athena's name been silenced? MtDNA too!

As I have said before, New Queen New Rules.

Divinely appointed and anointed Queen must do right by all people! The Expression to be Fearing God especially applies to the Queen who is ruled by God. She surely KNOWS my obligation too.

The Children's coronation came to my attention to share here.

A detailed re-enactment of The Queen's Coronation, called The Children's Coronation, took place on 3rd June 2002 in Cornwall. It was performed on the Quay in St Mawes by nine and ten year old children from St Mawes School; with a few adults.

There will be another Children's Coronation on 2nd June 2013, on the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of the original ceremony, on 2nd June 2013, held at Truro Cathedral. Music will be performed live by the Cathedral Choir and Organist and many more children will take part, together with children from the St Mawes cast of 2012.

Truro is a city in Cornwall in the South of England. Truro the centre for administration in Cornwall. Charles has been given the title Duke of Cornwall and collects a vast personal income from this land and related territories.

It is certainly timely that the land be returned to the people, with the children having the say in the country they want to live in and so, for the Children to have this ceremony 'in the eyes of God', in the Cathedral, is certainly fitting for the occaision. The children are the future teachers and leaders. Adults are guardians of this world for future generations of children who will pave the future.

Princess Diana was known as the People's Princes. The Queen has been known by many people here as their Mother. This is moreso when children have been emotionally abandoned. Our mother is the most important influential role in our lives. Whoever takes over from the Queen is to understand the Love for Humanity that the Holy Mother Mary had to be a spiritual mother is being an intercessor for prayer for humanity too.

Being a Royal Princess is also doing what Diana did - confronting injustice, corruption war and landmines. She was gusty and she also brought to light mental health issues and eating disorders. Being silent about war and injustice, is why war continues for thousands of years. Humanity deserves a chance...many chances.

The Queen has always smiles - her biggest smiles with children.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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