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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

007 Skyfall 7777 and the Lady in Red

Yesterday the Daily Mail reported the premier of the latest 007 Skyfall movie. Sharing insights, images and the movie trailers.

The movie opens with MRM roaring lion and Lady Comumbia. This is telling us something important. We know this with several James Bond Movies and 007 Skyfall is the latest message

007 Star Daniel Craig is seen here with co-star Berenice Marlohe, the dark haired beauty wearing a red gown. The Lady in Red.

Daniel Craig, was born at West Cheshire Hospital, later officially opened in 1984 as Countess of Chester Hospital (Countess of Chester being a subsidiary title of the Princess of Wales) Both of Craig's parents were of half Welsh descent. Daniel has played British secret agent James Bond since 2006.

Berenice is another exotic beauty, with a mixed heritage of French, Cambodian and Chinese. She is a strong believer in fate. Six months before her Bond audition, she dreamed of working alongside Spanish actor Javier Bardem. On her second audition of Skyfall, someone mentioned that Javier might also be cast.

The Prince of Wales is the title given to Heir to the Throne. Diana, Camilla and Katherine 'might' have this title through their marriage. However, they are not born Crown Royal Princess by divine right. With the chosen actress, Berenice has again shown the French connection being important with this.

We are in the time of the Divine Feminine - the divinely inspired Goddess. Because Diana was given the tile Princess of Wales, through her marriage to Charles, after she was killed, the legitimate successor was Chosen by God. It has come to light that the death of Diana was not just an accident and so those who were involved with dealing with 'the constitutional crisis' and 'loose cannon' as she was described by the British Establishment, must also be held accountable.

Below we see the OO7 Skyfall 'latest Bond car was shown off in all its glory' - in a star studded event where everyone got dressed up for the occasion. Notice behind the car there are steps leading up to the Royal Albert hall.

Cast your mind back to the Olympic opening cermemony. Obviously the Queen did not parachute into the Olympic stadium - someone else was used for this stunt. However, we were given the reminder that our souls do incarnate on this earth. A parachute was used for the entrance, to be reminded about reincarnation. In the Skyfall movie - is the reminder of souls coming down from heaven to uplift humanity. In the movie 'resurrection' gets a mention from Daniel in his role too.

Not only are we reminded of the divinely appointed and anointed Crown Royal Princess, we are also reminded of Christ by the ressurection. How many people would welcome Christ today - well there would be billions of people. However there will be people who would not and for obvious reasons. Let it be known that every Muslim Loves Jesus Christ; who eagerly wait for His Return.

Make no mistake there is a spiritual battle taking place. There is also effort to unite our world in peace. Who is working in the light and who is not, this is for God to deal with - bear in mind the enemy might not be overseas. Britain has refused to give me justice and so time will tell what will unfold. The Queen has violated her Coronation Oath to time will tell what will unfold.

Here we see the red carpet leading to the Royal Albert Hall in London. Notice there are steps - notice number 7 is featured everywhere. From what we can see are a total of four lots of steps 7 plus 007. Three 777's plus 7,7 with the Skyfall movie title name. Number 7 is related to spiritual law, 7 churches, 7 seals, 7 candlelights, 7 chakras. With the 007 seen suspended above the car, we are reminded of God and His Divine Plan and the New Order of the Ages (New World Order) The Age of Aquarius relates to Spiritual Waters and a new Spiritual Golden age.

7+7+7+7 - 10. 10-7 is a code for 'Out of service' - however, all the code crackers, might not realise that God is NEVER out of service. This is a time of accountability for those who have defied God and blatantly mocked their oath.

Scriptures are given here that relate too

"Then I said, ‘Here I am—it is written about me in the scroll— I have come to do your will, my God.’” Hebrews 10:7

"Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house." Luke 10:7

"Then Pharaoh’s servants said to him, “How long shall this man be a snare to us? Let the men go, that they may serve the LORD their God. Do you not yet understand that Egypt is ruined?”Exodus 10:7 Moses liberated the people from slavey in Egypt in the ancient times. Queen Elisabeth was crowned on a fake pyramid so she has taken the place of the Pharaoh Queen today. The man made laws for profit are increasing in her name with many innocent people in prison too.

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the stage setting locations featured in the Olympic closing ceremony on the 12th August 2012. The 12th August in 30bc is the date when Cleopatra VII, the last Macedonian Greek Pharaoh Queen of Egypt, was said to had died from a bite of a deadly asp. 2012 is the XXX 30th Olympic games. In different ways there are signs about immortality and ressurection now.

In Bolton, the Albert Hall is featured at the Town Hall building ith steps in front. Both sides of this entrance has lions and for some time a gated partition there. It is in this location that the New Monarch is announced. With the Olympic Stadium support and Obital Tower of all places being chosen to be constructed in Bolton and the Olympic Mascots impired here too, the signs very clearly show the connection to London, where I was born and lived my early years.

It is from here in Bolton that the new Monarch is announced.

With all the wars that have taken place over thousands of years, there comes a time when we all must say enough is enough. Not yet watching the movie 007 Skyfall I am unable to get the full understanding of the story. However there is the realisation for many years, we are living in a world where humanity has been divided because of the people on earth making the rules for people to live by. Once people understand the Spiritual Law given to everyone, they can abide by this.

With lots of action this might suit the audience that find this appealing - try not to ignore even in the present time there are wars taking place. What the wars are really about is what we are invited to understand.

There is a trailer for 007 Skyrall that allowed by watching this movie, just in a clip of two minutes, the reminder of the Princess of China came to light again. Hagia Sophia is also seen meaning Holy Wisdom and it is this Cathedral built to honor the Virgin Mary. Back in the first century, here is said to be the location of the Temple of Athena - See the spiritual dome built on a rock!

What is established before is the foundation of what will be built on top of this. It is no coincidence that a few years back I felt it important to restore Hagia Sophia into its former glory as a Universal Church of Peace that anyone and everyone can go and light a candle and say a prayer if they want to. This is the motherland of my mother's best friend who in her 70's lives in Greece.

From Bolton Museum here, at this present time, there is a tour in the Far East of the Egyptian treasures collected in the 'Quest for Immortality' exhibition. This relates to the Isis Key - The Spiritual Key of Life. Also presently there is a tour of Cleopatra in USA. People are being prepared for this now.

When spiritual wisdom has been given, this is to enable people to realise a higher understanding. Those who reject Holy Wisdom are not going to gain the understanding needed to evolve spiritually - The Spiritual Waters flow now.

In the trailer, an explosion that takes place high up on a building - identified as MI6 Headquarters. Notice the twin turrets at the top of the building. The Twin Towers in New York come to mind - bear in mind this building relates to the World Trade Centre and so do do with finance of the World.

With the MI6 building in the movie is quotesd 'They were not targetting her, they wanted her to see it' - Following this, the next clip says 'Welcome to the NEW MI6' - There is a complete destruction depicted of a building, is this symbolic of the old MI6? Later he states 'England MI6'

It just happens a couple of days before 9/11 I had a feeling something bad was going to happen and did not know what. For these two days I did not sleep and put the televison on to look at BBC news. It made me feel very sick and at the time I said to myself out loud 'it was a smokescreen'. Since this discovering that there were tens of thousands of birth records destroyed, seems a familiar pattern in previous times when buildings have been destroyed too.

Taken from Wkipedia - watching the movie I am unable to know the storyline in detail, however I am aware there is a lot happening in our world now. Every location will provide deeper 'relevant' insight that is related to understand in the present times. This is revealing the hidden meaning today. The storyline will provide a message for understanding too. This is what is written:

"When an operation in Istanbul ends in disaster, James Bond is missing and presumed to be dead, and the identities of every active undercover MI6 agent are leaked onto the internet. In the aftermath, questions are raised over M's ability to run the Secret Service, and she becomes the subject of a government review over her handling of the situation. When the service itself is attacked, Bond's sudden reappearance gives M the pretext she needs to seek out Raoul Silva, a dangerous villain claiming a personal connection to both of them – but as he follows a trail from London to the South China Sea, Bond soon finds his loyalty to M challenged over secrets from her past."

Pre-production reports stating that filming would take place in Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square, the Hagia Sophia museum, the city of Fethiye and the Varda railway bridge near Adana. Scenes in Adana will see the town stand in for the outskirts of Istanbul.

Adna has been included for a reason and so looking at the location, link posted below will reveal more information. Adana serves as the gateway to the Çukurova plain, historically been known in the West as the Cilicia plain. This large stretch, fertile land is southeast of the Taurus Mountains. This is a reminder of Queen of the South that is written about in the Holy Scripture.

Here are the Taurus Mountains, with the reminder the higher up we go the closer to God. The Taurus complex has four mountain ranges. The mountain range extend along a curve from Lake Eğirdir in the west to the upper reaches of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in the east. It is a part of the Alpide belt in Eurasia.

The Alpide belt mountains extend along the southern margin of Eurasia. Stretching from Java to Sumatra through the Himalayas, the Mediterranean, and out into the Atlantic. This includes the Alps, the Carpathians, the mountains of Anatolia and Iran, the Hindu Kush, and the mountains of Southeast Asia.

In the Holy Bible there is reference to 7 hills/mountains and I am unsure if these relate. However, as at one time the Middle East were predominantly early Christians, since empires have been built on top of empires.

The Varda Viaduct, situated on the railway lines Konya-Adana at Hacıkırı village in Adana Province, is a 98 m (322 ft) high railway bridge constructed in the 1910s by Germans.

Where are one time Constaninople, where Hagia Sophia is situated was the capital city of the Byzantium and Roman Empire, it has since been Captital of the Ottoman empire too. Today a brige is built to unite old and new Europe.

Filming around London took place in Southwark and Whitehall, the National Gallery, Smithfield meat markets, St Bartholomew's Hospital, Canary Wharf,the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Charing Cross station, the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, in Cadogan Square, Tower Hill, and Parliament Square. The Vauxhall Bridge was closed to traffic for filming the aftermath of an explosion at the MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall Cross. A large-scale replica—the explosion in Skyfall was added digitally in post-production. (SMYBOLIC of destruction)

To learn more...this is not the movie fabrication now.

One chosen film location setting to create a roof explosion.

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) commonly known as MI6, (Military Intelligence, Section is the agency which supplies Her Majesty's Government with foreign intelligence. It operates under the formal direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) alongside the internal Security Service (MI5), the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the Defence Intelligence (DI).

Frequently referred to by the name MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), a name used as a flag of convenience during the Second World War when it was known by many names. The existence of MI6 was not officially acknowledged until 1994.

In late 2010, the head of SIS delivered what he said was the first public address by a serving chief of the agency in its 101-year history. The remarks of Sir John Sawers primarily focused on the relationship between the need for secrecy and the goal of maintaining security within Britain. His remarks acknowledged the tensions caused by secrecy in an era of leaks and pressure for ever-greater disclosure.

Its headquarters, since 1995, are at Vauxhall Cross on the South Bank of the Thames.
Minister responsible for MI6: William Hague, Foreign Secretary.

With Vauxhaull Bridge and Cross relate to the Holy Cross and cross over of one land to another; also the Southern Cross. London is South of England. Homeland of Queen of the South.

Here we see the Embankment between Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Bridge. It is through being guided that I was shown a building in Thornton Heath named Westiminster Court and the Royal Courts of Justice are in the City of Westminster. A couple of days after Princess Diana was killed, she appeared in my dream and we were sitting together talking on 'an embankment' - She told me there are many people like her that needed my help and not to give up on this. She also led me into Buckingham Palace where we encountered the Queen who acknowledged us both, before she entered into a room from a corridor. Sharing this openly now.

Being guided to look at Googlemaps - the embankment by the side of Lambeth Palace is named 'Albert Embankment'. We are also reminded of THE BANK.

Vauxhaull is located at the heart of the inner city area of Central London in the London Borough of Lambeth. It was once in the historic county of Surrey. With Lambeth we are reminded of the Holy Lamb of God. The name is recorded in 1062 as Lambehitha, meaning 'landing place for lambs' - Lambeth was part of the large ancient parish of Lambeth St Mary, the site of the archepiscopal Lambeth Palace. Thornton Heath is in Surrey, the place where I was born.

On the other side of the Lambeth Palace Road is St. Thomas's Medical School building - with health and healing being a major interst of mine, sufficient to study for 38 years with 6 years professional training, it is really out of order for the law courts to prevent vital knowledge and understanding in relation to health and wellness for the people. To prevent this for payment and abuse an oath of office to allow and protect legal corruption is absolutely disgusting.

The name Thomas connects directly to myself. A few weeks ago I was guided, the day after prayer to pick up a book in a charity shop. A friend had called around and asked me to go with her so it was not a planned trip. A small book caught my eye and I picked it up thinking it might have inspirations - it was the Gospel of Thomas. In this Book is speaks about God's Government. This exactly confirmws what I had known in my heart. The book provided the validation - for 10 pence.

What is meant to come our way will do for free or very little cost.

Lambeth Palace is the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. Canterbury is in Kent and this connects directly to Smyrna, now renamed as Izmir in Turkey, where the travel card is known as the KentKard.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England - Today Rowan Williams holds this post. Archiepiscopal relates to the archibishop - a bishop who governs a diocese strictly his own. On 16 March 2012, it was announced that he has accepted the position of Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University, beginning in January 2013. He is expected to stand down as Archbishop of Canterbury in December 2012.

Today officias are deciding who will be replace Rowan Williams. And so the timely uniting humanity to bring new spiritual understanding for the people who are open hearted and ready to embrace this is expected. While there is the understanding of God's providence, not everyone knows God annoints and appoints. The silencing of the very important role that the Virgin Mary held in her own right, also Mary Magdalene is meant to be understood in context at this time now.

There are technical games trying to crack the code to the Hagia Sophia mystery and yet there is no mystery at all. There is history to understand in context. Instead of a divided humanity, this is a time with the golden opportunity to take all the positives from the spiritual teaching in history. Instead of battling for relgious supremacy because there is none. God does not need a relgion.

The argument about religious supremacy is a very weak one. The argument about anyone having the right to rule the world is weak too. The people who are Servants of God, know they are obliged to do right by the people - conquesting land by bloodshed is not doing so. This is the reminder that God Rules this world.

The reason there are so many athiests and doubters, even people who have been raised to beleive and since rejected that there is a God, is because the people who are standing to be representatives of God are not delivering the right message. There are preachers who do not have a personal relationship with God and at least those who are conscientious are starting to develp this. A state religion does not always provide spiritual food for the people, even if it does keep the seeds of the Word of God and spiritual wisdom given thousands of years ago. Feeling in our heart is an experience that cannot be taught. The light of understanding is sometimes lost. Always follow the holy light to find the way.

Everyone has access to Holy Wisdom given since the ancient times to the spiritually enlightened. How many people are aware of being guided by God? Sincere prayers do get answered.

What is being revealed here is to show that in so many different ways the truth of what is relevant to know will come to light. Everything is connected. We as humanity are connected too. Just consider, we are all distantly related to each other. For this reason the Queen accepted the trusted responsibility of Spiritual Mother.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria