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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

15/10/2012 Dream In The Company of Jesus Christ

This is details of a dream I had on 15th October 2012.

I am in the company of Jesus Christ. There are other people around. We are outside in a country where there has been bombing and violent conditions between people. There is no fighting or bombing when we are there - it is over.

It is difficult to place the location of which country exactly.

People are gathering around to hear the announcement Christ is going to make. It is for his bride, the lady who is going to take care of his people. She will make decisions. He announced her name (I do not recall what he said). A lady steps forward from the crowd. She is very reserved, timid and quiet, even though the people are strong and loud in comparison. She is wearing traditional dress. Her head is covered. He chose this lady. He then turned to a man named Yusef or yakoub came mind to take care of the grain as instructed to.

Just before the annoucement was made for the bride, Michelle Obama was seen on a television screen watching the announement. She seemed suprised at his choice by her face. By Michelle Obama appearing in my dream, I am unsure if the lady was chosen in connection to Africa and the African people to make sure that they are provided for with food and their needs.

The next part of the dream, I am in the company of Christ and other people in another location, feeling we are in Israel. He is talking and people are gathering around to listen. I am sitting on the floor wearing my pink dressing gown and have my legs streched out that my thighs were showing, I cover up with the gown. While in Christ's company 'as if' a Disciple, there is not a romantic involvement together. If anything listening to him with respect and because I am in his company as a companion. We are a few people in his company. Men and women are present.

At some point we are walking with other people around and he said to me 'we cannot go into that part of the city' as if forbidden. Yet knowing he could go anywhere, the reason for this was making a very clear statement.

Some people were having a conversation and I overheard a muslim man say 'he will be crucified but he will not die - he will survive' - I told the man to 'stop talking like this and stop promoting violence and pain.' - 'If you say he will be crucified, you re inviting this to happen' - They go silent on me because they are not used to a woman telling them what not to say or do.

In the next part of the dream, Christ takes me to a home of his family. This is where his relations live. I sense the house is underground. The room was very simple. The walls were painted brilliant white emulsion. There were the most exquisite; colourful framed paintings on the wall with gold and red. They had an Arabic Asian feel, Middle Eastern although this is not art that I am familiar with to identify and say this is how it is. Two other males were in the room talking. I did not see the faces of people. Two languages I did not recognise but have the impression, one was speaking Arabic and the other Aramaic. Christ had taken me to see this place in person for a reason. Then I woke up.

With what is happening in the world, the Middle East and Africa have been a source of conflict, poverty and fighting. There are also man made laws. I am shown that a long time ago Christ gave the spiritual leadership and overseer of decisions to be fair to a woman. He also gave the responsibility to deal with the provision needs of the people to a man. This explains the partnership of King and Queen of a Kingdom. It was a while after waking up before documenting the dream and by that time I could not remember if the man was named Yusef of Yacoub (Joseph or Jacob) however the impression I got was this was for past and present day understanding. What is relevent and does not change. There were instructions given in relation to the grain, growing and harvesting in history and I was being shown that Christ also gave this same instruction to people to continue to do this.

Christ is making his truth known to different people. In being shown his family home, we were in the lounge area that was very simple and underground - the walls were rough plastered, not smooth. The impression was given that he is related to people in the Middle East and so with the conflict taking place in the Middle East even today, like in history, with the fighting and arguing, the people need the person they can trust who is going to be fair to everyone.

Keep an open mind as I have to. Sometimes my dreams challenge me because they are specifically revealing information and yet not quite as I would expect them to be. It is in learning to understand symbolism and the spiritual meaning of dreams that we become more self aware and understand the bigger picture of what the message is being given. In relation to the bride, there was no wedding ceremony - I got the impression the lady was chosen to be Queen of Afica.

This dream came to me the same night of when the 7 year old little girl spoke to me about Christ appearing to her that day. My dream is in symbolism that I am meant to understand and I am sharing to show information is relevant. Christ is making contact with people in their dreams and visions for His purpose. Christ did not put women down. He gave women positions of authority and responsibility. He gave me the impression of being aware of danger, yet not wanting to put anyone in danger. He was aware without being reactive. He was composed and calm.

There is a lesson with speaking about wars that are going to happen and predicting what God has not ordained. Christ has already suffered and risen. There are people promoting wars and there are those fighting wars. The battles between men to own and control the world is lost. God rules this world. Always has.

In this image Christ is painted wearing Royal purple and orange.

Man can stretch his ego and those who have robbed and pillaged from the people can boast of their wealth. At what expense did this come? Many people have sold their soul to become wealthy and powerful. The power of God is not given to those who will abuse it for their own self serving ends. We are told the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth - I guess this is when the contracts are made void!

Christ is giving his instruction again to who listens to him.

Several multimillionaires and billionaires have pledged their wealth to charity - to give back in their spiritual calling. There are lots of ways to give. Sharing our expertise, help children in learning and skills training. This is a time to empower women to empower generations of the future. Self esteem building of men, women and children is vital for the uplifting of human conditon. Helping people to help theirselves was taught thousands of years ago. Before we can become a spiritual teacher we need spiritual understanding. This is given in many ways. Being guided by God there is always validation. The truth always comes to light.

If people grasped the right teaching 2000 years ago, we would be living in a world with spiritually anlightened people and this would reflect throughout society. When teachers who are not with the right understanding are teaching people in relation to spiritual process and ascension, the wrong information is shared. History is for some understanding. Our soul searching and spiritual development is a very private and personal experience that cannot be measured, bought or sold.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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