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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Buddha Prophesy Jesus Christ. What about Now?

Buddha passed away 543 bc. It seems 500 years is a timeframe where renewed spiritual understanding is given to the people.

The greatest sadness of all are the misguided people who are spending their time, turning people away from realising higher consciousness. Evidently there is different teaching in Christianity too. At one time people strived to purify their heart and mind, to be receptive to be guided in truth and divinely inspired.

There are people who do not have a personal relationship with God preaching and misleading people - turning people against each other too. The motivation of this might be ignorance and also this proves that anyone turning people away from seeking the truth, becomes an obstacle in attaining the truth.

The East and West have different teaching. A mentality that is not ready to understand that we are a soul in a physical body, is not going to be ready to realise higher consciousness. People who have not realised higher consciousness, have not attained a personal relationship with God. Divine guidance is ever flowing and not just snippets of words. Wisdom is not interpration of scriptures. Wisdom is understanding. Whenever divine inspiration has been given, this is shared with people openly. The seeds of wisdom are not to keep but to plant so they may grow.

Plant seeds of peace and peace will grow
Plant seeds of love and love will grow
Plant seeds of unity and unity will grow

In a family we are all different personalities and we are all given the opportunity to learn valuable lessons just from the family dynamic. Where people have been born in a family of being rejected or abandoned, there is the opportunity to learn to value the lesson to not reject anyone. People who have been emotionally abandoned can choose to become loving parents and raise children with emotional stability. In this way they work out the lessons in their karma. If not the pattern may continues.

The focus on the spiritual path is not for someone to teach this, but for the individual to experience being spiritual as a way of being. The spiritual teacher is an example as a way of being. When we understand the healing path, we can teach the healing path. A spiritual psychotherapist should have the understanding of how the mind works, conscious and subconscious. We are a soul in a physical body and this is relevant for our understanding too.

There are people who are diverting people away from getting the right information. There are people re-writing and changing what has been given before and this is creating more misunderstandings between people. When an educated muslim man said God does not communicate with women, this says it all. When athiests say there is no God - in both instances these people speak their truth. The muslim man prays to God and yet in all his life has never understood his prayers being answered. Perhaps if he opened his mind and listened to women he would learn a few home truths.

This man is a doctor and when I spoke about the neceesity in this time to identify the root cause of illness, with many years study, he refused to take this on board. I told him openly about toxins in our food and water being detrimental to our health. He did not want to listen. If he was not a doctor and I was not concern about the health of humanity, I would not have given my time. Giving toxins to cure symtoms can weaken the immune system. My effort to promote ethical medical practice is a global necessity.

Our mind, body and emotions are connected. When we are out of balance in one area - we are out of balnce in our being. When our physical body is requiring tender rest, tender care and attention, only we can decide to give this. The way of the future is not pumping toxins into our body - or artificial substances.

It is necessary to re-educate the whole structure of society. If people are going to continue to be reckless and make decisions to the detriment of people for profit, or to get ahead, they will pay a price for this karmicly. There is a multi-layered healing need in this world we are living is that is not ignored, or sounded out.

Realise where there is a healing need within and heal this.
Respect other people have their healing entitlement too.
Respect other people are learning life lessons too.
Respect that everyone is going through their own process.
Respect that every soul has been born for a reason.
Before we can evolve spiritually, we must learn our lessons.

We are not going to find peace externally. Peace is within.
We are not going to find love externally. Love starts within.
When you experience spiritual wholeness/oneness, seeing humanity as one family is not very difficult. What is not so easy is seeing people who have lost their way. The people who cause suffering, loss, harm and death to other people have not understood the price they will pay for this on their soul.

When we learn to be responsible for our own process, this is seen because we become conscious and conscentious - we understand accountability. There are many corrupt officials in England who laugh and say they will never be prosecuted and there is no accountability. Everyone is accountable for their deeds.

Many people in this generation are going to fall. We do not know what the afterlife holds. We have the choice to strive to do right by everyone and leave a positive imprint in this world. Today it is safe for people to glorify the Highest Power and to give Jesus Christ the Honor he so rightly deserves.

"Yeshua said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to my Father but by me alone.” Aramaic Bible John 14:6

Many theologians study different religous teachings. Theosophy is experience that is Divine Wisdom being revealed. The man made laws on religion, have been decided by man. God does not work to man made laws. Learn from this!

Man has no authority over God. Whatever has been ordained by God must happen and the truth will always come to light anyway.

There are in different cultures and faiths some of the most intelligent minds that are helping with practical progress in this world. If you choose to reject spiritual progress this is your personal choice. Own your own process. As there are countless intellectuals who have spent years studying to understand their area of expeertise, there are people who dedicate many of their years to be conscious and conscientious on the spiritual path, Most people want to live wholesome lives, with love, in truth and with sincerity of heart. This is the meaning of being congruent.

There is a mindset that resents people learning and seemingly progressing in life. People learn because they want to understand.

The process of being spiritual entails unlearning indoctrination.

Spirituality is simple. So simple, yet who wants to attain this state?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria