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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Morpeth came into my mind for a reason

With just posting about little April Jones, the 5 year old girl who has gone missing from Wales - Morpeth came into my mind. I have no idea if this is connected. Keep an open mind. I am going to see what relates to Morpeth today.

A few days ago residents in Morpeth were on 'amber alert' for floods.

After nearly 1000 properties were flooded in 2008 when the River Wansbeck burst its banks. BBC News have reported that people started to evacuate their homes as a precaution.

Nearly 100 families living near the River Wansbeck at Morpeth were evacuated after it burst its banks following heavy rain, flooding some properties. Residents were taken to Morpeth Town Hall before being transferred to a specially created rest centre at the town’s King Edward VI High School.

One resident, Cameron Blackhall, said in 2008 the water level was 4ft (1.2 m) and it was eight months before he could return home. This time the water level has been reportedly much less severe.

Resident Jennifer Saunders remembers opening her curtains and the water level being up to the lower window ledge at both the the front and back of property. In this flood she had to be rescued and two of her cars had been damaged.

Residents who have evacuated are naturally worried about returning home and what they might find. Once people experience floods, they know what to expect. The damage to property and drying out a house is something we do not consider.

The mayor of Morpeth Mark Horton said: "There's a couple of flood boats going around the High Stanners area looking for people. "If you see the water rising, and you think you are going to be compromised, make yourself known to them and they will be able to rescue you, or at least get help to you."

With floods happening in different countries, not just UK. people are being made to think and in a time of crisis people do pull together.

Morpeth is in Northumberland.

First the good news. Fourteen staff from Leeds Building society are raising funds for four good causes with a JubiLeeds Big bike ride to cycle between 60 branches. This is to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. The charities they have chosen are Martin House Children’s Hospice, Tiny Lives Special Care Baby Unit, St Gemma’s Hospice and The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

"THE outgoing President of the Morpeth Lions Club has been named Zone Chairman for all the clubs in Northumberland. Dave Wheeler will supervise seven volunteer groups, including those in Morpeth, Ponteland and Alnwick.

Mr Wheeler, a dedicated member of the Lions, welcomed many new members and spearheaded several important initiatives during his time as Chairman of the Morpeth group.

The club, which provides practical support for local people in need, as well as raising money for charity, is part of the 1.35 million-member Lions International network."

More headlines

"Brides help pick the best in the business"

"GP says thanks to residents"

Now for the straight talk ....

A bust of the 7th Earl of Carlisle, which is on the grand staircase in the Town Hall in Morpeth.

"The Institute fights back courtesy of political verses"

ROBERT Blakey, founder of Morpeth Mechanics’ Institute, says that soon after its establishment, ‘we were doomed to hear the doleful predictions from the Tory press about the dangerous nature of scattering knowledge indiscriminately among the people.

‘It tended to unsettle, nay, almost to revolutionise, public feeling on public affairs. It was said that radicalism and every species of political inflammation would find ready fuel in the knots and cabals of half-educated mechanics.’

James Fergusson, writing in 1875, confirmed this. Its foundation, he said, ‘was the occasion of a large amount of rancour and ill feeling, and evoked considerable opposition—not the less determined because it did the greater part of its work from behind a hedge.

"Babes and sucklings, from Psalm 8 and Matthew 11, means the workers. Educated people in those days knew their Bible, and would immediately recognise the warning not to despise the poor, but to cultivate humility.

The quotation from Ezekiel is about rich people keeping the poor in ignorance. That from Alexander Pope tells them to beware in case they get lampooned themselves.

The verses work in a different way, by self-mockery.

Us Committee are not agitators, but well-meaning bumblers. Their learning would take only a day to tell!

We follow virtue, vice suppress, is about Malthusianism. Thomas Malthus’s Essay on Population describes three processes that limit population. Late marriage and abstinence are preventive checks.

Disasters that arise from the laws of nature, like epidemics or bad harvests, and those which we bring upon ourselves, like vice and drunkenness, are positive checks.

The resulting misery and death drive the population down to what the food supply will support. "

Now the learning....

There are wise people who understand the laws of nature and consquences of not doing right by people. There is no hesitation to add that rich people keeping people in ignorance need to be really careful because, as some divine guidance was given to me to share - at any time our situation and circumstance can change, from poverty to abundance; from living with wealth to lack..

We only need to consider the Titanic - in that boat everyone was equal and yet the people who were in the lower decks were locked down there! Money and status does not buy life and most certainly does not guarantee a place in heaven.

In the first part of the article David Cameron came to mind and Jennifer Saunders, the actress came to my mind too. Number 10 Downing Street has a black door - is this contributing to the downing of people? It does a good job!

Integrity is a rare quality and if a politician is reading from a script and not doing right by all people, he cannot be considered to have integrity. Integrity starts with being true to yourself - being integrated, mind, body and emotions where there is not saying one thing and doing another. Now it could be that the British politicians are keen to understand integrity - but with an investment in war and weapons, the faces that accumulate debt for profit, are they really working for the people - I do not know and neither do you. Only they know their truth in their heart and mind!

Remembering the comedy partnership of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders - the French connection is coming up again. Dawn of a new day. Is this the reminder of the dawning of the Princess with a French heritage. Just a thought....

Jennifer was the voice of the wicked Fairy Godmother in DreamWorks' animated Shrek 2. In July 2010, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2009 - hope she is Ok and enjoying her family.

Most people in England are feeling the pinch with the rising cost of living - and yet billions can be spent on war. The global warming corporations too. How many trees were planted this year? What is being done to sustain this planet. The wind farms are using alternative clean energy, perhaps because time must be up for the contract enforcement of Nicola Tesla bringing Free Energy that whoever is profiting on. I would love to see the disclosure of who are the top shareholders in this.

Well we must trust in the divine plan. Queen Elisabeth II is not Queen by divine right, neither are her children or grandchildren. Apparently it is said she is Queen by right and if God did not want her there she would nave not reigned all this time. However, for 45 years there are serious issues to be addressed in this world that are yet to be dealt with. The UK laws are flawed for profit.

It really is so sad that England is a country that keeps people in ignorance and people who beleive they are superior take a deciding role as leaders. Recently I was listening to one of the Lords trying to account for a few jobs that would justify the flood of money coming into UK. Honestly guys, I can see where the conveyer belt mentalty have come from. Such is the minds for profit - industry is shipped overseas for cheap labour and bigger profit, because there is such little regard for the people both sides of the fence.

The greatest shame when someone is a multimillionaire and billionare, who can walk/drive past and ignore someone who is homeless. Even greater shame for people who have taken office to look after the people and ignore this!

Injustice must pay well because there is so much of it in UK.

Did England get it right this time? No they have not.

The people who have initiative to make a positive difference do. They do so because it is coming from the innermost part of their being.

St. Georges Church (being reminded of slaying the dragon)

If all officials were motivated to do right by everyone - the people will feel the benefit. The officials will feel the benefit too. Talking to a couple of police officers not long ago during a difficult job, where I was called to attend, I did acknowledge the good work they do and know they deal with some really difficult people. Who has driven the people the ground? The system has done this.

As for the billions or probably trillions of pounds in investment, along with the massive insurance claims - the BP disaster was questionable too. There are a lot of dirty deals also going around on a grand scale. All those huge fines to the banks - to whose account did this go to - or the excuse to shift funds around? The Banks are registed offshore to maximise profit. How many are using staff that work for £1-2 a day wages?.....Yes the world are being taken as fools.

It has taken a crisis to bring the people out in England, officers and the people to deal with another situation. With the floods, people are coming out to help other people - however the natural law is as a consequence to something.

With regards to the Age of Aquarious this is divine wisdom - spiritual knowledge, not people having to endure more inconvenience. Perhaps the Almighty is saying for all the stash of £ billions collected from the people for insurance over the years, it is time the insurance companies start paying out.

Just considering Buzzbee law firm in USA reported that Transocean made an insurance claim for $400 millionn from 'their own company' two weeks before the BP spill and then went to court to try and restrict pay our to only $27 million. People in America have no worry. The British legal system screw people over in such a big way and they do not want to pay up compensation even when they violate their contract. How many gallons of highly toxic chemicals wer dumped in the sea - reading somewhere the Queen does not eat seafood - she is wise not to.

Just looking for an image to discover the Morpeth SeaStar in USA - hope no more disasters happen....our planet cannot take the destruction.

This building is the Old Court House in Morpeth

Let's see what unfolds with Morpeth. To close this article I hope little April Jones from Wales is safe and brought home to her family.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria