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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 October 2012

Morpeth, Warkworth Castle and more on the royals

After my previous article, I wanted to see if anything else significant stood out in relation to Morpeth and what might be understood from this. Some points might be repeated here, new information comes to light with this too.

Following the Norman Conquest, Morpeth came into the possession of the de Merlay family, and a motte and bailey castle had been constructed by 1095. Morpeth grew from an important crossing point of the River Wansbeck. A cross is not just the passing over, but also reminds of the the Holy Cross.

The Old Court House has turrets seen on castles. This is a reminder of the Old Bailey in London, on top of which the Queen of Justice stands, blindfolded with her scales and sword. God has been the Judge. When the court is corrupt and the passage of justice obstructed, this must always be confronted.

Newminster Abbey was founded by Ranulf de Merlay, lord of Morpeth as one of the first daughter houses of Fountains in 1138. With fountains we are reminded of spiritual water and knowledge from the heavenly realms.

New - Minster, a New important Church and with being guided to Morpeth, is a reminder of a New important Church that will serve humanity. A church is a physical building and also a gathering of people. We are in a time of people globally uniting in peace and so this will bring people from all nationalities and faiths together. Since the ancient times, a specific Royal lineage has been chosen to bring divine wisdom teaching in relation to spirituality, meditation, the law and guidance for the people. There is an obligation to end all injustice too because this has been taking place in the name of God and is inexcusable.

While millions of British people are Christians, they have forgotten who rules this earth and the heavenly realms. When officials and government ministers are lip service beleievers or athiests, those who have no care or conscience are many. The problems created by officials, many neglected their oath and role of responsibility in upholding the structure that maintains society.

In 1215 the town was badly damaged by fire during the First Barons' War - notice the act of wars and destruction caused by man. The power struggles and man's hunger for power shows they do not RESPECT GOD rules this earth!

In the 14th century Ranulph de Merlay built Morpeth Castle, where stood an earlier fortress. Only the gatehouse and parts of the ruined castle walls remain. To build on a previous site, might have been to harness the earth power.

Approximately 10 miles from Morpeth is Warkworth Castle.

Warkworth Castle is sited on raised ground in a loop of the River Coquet. The original motte and bailey castle was built in the mid 12th century by Earl Henry of Northumberland, son of David I, King of Scots.

In 1157. Henry II recovered Northumberland from the Scots and the following year gave Warkworth Castle to Roger FitzRichard. The castle is most famously associated with the Percy family, who acquired the castle in 1332.

Roger FitzRichard was rewarded with 176 lordships and large grants of land in England, including the right to build the castles of Clare (Ireland) and Tonbridge (Kent) The name 'Clare' appears in the Da Vinci Code Movie, not reading the book. This name is said to connect with Mary Magdalene.

Clare of Assisi (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253) was born Chiara Offreduccio. An Italian saint and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Clare founded the Order of Poor Ladies, a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition. St. Clare wrote their Rule of Life—the first monastic rule known to have been written by a woman.

With the name 'FITZ' Richard, is revealing he is the son of Richard. The name Fitz has come up before. Henry FitzRoy was the illigitimate son of King Henry VIII of England.

Last year a building in London 'Fitzroy Court' was struck with lightening. The name 'court' connects with law courts. In a London Court I experienced legal corruption and the legal system has done 'everything' to obstruct justice - Shame on all the Queen's officials for they have rubbished her name and Oath. In Manchester - the other Royal Duchy in England, corrupt evidence was given by a lawyer and held in court and they refuse to retract this. With both these situations the Queen has violated her Solemn contract and everyone is invited to read her Coronation Oath in relation to Justice and the Bible to learn injustice is inexcusable. For all those who gasp - no one thought to protect the Queen by being upstanding and honorable to SERVE HER, to all the oathtakers who claim to work for justice. So Succession is God appointed now. The Crown of Torah relates to this.

Members of the English and British royal family, who historically lacked a surname, particularly illegitimate children of kings and princes were named with Fitz, ie: FitzRoy meaning 'son of the king'; FitzJames, son of king James II of England; and FitzClarence, son of the Duke of Clarence. While Fitz has inferred illegitimacy, this is not originally the case. The name Fitz is also a stand-alone German surname originating in the Palatinate region of Germany.

Gilbert Fitz Richard, son and heir of Richard Fitz Gilbert of Clare succeeded to his father's possessions in England in 1091; his brother, Roger Fitz Richard, inherited his father's lands in Normandy. Gilbert's inheritance made him one of the wealthiest magnates in early 12th century England. He was the earl of Hertfordshire, but consistently called Earl Gilbert or Gilbert earl of Clare. He was granted lands and the Lordship of Cardigan by Henry I, including Cardigan Castle. He founded the Cluniac priory at Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk.

Queen Elisabeth II is Duke of Normandy - this will pass on to her successor. Charles was given titles pertaining to lands for Prince of Wales at Ceredigion in Wales.
The Question is the Queen loyal to the people 'globally' as a priority or the profit making empire to line the pockets of her family. Considering there have been articles portraying the lady to be frugal, accounting for £200 million a year is not frugal and we would be excused to think the whole royal family take everyone as fools. The family might have laughed out loud when receiving a demand from 'Yahweh' for the Queen to vacate the throne. Actually someone claiming to be Yahweh, Yes really!

This document was apparently sent to the Queen. A few people claim to be Christ reicarnated and/or the Messiah, this man might be the only one claiming to be Yahweh, Lord of Lords etc although the establishment on earth evidently do not agree. It is likely there have been many claimaints for the throne over the years.

"The Percy family were one of the most powerful in the country, controlling much of Northern England. Despite having a castle at Alnwick, they frequently resided at Warkworth and made big improvements most notably with the addition of the great keep in the late 14th century that provided impressive accommodation.

The Percy's power struggles brought them into frequent conflict with the monarchy, with the castle returned to royal control on several occasions, but with their influence so great, a Percy was normally soon reinstated. The sixth Percy earl, Henry, on his death in 1537, left the castle and all his possessions to Henry VIII. Subsequent attempts to reinstate a Percy brought misfortune on the castle as the catholic Percy's came into conflict with the protestant Queen Elizabeth. A failed uprising of the Northern Earls against the queen, led to the execution of the 7th earl in 1572, and to the pillaging of the castle by the Queen's servants. The castle was subsequently allowed to fall into decay."

With floods on 6th September 2008 and September 2012, these are natural events and when the earth is flooding, it is washing the land. The earth is a living body and responds accordingly. The floods in Morpeth were not as severe as 2008 although sufficient enough to bring the people together and help each other. Crisis is also revealing the ethical voices of righteousness who speak out.

Also in September 2008, a Global financial crisis was recorded. With a financial crisis, a bailout is created. Banks profit from interest. When people live in debt the bank earns. Once caught in this trap people become debt slaves. When a government creates debt, the debt creator/official is reponsible. There is no law to oblige anyone to pay anyone else's debt, not man made law and in God's law usury is not allowed. Any debt created by deception, to profit the corporation is criminal. If any corporation is operating by corruption as the lawyers and officials boast the establishment is here, then it can be closed down and an ethical government established. Already the structure should be in place for this takeover to happen. Where are the ethical officials?

Establishing God's goverment is with God as the boss.

September 6 (2008) At least eight boulders dislodged from a cliff near Cairo, Egypt, killing at least 90 people and burying an estimated 500 people. In Haiti hundreds of people were killed by a storm on this same day.

The Queen was coronated on a fake pyramid. She is in the role of Pharaoh Queen of God's Kingdom holding the Orb and sceptre. The orb symbolises the world. While the area was carpeted, her throne in Westminster Abbey, underneath is an ancient mosaic of the world. When William and Kate Middleton were married, the position was the same with the cosmic floor exposed.

While William and Kate are meant to be together - Are they destined to rule over anyone - NO they are NOT! God's Law wipes away man made laws for profit. William was given an honorary law degree, seen to make and approve man made laws. If he was anointed by God he would not need an honorary law degree.

People ask about the true church. The true church will never disappear. The true church unites people in peace and does right by everyone. The true church does not promote war, impoverish people physically or spiritually. The true church does not sit in silence while innocent people suffer with injustice and lawyers get fat on profiting from lies. The true church is giving, not taking from people. The true church is praying for humanity, not paying lip service. Here in England pastors say they have to keep the doors closed! Churches are not meant to be profit making fronts. What spiritual food is being given? What is being done to help the homeless and vulnerable? Open the church doors to these people!

Do you belong to the true church? Only you know!

There are people who are saying people must convert to a religion - God does not need a religion. God does not need any mocking hypocrites representing him either. The Queen, all her officers, government,police and lawyers have taken an oath to be servants of God. ALL are obliged to do right by the people!

In history, people have been killed because they refused to accept the rule of man. The future is not to have rulers over man - only God! The spiritually blind will not understand and the officials who are abusing people, I wonder who is the person who is giving the order to allow any injustice today? Blind sheep wake up!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Some excellent photographs by Morpeth Camera Club