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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Queen Elisabeth II's umberella of Purple Reign

Daily Mail report with the Queen wearing violet purple, with black accents to visit rebuilt Jubilee Gardens in London.

A ceremony to mark the recent transformation of the Jubilee Gardens completed 35 years after they were first created in 1977, celebrated the Queen's silver jubilee.

Jubilee relates to Jubilee laws that can be found in the Holy Bible.

Jubilee Laws relate to giving back land to it's rightful owner. The Queen is not the owner of this world - she is supposed to be the protector of the land in the world so people can live in peace and thrive. She is supposed to be protecting the people.

The spiritually awake know this means giving the world back to God and Spiritual Laws apply. For people who preach 'no one can go to God except through Jesus Christ (just remember the Lord's Prayer starts with 'Our Father, Who Art in Heaven) at least they accept Jesus Christ is King of Kings. The Queen has held onto His Crown. Crowned Royals appointed by God have a personal relationship with God, with our spiritual crown.

Here we see the Queen under her transparent umbrella, with lilac trim. If you take your mind over to Istambul, she is representing the Queen of Hagia Sophia from the ancient Greek lineage. The Eastern Orthodox Church was the early Christian Church. The dome shape is corresponding with the roof top of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral known in English translation as Holy Wisdom. The purple lilac color is the colour worn by the Spirital Queen and you will notice it is very popular now. This is the third eye chakra. The clear top of the umbrella symbolically shows she is guided by God through her Crown Chakra.

In the shadow of the London Eye, the Queen knows that God Rules in heaven and on earth. The Jubilee gardens in London's Southbank, have undergone a £5 million transoformation with flowerbeds, new grass and new granite paths completed. With eye we are reminded of the all seeing eye of God watching every detail. New Solid Granite Path, is showing a solid pathway that has been newly laid down for the future. The Queen is standing next to recorded history and she is part of history for future generations. With the South Bank - Banks pertain to money - the Next Queen of the South will be Queen Head of the Bank.

Number 5 is the reminder of 5 Olympic Rings and 5 continents. 2012 also totals to 5 is an important year for people to understand. The Ancient Greek lineage has been chosen by God in the divine plan and with Hagia Sophia being a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, should be making sense as to why this is important for global peace by now.

The Queen's successor is expected to be a Born Princess, who has been divinely appointed for the role. All the talk of her son or grandson's being successors - they are not appointed by God. Time will tell what will happen because not everyone follows what God ordains and as long as people continue to be spiritually blind they remain so.

With 35 years, 3 + 5 = 8 0 number 8 relates to infinity. God is infinate. Number 8 is also related to God's Covenant. God made promises to people. He also instructed that every first born child is His for his purpose. Being consecrated to God since being born and through my baptism, this is to be one of many God's helpers here on this earth.

The Messenger of the Covenant is expected by people of all faiths. Apocalypse means lifting the veil so people can see clearly. The veil is being lifted so everyone can see and understand; also for the misguided to mend the error of their ways.

1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24 (2 + 4 = 6). Number 24 is the number of elders. There are twelve tribes of Jacob (Israel) and twelve tribes of Ishmael. Jacob had a daughter too and this lineage has not been forgotten in the divine plan. Promises were made to all people.

Consider the term As above so below. There is a Government in Heaven and this must also be on earth too. The government on earth must place God as the boss.

"And around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads." Revelation 4:4

This was taken just after three-year-old Bethany Wiles, pictured here with her mother Rae Wiles presente the Queen with a bunch of pale pink roses.

Young Bethany is wearing a red coat with a hood. Remmeber the stor of little red riding hood. It is also a very important time for all mothers to protect their children and keep them close by, especially in these times.

Bethany's mother's name Rae means light. Young Bethany is to carry on the light of her mother and we see the heart of her mother, through the child.

Three relates to the Holy Trinity.

Bethany is a location in London and also ...Bethany means 'house of misery' or 'poor house'. Jesus Christ was said to have stayed in Bethany when he entered Jerusalem. The King of Kings is not seeking out those amassed wealth from people, or illustrious titles, there has always been a reminder that the Meek Will Inherit the Earth. Matthew 5:5

Pale Pink is a colour of love...

As the Queen departed to make way home again, she was photographed in the car with her legs covered in a blanket. Sensible lady as now the weather is getting much colder and damp here - covering our legs is a growing trend.

Incidently the colour blue blanket is the same as in my dream a few weeks ago. While I was sitting on a chair under the arches (that reminded me of Salford - which also happens to mean Sea Lord and Queen of the Seas). In my dream the Queen held up a small piece of this blue fabric to her face as a mask. Being born from the ancient Greek imperial lineage, the Queen and I are likely to be related, even if distantly so. We have a connection to appear in my dreama and she wrote to my mother too. I do not forget.

While the Queen is covered with blue, A pink cover, the same as the roses is over my legs now. It is one of my favourite colours.

In Britain, many people are not aware that the Queen holds the place of the Queen of the Global Empire. This is why she was crowned on a fake pyramid and is pictured with holding a sceptre and an orb. The Crown here is the Imperial Crown.

The Coronation was televised for people to witness the ceremony. The ceremony showed the Phillip also honored as Duke of Edinburgh (Scotland) taking his oath.

Queen Elisabeth wearing the Imperial crown, holding the Scepter and orb. The orb is symbolic of ruling the world and this is why she hosts gatherings of the international royal houses at Buckingham Palace. There are people who know the Queen is not from a legitimate bloodline - there are also Jewish people saying the British royals are pretenders.

With Greek people being massacred in history and Jewish people too, this has silenced the truth. Still the truth will come to light anyway and the message will become louder and louder until people understand. For this reason the Imam Mahdi is awaited by Muslims and Mashaiach by the Jewish people. Now the Americans are getting louder about the Goddess, Isis and Cleopatra - with Madonna doing her MDNA tour too.

The Imeperial Crown is the Crown of Torah - the Crown of God's Law. This is to a specific lineage - the Line of King David is the eternal throne identified in the Holy Bible. The Royal Priesthood, was identified by the Holy Mother Mary and Christ. There are the three crowns, in one. Wars and destruction of buildings, including 9/11 WTC destroyed evidence of people's genealogy. However Smyrna the Royal City where the Holy Mother Mary went to live is home of my family. This will not be remain silenced forever.

It is written in the Holy Bible and God wll have his Glory now.

The New World Order, relates to the New One World Government. With the Age of Aquarius, it is expected that this brings new Spiritual Understanding and with this, a New One World faith that is a Spiritual Universal Church and a New Currency too.

The Golden Age and Spiritual Enlightenment are related to this.

Like the Queen, I fully understand the Oath she took because I also took my oath to God and this was heard and consolidated in the Central London Court of in front of 3 Barristers and a District Judge. This court was complicit in causing the Queen to violate her coronation Oath in 2003. Every police and lawyer who refused to work for justice since, has violated their oath and also rubbished the Queen. I still speak My truth on Oath!

Furthermore, not only has the Queen violated her oath because HER officials have no respect or regard for her, or the oath they took to be paid, this means that Charles cannot take over the crown or her grandson either. Charles mocked his marriage vow. Is God going to trust him? After the death of Diana, God decides who is His Princess and in case officials forget, Jesus Christ is King of Kings. He is King of His Church.

People do not realise that God really does see everyhing and in our hearts and minds. The establishment saw Diana as creating a 'constitutional crisis' and the media reported her as a 'Loose Cannon' who was about to campaign for the Palestinian people. There are people who think nothing to kill people who are in the way of their agenda. The Royal title Princess of Wales, upon Diana's death went to the next eligible person to hold this - By God's Choice. Princess of Wales is the heir to the Throne.

The Queen set a president being a woman by herself. When a King dies, people say the King is dead, Long live the King. When the Queen dies, it would be expected to be said The Queen is dead, long live the Queen. When my mother died, my role as spiritual head of the family was understood although sadly people did not want to listen.

In history Athena has been pictured on currency. Christ has been pictured on Currency. Brittania was pictured on currency (who was this lady?) The Queen has been pictured on currency.....Why has Athena's name been silenced? MtDNA too!

As I have said before, New Queen New Rules.

Divinely appointed and anointed Queen must do right by all people! The Expression to be Fearing God especially applies to the Queen who is ruled by God. She surely KNOWS my obligation too.

The Children's coronation came to my attention to share here.

A detailed re-enactment of The Queen's Coronation, called The Children's Coronation, took place on 3rd June 2002 in Cornwall. It was performed on the Quay in St Mawes by nine and ten year old children from St Mawes School; with a few adults.

There will be another Children's Coronation on 2nd June 2013, on the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of the original ceremony, on 2nd June 2013, held at Truro Cathedral. Music will be performed live by the Cathedral Choir and Organist and many more children will take part, together with children from the St Mawes cast of 2012.

Truro is a city in Cornwall in the South of England. Truro the centre for administration in Cornwall. Charles has been given the title Duke of Cornwall and collects a vast personal income from this land and related territories.

It is certainly timely that the land be returned to the people, with the children having the say in the country they want to live in and so, for the Children to have this ceremony 'in the eyes of God', in the Cathedral, is certainly fitting for the occaision. The children are the future teachers and leaders. Adults are guardians of this world for future generations of children who will pave the future.

Princess Diana was known as the People's Princes. The Queen has been known by many people here as their Mother. This is moreso when children have been emotionally abandoned. Our mother is the most important influential role in our lives. Whoever takes over from the Queen is to understand the Love for Humanity that the Holy Mother Mary had to be a spiritual mother is being an intercessor for prayer for humanity too.

Being a Royal Princess is also doing what Diana did - confronting injustice, corruption war and landmines. She was gusty and she also brought to light mental health issues and eating disorders. Being silent about war and injustice, is why war continues for thousands of years. Humanity deserves a chance...many chances.

The Queen has always smiles - her biggest smiles with children.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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