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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Rhianna is Unapologetic - Her Message Is Clear.

Just lost an article analysing this. Rhiannas new album cover - UNAPOLOGETIC. She is topless this time. Remember in the last image she was wearing a gold top with the number 23 and name Scott on the back, sitting on the Golden Throne. This was bringing to light Scotland and 2 +3 = 5 related to Hei in the Hebrew Language and God. We know Christ is God's Only Son so no man can take his place. Rhianna, a woman is sharing a blatant message. There are consequences of everything - take note the meaning of 'side effect' we see on her other arm 'Victory'.

The Nike Goddess is not being ignored by Rhianna for sure.

Recently Rhianna had a Goddess Isis tattoo in honor of her late beloved grandmother Dolly. In seeing images of the tender moments they shared together, I was deeply touched and this reminded me of the precious bond I shared with my Greek grandmother - we women are fortunate if we love and are loved by our mother's and grandmothers. There are millions of women who have not had this. From experience we can give our unconditional love to humanity, the gift they gave us to share.

In seeing the image at the time, I did want to write an article about this (and many other topics too) but it was not meant to be. With the above imgage of Rhianna's New Album it is certainly timely to share and to send my belated condolences for the loss of her grandmother. What beautiful moments they shared.

After Rhinna's Video Music Awards victory and appearance at the London Paralympics, she posted a revealing Instagram of the fresh ink between her breasts with the message "Goddess Isis - Complete Woman - Model for future generations - #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart #1love" : "Goddess Isis - Complete Woman - Model for future generations - #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart #1love"

Goddess Isis is a hot topic today. Isis symbolizes the eternal mother, friend to slaves, sinners and the helpless. Do you care about the downtrodden and neglected in our world? The MtDna Isis gene is passed from mother to daughter and while males have unity in brotherhood, we women unite in sisterhood. We have a spiritual connection. We are all related from Adam and Eve.

Just guided to find some information to discover Temple St. Clair’s New Athena collection of Jewellry said to be inspired by Goddess Athena. For all the attempts to make my mother's name disappear, it will never happen. For the attempts to make the name of the Virgin Mary disappear - Queen by divine right, this will never happen. Someone wants to record Ave Maria for charity now.

Rhianna has captured the attention of a global audience - to have captured such a wide base of people, she is diverse in sharing her art and communicating through this. Rhianna one of the most influential women in the world and the true person is the young woman known in her hometown and by closest friends.

The latest album is called UNAPOLOGETIC is showing she makes no excuse or apology for the messages she is sending out to the world. Being reminded that we do not need to apologise to say what needs to be said and to bring to people's attention what is necessary and important to understand. Rhianna has done this.

Rhianna has LOVE written across her forehead showing the focus of love in her mind. The clear message is that her mind and heart are focussed on love she stands up for what she beleives in. In case you did not know, what you think is also imapcting your feelings. Love reveals love intentions.

One eye exposed is revealing the feminine eye of Isis

Fearless - will say or do anything that needs to be said or done.

Faith - Knowing there is a higher power above human manipulation.

Fun - knows how to laugh and play too.

Roc - Team Roc and Diamonds connect. There is more to this.

Navy - colour and thought of Royal Navy.

It is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Jubillee law relates to returning land and property back to rightful owners!

HMS Diamond is the third of Britain's fleet of six Type 45 destroyers. She deployed in June 2012 on her maiden deployment. Deployment meaning - Move (troops) into position for military action.

War and injustice are completely against God's Laws. Billions of pounds can be spent on war and not on the people. These wars and rumor of wars are written in the Holy Bible in the Book of Revelation. Many prophesies have passed.

Chalice - the Holy Grail Goddess of Wisdom

Side effect - consequence of something.

Victory - Nike Goddess. God Almighty Wins.

# R1 made me think of the pure blood group Rhesus O Negative being the primary bloodgroup that can be given to every other bloodgroup. Many of these people have extra sensory perseption, are aware of having a direct link with God, interested in spiritual healing and/or making a difference in this world in some way. People are becoming aware of being born with a spiritual purpose.

This bloodgroup is predominantly in the Basque region in Spain, scattered across Europe and America. It is suggested that this blood group came from Christ however we do not know this for sure. What is known, Rhesus negative is connected with Royalty, a few celebrities and Presidents in USA. This blood group runs in my family. In 9/11 and the destruction of the WTC this also destroyed birth records descendants from the lineage of King David and the Royal Prieshood. The destruction was an act of man, not of God. Recognise the difference. Speaking with an astrologer, with having a bad feeling something was going to happen he looked at the chart and spoke of a Grand Cross. As we know Cross is connected with Christ. Any attempts to destroy the Church, God will re-establish his true church. See the signs around and seek the truth.

What we are meant to know, God will guide us to the truth. Two towers were destroyed - and a third, one is being rebuilt - FREEDOM TOWER! If humanity unite in peace, we just have to deal with the warmongers and actually God will deal with them.

My father whose father was part Spanish, collapsed and went into a coma around this time - not sure if on this day. He was living in Greece where he died and the British legal system should know the THE WRITTEN LAW! My Greek Athenean BORN Mother died in London. Looking at both my mother and father's natal chart shows a Grand Cross. Through their marriage, they united two divided churches into one. The location of their death established God's Laws and this has been revealed to me as important in the divine plan. Justice is refused in UK since.

This world is Ruled by God and Christ is King. He is not making the decisions for war and killing innocent people. Creating a one world empire that is keeping people down and enslaved in debt is not in the divine plan. Actually usury is forbidden - read the Holy Scriptures on what is revelevant to know.

Here the Cross is identified at the Isis Temple in Philae, Egypt.

While there are people who are so motivated to empower the people - there are those who believe it is their right to rule and it is not. I lost the link - the divinity of Christ has been denied 'to deny the bloodline appointed by God?' Man made laws prevented women from inheriting the crown although it is from a specific bloodline that is the issue. People get hungry for power and the lifestyle forgetting in the role of King and Queen carries great responsibility to the people. The Pharaoh in Egypt was eventually brought to his knees in the time of Moses. Those who are doing wrong to the people and abusing God's name are not protected.

God is 10 steps ahead of man. The Holy Scriptures were written thousands of years ago and what is relevant is coming to light. Being born from Athena, who was born in New Smyrna and whose mother was born in Smyrna in Ancient Greece where the Temple of Athena is - we descend from the imperial bloodline and we are NOT commoners. Holy Scripture is clear about the Church of Smyrna. Amazing, war and theft of inheritance can bring people to lose everything. Does the Queen or any of her family look down on the Homless people living on the Street. Perhaps they need to examine why people are homeless and INVEST to prevent this!

Smyrna was also in Asia Minor and so it seems that with Victoria taking the title Empress of India, this was connected to Smyrna, known as the Crown Jewel of Asia. There is the India trading company - which reminded me of the Dutch East and West trading company and if one followed from another. Considering, Victoria spent One £million on tracing that genealogy apparently - £1 million in the time of Queen Victorias life is how much today?

Quite revealing to learn that Prince Phillip's father, Andrew was on a ship while the true royal bloodline were being massacred in Smyrna and people were turned away from the ship. Andrew got saved by the British Government, yet he sat back and it is recorded that the sound of peoples throats being slashed could be heard in the distance. The exact figure of people murdered were recorded to be between 100,000 and 400,000 people. The British made a decision to partition the land apparently. A deafening silence of the loss of life for people to learn the lesson.

Here Rhianna is wearing another American dream top and holding a bottle that shows a crown a wall and a city behind this. Is this new Jerusalem? Jerusalem is the light of the World - Holy Zion was decided by God not man. He makes all the rules and so unless anyone understands Providence, changing God's Plan is going against what he has ordained to benefit all people.

The reason why the Crown was promised to Smyrna might actually be connected to this. Being baptised IN GREECE from a lineage from Smyrna and New Smyrna, this was surely going to come to my attention. With Justice refused after legal corruption with years of fob offs and officials boasting of innocent people in prison here in UK, the Queen broke her solemn contract with God.

There is a huge difference with given titles, to merit a status of superiority (perhaps passing land ownership to family members) between being born a Spiritually Crowned Royal Princess and born for a divine purpose in relation to serving God and enabling humanity. Have I been born to free people from slavery as has happened in the time of Moses? New Queen - New Rules!

America was established with Human Rights. Britain deprives people of their human rights. The Queen has ignored legal corruption for 30 years! Hundreds of officlas have gasped hearing my experience yet NOT ONE LAWYER WILL WORK FOR JUSTICE. A once noble profession is now a liability to humanity.

The Queen, Charles and William did not attend the closing ceremony at the Olympics - there was a very real bomb scare and I prayed nothing happened. It did not. The media used some excuse for their not being there. Harry attended and was introduced as Henry Prince of Wales - the title of the Heir to the Throne, Catherine had the national Anthem sung to her after accepting a title with her husband as ruler of Scotland did not go unnoticed. William and Kate being raised on a throne with head-dress on Solomon Islands did not go unnoticed. Remember - The British royal family are not divinely appointed!

People might not get what they are incapable of seeing but at least subconsciously they are waking up to what is happening. Most British people find it impossible to comprehend that there are many many thousands of people who are actually born Royal who are 'not from an illigtimate bloodline'. Everyone is being taken as fools and the spiritual battle is taking place - where God does WIN!

Taking an Oath to God is not to be taken lightly.

It is especially with learning that 300 years of UN humanitarian programes to enable people could be funded just from one year military spending. Permit me to save a few £billion a year. It is time for the war monger mentality to retire permanently!

This world is given for the people to live in peace and to thrive. Everyone has been given life by the Grace of God and we are all given Free Will. To suffer injustice is just the reminder that the officials today have not learned from history. Christ suffered injustice and betrayal. The low mentality that wear suits and wigs, with fat bank accounts does not comand respect or respectability.

Rhianna has been chosen to be propelled into the public eye for a purpose and she is in a position to make a huge positive difference in the areas of her choosing. Not everyone considers that some of the biggest names have humanitarian hearts and their spiritual calling to fulfill. This is an individual calling.

We see here, Rhianna wears a red top and not sure if says African or American Dream. Two pillars cast to the ground and also a cross with 4 stars. Cosmically there is planetary activity that could relate to this - as above so below comes to mind. Now in the whole world, with people suffering, the way forward requires that we are brave and address and resolve problems, by idenfitying the cause. If we want to cure cancer, we must eliminate the cause of this. There is a need to spiritually empower men and women to realise a higher consciousness. If humanity keeps sliding backwards then the root cause of this has to be realised and healed.

The man in the other photograph is sporting a logo too of Black Pyramid brand with the reminder of Egyptian Pyramids again. The Daily Mail report that Rhianna broke up with Chris in 2009 after he was arrested for assaulting the singer, leaving her battered and bruised. Recently they were spotted together again and perhaps they have unfinished business - at the very least to address their healing need. Many men are abusive to women and have learned this behaviour from their parents. Not knowing what drove this man to his actions, I just hope that good can come out of the opportunity they have chosen to communicate together again.

With Diamonds being written with a symbol above, this gives the indication of physical diamonds and of which Africa is a source and rich in minerals. Africa is also a continent that 'land owners' have made their fortune and yet, why are people so impoverished. One would think people of a higher intelligence and who wear noble titles would understand that by uplifting humanity they raise their own regard. What I see are people wearing noble titles who are clueless to what they stand for - using titles to impress. There are people collecting a fortune in charity and yet the vulnerable cause sees very little if any at all. The work that needs to be addressed is deep cleansing and restructuring to build a foundation that is fair and ethical to everyone. There are those who do not want this to happen.

Since ancient times the spiritual key has been given to women. Crunch time has come now and the Old World Order is falling apart. It is vitally important for the continuation of humanity for women to be spiritually empowered to uplift the human condition. When a woman puts herself in an inferior position to a man, it does not do the relationship any good. Children raised in a house where their mother is abused leaves a psychological imprint and millions of people repeat patterns, what they have learned in childhood. There are children being married off - little girls having female circumcision because of 'tradtition'. So much needs to be addressed and these issues have been around for a very long time. My voice has been sounded out and I have avoided public speaking.

Whereever people live, men so easily go down the wrong path and even to a very primitive mindset. Man have also degraded and put down women for far too long. Men so easily enter into a combative mentality and even go to war - especially when there are no other jobs around. Far more productive is to learn skills training and help to fix the world. Share knowledge skills and help people be empowered is the way forward. Use time and energy into helping and enabling poeple instead of being destructive and ultimately being self destructive.

I have lost some of my best years fighting legal corruption. Now the battle is given to God who has already made his decision very clear. And I do not know what has gone on behind the scenes but with war comes retaliation and there are people in this world who have no regard whatsoever for people. Before looking at the terrorists - consider what made people behave in this way. While people are asked to sing a prayer to save the Queen. My prayers are to save humanity!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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