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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown

Just now I am guided to write about 'Robbie Williams with every intention to write about him some time back. As always everything happens when the time is right; with divine timing.

Robbie Williams has named his new album Take The Crown! Robbie is pictured when he appeared on Xfactor performing his new song Candy, written with Gary Barlow, who is also a judge on the UK X factor show. He is also wearing the colour purple, as discussed in other articles. This colour purple is related to the third eye chakra and known as spiritual purple or Royal Purple. The video created for this song is posted further down my page.

Robbie left the band Take That so many years ago and went out on his own. There were people who thought he would never make it. Evidently Robbies thoughts and hard work was to prove all the pessimists wrong. 20 years on, Robbie is shining his own light to the world through his songs all these years, has a huge fan base.

It is easy to look at the person singing on stage and forget they are a human being with feelings. The biggest loving hearts in the world, send out their energy to the world. There is something about Robbie that millions of people can identify with, even if they are not aware consciously. This is one of the mysteries of life.

Women of all ages love Robbie even older ladies have said they want to mother him. His concerts are filled with people from all ages - one lady I spoke with who went to his concert and still riding the high of the waves of energy months later. This energy is magnified with the people resonating on the same frequency. When the frequency is love, unconditional love - everyone feels the benefit. Robbie became one of powerful singers in the music industry by communicating a very important message.

Robbie Williams performs angels live at knebworth, England 2003. Reported to be the UK's biggest ever concert with around 375,000 people on consecutive nights.

In 2003, I was guided by my guardian angels to share spiritual understanding with people. I was told there are many people who are broken and hurting, also there are people being mislead. To be very clear, everyone has a guardian angel and this is your guardian given by God. You do not need to pay to attend some training course to communicate with your guardian angel - God does not ask for money to pray to him either. He said 'You do not need to pay to pray' and so this message has been delivered.

One time when walking Robbie's name came into my mind in relation to angels, I got the impression to share messages I am being given and a book that he will read that will be providing validation. Around this time I had penned messages to publish.....Not having any personal connection with Robbie, at that time I just sent my love and best wishes to him, hoping he is Ok and stays strong. He is fulfilling his own destiny.

Another time while browsing in a store, the radio was playing in the background and when the broadcasters were talking, expressing concern for Robbie. I got the impression he was in a very difficult place within himself and know there are people who struggle with depression who give up. For Robbie to have given up at this point, would have been just before he had lived his life and experienced the reward his giving in life.

For any radeo presenter to express concern, was surely reason to be concerned. In hearing this as a call for help, I just asked God that he finds real love, someone who loves him for who he really is and that he can love in return. I felt that if he found the right person that he would be far happier and settled. If he married and had a family, this would be the dream that he really wanted in his heart. Years on it has happened.

Love Supreme - message to all the lonely hearts in London and everywhere (notice the purple also in the front of the audience, there are people who are wearing bright orange bands on their wrist. The steps and red stage holds meaning too)

People who are walking the red carpet in the entertainment as soap stars or movie actors, singers and songwriters, screen writers and the production team all hold a role of responsibility in communicating messages though their art. The television and stage is a teacher and mirror to reflect back what is relevant to understand. We can learn from other people's thoughts, feelings and their process. Where people do not communicate openly and honestly with each other, it is easy for people to live their lives settling for what they do not want, doing a job they do not even enjoy and living like a zombie.

Robbie has said he was not suicidal. People can go to deep despair and depression to come up into the light again. There are far too many professionals putting lables on people, without helping the person and provide the right type of theraputic intervention, to assist healing, whether this be emotional healing, addressing psychological process, self esteem building and what other areas that need to be identified. There are adults who are hugely successful even in business, who seemingly have everything and yet thy are suffering souls. Putting on a mask and pretending all is ok when it is not feeds into denial.

Robbie has been living out his vulnerability in front of a massive audience and yet, to find the right person, is like finding the needle in a haystack. It is quite obvious that anyone who has gone through emotional ups and downs, which men do and are capable of very deep feelings too, they also do soul searching and pray. When we pray, our prayers are heard and then they are answered. If we do not pray, God cannot hear your call.

Notice how 'everyone' is singing along to Robbies songs. Everyone can relate to wanting to feel real love and having so much life running though their veins. It is in these songs that people are singing along, that hearts are opening and people are realising they want to love and to live with love too. Robbie has become the inspiration to show, no matter how low life gets, never give up because everything happens in the right time - when we are ready. Robbie encourages his audience to sing and so, people are singing the messages in his songs. Music is energy vibration and songs carry a powerful message.

Millions of people do not feel good enough and wanting to win somene's approval - this is something else that is being revealed. With Robbie being an international star, people love him for who he is, despite his personal struggles. If anything his struggles has evoked empathy. We all go through struggles in life so we may grow. What Robbie did is put himself out there. He is an example for other people do do some soul searching. Eventually we all learn to be true to our heart. This has to be said by someone.

Today, the man who has split from the boy band, made his personal success is acknowledging his own process by saying "I think I've needed Gary's approval for a long time and I got it. I just wanted to be in the studio with him and have him go, 'You're good at this.' It was important to him."

In striving to be successful and/or to be accepted by people - most people can relate to justifying theirselves and even trying to take the short cuts. There are people who feel they do not have a valid voice or lack confidence to speak out. There are people who do not listen or sound out the voices that are meant to be heard. The voices that are meant to be heard will get louder and louder - songs carry the real message.

If we are to conform or settle for second best, to turn away from doing what we are meant to be doing, we can lose our way. Few people have the ability to guide people in the right direction, especially when they are unaware of the person's inner process. In the battle to get to the top of the ladder of success, many people tread on other people and also forget, that success has come, for instance in the music industry, due to the people who bought the music - the records or CD.s Without this there is no success.

For a product, service, or music to be bought - people must feel a connection to by this - or they are talked into buying a product or service. Music cannot be owned - the recording of music can be brought. Whatever Robbie puts out there now is going to get a lot of attention. His latest release Candy has over 8 million viewers.

In the video there is also the reminder that if you do go around hitting people, you will attract this too. We are not aware of our guardian angels in physical form, unless they reveal theirselves. We are reminded that everyone is going through their own lessons of learning and we are all responsible for our own process.

Furthermore, Men and women are not always aware of each other - people who are meant to be together, until their eyes are opened to see each other. This brings to mind a couple I met who socialised in the same place; in the same company for years. They were invisible to each other until one day their light switched on.

It is a mistake to bow down to anyone or plead with people - whether in a friendship and even a relationship. If people are unable to see who we are, to love and accept who we are as people, this is not our shortcoming. Because true love is not openly promoted here in UK, sadly, few people strive for this. People can easily drift in life if they do not listen to their heart. Going from one relationship to another is not going to bring real love because we must find this within ourself first of all. Many couples do not know love with each other simply because they do not feel their feelings and give. When we live with love in our heart, this energy is sent out. There is never enough love in the world.

Robbie is the born entertainer who gets up on stage and gets everyone signing - this is his gift to the world. If he is to look back on his life and take stock of all his experiences, he will realise in his struggle how far he has actually grown. He never needed the approval and acceptance of anyone. He just needed to accept his own self. In learning these lessons, he can then be a light of encouragement for other people too.

Robbie Williams Returns From Unicef Haiti Trip With Ayda.

We are in a time of spiritual awakening and and people are choosing to give back in many different ways. If we do not realise who we really are, we might be in danger of conforming to a social form. We have choices and we are all here for a purpose - we are not slaves or born into slavery. In the eyes of God everyone is equal - everyone has a right to life and this earth was given for everyone to live on and thrive. Not everyone understands this.

Robbie was born in Manchester, in England. Bolton is in Greater Manchester. Moving here as a 12 year old I noticed the language people, even teachers communicating is keeping people down. One word that needs banning is the word 'commoner' especially as this has suited a man made structure of Kings who have no divine right to rule this earth. The war monger mentality is over!

Especially in UK, masses of people think they are not good enough. Talking to some teenagers in the City of Salford one time, they told me that they were not clever enough to study and there is no hope for the future - I told them everyone can learn and in Salford, college is free for people who are unemployed. The blocks are down. They were suprised that I believed in their potential and encourage everyone's growth. When a parent puts down their children, this puts them off learning and can stunt development.

Another reason why people are emotionally stunted is because people do not listen to their feelings and not being honest with other people too. The danger in society and Robbie could do with looking at is being careful of saying what is not really meant and being sensitive to the feelings of other people. A beautiful wife and child is asking for love, tenderness and to feel safe and secure. Trust is huge in every loving marriage.

There are people who have so much love to give and yet hold back because they do not want to be hurt. Mixed messages brings mixed signals. If we say we hate someone we love, the person who is true to their heart is going to pick up on this. Women might not be aware of how a man is insecure to love and scared to be hurt. Not all males are good at communicating openly and honestly - perhaps this is the next learning chapter.

Robbie has a voice beyond performing. He is a powerful influence for young people to follow their dream and listen to their intutition. With saying in his song, he has conversations with God who laughs at 'his ideas' - the reason being is because Robbie might not realise he has been chosen in the divine plan for a greater purpose beyond this. His journey so far has been stepping stones to help him reach the next chapter in life.

Here the Scots Guards are playing outside Buckingham Palace on the Queen's 60th Diamond Jubilee party. Jubilee Law relates to giving back land to it's rightful owner and this is actually God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. Jews wait for this.

The magnification of energy on this point is also ackwowleging the heavenly realms for you will see on top of the statue a golden winged angel messenger. The already Queen knows for God's Laws to be applied on earth in God's Kingdom on earth, this requires someone who is guided by God, who will also do right by people everywhere in our world.

Someone is openly claiming to be the Queen chosen by God, with a long list of personal glorifications including the divine feminine, heavenly mother, messiah and the Lord we must obey. Ha! I wrote to say, if she is The Queen appointed by God she will take over from Queen Elisabeth II and bring an end to all the war and injustice. She does a lot of rebuking of people and even told me off. She is evidently not aware of being tested. All God's helpers are.

Robbie Williams message is: Take The Crown!

Not being the Queen, however I am a Royal Princess. There is a specific lineage that God has chosen for his purpose. My spiritual crown, does not need to be a physical crown, however, I am obliged to obey God's instructions! However officials refused to listen. Everyone is given many chances to do right by 'everyone' even the Queen. Time is going to reveal everything now.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria