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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 30 November 2012

Celebrity Big Brother Logo 'Clearly' Revealed

"Big Brother is watching you: Brian Dowling and Emma Willis get furry in a new logo for the celebrity reality show"

We are reminded of government spying on people. However, never forget the all seeing and all knowing eye in the sky. He watches everything and everyone.

Here Rylan who recently appeared on X factor and came to my attention - love his heart and I think he has great potential too. He just needs to be his true self. Rylan is rumored to have entered Celebrity Big Brother house and favourite to win.

The Big Brother logo is not radiating darkness. We are shown that it is radiating the color of spiritual light. We also see a star and behind this another planet. The earth is not the only planet in the entire universe. Be reminded of this now.

We see the all seeing eye on earth, with the television. People are divinely inspired, especially working in the creative industry. There inspiration is bringing the truth to people. Look upwards to the heavens to be your King.

The all seeing eye on Mount Athos. This is the Holiest of mountains given to the Holy Mother Mary. No man can ever own it. No woman can step on the land because it belongs to one woman. No child can be born on the land to claim ownership either. Attempts by elected Kings to rule the world - You cannot!

This Gold eye was found in a tomb of a Goddess from ancient Egypt. The women hold the Spiritual Key. The Ankh is represented as this. This key is known as the Key of Life. Women are given the Spiritual Key of life and wisdom throughout history,

All the attempts to 'sell' Kate Middleton to be Queen of the World - because this is what is happening, She has no right and no entitlement to be so. Is she divinely guided to? No she is not!

The message will get louder and louder until truth hits home.

The Queen Elizabeth II could recognise me as a Royal Princess.

She KNOWS who I am. She knows who holds the Spiritual Key too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lady Gaga: Crown Head of Flowers - Very Serious

With my team working overtime....This is serious stuff.

Attempts to silence the truth, the message will always get louder. Truth cannot be silenced. Christ is King of the World for all people. God Amighty is the Ruler of the Universe. The emphasis is really important to understand this and why.

There is a reason why a 'woman by herself' is shown to be sitting on the throne in the music industry - two reasons. One, it seems, that Kate has being crowned and the adoring people will continue to accept William. This is what happened when Elisabeth was born. Phillip's mother was born in Buckingham Palace. The same old family tricks.

Consider 'Zion' Singing. The Queen of Zion is the handmaiden of Christ.

Christ was born to save humanity from being abused, exploited, oppressed and enslaved - if he had not been born the planet would have been blown up by now.

My neice was inspired to do the Goddess Project Movie - a documentary movie about empowered sharing their experience to empower other women. Holli Rae is doing what I would have liked do a few years ago. Someone told me that Americans needed a big confidence boost - then crunch my confidence became broken, that Dark lord attacks me. I can honestly say there is a dark force that does not want people to be empowered. Anyone who is a threat to the throne certainly suffers. The British establishment need to learn they do not own the world and never will do. They have no right to rule the world or people either.

Lady Gaga is highly motivated to make a positive difference and empower young people - There are millions of young people hurting, self destructive adults. People are suffering because there is a great need in this world, unconditional love.

Lady Gage is known for her really unsual outfits that make a statement. After writing my previous article I have found this in the Mirror Paper. Mirror is also something we look into to see our reflection. Lady Gaga is not happy at all.

Kate Middleton showed off her pretty royal crown with big smiles.

What Kate can do Lady Gaga can do bigger and better. People comment on Kates smile and her face looking different. Not sure if that is her real hair - if so she had a good head on her. She must be very careful not to suffer trauma or it could fall out in handfuls and might not grow back the same. Lady Gaga suits fabulous wigs! This Complete Crown of flowers is by Our Holy Mother Herself.

Quote "I just really feel like there's something on my face'"

Lady Gaga is visualising really clearly everything - crystal clear. When I got injured in the car crash this was the area I got hit and was badly swollen for about 8 months. Several senses work here - plus the extra one and download information too :)

Lady Gaga's eyes are saying it all. People are waking up to what is happening now. Creative people are also getting into this, People are connecting to the Flame and shining their light brightly. This is a time of mass awakening. Forget paying hundreds of dollars for seminars - these people do not teach what is 'important' to know.

Notice there ia a wave of foral crowns around the world and I am loving it - Priness Gaga. Some men are confused still. The agenda to be Queen Kate cannot be met or fulfilled to be Head of a Global Empire. Kate does not meet the criteria for this.

The Lady Queen of flowers and the Month of May is the Virgin Mary. The whole month is sacred to her. The feast day of the visitation of Our Holy Mother is the day before my birthday, 31st of May. She will not disappear - we have at least two generations of women to keep that truth alive and we women need to do something to stop all these wars.

You may have heard of 'Lady of All Nations' This is Mary!

There was no need for the Mirror to include this picture of Kate in the article. They are showing Gaga's reaction - look facially. Look at her eyes.

The deep emerald green gown is gorgeous. It reminds me of the Emerald Isle and emeralds - a stone that is connected to the Queen of Sheba, Queen of Wisdom too. What is certain, Lady Gaga has gone all out to make a statement. With Kates crown, she can do so much bigger and better. Unlike Kate she has the guts to get on stage, plan all her events and so some really brave performances, not just daring - one I got a glipse of - a piano high up. And I have just realised the connection. The Piano music is inspired song.

Lady Gaga is holding the blue crystal. Next to her, the man is holding a bottle of Water. We are being reminded of crystal clear thinking and also spiritual water - because water that is pure, is blessed water. Blue Crystal also relates to clarity of the voice, the throat chakra and communiating truth. Wonder what spiritual wisdom kate with share to her lowly subjects who will bow down to her as head of a church:(

Remembering my water when a bottle stood out - wrote about it here. It has a blue and white label - Crystaline and on the other side is 'Sophia'

It is also bottled in France - the French connection again.

Already I am inspired to bring Hagia Sophia back as a universal Peace for everyone. This is nothing to do with the British royal family, or Kate Middleton. I want to see Peace in the Middle East and in the Holy Land. I want to see Peace Globally!

We do not promote the bowing down to FALSE IDOLS in MY Church!

Lady Gaga is wearing a full head of flowers - This is HER Crown and Glory. Not one woman with a given title can even stand in her light. Yes I do say what the media might not say. Bill Gates - would he bow down to Kate Middleton, What about Mark from Facebook - How about Oprah who I love, Madonna would you bow down to Kate Middleton?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, even though split, would either of these people bow down to Kate Middleton - imagine William demanding we have to bow down to her? Some people might - actually masses of people in the commonwealth are trained to.

If Kate is Queen - can I become Empress. It is my birth lineage?

I am setting a trend that no one bows down to anyone any more. In the ancient times the Spiritually appointed Royal family uplifted humanity. We are so many descendants from this, Kate needs to get practicing her curtsey to everyone, out of respect!

The 2012 trend setting hairstyle is reaching across the miles.

Not long before I was injured in a car crash. Had realy long thick hair then. Back then I was ready to reach the world, with a string of diplomas after studying and the Dark Lord's helpers did not want me to empower people, not in UK or Anywhere!

Love Gaga's long brown hair and golden Crown. Notice in the background too - the laundry cleaning business. From UK to USA - people understand now.

This is a team effort - Unite and claim all your human rights and divine rights - which are all ours anyway. God gave us all FREE WILL.

Or bow down to William and Kate. Are 'they' going to try pull a stunt that she has the Word of God - I doubt it. The Queen published New Bibles for their crowning.

There might be another ceremony crowning Camilla and Charlie.

People talk about the Dark lord they just have no idea.

People think they are free in the world they have no idea.

Lady Gaga and I are spiritually connected and maybe she reads my page too. She put the first smile on my face today - Thank you Spiritual Sister.

As Beyonce sings. Non conforming Girl's Run the World.

I have had enough of being violated by the British establishment.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment intended

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What the UK Royals Do Not Want You To Know

The artist was commissioned to paint a 9' x 11' portrait of the Queen. This closeup shows the fine detail of the bruish and shows the Queen with emotion in her eyes. The Queen is at an age where she must look back and take stock of her life.

The British royal family are an illegitimate bloodline. The reality is these people have no right to the throne. This has been shown in a BBC television documentary. Why are people reluctant to address the truth written in the Holy Bible? It is there. This is just the start. Other important information is given.

Get used to seeing what you see as it is presented. Here we see an upside down crown. The Crown of Christ is an upright crown.

This is the headdress of Queen Puabi who was Queen by divine right. She has been pictured on the postage stamps of Iraq. Britain illegally invaded Iraq and went to war on a complete lies told by Tony Blair. Since this he has earned millions of pounds. Incidently all wars taking place are based on lies. Do you still support war?

The Orthodox church do not promote bringing illegitimate children in the world. It is God who set the rule for this to protect people. Allow me to explain why. A child that is born from love has a very different psychological makeup and inner resources, than a child who has not. To be of service to the people, we must be with pure heart and pure intention. The Crown Head of the Church of England and government is run by illegitimate descendants. It has been clearly stated by officials, if there is an illegitimate child, all descendants from this are illegitimate. The only issue being raised in relation to meeting the criteria to be on a throne and the church, that influences billions of people.

To become or be made king by deceiving people invalidates eligibility. In the Queen's Jubillee were, limited created editions of the Holy Bible. New bibles were created for the Queen's coronation too. We see a pattern when handing over the Kingdom in history. Has she gone against what God has ordained? Would not be the first time this has happened? When people are expected to swear allegiance to their King - this takes away their Free Will that was a God divine Right. This is why people were given FREE WILL.

Millions of people have been killed for their king. Jesus Christ was killed by the people he came to save and they rejected him.

David Cameron was descended from a lover of King William IV. If he was born by the marriage of King William IV he would be a Royal Prince. He is not. Incidently here in Bolton the King William IV is now Minerva Printing. Many signs are showing the Crown has reverted to the divinely appointed female.

Last year a building in Croydon, not far from where I was born, was struck by lightning. Fitzroy Court revealed that God had identified the end of life of this. The name of Henry VIII illegitimate son by his teenage lover was Henry Fitzroy. He was given titles with land - the Duke of Richmond and Somerset. From this he will have earned a very handsome income. This title also allowed him to influence laws of the land. As to other title holders and this is what has impacted people in England to their detriment.

“No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord." Deuteronomy 23:2

This means that it is forbibben to be a servant of God and work in any Government or church as a minister of God. This is written in the Holy Bible and quoted.

There are children born that are claiming to be from this royal household. The media squash everything. It would not matter if any of the royal family are illegitimate to their own private lives. Man made laws have protected their financial future so they think. When a government is run by descendants of family - this is not an easy nut to crack. These people could have been honest with the people and with God. He is the Judge.

In America officials are very open about taking their oath and seriously. They are reminding people also that an oath is taken openly, not behind closed doors. Regarding Obama messing up his oath or where he was born, If he is to be an instrument for peace, he will be. If he messes up he is accountable too. If he took the oath mocking God - not a good idea. However, I am aware that we must bring peace in this world now - Not by war. It does not matter if you are Jewish, or Christian or Muslim - if you are sincere in your faith, this will relfect in your service to the people and also with other nations.

The Queen is in a difficult position but she was put there 'as a woman' for a reason. She has paved the way for women to be leaders in this world and be respected. Elizabeth was not the expected successor for the throne. She has been put in her position to make sure the crown comes back to the right place - to the Christ family lineage. If she ignores the MtDNA when it has been brought to her attention, especially when she has violated her oath and caused harm to God's anointed, she knows there is consquence too.

"But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear." Isaiah 59:2

Here we get the understanding that when people sin, - take the focus and see the diabolical acts by officials decisions. Who is the power that is manipulating this. The expression dark lord applies in this case? When these people pray their prayers are not heard. They are not protected any more. Their biggest fear is that 1) You discover they have no power 2) that you are giving them your power. This includes government ministers who are working the corporation for profit and judges who claim to administer justice.

"In the meantime, when so many thousands of the people had gathered together that they were trampling one another, he began to say to his disciples first, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops. “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him! "Luke 12:1-59

The hypocrites say one thing and do another. Portray nice and friendly and yet they are the enemy of the people. There is factually a lot hidden from the people and a fake front is put to the people. However, through some images and looking beyond at names, places and numbers, I have been able to discover what it is that is being revealed. A photographer has a visual eye and this is creative imagination. The media can write one story and yet the photo can say something else and even bring the truth to light. In the Daily Mail articles, people comment and it is suprising what comes to light, additional information.

The above scripture is saying that nothing is hidden from Christ and he will make sure that it is revealed and exposed for everyone to see...much like you read here on my page. There is an expression - those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Those who judge in courtrooms will be judged in a courtroom. Those who live as God being your judge as the Queen does is being judged by God. Her family beleive they have not made oaths to God so they are safe. Other than Harry, which is why he is a wild boy, believing he is untouchable, everyone else has. They did so in their marriage vows.

The titles that these people are holding relate to Kingdoms. The people who know and want to tell people are probably scared to speak out. So by taking an oath of allegiance to the Queen and her successors - you are agreeing to become their slaves and do what they order you to do. This is in complete violation to human rights law. These people know what they are doing. They know how to work the system they created for profit.

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

You are not a slave and you are never going to be. You can only become a slave if you give yourself permission to be. You have within you the possibility to purify your heart and mind and become spiritually whole. You can heal and also be empowered. There is no man or woman who has the right to decide if you live or die. God decids when you are born and when you will die - the body will die, the soul will live on if you have not sold it. You are an independant soul who has been born for a spiritual purpose on earth. Your soul is born into your physical body. Know yourself and you will discover why you are here.

The Queen is your servant and should be grateful to you. For all the love you give her, what is she giving to you? Do not forget that you are contributing to alifestyle that accounts for £200 million a year just in expenses claims for her family - plus on top unknown business earnings from interests on the land. Look up the earnings of the Duke of Lancaster and Charles Collects from the Duchy of Cornwall. These people do not want to give up their lifestyle. As I ask - is the church a business front of a house of God?

At the Royal Jubilee an article put forward William as asking people to have the Queen protect their land and from this they would be entering a contract. Any breach of contract further down the line and the land can be claimed. The only law legally effective is contract law. The British Court are in breach of contract with myself personally. They are to this day running a busines with corrupt evidence for profit. The system here is not protecting the people in Britain and to do so needs a clean up.

If the royal family are kicked off this land, they have in history claimed other lands and so they can start up again 'another corporation' with willing helpers who will be paid well to be of service. This is happening now. The floods are showing the earth is being cleaned to get rid of them here. The earthquakes and volcanic actvity in New Zealand is because the earth is rejecting Charles to be King of this New Sea Land. The earthquakes in Papua New Gunea (New Britain) is beause the earth is rejecting William and Kate to be King and Queen of the land over there. This family are exploiting people because they can.

Take a close look at the certificate of a conversation to Sea King.

It could be the Queen has already passed over the crown to William - a Jubillee happened and no one else who is divinely appointed has been chosen for this. We still have people being killed and bombed in the Middle East - this is completely against Christ.

Salford is meaning Sea Lord and Lord means King. The Queen is Duke of Lancaster of which here is Salford and the Greek Orthodox Church too. I am unsure if the Greek Orthodox Church have recognised Wiliam to be King and take over the position that belongs to Christ. I do know that our Church is under spiritual attack. Also that thankfully I am praying at home and I have a full time personal relationship with God so if I am not able to get to church, it is like living a monastic life in the Holy Mountain. Enough proof has been shown and will continue to share what is being revealed to me accordingly.

In this video we see both William and Kate went to Canada on a trip that cost a vast amount, because these people can account for this. You might want to research the expense claims. The Queen is not doing an unpaid job - she would be an excelent lawyer for how they account for everything - and I can assume Charles has a good accountant to make sure as much money is accounted for before he pays a penny tax. Straying off the subject here and this is a time when the truth is being supressed for many years already, especially the truth about what God has ordained for all people, with the New Spiritual Law and being rid of any oppressors and police state mentality.

The Virgin Mary is Queen of Heaven and earth, because she was divinely guided by the Holy Spirit of God within her being. She was a pure and Holy Spirit. William is a man. The interpretation for a man to be king is win wars and decieve people as has happened in history. As I said it is written in the Holy Bible - the Word of God, that anyone who has been born in a legitimate line can be King and especially to be King of God's Church. This has been pointed out to me to share with you.

So with William earning his wings in flying helicopters and landing in water, - he is styled Sea Lion King with wings. What better way to conquest land and everyone celebrate this - praising him how good he has done. Prasing while he conquests the land.

Here we see Operation Sealion - Take a good look then read below.

"Operation Sea Lion (German: Unternehmen Seelöwe) was Nazi Germany's plan to invade the United Kingdom during the Second World War following the Fall of France. To have had any chance of success, however, the operation would have required air and naval supremacy over the English Channel - neither of which the Germans ever had at any stage during the Battle of Britain. Sea Lion was postponed indefinitely on 17 September 1940 and never carried out." The Queen is Queen of Canada too. What an easy takeover.

The Queen has held the title Lord of the Seas - The Queen never said 'NO' to the war. These people are above the courts in the land because they control the courts. The people here have lost the realisation that God is the boss. People are put off looking to the higher authority and this is deliberate. There is a lot of re-enactment taking place of situations with a reminder of history repeating itself again. The issue is this family give theirselves titles and keep people down. Jesus Christ did the opposite.

They do warn people what is happening in a subtle way. The finer detail we must find out because there are not open hearts or doing right by people here.

With the Queens Jubilee returning land to its rightful owner (Christ) the Protector and who provides the Spiritual Lawss that the Queen and everyone else is entitled to live by. I can tell this is not happening for what is happening in England.

Charles had his 64th birthday with 64 guests at Government House in New Zealand. 6 + 4 = 10 x 2. 10:10

Government House in New Sea Land - Birth day. New Government!

William and Kate Crowned in the Solomon Islands - of course.

I am hearing 'the Dark Lord'. The antichrist means going against Christ. If Charles was sincere in his faith he would acknowlege me and show respect. The life he leads is a way he is accustomed now. Hearing 'He has too much invested now' - I have no idea what this means and would not consider this just pertaining to financial gains.

When socieity is functioning on a structure that is corrupt by peole who are not even honest with the people, this is why the structure is going to collapse. The video I posted at the bottom of the page not only has people facing the error of their ways but also this earth has been shaking and the heavens will be too at this family.

Did someone mention one eye in relation to being anti Christ? When I saw this, also reminded of someone totally irresponsible in every way and William being spiritually blind because he does love his brother very much. Harry is immature - his behaviour with getting absolutely drunk and using women like toys to throw away will backifre too.

A great deal of effort went into getting the government building in Jerusalem by Charles and his father Phillip. There was likely a big celebration with this. I am unsure if the British establishment formed the state of Israel for the own self serving interests. The truth is known by those involved. Where I stand on this is - Jacob has 13 children and humanity has descended from this. The Whole World should be spiritual Israel, not people waring over a small piece of land. If you want God's Laws established then the land must be given back to God and this is surely fair for everyone. William is not God - even if he wears teh badge on his sleeve.

Prince Phillip was given the building, after claiming he is the rightful heir to this. So it is Prince Phillip and the wealth of the British Royals still influencing the problems in the Middle East with other people are getting the blame. The British royals partitioned the land for their agenda, not for the people's best interest. When working in the people's best interest there is no bloodshed and no injustice either.

When Prince Phillip dies - Charles will inherit it and from there his son, seems to be the plan. They do not show any indication to do right by the people.

Mount Athos is the Holiest Mountain - with the All Seeing Eye.

A long while ago I was told if I was to be made Queen I would have to change my relgion and I refused because it is my Greek heritage. Now the churches are uniting as one - interesting and also timely. However, because the Greek Orthodox church is important to the crown, of course Charles has gone to mount Athos and so has Contantine. Charles has donated large amounts of money and I hope this is with sincerity in the gift. Mount Athos belongs to the Holy mother Mary and No Man or Woman can own it. So if the entire world was conquested, all the effort in the world even by the royals will fail them.

This is a gold eye impression that is one of the treasures in Bolton Museum that is connected with the Spritual Key and the Isis gene. The Bolton Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in England. In this present time this is touring the Far East. To counter act this, Wiliam and Kate when to the Far East and to the Solomon Isles to put their connection with King Solomon. There they were crowned and sat on thrones. Must have been lovely for Kate when her adoring people are probably living on $1 a day. By now the royal family are used to adoration and being looked at with hope.

You cannot decide to kill people and spend billions on war, then sit arrogantly on a throne as if you are God. Usury is being used to steal people's land and property. When nations are plundered into poverty, the British again wave their pounds with promises not for nothing. The land was given to everyone, was for everyone to live. Not for one family and relatives to claim personal ownership while keeping everyone else in poverty.

The tenth card in the tarot deck is wheel for fortune, known as the wheel of destiny and relates to karma. What goes around comes around.

With the birthday party being with Charles and members of the government - 10:10 - this is revealing that it is time the goverment are being held accountable too. They have gone to war based on lies and knowingly. The Queen could have said no. She knew of my existance before this. She has corresponded with my mother when discovering she was paralysed. I had to dig deep in myself and I am in no position to condemn her - but to remind her that she is on oath and the Holy Bible does not excuse injustice or war.

However, she has many officials who do not respect her and do not take their oath seriously. They do so to be paid - they will also pay the price. However, if you run any organisation and allow criminals to abuse your name and cause harm loss and suffering in your name - only you can be to blame for this. People say the Queen has no power. She is the most powerful women in the world by the people who give her power, humanity.

To make a mockery of God - doubters might even be excused.
To blaspheme Christ - he will decide the punishment
"But whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. He is guilty of an everlasting sin." Mark 3:29

The man man made laws for treason invites a closer look at too.

"if any person or persons ... shall endeavour to deprive or hinder any person who shall be the next in succession to the crown ... from succeeding after the decease of her Majesty (whom God long preserve) to the imperial crown of this realm and the dominions and territories thereunto belonging".

The next in succession to the Crown is who God appointed and I delayed saying enough for 4 years in the attempts to get justice. September 2007 was the time this was up. At this time there was a planetary allignment of the Star of David.

The Imperial Crown relates to the global empire. This is the crown that belongs to Christ and so the only person eligible for this other than Christ is a successor who is appointed and anointed by God.

When Queen Elizabeth Dies if she does not willingly hand it over before it will come automatically to te next Queen. If God decides this to be before, as it seems there are signs now, he is overturning the throne, as has been done in history.

Visting a lady, there is a childrens television programe being shown with the Queen arrested and put into prison. She does not have the authority to decide who shall live and who shall die. As I said it is God who sees and Knows all. He is the Judge.

I am no threat to the Queen - the establishment that thrives with corruption are threatened by me and that is not my fault that I am BORN a Royal Princess. Positions of trust have been abused. Not everyone working in the government is corrupt. However, as I told the police the other day, every corrupt officer and minster, every corrupt lawyer and judge has caused the Queen to fall from her postion and so it is up to her what she does next.

The only threat I am to the establishment 'for many years' is to tell people the truth and to tell you that the crown has been taken from where it should be. There has been the denial of the divinity of Christ and the changing of laws to prevent women inherting land and titles. The law has changed recently to allow women succeeding the throne.

It is highly likely that Kate Middletons genealogy both from her mother and fathers side has been very carefully traced back to ensure she meeds the criteria somewhere to maintain the lineage. People are told of her paternal lineage. Her mother has a Jewish name. What is certain, their business is hidden in trading. The family have moved to a land 'with titles' attached to this and this was surely part of the plan. Pippa Middleton has been referred to as princess in the press. This might reveal that in the family they have traced Kates family to King David too. As I have said, all legitimate decendants from King David, are born Royal Prince and Princess. The British royals are silent about this.

The British royals do not care if you are a single parent or mess up your life. They are becoming patrons of peoples hard work and dedication in profoundly important areas that wins trust and adoration. This is creating a false illusion. A few years ago the introduction of birth certificates was given. This was at time the throne was threatened. It is expected that the one who is to succeeed to the throne is from the Greek Orthodox Church and born in England. The least people aware of this, keeps their position secure. The introduction of not listing a father on a birth certificate was not to save any embarassment to the mother or child. The male lineage has been necessary to asscend to the throne.

Will the Queen do right by the people. Has she passed the Kingship to Charles and for Harry and William to form the male trinity. Only she knows what she has done! God and Christ knows absolutely everything that has been done behind the palace walls and the government doors too. The government have been spying on people. They have allowed the exposure by the all seeing and all knowing eye of God to be brought into transparency.

There are people involved in black magic who have tried to harm me! The argument these abusers have is with God. My mother became Paralysed by some powerful ritual - but unlike Diana, Princess of Wales my mother survived by the power of prayer.

Because Diana's life was taken, and her blood gave her Children the Spencer name, The Princess of Wales title was claimed by Christ and given to who he wants. Recently a building has been exposed in the foundations named Spencer Court - because the law court based on this family has been seeen to be unsuitable in the eyes of God.

The British Goverment do not want the peole to realise that the royal family and government haave betrayed the people. The reason why injustice is hidden so that people actually beleive they are safe in this country - they are not. Far from it.

When a golden opportunity is given and being born into that life, to do right by people and then to persistantly take people as fools, that is bad enough. It is very easy to see those who fear God - they do not mock God so arrogantly as these people do.

Michael Jackson died - it brought to light the grossly negligent doctor who has prescribed him many pills. UK is just as bad with poisoning people. America knows about the Hurrianes and freak weather, UK does not. The Wrath of God is just starting!

People laugh and think the wrath of God is a load of rubbish. There are people who think the Holy Bible has been made to control people. There are people who think Jesus Christ was made up and that the Holy Mother did not exist at all. In future generations will people remember who you are and if so in what way will they know you.

In the ancient times, High Priest and High Priestess were celebate. They were not fashion Icons. They did not seek to amass millions of dollars for theirselvess. These are people who are born in the Holy Royal family, not with these given titles. The reason why people are spiritually and financially impoverished, it is because the royals that sit on thrones and collect their income are unable to provide spiritual food. The position is far more important than doing right by people and that is worrying.

If you want to know the truth - seek the truth from reliable sources.

On a final note I will post this to show how hated the Queen is. Please do not act on this because the money is a lot but better to be poor than get blood on your hands and pay the price on your soul for this. There is no life that is worth killing!

Let it be known, whether you take someone's life, or you be the intiator to take someone's life the price you will pay on your soul. It does not matter if this is a king or Queen, or someone who is homeless. Alexander has been seen speaking with Bejanmin Fulford where the latter spoke of demanding trillons of dollars from the bankers. Alexander referred to the Queen and demanded that Isis wants her crown back. I have not asked for this!

There have been many demands for the Queen to step down. The reason she hs not is only known to herself. From where I am sitting, she has to live her life and relfect on her choices. As an elderly lady only she knows the truth in her heart. I do not know!

If the Queen recognises me to be the legitimate successor to the Throne, then she will be obliged to address this matter accordingly with a united Church in faith, with the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic, the Patriarche of the Greek Orthodox, the Pope of the Coptic Church also the Head of the Muslim faith.

The one who is expected, will unite humanity in peace and all faiths in peace. If this is blocked, the obstacles will be removed. Facebook has brought over a billion people communicating together. Peace is up to the people and your right!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

7 Houses in York Landslide Are Being Demolished

A few weeks ago a dream was showing me what is happening now.

A man was carrying bags from a terrace house/ Sudddenly I was ushered into the car with just carrying a bedding duvet and a bag. There were seen two rows of terraced houses. The other one at right angles. In the middle a big drop in the land. The houses were being demolished by bulldozers. We were moved because the houses were being demolished.

Then I woke up not knowing what to make of this dream.

Now I realise that the land in the middle of this area had collapsed and there was a reason for this. As readers may have noticed there have been sink holes around the earth that are unexplained. There is also HAARP technology capable of this. However, these floods are not being acknowledged other than an opportunity for the government to spend billions more pounds. They encouage people to claim on their insurance. The government is not working for the people. It is working at making money by spending money. Using opportunity to move money around. David Cameron is conveniently ignoring natural laws.

Perhaps he is spiritually blind. he is yet actor, plays two faces.

These floods are very clearly signs of the times to say enough is enough of the people who claim to be Servants of God who are abusing and exploiting people.

The fact is the Queen has violated her coronation oath. This is the law of nature. This land is in Whitby in Yorkshire. The Duke of York is the Queens son and this report is showing the signs that the 7 Houses of York are being demolished.

Number 7 relates to Spiritual laws and establishing the Court of Justice. Today in England officials boast there is no justice. They must face up to this.

Trying to find if there is anything specific that relates to 7 Houses of York, I am unable to at this time What I did find is the House of Lancaster, of which the Queen is Duke of Lancaster is symbolic of the Red Rose. This covers where I am living now. What is coming to my mind, a few months ago the French were demanding the Crown for compensation - not sure if the Queen did pass the crown over for her successor or not. And I am not talking about her son or grandsons - They are not divinely appointed as we see here.

The Queen and her family cannot continue abusing and exploiting people, turning a blind eye and expecting the gravy train is going to run on forever. The Queen could afford to help these people and indeed authorise that the government do so immediately. It is a man made decison to demolish peoples homes. If this is so, then the government must provide a new home for these people - or at least a home that is for their family.

There is so much injustice just in England, also other parts of the world. The land gets raped and pillaged, people plundered into poverty and then the prostitutes move to new lands to exploit and do the same. All that glitters is not gold.

Being reminded of a video watching how people in India have been conned to join a Christian church by deception. There is no rights to this and people have been turned against their family. People have been promised jobs if they leave their old ways. Is this how things started here in England I wonder or just waring with people to try claim ownership of land? NO man has the authority over God and neither does the Queen.

With the land falling...we are reminded of landslide. We are reminded of the slippery slope and even of the Gates of Hell. What we are shown is, the Houses of York are on the way to being completely demolished. This is visual evidence to show this.

It is time for an ethical government and ethical leadership.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No copyright infringement intended.

Wales Flood - Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Again more floods have taken place. Here we see a rubbish disposal truck and the caption is certainly applicable here. The location is Wales. This is the land with title of the Kingdom of Wales, given to Charles, William and Harry.

The Reason why William lived in Wales is because he was given the title Heir to the British Throne. Wales is an ancient Kingdom. The home being built in Scotland, is because he is given a title of Ruler of Scotland. The royal family do not tell the people this!

The Police and people have been on a massive search for young April 5 years old and this was seen as a test to show how people get locked up in England, for crimes when there is questionable evidence. In this case a man has been locked up for murder. The car he was driving was a dark coloured 4 X 4. Initially the news report said the little 5 year old got into a small white van. An elderly neighbour saw a light coloured vehicle too.

There are police and people still looking for young April. This child could be anywhere in UK and unless officals know where she is, she could turn up. There are many thousands of children that go missing every year - this is not published in the newspaper of the British Establishment. Theere are children abdcuted and murdered - in Satanic Rituals too, this has total media blackout by Tony Blair and continues to endure.

Parents are living under a false sense of security - thinking their royals are heros. No they are not. They are marketed and are not appointed. Man made laws has secured the crown and totally ignores the line that has been identified by God.

The flooding we see happening is a sign to say the land is being cleaned. You might notice the royals have gone off to different parts of the world recently and their carefully marketed popularity, suits the people who are blind. Meanwhile solders are being killed in wars and also soldiers are killing innocent people.

Only the Queen was crowned and she has been saved probably by the millions of people who have prayed for her when singing the National Anthem. This is a Prayer where even non beleivers are asking God to help. Go read the words. Pray because you want to not with being expected to. A song in prayer is very powerful.

More recently people have been asked to swear their allegiance to the Queen and her heirs and successors. This goes totally against God's Laws. People are warned to be careful of false idols. Fo thousands of years there have been wars. If you are signing your loyalty in a contract to someone - they can manipulate you to your detriment. How many men go to fight in wars for their Queen? This is not what Christ promoted. He was an innocent men who was tortured and then nailed on a cross. Did you forget him?

The people are the ones who are saving the people. Police knocked on people's doors to tell them to vacate their homes. Evidently safety is always a consideration.

In history, the bishops and Saints have been murdered. This time, let the signs from the law of nature show you that this land does not belong to the British royal family, or their heirs or successors. The Queen is supposed to be protecting the land for people. Man made laws by former kings that go against God's promises to the people, are void. Man's laws in relation to the land are void.

Wales is the land of David and so we go back to King David. The Star of David is revealed and what this really means. It is the Spiritual Star of Heaven and Earth being united as one. If people want to live in God's Kingdom, than God has to be recognised to be the Boss. Because not everyone has the direct link with God, Jesus Christ was born. When Christ ressurected, He became King of the Land by Divine Right and this is why the Crown of David is an Eternal Crown. Who denies the divinity of the God man?

When we are judged, we know it. The Spiritual waters have been meant to flow here on earth freely. When the first floods happened earlier in the year, people were asking why is there still a hose pipe ban. The laws increased and the fines to people.

A rather disgusting mentality that can turn a blind eye to people suffering and struggling. Then again, this is what is meant to be showing so people can see clearly what is happening. The Kingdom of Wales - the three kings are being washed away now.

So much is hidden from people. What I am being shown is the end of the line is here. The Prince of Wales title given to the Heir to the Throne. Harry was formally announced during the London Olympics on 12th August 2012. Everyone sang the National Anthem to Kate. Gullible say she will be a Good Queen.

How is Kate going to protect people? She does what she is told.

August 12th is the date of Cleoptras death. When a Queen dies a new Queen automatically succeeds her. Kate Middleton is not Greek, that I am aware of. She is not Greek Orthodox but she suddently wanted to be confirmed and have the sacred scacrements of the Church to show that she is a suitable person to be sitting as Queen head of a church. She is sold to people as a face of a mulibillion corporation that keeps the Queens family. Kate Middleton refers to the Queen's position as a job - She is clueless.

Let me make it really clear. I doubt very much British people would be supporting war if troops arrived here and started bombing homes and killing people. So take this on board and stop promoting the wars and killing people elsewhere. The New World order that is being promoted - William as King is an Unholy Setup. If the One World Goverment is with Christ as King and His appointed Queen 'with global peace' that is different.

The Queen has not died yet. When she does a New Queen will take her place. God decides, he appoints and He anoints who is guided by him. The throne is being overthrown by the hand of God because the Queen has violated her coronation oath.

In my prayer I asked about the males the royal family. First about Charles and clearly heard 'I am not impressed'

About being head of the Church, I clearly heard 'No - Not My church'

If wanting William as head of His church and heard 'No I do not'

The words I heard very clearly about Harry 'Most certainly not'

This is the Jubilee Law year - returning the land to the Priests. This is time to return to Spiritual Law 'in context' as God gave to us.

The Queen Still has not given me Justice as is her obligation to.

There needs to be a complete end to the war monger mentality. The men who think it is ok to get drunk and strip women naked for a bit of fun, are a very low mentality. One lady said this is a gutter elite - if this is elite, it belongs in the gutter.

These are the signs being seen clearly...Wales is a part of the United Kingdom that still has many really pretty places and people with old fashioned values. Hundreds of people came out in search of young April who is 5, who went missing. Locally, people forgot the next day. Children wander off and parents say nothing!

April, a 5 year old has changed this world. She exposed the royals! How many injustices and wars must take place before one of the British royals says 'No More'.

Spencer Court in New Castle has been demolished now. It is Gone!

The British Establshment say they understand the Law of Nature.

The Queen and I live under the Universal Laws - The Law of God. We are very different people. I am totally against war and injustice. There would not be an open door to allow corrupt officials to destroy innocent peoples lives. In her position I would address the people's needs as a priority, housing the homeless and taking care of the vulnerable.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

UK Nanny State Initiative - Increase Parking Fines

First of all I would like to impress how brainwashed and compliant people in England are who worship false idols and they put up with anything.

Listening to someone talking about Kate Middleton who 'knows something' said she will put up with absolutely anything to be Queen. Kate has not idea about what a Queen means and Queen Elizabeth II is not protecting the people. So who is protecting people?

The latest is creating more fines - for Britian to become fit?

Because people in England reject Jesus Christ as their King - it is easy to see, they are still discussing whether Charles should be King or William. Neither of these people have any right to be King...At what point will people wake up to realise this!

If we look at the decision makers in government, most intelligent people would not allow them any where near their children. Their competance is how to keep people down and strugging, it is not to empower people. It is not written in their genetic makeup. If it was, all British people would be empowered. Instead the bow down to given titles!

I feel sorry for British people and my heart aches for all the innocent people being murdered in illegal wars. A police officer the other day and I had a long talk about concerns and she spoke of the crimes where many people are involved. I reminded her that the system - the establshment is committing crimes against people and it could not get much more bigger than that. Also i told her that police and lawyers told me this herself.

So the British take ownership of STOLEN ACROPOLIS marbles that relate to Democracy and Justice - when it is a country that thrives on hypocrisy and injustice.

Lawyers and police have blantanly refued to work for justice. Now they are worried about what is happening to this country. THEY created the problem!

The Queen must be busy today to be silent...She does not care, if she can ignore so many human rights abuses. Her reality is living in palaces and not worrying about paying bills. The general public to all the top officials compare to third world impoverished people and it does suit a certain mentality to keep people down.....

Once people realise the clothes they buy cost pennies to make - they might consider how by exploiting the poor people in developing countries, that were once third world contries, is contibributing to their own poverty. Keep people down and you will invite a structure that keeps people down including you. This is a spiritual law revealed.

Never have I seen so much rubbish be printed in the Media that the British establishment are raising fines to encourage people to get Britian fit - implying the people. What I see and read behind the lines, it to raise the fines to get Britains financial status fit...because they have spent a lot recently - They are not working FOR the people.

I am reminded of 'the Hand that Rocked the Cradle'. When I was young, I knew NOT to have children and bring them up in this country. This place might seem safe for the spiritually blind - at the least, it is a country that deiberately keeps people down.

The way it does so is not so blantly obvious. Imbeciles.

'Imbecile was a medical category of people with moderate to severe mental retardation, as well as a type of criminal. The term arises from the Latin word imbecillus, meaning weak, or weak-minded. It included people with an IQ of 26–50, between "moron" (IQ of 51–70) and "idiot" (IQ of 0–25).[3]

The meaning was further refined into mental and moral imbecility. The concepts of "moral insanity", "moral idiocy"," and "moral imbecility", led to the emerging field of eugenic criminology, which held that crime can be reduced by preventing "feeble-minded" people from reproducing'

If all government officials - from the top who have attended Eton and the boys club friends together, plus the entire royal family were to live on a very basic income for a year - get rid of those given titles too, what could they give as people? If the elderly royals just collect state pension, they would not be able to cope, moving them to a typical small one bed appartment like many elderly live today. They would doubtfully learn lessons. And as for the media promoting the Queen as being frugal...Absolute rubbish!

So much propoganda and popularity promoting.

If people want to worship false idols that is their choice. The British royal family have no right to rule over land and people. Man made laws and the Queen giving land and titles, allows the cycle to continue....and she knows about me.

A leaflet dropped through my door yesterday with the heading 'affordable weekly payments' - pictures with smiling women and various electical appliances and furniture with 'all circumstances considered' - People are struggling to afford to heat their homes and eat. One man I spoke with cannot afford to pay the rent on his home and bills - his face was 'grey' and looked like he was dying. He cannot afford to go out or take a woman out on a date and he has a job that he does not even like, just to survive.

Living under such difficult conditions and keeping a car on the road is necessary for many people to get to work and earn a living to pay the ever deliberately hiked up bills on THIS LAND. The ever increasing man made laws on this land are theft.

Britian is killing people - Stress is high and depression is being induced. Stress alone can send people to an early death. Saves on having to pay out pensions!

The gene pool of the elected Kings and successors of illigimate children born from Kings, including David Cameron have no right to rule over people.

These people are protecting the coporation for profit.

These decision makers are not servants of God's government whatsoever!

Where are the highly ethical conscientious people who see Christ as King. On this foundation can be built the government of God - Who has rejected Christ?

Number 10 Downing Street is downing people. It has done for a very long time and people here beleive they are superior and of a higher intelligence? The mentality that keeps creating man made laws for profit is a degenerate mentality and 'anti Christ'

Recognise the lineage that the Bible identifies for the Crown. The Greek Orthodox Church needs to be really careful of being decieved at this time.

'All it needs for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing!'

Ignore any problem...and it will get bigger and bigger. People here boast of corruption and crime. Corrupt officials and criminals boast they will never get prosecuted. The ex police driver in the car that I was injured in said she is going to lie and deny my injury and get away with it....It is time for the Queen to step down and the crown to be given to the Holy Orthodox family. Biblical law is to return to God's Laws.

There are spiritual laws to learn to live by. If there is a refusal for doing right by people, there are enough signs around to show there will be consequences. Old kingdoms have been destroyed, look at what happened in the time of Moses.

I have had dreams that are showing me what could happen...What I have seen, there is no turning back. Landslides with homes being destroyed by being demolished 'in England' and also floods on high land. Not good at all....

NOW 'Spencer Court' in New Castle is demolished. This is saying that William and Harry have no right to be a king over any court in this land. This is the land God identified to establish His Kingdom not by a bunch of hypcrites and God mockers.

Joseph of Aramethea marked this land - Uncle of the Virgin Mary. Stick with what God has ordained; Not man made laws that go against fulfilling the Divine Plan.

The British establishment know about the anointed one by God. The one who can end all the man made laws and void contracts that have been made by deception to the people. Their own financial interest is why they do not acknowledge this.

Those who are involved with the dark arts in England are many.

However, there are people also working in the light - My team!

Officials have the freedom to prosecute corrupt officals now. I would do this personally in the court of law but I do not have an honorary law degree like Prince William. However, I do have the authority of God to demand an end to all this corruption.

People do not listen to me and do not want to hear the truth. The establishment as it is, is a liability to our health and well being. The children are not safe!

After the injustice taking place where an innocent man is in prison for the murder of a child who has not been found, this took place in Wales. This was a situation brought to the attention of people nationally to show that Charles, William and Harry sat back and said nothing about the injustice as the Queen has done nothing about the injustice happening for years, with innocent people in prison. That's it. The days are over!

The Royal family have all been tested. And I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors - for a family to be cast out, God surely knows what he is going.

The Crown authority is given to who God appoints. My suggestion is for anyone reading this to go study the Holy Bible. Innocent people are being killed in wars while the majority of people sit blindly not giving a damn or even caring about their own family.

A church State claiming to be Christian that punishes people?
It is time to fire the babysitter - It is time to empower people!

Someone has to care about people....a growing army of people do. An army of people who do not carry weapons or go into countries and bomb them 'for political and profit making interests'.

We all want to live in peaceful world. Peace is the Way.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Vladimir Putin - Queen Elizabeth - David Cameron

If you get a chance, may invite you to watch these three videos, that I was guided to find. The give tremendous insight to show who is who and mutual respect.

The first is Vladimir Putin explaining openly and honestly his past in a very brief way. There is also some important information about leadership that he has learned from. Evidently a very intelligent man and does not suffer fools either.

Vladimir is a decision maker, not a selected puppet leader.

Vladimir is also a baptised Russian Orthodox Christian.

Fundamentally in the Christian Orthodox Church is not to go to war and kill people. We are all too aware of innocent people being killed in wars.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia made a state visit to Great Britain in June 2003. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip hosted him and his wife at Buckingham Palace.

There is a divine plan and that is to unite humanity in peace.

There are obligations to be met by monarchs for this purpose.

Even if people have opposing views, there is nothing to stop two people communicating together and coming to some agreeable solution, when faced dealing with volatile conditions. Here we see Vladimir Putin showing the Queen respect and speaking in English.

Here we see Vladimir who is a leader and businessman vs. David Cameron, who is from the bankers family. If we were to see who would venerate the Holy Belt of Righteousnes of the Virgin Mary, I am not convinced that David Cameron could.

When people are sincere in their faith, they are motivated to do right by God and to the people. It is from the core of their being.

The lip service beleivers might be swayed to make decisions for profit.

Vladimir Putin Speaks against the New World Order

I am sure Vladimir Putin will be in agreement with me, with saying if a divinely appointed successor to be the Spiritual Mother of all humanity, bringing an end to the wars, this would surely solve so many problems.

There are more intelligent people who want peace, than the few with a war monger mentality. The reason why there are wars taking place cannot be ignored.

It is expected that new spiritual understanding be given in this timeline and not everyone is getting the message. The Queen must decide if the people are more important than protecting her family members financial security.

Put William, next to the highly intelligent minds of Vladimir Putin and Prince Alwaleed who is also a self made billionaire, William look like a lost boy.

England is a country that promotes living the lie and lying to people to take men and women to war, based on lies for profit - the weapons manufacturing business does really well from all these wars. There is another way for humanity to prosper.

I could sit down with Vladimir Putin and talk to him very easily and we would understand eachother. The problem with David he has a script writer and script.

Before anyone assumes someone is a bad person, take time - source the videos and learn about them. Learn of their mistake from their own moutns and learn about their progress in maturing to know that art of winning a war, is not to go to war.

Then when you realise there is a far higher power in control of everything, watch how those who manipulate and decieve people are actually, preparing their own fall.

Intelligent men and women might be very frustrated with the scriptreaders who have to do what they are told....after all there are a lot of mouths to feed. Sady the priority of the British government is not taking care of the British people.

If the British government is not taking care of the British people, then it is not going to take care of the whole of humanity. Mismanagement is not the problem.

Here in England people are complaining about the 'aid' being sent overseas and I must admit, knowing aid means help, I got sucked into the closed minded limited thought of their sending 'money' Listening to this certainly gives food for thought.

Oh well...this explains the floods and clean up taking place.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Money, Money Money. What Would You Choose?

Imagine starting with a penny and double this for 30 days, or take a check for $1 million, what would you choose?

Day 1: $.01
Day 2: $.02
Day 3: $.04
Day 4: $.08
Day 5: $.16
Day 6: $.32
Day 7: $.64
Day 8: $1.28
Day 9: $2.56
Day 10: $5.12
Day 11: $10.24
Day 12: $20.48
Day 13: $40.96
Day 14: $81.92
Day 15: $163.84
Day 16: $327.68
Day 17: $655.36
Day 18: $1,310.72
Day 19: $2,621.44
Day 20: $5,242.88
Day 21: $10,485.76
Day 22: $20,971.52
Day 23: $41,943.04
Day 24: $83,886.08
Day 25: $167,772.16
Day 26: $335,544.32
Day 27: $671,088.64
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 29: $2,684,354.56
Day 30: $5,368,709.12

Presently I have a few hundred visitors to my page every day. Now to turn that to cash. Starbucks and/or Xfactor sponsorship.

As more people realise what this page is about, the numbers are climbing. At one time I had another page with just under 50,000 visitors in weeks. The stalkers were out and it got a bit scary because there is no police protection here. Finding the balance to write openly, deliver insights and information is not always easy.

This time I am going to keep this page open. When a million people have read this page, I hope by then we have global peace and living in a harmonious world. We as humanity make this happen.

So far since the start day the statistics show 93,213 visitors.

There are celebrities with 20 million followers on twitter. One million people is not so many when we consider there are 7 billion people living on this planet. I am not looking to amass fans. My sharing is to make a positive difference where I can.

And to make a positive different, sometimes I need to address real issues that people are scared to. There are just some issues that cannot be ignored forever.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Flood in Gloucester UK and insight being revealed

Gloucestershire has also had a good wash of the land. This flooding is not good - it is a warning to show people what happens when the coronation oath is violated. This is God's way of claiming back the land to be governed according to His Rules.

Here a man is carrying child. Protecting children as it should be. In England many thousands of children go missing every year. Every so often a big story happens to show people and remind parents to look after their children. Recently Charles, William and Harry were tested in the public eye. Young April 5, went missing. Her body has not been found. A man is in prison for murder. Without a body - no evidence. Injustice is ignored.

Police emptying his boot, with the reminder that the police are actually servants of God. They take an Oath to the Queen. While there is the expectancy of spiritual waters, this is the literal water giving his feet a really good wash and boots too. Spiritual Wisdom is also shared here on these pages, what you see is relevant to understanding.

Here is the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Richard, a member of the British Royal family. It is interesting, because he could pass as my father's brother, they look very similar at this age, in most of his facial features. The Queen will know if we are related.

Prince Richard is the youngest grandchild of King George V and Queen Mary. My father also has the same name. While in history, royals have thought carefully about names, especially when names also carry meaning, it is usual to inherit the names of family members. Without knowing or studying the royal geneologies - although I did start to write an artice on this ages ago, there have been kings with the name Richard in history.

'The Duke of Gloucester is 21st in line of the throne and carries out royal engagements on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Richard was born on 26 August 1944 in Hertfordshire. His father, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, was the third son of King George V and Queen Mary. His mother was Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (née Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott), a daughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch.

Richard was baptised in the private chapel of Windsor Castle on 20 October 1944 by Lord Lang of Lambeth. His godparents were the Queen (his paternal aunt and wife of George VI), Princess Marie Louise (his cousin), the Countess of Athlone (his cousin, for whom her daughter, the Lady May Abel Smith stood proxy), the Duke of Buccleuch (his maternal uncle), the Marquess of Cambridge (his cousin), the Lady Sybil Phipps (his maternal aunt), and General the Hon Sir Harold Alexander (for whom his wife, the Lady Margaret Alexander, stood proxy). Because of the war, newspapers did not identify the actual location of the christening, and said instead that it took place at "a private chapel in the country".

As a grandson of the British monarch in the male line, he was styled His Royal Highness Prince Richard of Gloucester at birth. At the time of his birth he was fifth in the line of succession to the throne, and second in line to his father's Dukedom, behind his brother, Prince William of Gloucester, who died in 1972 when the plane he was piloting crashed at Halfpenny Green, near Wolverhampton.

When Prince Richard was four months old, he accompanied his parents to Australia, where his father was Governor-General from 1945 to 1947. The family returned to Barnwell Manor in 1947'.

The Duke of Gloucester at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, wearing the robes of the Order of Saint John, on 4 November 2006.

In the Holy Bible, the messages in the Book of Revelation are relevant to this time. In particular the 7 churches of Asia are written about with specific messages. This is surely a testing time for everyone. By right, I should be protected by the Royal family given my position, but I have not been able to rely on this. It is through constant prayer and trust that I have come through some perilous situations.

Anyone who is claiming association to any church, and especially connected with Christ would surely be 100% in support in restoring God's Order in the world.

What is certain, everyone who is from the Royal families, should know at some point that another child will be born anointed by God. This is in service to God - NOT to lord over anyone and see people as inferior. It is vital at this time to uplift humanity and address some fundamental issues. Many hands and minds are needed for this.

In the Greek Orthodox church, actually everyone is equal, even when given a status it is to recognise the role of responsibility. It is not to see people as inferior. We are at a time now, where people are ready more to accept spiritual understanding.

These floods are relating to wash away the old to bring God's Laws and for everyone to understand, the law of nature that lawyers and police talk about, they are begining to see what this means. No one is safe at this time. If you have gone through life not caring who you hurt and do wrong to, there is a price to pay for this.

When we live by spiritual laws, we know straight away when we have done wrong, or very soon afterwards. There are people who are blind to this and do not want to see. The floods are not easy to ignore and the media is printing the pictures so you can see.

Last night I spoke at length to a police officer about the serious issues that impact everyone. The police also have a very difficult job - a job I cannot do because they do have to deal with sometimes really gory situations. I told the lady, everytime a police officer lies in court - he puts a nail in the coffin of the Queen.

With what is happening now, a crisis point is reached and people are not the enemy of the police. A system where officials are boasting of crime is just one reason why people have suffered. I have not looked to see what news is happening in gloucester that might have contributed to this.

In History, bribery and corruption has said to been happening on a major scale. The link is posted below in relation to this matter.

When corruption is not addressed, it grows - as I have said officials boast of the system being corrupt and so I will quote this report from 2 days ago.

"A corruption inquiry has heard that an evaluation committee who decided on which mining companies would be awarded exploration licences paid no heed to whether the companies actually had the financial capacity to carry out the work.

William Hughes, a senior public servant who was the head of a three-person evaluation committee, admitted that the committee did not assess the expertise, skills or "know-how" of any mining companies who were tendering for multi-million dollar coal exploration licences.

The Independent Commission Against Commission is inquirying into the granting of coal exploration licences in 2009 by the department of then resources minister Ian Macdonald. The commission has heard that the family of Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid used inside information to gain profits of $100 million."

It is known that there is coal in England. In Lancashire where I live, coal mining has taken place in the past and the coal pits closed down. The people are now mainly fitted with gas and contracts for payment, with the ever increasing prices too.

A man I know used to work in the coal pits and was involved in some accident. Chatting some time back he told me there are several layers of coal in the earth. He also said just one layer would provide coal for 50 years. If he knows this, the British royal family knows this too. With the family being given land and title deeds, they could all be earning an income from the land in whatever way, not just from rents.

My focus is the injustice and bringing an end to the wars taking place. It is up to the Queen and Dukes to have kept the lands free of injustice and corruption long ago. The position of respect with a compliant society and officials who address and bow down to people with titles, of which I do not, would take notice.

The biggest crime has been ignoring the injustice taking place.

The sad reality is, it is officials, oathtakers who are exposed and have made this country being one that has a society that is broken. Who is going to heal the problem, when the problem is the establishment allowing all these abuse of trust.

Government ministers are supposed to be focussed to be servants of the people - not to focus on lining their own pockets and making a fast buck at every opportunity.

There is money being spent and not accounted for while the people's need is being neglected. It is the ministers who are also involved with policy making!

There are likely many more issues in relation to Gloucester, however this is just one that shows why the area is being cleaned out.

If Prince Richard is a servant of Christ then he will continue, with me, to do what he can to make a positive difference in England and wherever else. Being a servant of Christ is being of service to everyone, with prayer and with pure intention.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Truth and Justice - Urgent message for everyone

Simply put in our world, we are one humanity. Please stop with the divisions of people and saying 'The Word Of God' is wrong. Seek the Truth. Seek Righteousness. Seek Justice. If you continue to beleive the lies, you excuse more war and injustice.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

King Lear - even Royals must learn their lessons

"In the magnificent setting of King’s College gardens, an ageing monarch divides a kingdom among his three daughters. In doing so his world descends into chaos and all that he once believed is brought into question. Love and duty, power and loss, good and evil are all explored in this fast-paced and dynamic production. Not to be missed!" Cambridge Shakespere Theatre 9th July - 25th August 2012

Not actually seen King Lear personally, I will now. I am seeing society suffering though. Has the aging monarch Queen divided her kingdom among her sons and possibly daughter too?

Never mind watching these productions, real life is an education. With so much hidden from the people, it would be difficult to understand, let alone look at the layers of chaos created. The fixing is multilayered too. What a task is at hand ahead.

Earlier I had a lengthly talk with a police officer with a few of the very serious issues in this world, particularly those that are hidden from the people. There are polarities with the police, the good guys and the bad guys - those that have no sense of responsibility and lie in court. Telling her that every corrupt officer is rubbishing the Queen, and putting a nail in her coffin. She was listening because she knows that every police officer takes an oath to serve her. Every lawyer also takes an oath to the Queen.

We cannot predict the future, we need to make the future happen by planting the right seeds today. We need to nurture fruitful seeds. We need to start caring about humanity before nations of people sink to a dangerous degenerate state, where war become an excuse to deal with the problem, by incompetant kings who do not know any other way.

Not in my world. We need to get rid of the war monger mentality and educate people to realise a higher consciousness. In this time, the reality is, the heirs to the throne have all been tested and it seems God is not happy with the floods and fires.

Future generations are witness to what is happening now.

Sharing the full version of King Lear (1974) with James Earl Jones

Shakespeare in the Park production, produced by Joe Papp. NYC

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria