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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Alicia Keys - 2012 X Factor - This Girl is On Fire

We have in this visual, 'the impresion' of a night time scene with cresent moon and star. (We could also be seeing a total exclipse) There are several steps with a throne at the top. One each side there are pillars and a top. At the back rest area there is an ornate design, which provides some additional insight with being oriental.

The same stage setting was used in 2009 x factor, without the throne and so we arrive now here in 2012, the example to show what was an unfinished pyramid to be a completed pyramid with the capstone. The term order out of chaos means that our world is still in a mess and needs putting in order. The Spiritual New World Order is God's Order.

Xfactor has provided the stage for Alicia Keys and her song 'This Girl is on Fire' - not seeing the show, I caught the article and searched out the song to share.

The New Egyptian Pope comes to mind and this is timely. The wall on the Orthodox Church shows the Word of God is given to women in history as today. The Orthodox church is a Spirit led church. The Holy Spirit is also known as the Spirit of Truth.

Alicia Keys is another reminder of Spiritual Keys. We see time and time again, women are inspired creatively, to write songs and sing. Empowered women are highly motivated to assist healing and empower people. These are the spiritual gifts we have been given. A connection to Egypt is revealed too. Alicia named her son Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean.

The article in the Daily Mail identifies Chinese ceremonial decorations and activities. In another article, Rihanna is seen performing 'Princess of China' at the paralympic closing ceremony, dressed in orange, the colour buddhist monks wear. In Smyrna, where my grandmother was born, this is known as the Crown of Asia. These interesting connections come together to reveal a bigger picture. In some nations, people value the divinely guided ones - People who are divinely guided have been wisdom teachers and philosphers. There are people who have the understanding of spiritual alchemists - people who assist change according to their will, in my case, through prayer and trusting God will deal with this.

There are people searching for the holy grail and trying to get powers - Alicia has the power running through her veins. She is living in a country where people celebrate women being empowered and success. England needs to face facts, the system is set up to keep people down. A Jewish lady said anyone who is a threat to the throne has suffered - says it all really. England is a country far too keen to promote false idols and everyone loses out. If the healer is being wounded, she is unable to assist healing.

Personally I love the set up of the Xfactor shows - giving many people the opportunity to get up on stage and sing. If the music insdustry was run as before with thousands of tapes dropping on the desk at the record company, most end up in the bin and might not even be heard. Let's face it. Elton John, George Michael and other big names are not giong to be around forever. Everyone is entitled to sing and sing along too. Everyone has a message to communicate with their voice - my singing is so bad, I type instead;)

There are many signs to show a woman on the thone. The steps that is also the reminder of steps to heaven. We have 7 chakras and it is with our Crown Chakra we are guided by God, not to be superior but to realise our spiritual purpose here on earth. With 10 steps we are shown completion and perfection - the Divine Order is given.

We are also being reminded of Zion to Sing Louder, with Alicia singing. Keys can be physical keys, spiritual keys and even piano keys come to mind. The spiritual gateway has been opened now and it is for people to see and understand. With this spiritual laws apply and these are the laws that everyone is required to know and live by.

More than anything empowering people is necessary for humanity to progress. When I have been struck down with legal corruption twice with the refusal for justice and this is the act of man not God. However, God knows everything long before it happens. Seers have doubted that I would survive what I have been through and miraculously I am here, not superwoman strength, but I am alive to speak, to write and shine a light of truth.

Celebrate all the women and men who are using their voice to empower people and especially that they use their voice. Every threat to silence people for speaking out, is another nail in the coffin of those who are making the man made laws. If you were not meant to have a voice and express yourself, you would be born without one.

Alicia has stated she wants her album to "liberate" and "empower" fans. As a woman, Alicia has made a profound difference in this world. She is living in a country that celebrates empowering people and making a positive difference too.

Alicia is co-founder and Global Ambassador of Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization providing medicine to families with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Together with Bono, U2 lead singer, Alicia has recorded Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush's "Don't Give Up", in recognition of World AIDS Day 2005. Their version of the song was retitled "Don't Give Up (Africa)" for the charity. She has visited African countries promoting care for children affected by AIDS, recorded in the documentary Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland. This is just a start of this incredible woman.

Alicia has donated to Frum tha Ground Up, aiding children and teenagers with scholarships. She performed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, part of the worldwide Live 8 concerts to raise awareness of poverty in Africa and to pressure the G8 leaders to take action. In 2005, she performed on ReAct Now: Music & Relief and Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast, raising money for people affected by Hurricane Katrina. In July 2007, Alicia and Keith Urban performed The Rolling Stones' 1969 song "Gimme Shelter" - (the music industry has the movers and shakers rocking the world now)

Alicia performed "Someday We'll All Be Free" at the America: A Tribute to Heroes televised benefit concert following the September 11 attacks. She participated in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway, on December 11, 2007. Alicia joined Joss Stone and Jay-Z, performing the theme song for Obama's campaign. For her work, Alicia has been honored at the 2009 BET Awards with the Humanitarian Award.

Alicia performed the song "Prelude to a Kiss", retitled "Send Me an Angel", from her 2007 album As I Am for the "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief" telethon in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. She also sang at 'Send me an Angel' at Witney Houstons funeral. In September 2012, Alicia joined a campaign called "30 Songs / 30 Days" to support Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a multi-platform media project inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s book.

It is important that women are empowered to empower future generations. Spiritual sisters are becoming empowered today - breaking their silence, breaking down the walls and blocks that are being put in their way. Women are courageous and rarely acknowledge their inner strength. Alicia is shining her light and empowering other people to shine theirs.

There is a lesson for people who want to be in the music industry to be rich - 'The Stars' have a platform to make their fortune to make a positive difference!

Our world has been conquested for profit, people are suffering and impoverished. Everyone deserves a chance and the right to live in peace, without fear without being violated. Every child deserves to have an education and a start in life...There are laws that need to be addressed to protect women and children in our world.

Africa is a land rich in minerals and diamonds yet millions of people are poor. There are people without even clean running water. Building nations comes with skills. Another friend in Beverly Hills has been sought out by the United Nations to help these people. Men have had generations to do it right - have they sorted the world problems?

Women have a powerful voice, vision, intuition, sensitivity, compassion and care - when driven by feeling in the direction to create positive change it will happen. Women in America are going to leave men and women in decision making roles behind because for far too long, Britain does not want to listen to people's voices who might just know waht they are talking about. The mentality is all about taking and profit - not giving and rewarding people. When people in Britain stop trying to profit by man made laws, and live by spiritual laws, their minds might open up to realise there is another way.

The passion and drive of Alicia is revealing the motivation that is expected of someone with royal blood running through her veins. People with sincere hearts have been though some hard lessons and it takes huge hearts to help nations of people.

As more spiritual sisters unite even from a distance, spiritual lights are shining on this earth. For the people who are still sitting and wondering what is happening, let me tell you. Our world has been messed up by greedy corrupt people. Other people have lost their way. Innnocent people have suffered. New children are being born every day and we must make every effort to make sure they do not repeat past mistakes.

People deserve a chance. Everyone is given an opportunity to learn from mistakes. Our world is short of compassion and care. Everyone can make a positive difference in whatever way they choose.

AIDS is a killer disease, where there are people recovering without medication. Cancer is a killer disease too - people are being treated by Dr. Simoncini with Bicarbonate of Soda successfully. The way of the future is not toxic medicine. Healing the cause of the illness and making sure that our food and water is not poisoned is a priorty too.

War is a killling desease too....We must cure that for good.

So dear Alicia, keep shining your light and living your dream.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria