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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Criminals Turning Their Life around: True Stories

Sharing this real life story with three questions to think about.

1) Can criminals turn their life around?

2) Are the police dealing with crime or part of the problem?

3) Can we create a crime free world?

Recently speaking to a man who told me of his life of crime, prison, abusing women, drugs - after I knocked on his door to ask about the logo on his car. He said he was a hard criminal with no thought about who he hurt - he was once a very angry man. His life changed when one day, walking past a church. The door was open and he decided to go in and find out what happened there. He was not relgious - He had 'nowhere else to go and was cold'

The man told me he sat at the back of the church. He did not know anyone. In this experience the people were kind and welcoming. Smiling and saying 'hello'. He had not experienced this kindness before, especially from strangers. When they invited him to come back again - he wanted more of this, feeling as if he was worthy the first time.

The police picked him up one day in relation with some crime. He told me all he could think about was how to get to the church on time for the service. With speaking to a few police around, they surely must have been taken aback by this walking destructive man, wanting now to go to church overnight. They might have not beleived him at the time.

If I recall correctly, the police dropped him off at the church. If so, to make sure he said he was going to church. That day likely changed the attitude of a few local police. That day changed the gentleman's life who decided to stop the life of crime, and help other criminals who had gone down the wrong path in life.

Today, the church is providing the help to help ex offenders get their life back on track. The founder of this, turned to Christ to help him get his life turned around and he saw the doorway that was opened for him, through the church to help other people.

Why did this man go down the destructive path - and he was a man on a rampage who could have harmed people who got in his way? He had known a life of emotional abandonment, rejection, being put down. When at school, teachers were not at all encouraging to him. If anything many teachers are too quick to see those who seemingly come from the wrong place as being no hopers. A rejcted, hurt and angry man, behaved in a way to invite rejection in society. In abusing his partner - he was inviting her to reject him permanently too.

This man is fortunate - he saw the door open in the church and went in. He listened to his instincts when he had lost hope and nowhere else to go. The same no hoper today, is helping other young man who have chosen a life of crime - so they can have a chance in life. It takes one to know one - someone who has served time in prison for crime, knows that unless he or she gets help and support, they might end up in the same place.

Not everyone realises, the hurting and destructive people in life also have an inportant role to play in society. Hurting people can heal and become healers - people who assist healing of other people Ex offenders can be people who wake up present day offenders and say, 'your life is worth so much more than doing crime.'

The ex offenders who have a criminal record often find they are unable to get a job because they are not trusted. With no money, other than social security benefits, they are unable to use their time and energy in a positive and productive direction. When men who have an abundance of energy are not using this in a way that actually brings feeling of well being and a sense of satisfaction for doing a good job - both contribute to self esteem building, it is very easy to go back down the self-destructive path again.

Unhappy men find a way to cope with their depression. Males who are angry; or agrressive outbursts are a sign of this. They might turn to drink or drugs to numb out their pain and the way they feel about their life. Drug addictions do not just happen.

There are millions of young men who have given up on life and cannot see a positive future. They say there are no jobs and no prospects. They tell theirselves there is no point and so they become part of the drifters who will go through life feeling numb, unless intervention comes to change this way and open the doorway to opportunity.

There are millions of men who have reached 40 and whether working or not, they are not happy in their work and see no other alternative. One man not long ago told me he was waiting to die - a 40 year old he had completely given up on life.

Another man who is lodging with a friend lost his partner to drug addiction. He is a signe parent left with a young girl to look after. He said if it was not for her he would have taken his life. The child kept him alive and makes sure he does not go down a life of crime - so he said. He asked if he could hug me and said 'You are an angel that has appeared out of nowhere - I do not know who you are but never change who you are'.

The man who asked me for a hug, was with his friend - both had been drinking, both looked to be really sad and in their situations were a support to each other. The widower asked me would I give a hug to his friend too 'because he needed it' - He asked me if I prayed and to include them both in their prayers. This was a spiritual calling.

We do not know the lives we touch or the people we will meet in our lifetime. The people who are serving God on this earth, are put in the most unusual and sometimes we could be in potentially dangerous situations too. Until the doors open of acceptance of all people and the churches are made welcoming places for everyone, God's helpers are everywhere reaching out and even when we go through our own personal crisis.

There is always someone else who is in a worse off position. Hurt is a feeling - illness can be sometimes restricting or debilitating, this has nothing to do with our mind or our voice where we can communicate with other people and show we care.

People who cause suffering to people are not aware of this. If everyone is self aware and realised that for every action comes consequence, they might think twice. While I have a lot to say, holding back is also necessary too. You may notice I slam corruption and injustice - because the people causing this are oathtakers'. They are breaking their oath. Innocent people are killed in wars and we are all paying the price. When we consider one year military spending could fund 300 years of United Nations programmes to help people - we are seeing that priorities need to change to benefit everyone.

People can choose ethical leadership and a structure of officials who care about humanity - or a structure that excuses so many human rights violations. People can get involved to transform this world - help the needy and vulnerable. Get involved with helping people get their life back on track. As a visionary, I can see how there is so much opportunity that can be created if the blocks are smashed down that prevent this.

The biggest blocks people overcome are in their own mind.

So many people are quick to say 'you cant do this' - or 'you cant do that', negative influences are rife. There are people who are telling theirselves and other people that they are not good enough. People have said to me 'what good can you do - you are one woman by yourself?' - 'You are wasting your time' - 'You are wasting your life caring about other people' - 'forget other people and just think about yourself'.

With the understanding of my soul purpose, my life is not for myself. Since a young child, I had awareness of people hurting and famine in our world. As an adult I recognise the global healing need is multi-layered. We cannot ignore this forever.

Not everyone had the perfect childhood or the inner resources to reject a life of crime and temptation. In some countries people are having their hands chopped off for stealing food to eat because they have no income. If this law applied here, we would have a a high percentage of the legal profession handless for stealing of their clients. This situation is not going away and it will not be silenced or brushed under the carpet either.

Everyone has a voice. People are bringing real issues to the public eye. My effort is to identify the problem, then solutions can be given. However, unless someone deals with their emotional issues, even if they seemingly make progress, a knock back could do more harm then good. Pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution.

People who are rebuilding their lives are still vulnerable. It takes courage to start again. It takes someone who has learned from their mistakes and turned their life around, to see the needs of peope who offend. This is why support groups if they are founded can bring so much strength. The removal of social isolation, in a group with people who are focussed on putting their lives on track - compound that focus. It can be done.

People who are real Christians understand our responsibility to care about the people in our world. The people who turn away from God do not just do so - they might have been influenced and told there is no God. When the world is witness to so many people suffering - people are saying 'Why does God allow this?' - You could of course ask him. You could ask to be guided in the right way that you can be part of the solution and help others.

Billions of people are not told they are lovable and here for a spiritual purpose. They might not have been told that God is the protector of this earth and the overseer of everyone. They might not realise even if people do not beleive in God, He still exists and is. God is very patient with everyone. Christ was born for the people to prove this and there are an abundance of heavenly helpers for all of us.

Criminals are human beings who have lost their way. People do not just go down the life of crime and self destruction without their being a cause. We must identify the reason and heal the root cause of problems and then transformation can take place.

So many skilled people in the world. So many men are talented with their hands, with some technical ability or skill. There is also the opportunity to learn new skills. So many men are inspired by design. Before judging anyone to say they are not good enough - how many teachers took the time to find out what their pupils are good at and what they can share in this world in a positive way. I have heard teachers put down children who are playing that seed of not being good enough in the adult years.

A long time ago, I got into a verbal battle with someone who was a drug dealer. He was telling me he needed the money and I reminded him of contributing to people's addictions. In my spontaneous way, I told him 'you are making a few pounds while the drug baron is making millions - is that good business for you?' That shut him up and then he started to listen. I continued 'For all the effort you put into selling an illegal substance that could give you a prison sentance, you could sell legal goods and make a profit. You have the potential to be a successful businessman' His mind was blown with this.

Another man spoke to me recently - a security guard. He told me he needs the job because it pays a wage and takes up his time instead of wasting it away. The job does not stimulate him. He clocks on and then off at the end of the day. He told me that if he was not in this job, he could easily have gone down the wrong path in life. So many people he knows are lost drinking and taking drugs. They have given up in life. Is a job the answer?

When asking him what he really wanted to do - his burning passion in his heart if he did not work in this job, with a choice to do anything in life, without worry about an income and paying bills; His face lit up with big smiles. He said I would make music and get everyone else involved too. Perhaps this is his spiritual calling.

When George Michael another Greek, told his father he wanted to be a singer - I cannot remember the exact response but his parents were not impressed. As a young boy playing in the garage, he could have given that up and 'Got a 'real' Job'.

When people find their hidden talents, they can put them to good use. Worry less about the money and more about living your life as you are called to do. Today Xfactor gets a bashing from people who are blind to see the purpose it is serving to get people up and singing. Xfactor is not about the winner...not in my mind anyway.

Everyone has a voice and is entitled to speak their truth. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has the opportunity to make a positive difference in this world. This especially applies to the people who have made mistakes and gone the wrong way.

If we make mistakes in life - how will we ever learn? The answer is we learn from our mistakes. If we trip up and fall, we can get up again. Unless we try, we might not succeed. If we give up, how can we go forward - and go the distance.

The inspirational lights are many. There is not just one person who is the leader of the pack and keeping everyone else down. The message for 2012 is a very important one for everyone in humanity. 'This is YOUR moment to shine your light'.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria