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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Flood in Gloucester UK and insight being revealed

Gloucestershire has also had a good wash of the land. This flooding is not good - it is a warning to show people what happens when the coronation oath is violated. This is God's way of claiming back the land to be governed according to His Rules.

Here a man is carrying child. Protecting children as it should be. In England many thousands of children go missing every year. Every so often a big story happens to show people and remind parents to look after their children. Recently Charles, William and Harry were tested in the public eye. Young April 5, went missing. Her body has not been found. A man is in prison for murder. Without a body - no evidence. Injustice is ignored.

Police emptying his boot, with the reminder that the police are actually servants of God. They take an Oath to the Queen. While there is the expectancy of spiritual waters, this is the literal water giving his feet a really good wash and boots too. Spiritual Wisdom is also shared here on these pages, what you see is relevant to understanding.

Here is the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Richard, a member of the British Royal family. It is interesting, because he could pass as my father's brother, they look very similar at this age, in most of his facial features. The Queen will know if we are related.

Prince Richard is the youngest grandchild of King George V and Queen Mary. My father also has the same name. While in history, royals have thought carefully about names, especially when names also carry meaning, it is usual to inherit the names of family members. Without knowing or studying the royal geneologies - although I did start to write an artice on this ages ago, there have been kings with the name Richard in history.

'The Duke of Gloucester is 21st in line of the throne and carries out royal engagements on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Richard was born on 26 August 1944 in Hertfordshire. His father, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, was the third son of King George V and Queen Mary. His mother was Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (née Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott), a daughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch.

Richard was baptised in the private chapel of Windsor Castle on 20 October 1944 by Lord Lang of Lambeth. His godparents were the Queen (his paternal aunt and wife of George VI), Princess Marie Louise (his cousin), the Countess of Athlone (his cousin, for whom her daughter, the Lady May Abel Smith stood proxy), the Duke of Buccleuch (his maternal uncle), the Marquess of Cambridge (his cousin), the Lady Sybil Phipps (his maternal aunt), and General the Hon Sir Harold Alexander (for whom his wife, the Lady Margaret Alexander, stood proxy). Because of the war, newspapers did not identify the actual location of the christening, and said instead that it took place at "a private chapel in the country".

As a grandson of the British monarch in the male line, he was styled His Royal Highness Prince Richard of Gloucester at birth. At the time of his birth he was fifth in the line of succession to the throne, and second in line to his father's Dukedom, behind his brother, Prince William of Gloucester, who died in 1972 when the plane he was piloting crashed at Halfpenny Green, near Wolverhampton.

When Prince Richard was four months old, he accompanied his parents to Australia, where his father was Governor-General from 1945 to 1947. The family returned to Barnwell Manor in 1947'.

The Duke of Gloucester at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, wearing the robes of the Order of Saint John, on 4 November 2006.

In the Holy Bible, the messages in the Book of Revelation are relevant to this time. In particular the 7 churches of Asia are written about with specific messages. This is surely a testing time for everyone. By right, I should be protected by the Royal family given my position, but I have not been able to rely on this. It is through constant prayer and trust that I have come through some perilous situations.

Anyone who is claiming association to any church, and especially connected with Christ would surely be 100% in support in restoring God's Order in the world.

What is certain, everyone who is from the Royal families, should know at some point that another child will be born anointed by God. This is in service to God - NOT to lord over anyone and see people as inferior. It is vital at this time to uplift humanity and address some fundamental issues. Many hands and minds are needed for this.

In the Greek Orthodox church, actually everyone is equal, even when given a status it is to recognise the role of responsibility. It is not to see people as inferior. We are at a time now, where people are ready more to accept spiritual understanding.

These floods are relating to wash away the old to bring God's Laws and for everyone to understand, the law of nature that lawyers and police talk about, they are begining to see what this means. No one is safe at this time. If you have gone through life not caring who you hurt and do wrong to, there is a price to pay for this.

When we live by spiritual laws, we know straight away when we have done wrong, or very soon afterwards. There are people who are blind to this and do not want to see. The floods are not easy to ignore and the media is printing the pictures so you can see.

Last night I spoke at length to a police officer about the serious issues that impact everyone. The police also have a very difficult job - a job I cannot do because they do have to deal with sometimes really gory situations. I told the lady, everytime a police officer lies in court - he puts a nail in the coffin of the Queen.

With what is happening now, a crisis point is reached and people are not the enemy of the police. A system where officials are boasting of crime is just one reason why people have suffered. I have not looked to see what news is happening in gloucester that might have contributed to this.

In History, bribery and corruption has said to been happening on a major scale. The link is posted below in relation to this matter.

When corruption is not addressed, it grows - as I have said officials boast of the system being corrupt and so I will quote this report from 2 days ago.

"A corruption inquiry has heard that an evaluation committee who decided on which mining companies would be awarded exploration licences paid no heed to whether the companies actually had the financial capacity to carry out the work.

William Hughes, a senior public servant who was the head of a three-person evaluation committee, admitted that the committee did not assess the expertise, skills or "know-how" of any mining companies who were tendering for multi-million dollar coal exploration licences.

The Independent Commission Against Commission is inquirying into the granting of coal exploration licences in 2009 by the department of then resources minister Ian Macdonald. The commission has heard that the family of Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid used inside information to gain profits of $100 million."

It is known that there is coal in England. In Lancashire where I live, coal mining has taken place in the past and the coal pits closed down. The people are now mainly fitted with gas and contracts for payment, with the ever increasing prices too.

A man I know used to work in the coal pits and was involved in some accident. Chatting some time back he told me there are several layers of coal in the earth. He also said just one layer would provide coal for 50 years. If he knows this, the British royal family knows this too. With the family being given land and title deeds, they could all be earning an income from the land in whatever way, not just from rents.

My focus is the injustice and bringing an end to the wars taking place. It is up to the Queen and Dukes to have kept the lands free of injustice and corruption long ago. The position of respect with a compliant society and officials who address and bow down to people with titles, of which I do not, would take notice.

The biggest crime has been ignoring the injustice taking place.

The sad reality is, it is officials, oathtakers who are exposed and have made this country being one that has a society that is broken. Who is going to heal the problem, when the problem is the establishment allowing all these abuse of trust.

Government ministers are supposed to be focussed to be servants of the people - not to focus on lining their own pockets and making a fast buck at every opportunity.

There is money being spent and not accounted for while the people's need is being neglected. It is the ministers who are also involved with policy making!

There are likely many more issues in relation to Gloucester, however this is just one that shows why the area is being cleaned out.

If Prince Richard is a servant of Christ then he will continue, with me, to do what he can to make a positive difference in England and wherever else. Being a servant of Christ is being of service to everyone, with prayer and with pure intention.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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