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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Former Oil Boss: A New Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby was consecrated Bishop last October and has risen to the top job - the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Pictured here with the Angel of the North Statue, NewCastle in the background. Is this a sign of the New Queen being recognised? You decide.

Justin Welby lists sailing and 'anything French' as his recreations. As Bishop of Durham, his informality and evangelical fervour, described as a revelation, has him winning over various parishes.

"Let’s be clear,” said Bishop Justin Welby back in July, just as the race to succeed Rowan Williams was hotting up, “I’m one of the thicker bishops in the Church of England”. - This would surely make many people feel more comfortable, after all, in this current time, people are looking for someone they can relate to and who relates to them. The disadvantage with being an intellectual is isolating people who are not this way inclined.

Former oil boss has accepted the role of Archbishop of Canterbury on 9th November 2012. The decision took place in a highly secret selection process. His enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral is announced as 21 March 2013. The Anglican communion has three main parts. The established Church in England, whose head is Queen Elizabeth II. The Episcopal Church in America and the Anglican churches of Africa.

Bishop Justin Welby has reportedly blasted fatcat bankers for their “sins” and also condemned pay-day loan firms for “usury”. We, all who are united in addressing the corruption taking place, are vocal. As even the Queen Head of the Bank of England knows, the debt that is created by governments can never be repaid, however the bank keeps earning interest. Recently Ed Miliband made a comment in a speech about breaking solemn oaths and the year 2013. Is this related to the 100 year contract being up?

Here we see a close up of the Mitre worn by Bishop Justin Welby. There are three fish and the different blue colours representing the waters and oceans. The gold colour is showing of is being a Bishop of Christ. On Bishop Welby's breastplate/heart area where his cloak connects is a cross, shows he holds Christ in his heart. The staff - the shepherd to lead the flock to spiritual understanding.

Not only are we in a time to unite humanity in peace, it is effort to calm the spiritual waters too for a smooth sailing. With the fish united together individually and clearly seen to show Three SEAS is the vision and intention for unity. Holy means being 'Whole' and so with unity with everyone, we live again in a Holy Kingdom with Christ as King. With all the the promoing of William - he is not Jesus Christ. It is the divine plan to unite humanity in peace and so it is time for humanity to know this.

Peace means no more war in our world. Peace between all nations.

The ministers of God do not choose one country or another. God does not choose the most predictable person to represent him either. In a world where there is still conflict and innocent people suffering, it is time to heal all this now.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England. He is symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. Archbishop Rowan Williams is the 104th in a line which goes back more than 1400 years to St Augustine of Canterbury, the "Apostle to the English", in the year 597. Bishop of Durham Justin Welby will be 105th.

Being liberal about women priests, one of Justins first responsibilities — which he says he welcomes — will be installing the first woman bishop in the Church of England.

The possiblity of a female bishop is revealed by looking at the detail of Heath Hall that I wrote about a few days ago. This year more women globally are being called to actively serve in the spiritual ministry, instead of taking a back seat or passive role.

This image gives the impression of a crown that is elevated; hanging from the ceiling. With this we are reminded of the spiritual crown and being crowned from heaven. The Holy Mother Mary was crowned from Heaven. She was divinely appointed.

Today the archbishop fills four main roles:

1) The diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury, covering the east parts of the County of Kent. Founded in 597, the oldest see in the English church.

2) Metropolitan archbishop of the Province of Canterbury, covering the southern two-thirds of England.

3) Primate of All England, he is the chief religious figure of the Church of England (the British sovereign is Supreme governor of the church) Along with the Archbishop of York, he chairs the General Synod and many of the church's important boards and committees. The Archbishop of Canterbury plays a central part in national ceremonies such as coronations.

4) As spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, although without legal authority outside England, The Archbishop of Canterbury is recognised by convention as primus inter pares (first among equals) of all Anglican primates worldwide.

The archbishop holds a number of other positions; for example, he is Joint President of the Council of Christians and Jews in the United Kingdom.

The Archbishop is one of the "five great sees". The other four are York, London, Durham and Winchester. The Archbishop of Canterbury is ex officio one of the Lords Spiritual of the House of Lords. He is one of the highest-ranking men in England and the highest ranking non-royal in the United Kingdom's order of precedence.

The archbishop's main residence is Lambeth Palace in the London Borough of Lambeth. He also has lodgings in the Old Palace, Canterbury, located beside Canterbury Cathedral, where the Chair of St. Augustine sits.

Personal connections to Canterbury. Canterbury in Kent is where Peter Cushing lived, who I have had the honor to know and drink tea with him in his home. Biggin Hill in Kent is where I lived. St. Augustine's in Bolton is where I sang in the school choir as a teenager and where my brother had his first marriage. Kent is associated with the KentKard - a travel card used in Izmir in Turkey. Izmir was once Smyrna - ancient Greece, where my Grandmother lived until the massacre of Greek Christians in 1922. It is here descendants from the Byzantine Imperial bloodline lived. The Virgin Mary even had a home here. (People in England refer to Prince Phillip former Prince of Greece, yet he has no Greek blood. An earlier article about the King with no surname might bring clarity)

Learning more. Since Henry VIII broke with Rome, the Archbishops of Canterbury have been selected by the English (British since the Act of Union in 1707) monarch. Today the choice is made in the name of the monarch by the Prime Minister, from a shortlist of two selected by an ad-hoc committee called the Crown Nominations Commission.

Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, was favourite for the post. Suggestions that he may have lost ground due to some of his conservative views on social issues. However, the Daily Mail have pictured him holding a bouquet of flowers. Are these for someone?

On the golden cloak, we see the Y on two sides. While this might symbolise York, I also have the impression of three branches of people. The top a cross, symbolising being united as one 'in Christ'. The crossed keys appear again with a crown above. As previous articles have identified, a Swiss bank has three keys. The third would be held by the Queen. The Greek Byzantine Orthdox has two crossed keys and to me this symbolises a united church - a universal church for everyone. Across the breastplate, heart area looks like a tree with three branches, symbolically representing one family tree - one person belonging to people of three faiths. The Mitre is showing John Sentamu is Guided by Christ.

Another of Bishop Welby’s rivals to succeed Dr Rowan Williams was Bishop of London the Rt Rev Richard Chartres. Looking at this image, the first thing that stands out is the broach with ER reversed. Whether this is photoshop or actual - my eye sees what can be seen. With the red and black -Simon Cowell had a TV competition Red or Black 'hearing' this now in my mind is to share. Chatres, is in France, if I recall my French grandmother had a home for a time. She wanted me to be raised in France as a child and educated over there. She later moved to Chateau du Loir - that is between Tours and Le Mans. Bolton Town Centres road is Le Mans Crescent - See how everything is connecting together.

Notice the French connection recurring and is a brand name too. These are signs not to ignore. France is where Mary Magdalene lived. France and Spain are where the descendants of the people who arrived fleeing from Jerusalem in the boat.

Wikipedia writes: 'In 1417 Chartres 'fell into the hands of the English, from whom it was recovered in 1432. It became seat of a Duchy in 1528. During the Wars of Religion, it was attacked unsuccessfully by the Protestants in 1568, and was taken in 1591 by Henry IV, who was crowned there three years afterwards.'

Eure-et-Loir comprises the main part of the region of Beauce, politically it belongs to the current region of Centre (Val de Loire). A little reminder that Christ conquered the world with love for humanity. In my Heath Hall article, I posted an image with pink roses bound together on the modern throne. It is really shocking that there have been wars over religion - whether in the name of Christ, or of God Almighty/Allah.

With regards to The Crown, the French connection appears to be important. Queen Elisabeth II is Duke of Normandy, a title held by the Monarch.

There is a message being revealed that whoever is called to be a spiritual leader, is not being measured by being the most eloquent of even with academic intelligence. If we consider children are divinely guided - all that is needed is a pure heart and pure intention to be receptive in selfless service. Trusting God is vitally important too.

Justin Welby, the newly appointed archbishop of Canterbury, at Lambeth Palace.

When Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Channel 4 asked Bishop Justin Welby if really believes in the Virgin Birth - without hesitation or a smile of the journalist's question, Welby replied, "I can recite the Creed without crossing my fingers at any point." Asked if he believed that Jesus was physically resurrected, he said without any hint of doubt, "Yes."

There is always 'something' that guides people to commit their lives to serve God. Once that connection is there with a commitment to do what we are called to do, to assist healing and the upliftment of the human condition, then we must abandon self interest to be open to be instruments to enable other people on their spiritual journey. As a wise man said, many are called and only a few are chosen. This man has been chosen.

The 'something' to change the course of Bishop Justin Welby's life, back in 1983 his baby daughter was killed in a car crash. This tragedy is said to have brought him closer to God. This began by attending the Alpha Course, an evangelical group within the Church of England. In 1989, he gave up his job as an oil executive and studied for ordination. To be of service in the Anglican priesthood is a choice not to be taken lightly.

Justin Welby had a fine start in life with being educated at Eton and Cambridge. From there he became an oil company executive straight out of university. Attending Eton and Cambridge opens doors in the coporate world. Top jobs come with big salaries. There comes a time when we all need to examine our heart and prioritise why we are here.

With some years working in finance and growing business, Justin Welby speaks the language he fluently understands. When we understand the language people speak, we learn the message they are trying to deliver. This is an era for understanding people who come from different cultures, backgrounds and religious teachings. The challenge is that we must start to look at the world through other peoples eyes and their mind to understand them.

Quoting the video below, Justin Welby says "Everything to do with money is simply theology in numbers - it tells you the theology of the organisation, in numbers. Our sense of who God is, our values, our sense to those things to which he has called us, our concern and love for one and another are demonstrated in part by use of our money."

In my language, more than anything, any church must be a welcoming home, a house of God where people, whoever they are, can go to especially if they are hurting, lonely and lost. A few days ago, I wrote an article after being guided to find and post a video from Sister Act, a movie showing a transforming church. If we want to see churches full - the doors need to be opened and when 'everyone' feels welcome, they return again.

People have lost their way when turning God and churches and relgion as a competition instead of understanding the powerful force beyond human manipulation is not the enemy that divides people. Geographically we are divided. Spiritually we are united in one God. Through one God humanity is united. In Christ, everyone has the opportunity to know God.

Christ gave people the instruction for people to go to their rooms and close the door to pray. We are given the validation that even if we cannot get to church, there is no excuse or obstruction in your life that can stop you to pray. Where barriers have been put up, God breaks them down. When the path is blocked, He clears the path for you too. In my personal relationship with God, this is full time, meaning 24/7.

England is a nation where millions of people say they are Christians and yet their heart is not open for all people, especially people from other lands. Not everyone realises that the Middle East has been predominanty Orthodox Christians in history. Over a billion Muslims are not going to become Christians, however, they will be Orthodox beleivers because they wait for Christ to return. They wait for the Imam Madhi - The Guided One.

For there to be peace in this world, there needs to be not just agreements between people for peace, peace is made so much easier with someone who unites people from all faiths together. Just from my birth heritage, I am uniting several nations and as 'God planned' was born Thornton Heath in England on Beulah Cresent, the morning after the Visitation of the Holy Mother Mary. Beaulah Land is the Biblical Promised Land.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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