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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Grade 1 Stately Home Fire in Devon to Be Rebuilt

Another fire has struck....when fires happen, they also give hidden messages that we can also to understand. Fires relate to distruction and whether deliberate, an accident or a freak of nature, this still creates change of what was and making new again.

The other day I wrote about the house burning on The Bishop's Avenue; while being owned by a Russian couple, the hidden message was revealing to connect in relation to the upper House on top of the Church - Buckingham Palace, in particular Prince Charles.

Sydenham House, a 17th century stately home in Devon has been left partially destroyed after being ravaged by a fire. Again like the property on The Bishops Avenue, The roof and first floor have been affected and left in ruins. Nearly 100 firefightters were battling to save the Grade 1 listed home.

Fifteen fire crews, with wearly 100 firefighters battled to save the stately home set in 1,200 acres, using water pumped from the lake. They were forced to evacuate in case the entire building collapsed. An investigation is launched into the cause of the fire, which broke out in a first floor bedroom at around 4pm yesterday.

Owner Graeme Hart bought the property and 1,200 acre estate in 1992. He first learned of the blaze when his secretary telephoned him to say his home was in flames. Fortnately the house was evacuated with the alarm was raised, without any injuries.

Mr Hart, who was reportedly out during the day, rushed home to witness flames coming through the roof. Being determined to restore the building to its former glory in the wake of the blaze, with no thought for the cost, he said 'It has got to be rebuilt,' - 'It is a historic Grade I listed building.'

'The firefighters have come from all corners of Devon and Cornwall,' he said.

Graeme Hart is left to rebuild his home at a cost of £millions.

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said the glow from the flames would have been visible for miles around as the roof and most of the first floor of the stately home near Launceston had been 'well alight'.

The house was built for the politician Sir Thomas Wise, who sat in the House of Commons in the 17th century. Doubting Thomas comes to mind and Wise in relation to Wisdom. These are the signs not to doubt the wisdom that is being revealed.

With the fires both destroying first floor and roofs, there are similarities. The former house on the Bishops Avenue is a gated home, with neighbours knowing nothing about the owners who have private security as they enter and leave their home. Here we see this Stately home in open grounds with a lot of land..

In looking, Graeme Hart has an unusually successful career, extending and including in the medical field. Other areas are interesting to learn about.

West Country Renewables Limited is a company focused on delivering renewable technology installations within Devon and Cornwall. Operating under the banner 'Power to the Parish'

CORIN GROUP PLC - 'As a leader in orthopaedic innovation, Corin has pioneered a number of landmark orthopaedic developments since its foundation. We are proud that we have been able to improve the quality of life of thousands of patients around the world through these ground breaking products.'

Graeme Hart, a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, has vision and awareness of making life easier for people. Being aware that our planet has the natural resources at hand that can be used for energy and health benefits is on the right track.

Incidently Charles is Duke of Cornwall and Devon. This is the second Royal Duchy in England, the first being where I am living in the Duchy of Lancaster.

If this fire had not happened, we may not have come across the work that Graeme Hart is involved in. From my own professional training and insights since a small child, this is to enable people, and especially to assist natural healing - self healing. There are surgeons who are working saving peoples lives, and rebuilding physical bodies so that people can have some quality of life. It is easy to forget these highly trained people and the job they to, until we encounter these people in our life.

This stately home is a Grade I listed building must maintain the theme of its orginal structure and design. It certainly looks like a tranquil country home in a peaceful setting, by the lake. Lady by the lake comes to mind - to write about in another article. This home might take a while to rebuild, I am sure it will be worth it.

Prince Charles is into natural remedies and psychotherapy. From his own experience he knows how effective these treatments are. Perhaps is not aware of people who are being exploited and there are ethical issues that urgently need to be addressed. A few males want to be king, yet have very little, or no understanding of holistic healh - mind body and healing the soul. An interest in healing and spirituality is not enough.

Contaminating our food and water with toxins is not acceptable. There are many ethical professionals and experts in our world who are more than sick of those who are greedy, corrupt and spiritually blind. It takes courage for scientists and experts to speak out about what is happening - someone has to make a stand.

In this house the roof and internal structure has been destroyed, as surgeons know the body can be rebuilt. As therapists know people can heal too. With tender loving care and sincere heart what is possible is unlimited, when nurturing growth.

The problem is if our body is ill with cancer and tumors - it is not so easy to cure this and so it is necessary now, to address the root cause of the problem!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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