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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Harp of Faithfulness - Gold Crown; Divine Timing

There is a delay in posting this image and the clock below on Baker Street in London. These images were in the Daily Mail article about 1 Cornwall Terrace in London. Now is the right time - better late than never. This is divine timing.

The 'Lute of Loving Kindness' and 'Harp of Faithfulness' is being spoken about. The Lute and Harp both relate to musical instruments. Music is inspired in some way. The great composers, have been divinely inspired with their music - Music conveys a timeless message that never dates. Even today inspired music from hundreds of years ago is popular. With the help of a conductor - The Director of the orchestra plays the song. With music being inspired, be reminded of heavenly angel messengers.

The piano, while a keyboard instrument has strings inside. The Guitar, Violin, Oboe and double bass all have strings too. Song and music is used to praise God, we are given the instruments, when we sing, we are rewarding our heavenly audience. In the first temple times, the 7 strings would have been representing not just the sound, but also the ones who played were inspired too. Number 7 is everywhere. The rainbow has seven colours that reflect our chakras. A little extra insight if not already known.

Holy Scriptures documents the ever faithful Promise of God. Christ came in person and spoke to the people, so that everyone knew about our heavenly father. The Holy One 'lives' for all mankind. The Holy Spirit is 'Alive' - 'Spirit' can never be killed off. In the times when Kings and Pharaohs ordered the killing of children to elimintate successors to the throne, these were very dark times in history. Both Moses and Christ survived. They survived because family were divinely inspired and acted to save the children. Saint. Joseph followed the instruction from God. Miriam, the mother of Moses also trusted completely.

The reason I know this with absolute certainty is because my mother was divinely inspired. She took her children out of England to be Baptised in the Cathedral in New Smyrna in Greece. She was born in the Royal Priest bloodline and therefore so am I. Her actions were for my protection. She followed God's divine instruction. There are warnings given in the Holy Scripture not to harm God's annointed ones. While people are told to obey the Ten Commandments - God is ever giving instructions to people. It is these we must follow. I did not write a few months ago to demand £100 million for compensation as instructed to. The figure was specific. This property and Heath Hall explain why.

"I will also praise you with the harp for your faithfulness, O my God; I will sing praises to you with the lyre, O Holy One of Israel." Psalm 71:22

Father God and Christ being ever faithful to US; the least we can do is praise them. With the intercession and divine providence at work, it is impossible to ignore that in so many ways, our attention is taken to look upwards. Readers might remember the spraying in the skies. How many people thought about God and the Ruler of this world? How many people know that the government officials are servants of God - even the naughty ones. All the servants of God, especially the oathtakers have been tested in every way.

Kindness is not easy to show when hurting and angry. If we are kind to ourselves, it becomes easier to be kind to other people. from a spiritual perspective, the lute is a reminder to show kindness, especially to people who have not experienced kindness in their life. One act of kindness can change people. One good deed has a knock on effect. When we give kindness and care to everyone, we teach kindness too. Kindness is a free gift that does not come at any cost or has any expection in return.

Faithfulfness, from a spiritual perspective, is to be faithful in God and to continue, no matter what life throws at us, no matter what situations we find ourselves in, no matter our circumstances, suffering, physical location, where we work or do not work, who we are with, or if we are alone, from the moment we wake up until we to go sleep - maintain loyalty and faithfulness to God. We all make mistakes and hurt. People are being persecuted, abused, oppressed, suffer injustice as I have too, still when we seek God and ask for strength, help, healing, guidance and direction - prayers are answered.

There are ancient Greek and Roman style pillars in this building, that connect with the ancient Temples. These have been connected to the Divine Goverment, taking authority from the heavenly realms, from where God Rules all people and the universe. The temple pillars connect to the first Church. With Corinth appearing a lot recently, St. Paul was the messenger for the early Christians - The messenger of Christ. In London, St. Paul's Cathedral is situated. Christianity became known as 'Pauline Christianity' - also part of the ever unfolding divine plan. Arguments about this have taken place and yet here I am divinely inspired, sharing openly. My name 'Pauline' is my Saint Name.

Number 1 Cornwall Terrace is a very important address. There are two Royal Duchies in England, Cornwall and Lancaster. Prince Charles is Duke of Cornwall. The Queen is Duke of Lancaster. This building on the Crown Estate has been sold. Since this it has been developed into seperate homes that are being sold. In discovering the £100 million price set for number 1 Cornwall Terrace, initially, I thought this has been set to ensure this is taken by the next eligible heir and not just sold to anyone else. However, with the house prices rising so high now in England, only God knows.

Whoever is the next appointed Crowned Royal Queen, offices will be required and seeing as London is the central base, as a Home office, this is prefect to accomodate, work from and hold meetings - These were my thoughts. The annointed successor, The One appointed by God, might not be easily accepted by people and so God always has his plan because it is not to create yet another War, or divide and conquer land as in history, or to reject the New Queen; or turn people against the Queen either.

These sculptures appear to be Greek or Roman era. Notice with their arms crossed over. This is showing their connection to Egypt. Cleopatra, the Last Pharoah Queen of Egypt, was Greek. When the Egyptians died, their arms were crossed over - this relates to people crossing over to the other side. Notice the cross in the railings. There four upright statues are holding their armsm not places as if dead, meaning their spirit is alive. I have been 'hearing' these weeks '4 pyramids', Pyramids are the Royal Tombs of people who were Crowned and Spiritually Enlightened - being at one with God. In attaining Spiritual Enlightement, the Soul - Holy meaning 'Whole' Spirit is born again. We know there are three pyramids in Giza in Egypt. There is also another fourth 'unfinished pyramid'. Connecting this together, the symbolism on the Dollar and the All Seeing Eye is the reminder to everyone that God actually does see everything and what is happening in this world in high places.

With the four scuptures, I was reminded of 4 guardian angels who watch over and guard the building/Kingdom. The address shows this building is important. The expression there are signs everywhere actually does apply. All the information I am sharing is from what I have been guided to find, hear by The Word of God, looking at the symbols and uncovering where they are connected to. Additionally names and numbers have meaning too.

Overlooking Regents Park - London's Queen's Park. The Gardens that belong to Christ are for everyone to enjoy and so this is why the green spaces are important to maintain. Whoever is elected King or Crowned Queen is expected to maintain the Kingdom for Christ. If there is an annointed Royal Princess who is appointed by God, then to place an elected King would be going against the Will of God. The Holy Scriptures are clear.

Cornwall Terrace was designed in 1812 for George, Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales is a title given to the Heir of the Throne. Wales is also an ancient Kingdom and so this explains why the Queen coronated Charles in Wales in a ritual ceremony. Charles was given powers and authority over land and this impacts people too. It is important to address that he was not given this authority by God. Any power or right to make rules over land and people was given by his mother. He did not take an Oath to God for this.

Wales has recently featured in the news after young April, a five year old has gone missing. The children said she got into a white van by herself. The media have arrested and put into prison a man who drove a dark coloured 4 X 4 that even I would struggle to climb into. This has been a test for William, Harry and Charles. Why is a man in prison for murder when there is no body and no physical evidence of a murder. God tests Everyone. For anyone, the Queen, Charles and now Willam and Harry being the two Kings of Wales, with William given the title King of Scotland, why were any of them silent about this? Why do any of them allow injustice when this is an abomination to the LORD - the Big Boss Himself.

This building has an interesting nd revealing history. It was the house of the New Zealand High Commissioner from 1955 until the mid 1970 - there has been floods in New Zealand written about in previous article. Also the Queen is Queen of New Zealand too. With the floods in New York, Andrew, the Queen's son is given the title Duke of York and so the signs are around show perhaps it is time for the family to take early retirement.

It became a Grade I listed building on 9 January 1970. In January 1975, the mansion was raided by hippie groups - the 'Rainbow People' and 'Divine Light Mission' who reportedly degraded it to a squat and meditated here, even opening up a health food store within it. The hippies were driven out in the autumn of 1975 and it then became the headquarters of the company British Land. So a 'Corporation' took possession of the property.

Cornwall Terrace was restored in 1980 by Decimus Burton under John Nash's supervision. From 2002 it belonged to telecommunications entrepreneur Charles Wigoder. In 2007 it was purchased by Oakmayne Properties in 'Elephant and Castle'. Oak relates to Royal Houses - family trees. Mayne means 'Powerful'. Other properties the have developed are Embassy Court and 1 St, Katherine's Precinct. More insights come to light.

Elephant and Castle while a location in London, This is also connected to Bolton - where there are statues and design of elephants all over the Town Centre. Castle Hill that my parents were totally against - going there I learned why. Notice 'Hill' again. With Embassy Court, a couple of days ago I met a lady who is involved with running the 'Christ Embassy' church in Bolton. St. Katherines is the Greek Orthodox Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai - everything is connected. Bolton unites Humanity Now.

Elephants are associated with Emperors and Empress. I never did get a clear answer if Queen Victoria was guided by God to justify being Empress. There is no denial of the Holy Spirit by Buckingham Palace, as we see Nike Goddess of Victory too. Outside Buckingham Palace there is a golden statue with wings and she is holding a Palm, standing on the world. The Palm is connected to the Passover. Notice the Victory Goddess is wearing a crown. With standing on the world relates to God Ruling the World, from the heavenly realms on earth.

The 7 rainbow colours relate to the 7 chakras and it is quite revealing to show how the corporations see 'divine light' as being degenerate. With the people selling health food - surely this is better than our toxin contaminated food. Truth comes to light in the most unexpected ways. Truth stands out. This is relevant.

The building has gone from being a home for the Heir to the Throne, then to accomodate officials working for the crown, and residents being nobles as privately owned property. This shows how the times are changing and the cost of living is rising. House prices have gone through the roof in especially London. 1 to 21 Cornwall Terrace is marketed at the high end market of ambassadors. Including the Ambassador for Christ?

The building gives many clues to what is important and relevant to know. Built in the Corinthian Order, this is described as a style. The name "Corinthian" is derived from the Greeks of Corinth. In a previous article, I wrote about the famous scripture about Love and it is number 13 too. This year the X factor contestants have stayed in the London Corinthian Hotel - coincidence? Nothing is coincidence. Everything is connected.

Cornwall Terrace is located in the City of Westminster, again this is connected to Christ and land that belongs to Christ. Minster also relates to Minister and so with London being South of England with West identified, it was in the divine plan to move me here and live in Bolton, stuck here, in the North West. Here is Moses Gate Country park and this is what is most relevant. Connections with Jewish people are maintained by God.

When the Queen dies (unless she passes over the crown before), her successor automatically succeeds to the throne. As she is Queen, her successor will be Queen. Man made laws, even rules made by previous Kings are null and void. The laws in relation to the thone and succession, if they are in conflict with what God has ordained, they are null and void. To deny this is to deny the Rule of God on this earth.

The Queen is the Only person who has been given the Crown as custodian of the Crown of David - becoming Queen of the 13 tribes of Israel. She is standing for the 13th member of the family, Jacob had a daughter. These are the 13 'illuminati' bloodlines. All have obligation to do right by God and when they do not, then something must happen to bring Order back in the World again. God's Order. For all what is happening in this present time, it is as if the cards have been played, Now God is showing His hand!

With Jubilee Laws relate to returning land back to the original owner, this also relates to giving the Crown to who it belongs to. We are in a time for repentance and return to doing right by everyone. In the ancient times, the Kingdom was ruled by King and Queen. The King was in charge of political decisions and the Queen who was anointed by God, was guiding her husband what to do. In God's Kingdom, Christ is King. The Bride of Christ, could be seen as His Queen. A Queen who is divinely chosen is working With Christ to serve the people. The expression God's helper came from this. We are many helpers guided by God. We are not all born in the specific bloodline - scripturally identified to be Queen and Spiritual Mother to all the People, As the Holy Mother Mary was.

Cornall Terrace is leasehold, so the land is still owned by the Crown Estate. The building not only houses one of the most important residential addresses, it is the former British Land headquarters at number 10 Cornwall Terrace, Notice number 10 again. The Grade 1 listed building has been converted to Eight ambassadorial residencies, or 7 plus Number 1. Consider the ancient Greek 7 churches in Asia in the Holy Bible. Athena was the ancient Greek Goddess Queen. The Acropolis in Athens and also before Hagia Sophia prior to this. There is an acropolis temple, with an Athena statue built in America and the Greek Temple in Athens Greece is being rebuilt too. The timing is divine timing.

In Britain, the scales of justice thrown out of the window. A few lawyers boasting of that thre is no justice in UK and refused to work for justice have openly declared this to A CREDIBLE witness who is also an appointed Servant of God. This is why His Court is to be Established on Earth.7/7 The present day court is not. If lawyers and judges take issue - Go argue with God IF YOU DARE! It is time to prosecute corrupt officials and remove them from being officers of the court - permanently. Over in Switzerland there are a few lawyers in jail. So deal with this matter as OATHTAKING officials are obliged to.

Surprisingly, few people challenge injustice or look to scriptures to see what is written in relation to Justice. One time, when not very well, instead of 'hearing the Word of God', I asked to be guided and opened the Holy Bible to what He wants me to know. The page related to justice and the obligation is for Judges to serve Justice. There is clear indication for LAWYERS not to corrupt the court or pervert the course of justice. When judges refuse to work for justice, refuse to allow credible evidence in a court and refuse redress despite many times being contacted and the evidence being sent my myself 3 times and by a former Lord of Justice and still I am without justice, THEY have perverted the course of justice. Lawyers know this is a serious crime too. Judges are colluding for miscarriage of justice. To decide the outcome of a case before it is heard is collusion. There are no more excuses. Crimes are exposed, New Queen, New Rules. Clearout overdue.

From the heavenly realms I get my authority to speak out. From the Holy Scripture I can point out and even seek out what is relevant to know. Google has enabled me to write Bible XXX whatever I want to know, with the relevant scripture will come to my attention in milliseconds. This is the entitlement of everyone to use and to understand the Holy Bible is just as relevant today to bring truth to people as it has been, at the time it was written, in different time lines over 2000 years. When the Queen has allowed persistant violation to her promise to God, where she has not put right injustice, as in history, God takes control and He appoints the next successor - Who will be Faithful to Him.

In the Daily Mail article this photograph on Baker Street took my attention to share. Every image has symbology that even in the most simple way we can look at and understand. A clock is not just about the time. My sharing with a spiritual perspective is divine timing. Everything happens in the right time and not before.

We see lots of people relating to the cosmos - the world population. Notice the orange on the lights - when lit up will remind people of the Saints with their golden halos. The Saints are spiritually enligthened and serve God on earth and continue to do so from the heavenly realms. You will notice the triangle symbolism sign has two brown triangles on top and two lighter coloured below. These are bringing to light four pyramaids. Four people who united together. This reminds also 'as above so below'.

Notice with 'only' what we can see here in a sign 'Eile Fish' Eile is anglicised by Ely, and was the ancient and medieval kingdom, We are being shown here this is clearly marking the Fish Kingdom and fish is associated with Christ, at the very least, because of feeding the 5000 and the miracle that was witnessed by this. This is another sign to show God's Kingdom is being restored NOW in this timeline and is divinely ordained.

We see on the clock a Crown and the time is very clear. 2:26 - so if we go to the Holy Scriptures. there will be many scriptures with this number. Because this is a time of Revelation - Apocalypse, which means revealing the truth and lifting the veil so people can see, I will Quote revelation that is given for this timeline.

"To the person who conquers and continues to do what I've commanded to the end, I will give authority over the nations." Revelation 2:26

2 + 2 + 6 = 10. Again number 10 is not a coincidence either. Number 10 Downing Street needs to be changing to Upping Street - but this is where Heath Hall came to light in the HIGH Gate area, in the Healing Water lands of Hampstead, where Parliament Hill is located. The way the truth is revealed can be discovered by everyone. First to see what is being given with your own eyes. Then you will never look at the world in the same way. Now the task is to help people evolve spiritually so they are never oppressed again.

Because the Queen is female, we are shown in the divine plan that women have been recognised to be ruling (by the word of God) reigning with patience, righteousnes and justice with mercy. It is expected the Queen's successor will be a woman too.

Fish relate to the sea and the Queen is Queen of the Seas.

We see flowers in this picture raised up. Flowers are always connected to the Virgin Mary who is celebrated as The May Queen - The whole of the month of May is dedicated to Mary. The month of May also introduces the constellation Gemini. With being born on the 1st of June, the detail even of our birth and place is divinely planned. On June 1st 1960, there was, as described, an important solar flare recorded in Royal Observatory. The Royal Watchers surely know about me. The solar flares corresponding with astrological allignments relate to the heavenly signs the ancients all knew about too. The early navigators of the seas relied on these and mapped out the world, so we can all travel the world.

If we consider the Pharaoh of Egypt in the time of the Birth of Moses and King Herod, in the time of Christ - both ordered the killing of the baby boys. Both knew a child that was annointed and divinely appointed had been born. The passover represents the passing over of the rulership to God's Kingdom. This is what is celebrated by the people. This is why the Orthodox Christians say 'Christ is Risen, He is Truly Risen.'

Before I close on this article, When Christ was declared King and crowned with thorns, this was not a complimentary beautiful crown of diamonds and gold. It is called the Holy Crown because of the Holy Royal Family. Christ would not have been publically declared to be King of the Jews, if he did not have entitlement to be so. What is really revealing is after the authorities decided to torture him, before crucifixion, the punishment for Treason of which being the Threat to the Throne applied, Christ was declared King and 'crowned' in front of witnesses. When Christ ressurected, He claimed His Eternal Kingdom.

Notice when the Queen was crowned in Westminster Abbey on a 'made up' Pyrmaid the steps were to raise her up towards God. Because we have 7 chakras, when we see 6 steps plus a throne, this raises the Queen to have authority over the people. God has authority over the Queen and so he raises up whoever he wants to. We cannot be born sovereign - meaning indpendant and be commoners who must obey corrupt court officials. Get real!

The time for tyranical rulers and wars between nations is over.

This is why the Greek Orthodox Church maintains the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ as King of Kings. We have a moral, ethical and spiritual responsibility with this.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment with the images intended.