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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hitman Absolution Trailer 'She Must be Special'

Today watching a video in relation to Syria, with Foreign Secretary William Hague speaking, this came to my attention. This commercial preceeded the recorded speech.

With many assassination gamesl it seems, each one has a story.

Hitman: Absolution Release date: November 20, 2012

Syria has a Christian heritage. Damascus itself has a Christian quarter. The Orthodox cathedral on Straight Street is where St Paul had his conversion.

About 40 miles north and 5,000 feet high, a town called Maaloula, is accessible only through one road, which still has a gate - a reminder of The Gateway. Aramaic is still spoken as the main language. A language spoken by Jesus Christ. From the fourth-century Orthodox convent St Sergius and Bacchus, the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic is the evidence of people today maintaining ancient tradition. Iranian Shia Muslims revere the shrine.

Finding more videos on this Hitman Absolution - one with Diana Penelope name made me think of Princess Diana being killed - and her 'dying wish'. Diana appeared to me in a dream days after her death and told me never to give up because there are many people 'like her' who need my help. In this dream, she took me into Buckingham Palace where we encountered the Queen who greeted us both formally in the passageway before entering a room. Dreams bring messages that bring relevant understanding. Everything is unfolding.

The name Penelope is connected with the Greek linage and a name of Onassis family members. Penelope Garcia is a fictional character on the CBS crime dramas Criminal Minds. She (unsuccessfully) tried to hack the CIA for information on Diana, Princess of Wales' death and other government conspiracies....So we see here how the name Diana and Penelope have a connection that is revealed by this information here.

In Hitman Absolution "Agent 47 storming a safehouse, and confronting Diana while she is showering. 47 is "betrayed by those he once trusted and now hunted by the police, he suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world, in his search for the truth".

Bearing in mind this is a 'game' with a script, we get to see a little how this is made for the game players. Perhaps scripts contain some truth or purely creative. However, there are in movies, elements of reality of what is really happening in our world.

Is this really just a game - or opening peoples minds to reality?

In the opening we see a coin. 'E pluribus unum' is the motto suggested by the committee Congress appointed on July 4, 1776 to design "a seal for the United States of America."

"The front of the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar has Lady Liberty facing left. Circling around her is the date of the coin (on the bottom), the words "E Pluribus Unum" above her and the thirteen stars on both sides." "When "E Pluribus Unum" was first chosen to be used, it meant "Out of many, one".

The 13 'illuminati' bloodlines are seen to connect to the 13 stars.

There is a reason why the Statue of Liberty stands in New York.

Illuminati traditionally relate to the spiritually enlightened ones. While men war with each other and so easily can lose their way and fall, they might not see or realise how everyone else suffers. Women being used, abused, violated, raped - even in some cultures children are married off and people living in the most oppressive conditions - man decided this. Man created these conditions. Man has put women down, even to this day.

There has been tremendous human rights abuses to people all over the world. I wonder if it is possible to change this, for people to live in peace and realise a higher consciousness. To consider Jesus Christ, a man of pure heart and pure intention - a man who was pure in his spirit, is so far removed from the agressive brutality mindset.

We are living in a time when people feel they need to protect theirselves from the enemy and yet who is the enemy? The system here in England has not shown itself to even care about the people. Many officials do not care who they hurt or harm either. The situation is, not all officials are working in the darkness, some are working in the light.

There is a bigger picture happening in our world. This relates to saving Christianity too. The 'games makers' have been showing the truth to people. In the Olympic Games, all the volunteer helpers were called 'Games Makers' too. Everything is connected.

In the trailer we see a young woman in bed and in what could depict a secure hospital. This could be symbolic or literal. She is being shown to be protected but is she really being protected? There are people who do not want the truth to come out.

There is a bloodline hidden from the people, perhaps to protect the bloodline. If so, the officials would not cause harm and suffering to people in this bloodline..

In America, the police drive black and white cars.

The black and white chessboard pattern is seen on UK police caps. In UK, police persistantly refuse to work for justice. The police take their oath to the Queen.

Recently an officer who was complaining that the people do not trust police in England, also said it is to the Queen he took his oath and to HER he owes his obligations. He said his oath was not to the rest of her family. The oath is including her heirs and successors - police are obliged to do what they are told.

The police are supposed to be protecting people. This is their responsibility and obligation. Only they can review their priorities. Here police say they want to be regarded as being trusted. Perhaps they need to work on building trust with the people. They need to be honest in courts instead of telling lies on oath there too.

In different ways, people are being raised in awareness, to learn of the divine plan. People are realising what is ordained by the higher power has been ignored. With the same 'family' bloodline in a position being the head authority on earth, allows enduring abuses to the people and human rights abuses are rife today.

People do not realise that with a new Queen comes new rules. Most importantly, there comes a review with all officials of their oath to serve the people. New standards can be set and also provide a structure that supports civil servants too.

Police are human beings. When they take off their uniform, they want to be accepted as people. They, as human beings are learning lessons in accepting people. In uniform, they are still human beings who are reminded they must stay human. Some of us are very aware the job carries responsibility and dealing with sometimes difficult situations.

If officials remain spiritually blind, innocent people get hurt.

Who is protecting the people when police cause harm to people?

Last night, before sleeping I was thinking who to wake up the police to realise a sense of personal responsibility. How to convey the message is not easy.

Even in a uniform (lawyers and judges with their wigs and gowns this applies to also) any official cannot continue causing innocent people to suffer. The oath is very serious and taking an oath to God is not to be taken lightly. There has been decisions to remove God from the oath, making officials obliged to follow orders of man. Already police and lawyers boast here of never being prosecuted and their crimes escalate.

It is a sign of weakness when any man harms an unarmed woman.

It is a sign of strength when an unarmed man stands up to armed officials who are abusing people and their trusted role of office. How many warnings have been given already. What will it take to save officials from destroying society!

And a reminder to everyone, while the Queen holds the Orb, representing her oath to rule the world, she is not God. Taking an oath to God means that SHE is obliged to do right by all people or suffer the consquequences - be removed from her role as Queen.

With the Queen giving powers to her son, Charles and him being crowned in 1969 in Wales, in the ancient Kingdom, he did not take an oath to God. However, he is still obliged to do right by all people. The Wales boys, Charles and his sons have been tested publically, with the police in a child's disappearance. They were silent when an injustice has taken place and injustice is against God's Laws.

If a leader is unable to lead in rightousness, what is the point?

William has been given an honorary law degree - to make more man made laws. He is not appointed by God and has no right to make judgement on people. Actually when a judge in a law court is allowing lies to form his judgement, his office to make judgement is void. At one time the legal profession was a noble profession. For the law court to be an office for profit and allow crimes by officials - reveals the inside job.

There is always accountability. How it will come is unknown. There is always an opportunity for people to wake up to realise they cannot be reckless in public office.

The Queen can be removed for the violation of her oath. In the eyes of God, her children have no right to rule, or her grandchildren. Everyone has a right to know that this world is ruled by a far higher power than humans and human manipulation.


Bring back the knowlege of responsibility, where if people abuse their oath of office, whoever they are, are held accountabable. All officers are accountable by the higher power whether they like it or not. Divine Justice applies.

The elected kings and Queens, carry on their shoulders a burden. The officials who respect the cosmic order and understand that to uplift humanity, is not to oppress humanity, then progress can be made. The British royal family are not superior beings.

A lawyer from overseas asked me yesterday why don't I write to the Queen and make an arrangment to meet her face to face. It is not for me to write to this lady to ask for a meeting. She can at any time contact me and give her sincere apology.

She cannot turn the clock back. Put wrongs right now so that people, adults and chilren of the future have a chance. People in England are suffering. People in Greece are suffering - My motherland. I will never see Charles, William or Harry as King.

My loyalty is to Christ and I took an Oath to God Almighty. So did Queen Elisabeth II with her coronation oath. I do not fear 'other religions'. The leadership of churches should be able to show how God is working in this world and in their lives.

How many millions more people must die out of ignorance? While people are busy blaming 'overseas' for problems, they become blind to what is happening in their own countries. It is so easy to blame and to try and convert people to a religion - how many times has this happened in history? Where people once drowned and burned at the stake?

We might seem to have progressed - Not really. Not spiritually.

If people have spiritually evolved, this would reflect in society.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria