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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 2 November 2012

In The beginning God Said - Let There Be Light

Nicole Scherzinger was meant to capture attention with modelling the UK's first-ever Twitter dress at the launch of 4G moble phone network. The black eye catching dress features a series of LED lights which lit up in a multi-coloured pattern.

The dress left little to the imagination - check out the link posted below. The 34-year-old singer showed off her quote - 'killer pins', an expression for long legs, however, there is the hand gestures.

The two E's above and below from a distance look like the number 8. This is more clearly seen on the above image. Number 8 relates to infinity - especially now, with heaven and earth unity too.

The event took place at London's Battersea Power Station.

Make no mistake, there is an expression 'kill them with kindness' being the most powerful way to deal with people who are evil. The devil thrives on fear and anger. If we fear people they have control over us. What good does that serve? Be your own best friend.

Notice on Nicoles dress of the spiritual color purple X.

There are many tremendously good people who are well aware of the evil that is happening around. There is a spiritual battle taking place. However, as everyone in the know, knows God has His Plan, He KNOWS all of man's manipulative ways. Time is going to reveal all. What is meant to be will be - eventually. Work for the future.

Nikola Tesla, another Orthodox Christian, was divinely inspired to bring light to everyone - This was not meant to be for profit.

"If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the world" Nikola Tesla

Just finding validation to back up about Free Energy, The following has come to my attention. We cannot ignore the truth that is given and written.

"Nikola Tesla was not in this for money. He wanted to give the world free energy. If we are to implement free energy in the tradition of Nikola Tesla, then we need to replicate not only his science, but also his humanity." Sterling D. Allan

Battersea Power Station here features on Pink Floyds album cover.

Battersea Power Station was specially lit up for the occasion

Just looking at this, with my sometimes drifting mind, the middle part of what we can see, looks like a gate, or doorway. Being a power station, power grid comes to mind. Number 4 is connected to the four directions, north, south, east and west. Also the elements, earth, air, fire and water. Four relates to creation. The fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Dalet - showing kindness and give to the needy. It is time for giving back. YHWH is four letters and refers to God. We can see now G is relating to God

We return again to acknowledge God's creation and to understand Spiritual Laws. When we consider the fortunes made by those who are profiting by electricity - what has been given back to the people? In England there are deliberate price hikes.

In this image we just see two white pillars. The impression I get is there could be covers on top and once removed, could be infinity lights. We see the two pillars, like we see on the ancient temples. People say they want to rebuilt the temple and yet do not live by spiritual laws. Temples have been the place of prayer and healing. When we consider 'as above so below' this would explain why the pillars are elevated and the energy source is on earth too. God gives us Light and Life - He is our source of energy.

Taking a different perspective, these white pillars look like two cigarettes upside down puffing smoke and we are living in a congested times when we are inhaling other peoples smoke. The latest solution is the smoke free e-cigarette. What has cigarettes got to do with power stations and light. The light of a flame is used to ignite them.

The Olympic Flame travelled thousands of miles from Greece.

Have you heard the expression 'Free Energy' these years?

Consider this very carefully to how this could be reality?

The reason people pay for electricity is because of a contract. The bills here are not even addressed to myself as a person. I never signed a contract - Did you? The effort that the 'energy corporations' working is to go door to door trying to get people to convert and agree to a contract. As soon as you sign this, the contract is legally binding. They try so hard to sell to me and I educate these people about contracts.

Now all these 'officials' run away - they cannot handle the truth.

There are people trying to create free energy. Everything is already in place. It really is surprising that people have not realised that 'someone' has the authority to break all these man made laws. Contract law is the only law that is legally binding. Be aware that contracts can be made orally and stand up in court if they are recorded.

However, the Queen took her Coronation Oath which is a contract she made, and it relates to the 'reformed' protestant religion - not sure if they 'reform' it in every coronation in history which any changes would make sense why there are people with different understanding, However, that is to be dealt with too. As Nikola Tesla, another Orthodox Christian like myself, knows all knowledge comes from an unlimited source of wisdom and what is brought to people is relevant of the times.

If Nikola Tesla was living in London, he could have met the criteria to be King. Instead, he has still fulfilled His purpose and his work came to my attention to know. For a man who made so many inventions, he died a poor man alone in a hotel. Nikola was wise to patent his work and yet how many papers with evidence of his patents disappeared.

The multibillion investment in wind farms was to profit who exactly? I was actually offered a job with one of these companies years ago with huge potential earnings. I had been taken to some sites - but know this path of sales was not for me. The reason being is because I am focussed on the bigger picture in our world to bring solutions to the global problems, not to make money to identify a very limited situation.

My life studies and learning is to serve humanity, not self serving.

When you open your mind and be willing to see the signs, what we are meant to know will be revealed very clearly. If we just look at what is, this is what is relevant for now. We know electricity - earth energy is here now. Who will turn the light on?

When God says "Let there be light" - He means what He says!

Here just by this article we Nicole has brought to light Nikola - the masculine and feminine of the same name. Consider St. Paul and my name Pauline Maria - the first time I read reference to Pauline's Christianity, I did smile. A few months ago I found out about Pauline Marie Jaricot and wrote about her here. Were were people denying God's anointed in history - The French Connection is important, or there would not be the fashion brand, or the Da Vinci Code, or the search for the Holy Grail for how many years?

Did the French and British battle with eachother? Just shows, the battles were never about doing right by people 'really'. All the poor people who suffer even now. The problem is man's hunger for power and the lengths he will go to have it.

Nikola Tesla had it - a man with a pure heart and clear mind.

In different ways the truth will be revealed. Can you see now?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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