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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

King Lear - even Royals must learn their lessons

"In the magnificent setting of King’s College gardens, an ageing monarch divides a kingdom among his three daughters. In doing so his world descends into chaos and all that he once believed is brought into question. Love and duty, power and loss, good and evil are all explored in this fast-paced and dynamic production. Not to be missed!" Cambridge Shakespere Theatre 9th July - 25th August 2012

Not actually seen King Lear personally, I will now. I am seeing society suffering though. Has the aging monarch Queen divided her kingdom among her sons and possibly daughter too?

Never mind watching these productions, real life is an education. With so much hidden from the people, it would be difficult to understand, let alone look at the layers of chaos created. The fixing is multilayered too. What a task is at hand ahead.

Earlier I had a lengthly talk with a police officer with a few of the very serious issues in this world, particularly those that are hidden from the people. There are polarities with the police, the good guys and the bad guys - those that have no sense of responsibility and lie in court. Telling her that every corrupt officer is rubbishing the Queen, and putting a nail in her coffin. She was listening because she knows that every police officer takes an oath to serve her. Every lawyer also takes an oath to the Queen.

We cannot predict the future, we need to make the future happen by planting the right seeds today. We need to nurture fruitful seeds. We need to start caring about humanity before nations of people sink to a dangerous degenerate state, where war become an excuse to deal with the problem, by incompetant kings who do not know any other way.

Not in my world. We need to get rid of the war monger mentality and educate people to realise a higher consciousness. In this time, the reality is, the heirs to the throne have all been tested and it seems God is not happy with the floods and fires.

Future generations are witness to what is happening now.

Sharing the full version of King Lear (1974) with James Earl Jones

Shakespeare in the Park production, produced by Joe Papp. NYC

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria