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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Mary, Mother of Christ - Symbol of the Holy Spirit

This article is so beautifully explained that I share here:

'The Acts of the Apostles tells us that St. Paul found an altar in Athens which had the following inscription: to the unknown God. This title seems to be equal to – in some special way – the Holy Spirit who is for many of us Christians, the unknown God.

Who is the Holy Spirit - the third Person of the Blessed Trinity - the living bond of love that unites the Father with the Son: He is love so infinitely profound and perfect that He constitutes a new Person equal to them. The Holy Spirit is what is most intimate of God, the personification of his love, of his life, of his power - He is like the common soul of the Father and the Son - like the heart of the Triune God.

Why, then, is the Holy Spirit so unknown? First of all, because to discover his presence and action, intimate and personal closeness with God is needed because He becomes present and acts in a discreet and hidden way – difficult to perceive by eyes that are not accustomed to Him.

Also, an influential factor is not being able to represent him through an adequate figure. The figures representing him in the Bible – the dove, the wind and fire – conceal from us the richness of his person. God the Father is also invisible, but the word “father” is very near to our human experience. On the other hand, to imagine a “spirit” is much more difficult.

Nevertheless, God has given us someone in whom we can almost touch – visibly and sensitively – the presence and action of the Holy Spirit: it is the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is that most significant symbol of the Holy Spirit - the most personal - the most appropriate and most beautiful. Why?

Because the Holy Spirit is the love made person, the personified surrender, and Mary is the love, the surrender in person.

The Blessed Virgin is, in fact, the woman thrice filled by the Spirit of God:

1. At the moment of her Immaculate Conception, in which He chose her as a favorite temple and filled her with his grace, avoiding that the least stain of sin would touch her.

2. At the moment of the Annunciation, in which “she was overshadowed,” to make her fertile and convert her into the Mother of Christ.

3. And at the moment of Pentecost, in which He hears her prayer and descends upon her and the apostles, making her Mother of the Church which at that moment is born from her vivifying power.

But the Virgin leads us to the Holy Spirit, not only through her being, but also through her mission because her mission and that of the Holy Spirit go in the same line.

+ Mary is our Mother – Educatress. And the Holy Spirit is the great educator and sanctifier of each Christian. With his graces and divine gifts, He matures us and transforms us into new men, reflections of Christ, throughout our entire life.

+ Mary, as an authentic Mother, encourages and inspires her own at each moment. And the Holy Spirit is the great vivifier who renews and permanently inspires men and communities.

+ Like a good Mother, the Virgin also has the mission to unite and gather her Family around her. And the Divine Spirit is the great uniter, and attachment of unity for the Church and Christian communities.

Mary, work of the Holy Spirit. She, throughout her entire earthly life, is totally under the influence and guidance of the Divine Spirit. Therefore, we can admire in Mary all virtues and Christian values that our great Educator wants to transmit and inculcate in us. She is the intuitive teaching that God gives us to surrender us with confidence into the creative hands of the Holy Spirit."

Article by Father Nicolas Schwizer
Edited with love and appreciation to share

I came across this inspired painting and have no idea who the artist is. Much appreciation for their hands and loving heart.

The Virgin Mary was born as a result of prayer to barren parents, at a time to be without a child, was not seen as a fruitful marriage. As with many people of faith, people had signs, dreams and revelations. We are told angels appeared to both Anne and Joachim to say they will have a child. Before Mary was born, she was appointed to be born to these parents and be raised in service to God. She was consecrated to serve in the Temple.

Mary's birth compounded the Priest King lineage to be united together. Through the passage of time, so much has happened and there have been wars over 2000 years. The spirital Royal family are completely against war. The Way of God is with Love.

My Greek grandmother always referred to the Holy Mother as the Virgin in her simple English. She told me that before they were moved to Greece, the Virgin had a home not far from where they lived in Smyrna, now Izmir. Every Greek Orthodox women feels a spiritual connection to the Holy Mother because we are family. Not only Greek women, women and men globally have a connection with her. Through Mary, humanity is united together.

Being born into this life has been fraught with many challenges. When considering my own mother and grandmother, both were spiritually strong and yet both sensitive too. My mother was put in her position to be fulfilling the plan from the heavenly realms. Having spent some time with people who came from the ancient bloodline and living overseas, this has given a little insight into how women with traditional values think. My grandmother would say in English it is your destiny - as in divine purpose. We do not live our lives for ourselves, we live to learn our lessons and enable other people too.

With gaining understanding of why Mary was chosen to be mother of Christ, being the Chosen Mother of Christ was part of her spiritual purpose. To be Spiritual Mother of humanity shows the capacity of her everlasting love on earth and in the heavenly realms. Uniquely and individually Christ and his Mother have assisted the spiritual needs of millions of people. Enduring spiritual strength and tenderness, vulerability and total trusting God is not easy, however having witnessed this in my life couragous souls are inspirational. When we know people who have loved unconditionally, this is inspirational too.

Christ was a living presence on earth to become like him, pure in heart and intentions. His Holy Mother inspires many millions of mothers around the world to love their children and to love humanity too, because there are many hurting people in our world. Love is energy - spiritual energy that knows no barriers or obstacles. We have both masculine and feminine who are the living emodimaent of Divine Love. When you feel a sudden wave of love flow, then you are bathing in the love that was and is, always will be divine.

This Holy Belt of Righteousness belonged to the Virgin Mary. For almost 2000 years this is treasured by the Holy Orthodox Monks on Mount Athos. The Holy Mountain is protected land because it was given to the Virgin Mary. The Holy Belt of Rightousnes is venerated and has travelled with Orthodox Monks to Russia.

All Orthodox Christians Love and Honor Our Spiritual mother. From this 'land' I am drawing my authority with what is happening to innocent people. No woman has stepped onto Mount Athos since 49 ad when the boat Mary was travelling in was brought here. In this divine plan all these years on, even today, this sacred land has a purpose. On this land you will find the All Seeing Eye of Providence. Our All Seeing and All Knowing God knows absolutely everything what we do, say, think and feel...and knows all the devious plans of man. When people get found out they do not like it. He tests our hearts.

As a pure Holy Spirit, Theotokos continues to be an intercessor for prayers and healing. She is co-redemtrix, simply because this is God's Will. No one has a right to argue God about this. No one has a right to aruge what God decides or why.

"Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies whatever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Spirit has never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal judgment" Mark 3:28-29

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria