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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Natural Beauty Katie Holmes - Starbucks insight

Sadly the media reported the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They share together Suri, a beautiful daughter. We never know what causes two people to call an end to their marriage and this should be private. Keep the happy memories.

Katie Holmes as an individual, is a very bright and naturally beaufiful woman. She is comfortable in her own skin and does not need to impress. This always stands out a mile because fake fronts are creating illusions that other people seem to want to follow. The lady knows how to be herself, be bare - without make up and dress up, to be glamourous too. There is time to dress up and time just to get dressed for life.

Love that Kate allows her daughter to make her own choices too. Children are not born to follow conforming fashion styles - trend setters are non conformists. Suri Cruise is her own person. The little one has thoughts, feelings and knows what she wants and does not want. If mum is raising her to speak her own mind, this will ensure she will continue later on in life. In the world we live in, it is a time for empowering women and that includes the little girls. This is not just for their success. It is for their survival.

What is most important in being a parent, is being a loving, stable mum who is always there as a rock for a daughter throughout life. We certainly miss our mums when they are no longer around, however for any child and adult, our most important relationship is with our mother. When a mother daughter relationship is like best friends, where total trust is given, this really does give a child some stability in their growth. If a relationship is damaged and needs healing, this does impact on a woman later on in life too.

As for Katie and her career I have not been following this because, firstly being in UK, also rarely do I watch television. However, she has been in my thoughts and the little one. It is not easy to ignore when the media are publishing articles with easy access by clicking on the images. The gummies report was alarming - and I got where Katie was coming from. What on earth are these companies doing placing these in a child's reach. Then again, this was an opportunity for every mother to wake up and be aware of what is happening.

A while back I was concerned about the media not giving the little or mum space. This was around the time Katie was moving to New York. Noticing that New York is appearing a lot in my articles - seems that this is for a reason and everything is connected. Recarding Katie, grabbing a picture for a few dollars might be a priority for photographers, I can understand why many people are cautious to be completely sheltering their children.

It is certainly a different matter when, the call to have pictures is the choice of the person who is being photographed, especiallly with the little children.

My mind is ever aware of the little ones and what future they will have when they grow up. As adults, mothers especially are given the task to be nurturing their little girls, to become the woman they are meant to be, and protecting children too. If a mother is not at hand, perhaps a grandmother is the maternal influence.

Years ago I used to do photography and this is the prettiest picture I have seen of Katie. She is natural, glowing and calm - ageless too. A natural beauty.

Katie is often photographed with carrying Starbucks drinks. Notice the labels. We see in this image two different labels on the exterior. Another sign to watch for. I want to take this opportunity to remind people to read the labels on food and drinks products. Many foods today have additives and preservatives. Many foods are genetically mofidifed or processed foods. Instead of sugar, many foods are using aspartame and I make no apologies to alarm people, this gave brain tumors to rats during testing. In one report showed to contirbute to uterine growths. Millions of women have tumor growths in their womb today.

On a positive note, today a growing sisterhood is forming, spiritual sisterhood. From a distance big smiles for the strength and individuality of women, realising their own right to self expression. Every woman has something very valuable to contribute in this world - sharing her gifts, her expertise, her art and her voice. America is fast forwarding the progression to empower women. A lot of love is going around too. Love is energy that knows no boundries or limitations in distance. There is a lot of love in US now.

America was referred to as USA - now US, meaning You and Me!

The Starbucks Princess, Crowned Royal Princess is motivated to empower women and children. In America my neice and her friends have been filming the Goddess Project Movie - another inspired young lady who is following her dream. The Goddess movement is growing too. I have no idea if it is deliberate to photograph people with the Starbucks Princess Logo, or just the way millions of Americans, and elsewhere love this coffee. What I do know, for a while, carrying the brand, there are two Crowned Princess logos 'seen'.

When we consider the descendants of the House of David, King David in the ancient times, are all Royal by Divine Right and birthright, this means that everyone who has descended from this family lineage is born Prince or Princess. If you are going to carry a label, wear a credible label, not a given title or fake title as many many people have. Here we are seeing that Katie is owning her heritage as Princess Katie and quite rightly so. Whether this is deliberate or not, this is meant to be or would not happen today.

In the Christmas cup, there is the ouside label which is now Green and beige colour. Some ti me ago, I noticed it was beige colour. It is certainly providence. The color shade is precise. No one could have planned it this way. Some things are just meant to be and for people to see with their own eyes to make up their own mind.

There are people teaching how everything is connected and yet they are unable to illustrate this - people selling tickets to seminars to teach...This is the time to silence those who are misleading people and taking people away from the truth. In England few people have the understanding of Divinely Inspired people. When people teach about consciousnes and yet are taking their information from other people - this is surely regurgitated information and not understanding. Being conscious is being awake - seeing with your own eyes and seeking to understand with your own mind. We are all given the ability to rationlise.

The Goddess Project Movie bus before the artist transformed it - they might not even realise this bus was 'meant' to come to them to travel Across America to interview women. Pictured here Holli Rae Thomas and Sara Landas. Holli Rae is my neice.

One lessons I have learned is not to trust what I am told from anyone as being truth. When we can see with our own eyes, this brings validation. Often inspiration comes to me and then soon afterwards validation follows. With truth there is always validation, even with of how everything fits together. Not beause someone says 'this is fact'. Bring the evidence that applies. Because of my thinking, I am interseted how everything fits together and why. How there are problems in the wrold and why. Let's find the solutions to the problems and heal the root cause of the problems. Let's find the reason for illness and cure this, instead of taking pills for symptoms. Since a child I have thought this way.

With Katie pictured with Suri, we are reminded of the free and independant spirit of Suri. Sometimes she is pictured clinging onto Katie and even her father in the public eye. What is the cause of this? Perhaps the photographers getting a little too close and they need to learn to back off - reading the signs. Suri even as little girl is making her mark in the world, beyond the media picturing her. At five years old I publically declared my intention to be wise and help people around the world. At five I had no idea of the meaning of wise. Every child is born for a reason.

Just imagining the little one chattering away - being bossy and strong willed too. Children need to find their own voice and learn to express their truth. Katie seems to be reserved and somehow I am not getting the impression her daughter will be the same. Every voice is for a reason. It will be intesting to see what this little one shares. Katie appears reserved in the photographers eye; knowing there are always people ready to take a picture and also the media can print, as in say what they want.

There is no law againt telling lies in the media. This is why sometimes we are reading stories and they are not truth. The journalists today might be making their stories from other reports. With celebrities not giving interviews, they rely on 'sources' for information, and there are people who will talk for a few dollars, or pounds. Just noticing that the Daily Mail uses Twitter to make up a story too. At least this is typed by whoevers page it is, except not everyone runs their own page. Staff do!

Stylish Katie looking very elegant here in New York City.

New York is otherwise known as the Big Apple. I am reminded of the Big apple shown on the 2012 Paralympic Ceremony. Also being reminded, that Katie played the part of Jackie Kennedy, although I have not seen this personally.

The Kennedy curse has taken lives and it is not normal that politicians and Presidents be assasinated. Something is going on when this happens. There is a reason for everything. Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis, who was from Smyrna where my family are from. Athina Onassis has spoken out about the family curse. She might not be aware that the Christ family have suffered and been killed, not just her immediate relatives.

The Aristotle Onassis foundation paid for the bell tower at New Smyrna Catheral. This is where Christina, his daughter had her funeral and where I was baptised. The Olympic Tower is situated in New York - here we have the reminder of the Christ family in New York, USA. Plus with the Olympic Games London - this is also a Jubilee Year. This means the Queen is obliged to give back the land to be Ruled by God. This means a divinely appointed Royal Princess has been born and these are the signs that are being shown to everyone.

In America for many people, coffee is part of the daily routine, it really is no surprise Starbucks has grown to become as it is. Here we see another Christmas label - new to me. For a long while having stopped drinking fresh coffee for health reasons, I am now back on the fresh filtered coffee too. From a distance I am joining you all.

Notice again two cups and in the middle coffee packet, with the Starbucks Princess at the top. This is again the reminder of the Christmas tree and the Christ family - being wrapped up also as a Christmas gift with label on one cup too. On one side is a cup with candy, the other there is the gift - with the image of what looks like a lady on. This is a reminder of the MtDNA - gift from a lady to a lady. In looking behind this, the first impression was a reminder of a computer screen. On one side, the cup is giving candy. On the other cup, giving the gift to people. My gift to people is reminding everyone of their divine and human rights. These are irrevocable by anyone. God is the Boss of this earth.

In the summer, the white cup with Starbucks Princess Logo, was seen being carried with the additional cover, appearing as the second Crowned Princess. One partially hidden. The day after noticing this, I had to go somewhere and while walking looked down, there was a disgarded Starbucks coffee cup with the label. Next to it was a carboard coaster, what we see to put drinks on - it had a big diamond logo on. These are precise ways to show truth from the higher realms. Christ consciousness, would also be depicted with a diamond. In the Queen's Jubilee party the flame was lit by a huge crystal diamond.

The Jubilee Diamond that lit up the flame by the Queen. Notice the Gold Crown and purple cushion. This is the Colour Royal Purple and Crown of Christ.

Recently, the British media have written reported about the Starbucks company not paying sufficiant taxes - Perhaps officials need to examine their tax contributions. As it is the British Corproation owes me several years compensation for losses plus an apology for un necessary suffering - maybe the Queen will give this personally before she dies. Personally I would 'strongly' encourage large corporate owners to invest in humanitarian need. I want to expand the movers and shakers movement and lets transform this world.

The British system has stolen years of my life and I allowed them to. Mainly because i developed chronic breathing problems and was mostly bedbound for almost three years. Sorted the problem when unable to get my voice out to communicate - got the internet. When looking to find some spiritual resource to ask for prayers, that was the start of my helping many peole by sharing my expertise by typing (despite struggling and fighting for my own life) My mother was just the same - paralysed from the neck downwards and with cancer too, she still put other people first and once I convinced her she had a valuable purpose beyond being a physical body in a wheelchair she was flying, literally.

The other day I read an article where the British were complaining because the embassies had run up parking fines worth millions. The Holy Bible has no mention of paying to park or being fined. Furthermore, the British establshment might want to address the meaning of human rights and democracy before dictating to other countries. What God's laws state, if you do wrong to people then you will reap the consequences.

Perhaps all the embassies that could well afford to pay fines and do not, would like to set up a fund for me - I will more than happily collect their fines, tax free of course and put this to very good use - with transparency of what is being done. Not everything in this life is free and to have some cash to make a positive difference to enable other people - ie to buy materials to build schools in India would be a start. This is just a loose suggestion, not compulsory. If there was sudden support for me by officials from overseas, many people here would have steam coming out of their ears and if I was crowned Queen many lawyers would be justified to start trembling - the corrupt lawyers are many.

If we look closely at the Christmas Starbucks cup - above the Starbucks Crowned Princess, there is also a white bird and this is depicting the Holy Spirit descending, as is portrayed in many images and an internationally recognised symbol of peace too. The feminine of Christ is the Holy Mother Mary. Christimas is a time to honor the Holy Mother too.

If we take what we see here, the white bird is carrying the thread of the Starbucks Crowned Princess. Also the thread is going upwards, with the reminder that God is the Most High. So we see here the Holy Trinity being connected as a visual reminder.

The Green Starbucks logo, we are reminded of the green Goddess and earth mother. It is safe to talk openly now. At one time women were scared to express spiritual understanding - man made rules and somewhere along the line women got oppressed. Masses of women and men were burned alive or drowned who showed any inclination towards spirituality. People in the power houses throughout history have known that any direct connection to God could threaten their position to rule over peole and collect taxes. Most of the global population live in poverty in comparison to the British Royals and here in England people are oppressed. Today there are men who desperately want to be king - not for the right reasons.

The most natural process of a women is to feel her feelings and listen to her intuition. While men are capable of very deep feelings, they do not all function from love. Many men are hurting, angry and even oppressed too. Being emotionally constipated is not healthy for a man or anyone they are connected with because in some way feelings need an outlet. Not everyone realises depressed men can be have outbursts of anger too.

There is no compromise or backing down. I am on a quest that all people experience spiritual freedom after all that is our birthright. Watching the Wayseer manifesto video last year was such a huge relief to realise that I am not alone in this. I had not done any profesional training to assist healing and empowerment, then I would not be so sure in speaking out and this voice is speaking out for other people. The end of people being abused and oppressed by anyone is here. The end of corrupt officials boasting of crime too.

There are many Royal Princess's in this world - women who have been born from a royal lineage. There is power in our blood - energy. Will Power. Everyone has been born with a purpose. We are all very different and have our own unique strengths and talents. Some people are bold and loud, some people are gentle and quiet. The healing path is not one that is suited for everyone. The voices that are used to bring an end to people abusing other people are tough people. I did not understand Hilary Clinton before, but now I have greater understanding of why there needs to be a tough woman working for the White House. There is still a mentality of men who do not respect women or remember that a woman birthed them so they could have life, not the man. Woman carry a baby in her womb not a man. Women are not second class citizens or lesser beings. Without women there is no man.

There are billions of phenomenal women in this world. Every woman is paving the way for future generations. Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes daughter looks like her mother. We carrry the genes of our mother and her mother. Another way of looking at the Spiritual Trinity, because of the generations of genes. Women who have not got that close family connection with a mum for whatever reason, the MtNDA bloodline connects everyone of us.

Not sure if Katie reads my articles but I am wishing all the very best, not just for the holidays, but for all the future will bring, with love and smiles.

Being born in the Christ family and bringing the Word of God is joining all people to make peace in this world for everyone. And in the Christmas Tree is the Holy Mother Mary to show that she also was divinely guided by God. It was not my intention to speak out openly about any of this - People were rubbishing religion and threatening wars. The Holy Saints who gave their lives, with terrible suffering, yet they stayed strrong in their faith right to the end to show future generations that we can stay strong in faith.

This Christmas people will think again of the Starbucks Princess.

The Holy Royal family have always been people of peace. Humanity is actually connected to the Holy Royal family. Once people realise that through the first man and woman, we are all related as on e humanity, we can all unite as one family. Instead of the wars costing billions and trillions of dollars, we can say 'no more war forever more'.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria