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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Pathway to Prophethood (Kate Middleton dream)

Last night what I was being shown in my dream was like a mini video clip, except it was as if I was on location watching what was happening. It was most unusual and unexpected that Kate Middleton would appear in my dream - this is for a reason.

Kate Middleton wearing Beulah London, she has been promoting. Often the media write anything she wears sells out. That is why they give the name of the label and even the price tag of clothes too. Being a royal is far from being what it used to be.

In my dream, Kate was kneeling on three cushions on a floor of an old mosque. There were no other people around praying. This was photo set up. She dressed in light colour with a head covering. Watching this was being recorded by photographs, I also was given the impression this was a photoshoot to impress muslims.

As she appeared to lower head down as if to pray, the pillows moved and she lost her balance. She did not bow down or pray. When the shoot was over she lifted her arm up in the air and one bent to the side for stretching. While she dressed the part, it looked as if she was doing a job - 'acting' for the camera. Her heart was not sincere in prayer.

Then next, I saw an image on what could have been a website or magasine with her picture. Written underneath was 'Pathwway to Prophethood' and woke up.

The dream was showing Kate Middleton being photographed with humility and sincere, however, this was done for the camera. The religous building was showing to connect with muslims but with being open relates to everyone. When the camera was taken away the act was over. Her streching was revealing she found it unnatural and perhaps tiresome conforming. She was shaking off the false front she is presenting.

Kate Middleton knows to win people, she has to appeal to all people. She is also said to be 'doing a job' while she is travelling around and meeting people.

What springs to mind writing this, is Hagia Sophia, Kate Middletone refered to as a mosque. Actually this was a Greek Orthodox Church, then became a mosque and since has been turned into a museum. With being Greek Orthodox, I am inspired to make this the Universal Church of Peace for everyone - Hagia Sophia is connected to my family lineage.

Not long ago, William and Kate went to Malaysia where they went to a mosque. A lot of work had gone into this trip, and an important one especially as the choice of locations are not just spontanious. Going to the Solomon Islands, was in connnection with King Solomon. The successor of the throne of David is descended from King Solomon.

Most people do not give their ancestry a second thought. The British royals have mapped out their genelaogy both maternal and paternally to King David. Apparently Queen Victoria spent then in her days £1 million in having her genealogy drawn up. So important it is for these people, money is no object. The royals have given palaces in history to people who have assisted in winning wars. The war against the French - it just happens I am part french and living in a country hearing of wars against people in other nations makes me feel very ill indeed. Evidently the blood thristy mentality is still alive.

Two people who have been exposed in the public media eye. Their faces tell a picture and while they might be preoccupied about their situation, the all seeing and all knowing God is looking very closely. Are these two people spiritual leaders of people?

Kate Middleton is not a Prophet or Imam. She is not a divinely appointed successor to the throne. Evidently my dream is showing me she is being marketed to muslims. There might be many reasons for this. The Crown of the World Empire is the New World Order is also a topic of much speculation now, with wars taking place in the Middle East. Is this bloodshed that UK is involved in to keep these people on the throne?

Personally I am not seeing a couple who merit honor and respect. If the royal family want to recognise my heritage and being a Royal Princess, this will show they are moving in the right direction. I openly acknowledge everyone who has descended from the House of David is born a Royal Prince or Princess. This is to celebrate not hide.

While the couple were raised on these throne style chairs, the international media published images of Kate topless declaring her as the Naked Queen. William demanded that the photographer be jailed and I did write openly, if people type their address in on googlemaps and can see their home, William relinquishes succession of the throne, and I will be Queen. It is time to bring and end to taking people as fools.

"I think it's a very dangerous path indeed if it comes out that a member of a European Royal Family is pursuing a reporter or journalist in order to imprison them. It will not play well with public opinion outside the UK." Media law expert David Banks

No mention is made of other people at the villa while Kate was sunbathing topless. If they feel so strongly about his Kates body, keep it covered up for the bedroom as other cultures do. William's reaction has invited me to address all the government spying on people. Who authorised this? How about sending the person to prison! How about William voiding all the man made laws for profit. No mention of prosecuting corrupt officials!

Kate and William must face their own behavior. William has no right to declare or demand anyone to be imprisoned. Look what happened to Christ. How many more innocent people have suffered. I suffered two lots of legal corruption and refusal for justice in the British courts - The Queen has violatd her Oath. William has no right to be king!

We see here the visit to the mosque was not one to pray in this holy house that has been built. The golden opportuntity just to sit in silence in a building with focus on God,to me is seen as a golden opportunity in these circumstances.

The power these people have is greater than people realise. The power these people have is the energy people give them, this power is not from the heavenly realms. Look how pop stars become famous. The media has worked 'extra hard' to promote Kate. The media also refer to th royals who are sitting on a corporation as 'The Firm' Energy vampires thrive with other peoples energy - this is reality. This is happening every day.

These people have not learned the basics. Kate went in full support defending Harry being photographed naked. He was quote 'wasted', so drunk and in front of his friends played a game to have women strip naked. So Kate Middleton promotes men being drunk and taking advantage of women does she? People being drunk and women having drinks spiked with a drug, with women being sexually violated is a HUGE concern in UK. Men having 'a bit of fun' spreading disease and illigitimate babies are born is the norm here. This is the lifestyle Kate supports just by supporting Harry in his irresponsible naked antics.

Here we see Kate holding her hand in prayer. Hello Magasine wrote she 'clasped her hands and winced on several occassions' during a wimbledon tennis match.

Muslims are told that Muhammad is the last messenger of God. Actually there have been many people since who have been divinely guided by God. Since a small child I have been guided and surely I am not the only one. The Holy Mother was born in the Royal Priest bloodline - she was divinely guided and consecrated in service to God at her birth.

Royal Priesthood bloodline is to restore faith and unite humanity in peace; to end the wars, assist healing and so much more. The instruction in this timeline is to empower the people. People are not being empowered when they are looking up to false idols. People are not being empowered when they see other people as more important than theirselves. The big names today have been raising awareness to watch the throne.

On 12th August 2012, at the Olympics closing ceremony, when Kate and Harry arrived, people sang God save the Queen. The Queen was not there. With a bomb scare, this is seen why the main royal family members did not attend. On that day Harry was formally introduced in his birth name Henry and the title of heir to the throne.

The Queen has already given William a title that relates to being ruler of Scotland. Were people singing the national anthem to Kate Middleon without knowing? Notice there are people who refuse to sing the national anthem. There is always a reason why.

On 12th August is the date of the death of Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt - so if the Queen has decided to step down, has she relinquished the throne to the Rightful Successor of Cleopatra, Pharaoh Queen of Egypt - who was Greek? The Queen has not declared this. God works to show His truth to people. Any manipulation that is done to go against His divine plan, will be undone. This is the message that is given here.

With Spencer Court in Newcastle now destroyed, God's truth is revealed.

Pictured recently is the new Pope of the Copt Orthodox Church and this was certainly timely - The Orthodox Church is a spirit led church, Guided by the Holy Spirit. Pictured in the background we see a woman with a scroll with the Word of God. The officials in America at the top are aware of this and know women have brought the law. The Statue of liberty stands as a reminder of God's Law. Lady Liberty brings Freedom for the people.

During William and Kate Middleton's wedding they were warned about coercion. There was also a clear message that 'every wedding' should be a Royal Wedding with a King and Queen. In the eyes of God everyone is equal. Has this message been passed on beyond the church. No. The people who are not sincere in their faith reveal who they are.

Muslims wait for the Imam Mahdi - the guided one. Jews wait for the messiah. Christians wait for Christ to return. There are many false claimaints too.

Kate Middleton is not born to be Queen of the people. When she is acting and conforming, she is not her own person. The same with William. If these people are so conscious about their public image and putting on a false front, it is a fake mask. This is not being true to theirselves and not being true to other people either.

People have been warned not to worship false idols many times?

Here is a very nice and yet staged photograph. It is convincing. There is potential for everyone to have an equally important role in this world, as their is for people to choose to start their spiritual journey. God knows what is in everyone's heart.

Kate Middleton is wearing Beulah London - this is relating to Beulahland in the Holy Bible. Because England has been marked out in the divine plan, it is expected that the anointed one by God will be born here too. Born in the family of Christ. As mentioned in other articles I was born on Beulah Cresent, when my Greek mother was guided from a life in Greece to England - she knew it was for a divine purpose. It was in the divine plan that I be born in England and in exactly the day and place, for the Greek People.

When a church is uniting people from all faiths together, to place anyone at the head of that church as an authority to govern people, this invites close examination. In the Greek Orthodox Church Jesus Christ is King and a living God. He holds authority over the land and people. Everyone is equal. God tests those who say they are His servants. Is there loyalty to Christ, to see him s King and the only authority on this earth.

In relation to Kates Spiritual journey, she was reportedly baptised at 5 months old and has since shown no interest in her religion or attending the church. She has lived with William for several years before getting married. She showed a sudden interest to be confirmed just before they married. This is seen by critics to meet criteria, while 'if' her husband is made Supreme Head of the Church, that she is seen in a good light.

The faith of this couple and family becomes public issue, because they are influencing people in a church and country where I live. People around the world are giving their precious energy focus on them. And if anything the £100 million the family claim just for security every year could be far better spent. I am born with royal blood and do not have a penny for security - and have had threats to my life. If the secuirty is to keep hold of protecting the heirs to a financial empire, this would explain it.

Would Kate have been interested in William if he had a 9 - 5 job? We are all tested and love is tested too. Charles was never in love with Diana. As we examine these marriages, is the top priority to SERVE THE PEOPLE? While this family put on a front and given reverence, there are people who are homeless, scared to turn on the heating in one room. When people were standing with banners in Canada to plead to bring and end to the war and injustice - Kate was booed and she kept smiling and ignored these people.

Kate Middleton and friends pray for their horses to win as they watch the final day's racing at Cheltenham Festival on March 16, 2007 in Gloucestershire, England. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

There is a warning to Christians about taking an oath. It is especially so because there is no revoking this once it is done. I was put in a position to take an Oath to God in court and took it knowingly to tell the truth on oath, after being injured. I am instrumental to bring an end to all the corruption taking place. People take and make oaths every day and yet they do not realise there is accountability.

For God to raise a woman to be Queen, He needs to be sure that she will obey him. There are times I have not - I was instructed recently to demand £100 million in compensation. While Charles has secured the income for successors to the throne, perhaps I should demand the crown instead but it is not for me to demand it. I do not need to wear a physical crown to be who I am - who I have always been born to be.

When the oath to God has been broken and there is no turning back from this. While the Queen has was raised to be Queen, this was in the divine plan. It does not mean her children and grandchildren have automatic right to the throne. This is not my rules - this is written in the Holy Bible. God gives people endless chances. Officials and the Queen who take their oath to God have had every opportunity to put wrongs right.

When there is No Justice....the throne is overturned. The end. Biblical Prophesy is showing the end times - and it is time for a new begining.

There are three crowns. The Crown of the Kingdom from the House of David. The crown of the the Prieshood and the Crown of the Law. This means God's Laws.

Reading and quoting Holy Scriptures is not being a prophet.

William and Kate have a few years living together to know eachother really well. Ahead they have a lifetime of lessons to learn and we never stop learning. I hope whatever their life presents to grow as people, they remain faithful to each other, because then, they will be giving an inspirational light to other couples to show marriage is a gift of two souls finding eachother and uniting together in a loving union. To share the gift of true love for all the right reasons, is seen in the test of time.

Marriage is not a business contract so lawyers can earn from divorce. It is written, what God has joined together, let no man separate them. A decade of promoting marriage for all the right reasons might impact many future generations.

The anointed successor to the throne has not been revealed to people. I will share a link of someone who beleives she is the one and rebuking everyone. It is for God to reveal, not for people to claim that they are The Chosen One - one of many people.

Looking everywhere for an image with three cushions, I found this. The title is 'king down' so we have a little more insight in my dream. Since starting this article, insincere prayers might appear to be what brings the king down....but Kate has nothing to worry about. She is an individual and God is not juding her in relation to her husband's position. Everyone is responsible for their own process. This is not the first time the royal family to mock God but every effort is that it will be the last.

Manipulators have changed the rules to keep hold of the throne.

Just finding this. People may not realise that Christ ressurrected alive and this is why no other man can ever take his place.

Being anointed by God is to be guided by God and Obey Him!

Muslims are told to submit to God. Unless you totally submit to God you will not discover what it is to be guided by Him. My prayers are for global peace and healing. Will you join me?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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