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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

PM David Cameron, The Man and Family Fortunes

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain and Family Fortunes.

Situated on a 50-acre estate by the banks of the river Deveron in Aberdeenshire sits the granite-clad Victorian mansion Blairmore House. A place called home to four generations of David Cameron the British prime minister's family.

David's father, Ian Donald Cameron, was born in 1932 at Blairmore House. Sometime soon after that, the place was sold. Although David's father is no longer alive, he is his father's son and carries his fathers genetic makeup. We can learn a little more from this and build a bigger picture to understand the man in office today.

With such an interesting history - it is worth noting today, Blairmore House is home to Ellel Ministries. A retreat for healing and training for pastors and leaders from around the world. A place for strategic prayer and intercession, training in healing and discipleship. A place of healing for people of Scotland.

In Gematria Ellel holds number 70 and shares with 'Hidden' and 'Imam' - This is corresponding in line with the work that is being carried out. With hidden, this is a reminder of esoteric knowledge, meaning within ourself. Imam is a spiritual leader and teacher. Scotland is the Highlands of the Most High - God Almighty.

So with the government reognising this - they must be eager to write out the check for compensation for the corruption and my personal losses. Maybe not!

Prime Minsters have scriptwriters, as Tony Blair. To be honest, I have no desire to delve into anyone's personal life or expose anything that should remain hidden, however, in the peoples best interst, the royals are exposed and being a Queen is not with time off. The Prime Minister is making decisions that imapact people's lives, so the people should know what this man is about - even if he steers all over the road.

Two points came to my attention a long while ago. David Cameron's family were in banking and so he knows the value of creating debt. When debt is created, the interest is what makes profit for the banking corporation. Deliberately created debt is a concern. If created with mirepresentation, this is sticky ground. Lawyers and politicians might never be prosecuted in law court for crimes, however Divine Justice applies for everyone.

From observation, David is openly afffectionate with his wife Samantha, unlike Prince William with Kate who seems to be frozen and vice versa. David also has been showing affection with his father. However his macho voice is tough guy.

Astrologically David has the personaltiy front of being all for Justice, with libra as a sun sign. With Moon representing inner self and Mars representing energy focus, both are placed in Leo, the Lion. Not knowing the time he is born, I put midday and can see his chart is presenting a 'diamond' shape, again the diamond is validated here too. If I am to turn this around - it looks like a yacht - would not suprise if 'the firm' has one of those too. Already you will gather, own a boat and have your own laws to live by and tax exempt, except when sailing the ocean, mariners must follow the Law of the Ocean.

No suprise we share the Leo Moon placement, this is not a pushover sign. We also share Chiron in Pisces - the wounded healer and spiritual teacher. Both David and I had a parent with physical disability, plus he and Samantha lost a child who was disabled too. For a man to have a pure heart, pure intentions is rare. David has not led an ordinary life; so perhaps he might be more complex than Tony Blair who comes across as superficial and still searching, while trying to be teacher - with a script!

Not knowing the behavior of a lion, other than lioness will be fiercely protective of her young - so I guess, even though people are being killed in wars and assasinated, this is a time the shield of Gods protection is either there or it is not. I am not going to mince my words. Innocent people are suffering and being killed in wars.

David Cameron gives the impression he promotes transparency. The timing of research for the original article, brought to light other issues that were being raised in the Hot Seat by the Prime Minister, by himself. Nothing is without a reason.

It is reported that 'for sentimental reasons' that an offshore fund was established 1982 in Panama by Ian Cameron. This fund shares the name of Blairmore House, Blairmore Holdings Inc and said to be a monument to wealth obtained from overseas.

The Panamanian fund said to be worth £25 million was established when David was at Eton, where his father attended. Back then, Ian Cameron was still working at Panmure Gordon, the City broking firm; three generations of family were senior partners.

It is usual for people in business, especially big earners to have offshore bank accounts - one mulitmillionaire said 'only fools pay taxes'. Another British mulimilionaire who lives in Spain, Banks in Switzerland has no intention to return to England, hating the weather. He has no interest to pay UK taxes either.

The Cameron family banking history goes back to the 1860s, when Sir Ewen Cameron joined the industry. He reportedly helped the Rothschild banking dynasty sell war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war. While at Panmure Gordon, Ian was a bond specialist too. David's father was born with deformed legs, still that did not get in the way of making his fortune. He was made a partner at the firm by the age of 30.

Historic activities of Blairmore Holdings were sourced from a shareholders' prospectus issued in 2006, soon after David Cameron became leader of the opposition. What litle I learned of David Cameron is from Wikipedia, watchng a youtube video where he is talking to Asda girls and instructed to turn his wrist band around. Another of his early speeches was a rehash of Tony Blair's speech. My interest was if he is a levite.

The business prospectus is presented to attract investors with a licence to take risks. It identifies Ian Cameron (then) director of the company, "was instrumental in the formation of Blairmore Holdings Inc" and explains the fund is designed to "provide investors with steady long-term capital growth over and above the global rate of inflation".

The Prospectus: "The affairs of the fund should be managed and conducted so that it does not become resident in the United Kingdom for UK taxation purposes."

Blairmore Holdings was making it abudandly clear to keen to investors that business would be beyond the reach of Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs. This would surely be attractive for anyone who had excess money and wanted more 'tax free of course' - Does David Cameron support his father's foundation, to promote this with other people too.

With banking services in Panama, auditors and trading offices in the Bahamas, detachment from Britain was set up. Even the banks are registered offshore. At one time people gave their gold in exchange for coins - the gold is long gone. There must be a mountain of Gold somewhere. Is this King Solomon's gold mine? Solomons gold, another story! Shirley Bassey comes to mind singing Goldfinger....Posting the song here.

The role of Britain's tax inspectors came under renewed scrutiny, when in April 2012, David Cameron raised the subject 'again', telling parliament: "We have increased staffing at HMRC to ensure that we crack down on tax avoidance."

David has condemned Ken Livingstone for his tax affairs: "The man whom they are putting forward to be mayor of London has set up a company to funnel all this money into and is potentially paying a lower tax rate than the people who would work for him at the GLA. It is completely disgraceful." so he said. Indeed David, completely disgraceful. David does not come across as a scruffy bloke. On the contrary, given with whatever he has, either his wife dresses him like a little boy, or he looks in the mirror every day.

No suggestion is made that Ian Cameron, who died in 2010 used his Panamanian investment fund to evade income tax. The political debate around tax avoidance, focused only on individuals – not businesses like Blairmore, evidently very thoughtfully set up to operate outside the tax jurisdiction of the largest world economies.

Ian Cameron was intimately involved in several companies: Blairmore Holdings, Panama; Blairmore Asset Management, a short-lived fund in Geneva; and Close International, a Jersey-based investment vehicle founded in 1979. Only Jersey acceded to meet the OECD global transparency tax standard.

The three businesses were operated by British directors, who followed Ian Cameron from Panmure Gordon to Smith & Williamson. The same directors reportedly also found their clients among the British establishment, so the original article identifies.

Close International and Blairmore Holdings are listed in accounts of Church of England. Charities and family trusts are managed by Smith & Williamson, including an "educational charity" managed on behalf of Conservative peer Lord Vinson which donated to right-leaning thinktanks.

Blairmore Holdings reportedly appears the most successful. As senior director, Ian Cameron was paid $20,000 (£12,400) a year salary. Due to the opaque nature of Panama's company records, the full extent of earnings, expenses; the size of his shareholding and what happened to the shares after his death, is unknown.

David Cameron - the "heir to Blair", not the heir to Blairmore.

Upon Ian Cameron's death October 2010, David, inherited £300,000 cash - just below the inheritance tax threshold. His two sisters divided the proceeds of their father's £1m Kensington house. In 2006, his elder brother, Alexander, a QC, moved into the £2.5m Berkshire family home. His parents downsized to the cottage next door.

Ian Cameron's estate was set at £2.7m. Under probate law, assets outside England and Wales are administered in the territories in which they are registered. The extent of Ian Cameron's offshore investments is not identified in his will. (In my situation the English courts accepted corrupt evidence; trying to force a case nothing to do with English court juristiction either - to steal my home) With Ian Cameron - no mention of his £25 million plus stash overseas, offshore. One rule for one, another for the people!

Blairmore Holdings has grown in performance; with Financial Times value of investments, 8.5% increase in the last three years.

The best picture of David - Looks like he is reading my page!

The Blairmore legacy Ian Cameron left is not some vast landed estate in the rolling hills of Scotland. He chose a glass and steel office block in Panama City. There are people who just take a letter box at an address, with a few thousand other companies.

Unless Ian Cameron has decided to leave all his investment to some charity that is not a front for profit, or moving funds, it would be reasonable to assume that he has made some arrangment with his family to continue to benefit. David surely knows how to work the people and the system. He is after all, Prime Minister and related to the Queen.

Someone told me that David appologises to his family before leaving for work, for the pain he will cause to people every day. It is not a good idea to inflict pain and suffering on anyone, knowingly or unknowingly because Karma comes back and bites hard. The reason why it bites hard because we never know where it is coming from. Being an oathtaker and causing pain to any people - even if your oath is to the devil, comes at a price.

The Rebecca Brookes drama - Taking the bigger picture, this situation has shown people that the government spy on people and can tap into our telephones and read our emails. They do not just have the capacity to read texts from mobile phones, they can track people with GPS, time, photograph and video people too.

The Queen and her family account for £200 million a year, £100 million is claimed for security. The two Royal Duchies - Duchy of Lancaster and Cornwall provide personal income to the Dukes, the Queen and Charles. The propaganda media, run by the government reported that the Queen and her son volunteer to pay taxes. Presumably after their accountants have made most of that income be accounted for in every way possible. No idea how much tax Charles and the Queen pay but that merits public disclosure. It is reported that private income and investments are hidden.

Is the Church of England a tax exempt business or a House of God? If a House of God, a divinely appointed Queen is expected!

The Church of Scotland has come up before and with William being given the title 'ruler of Scotland', with the location of Ellel Ministries, described as the Church of the 21st Century and likely registered as a tax exempt status, I do wonder if there is a family connection. It could just be coincidence but nothing is coincidence. God's Providence is showing The Church'a next step.

Ellel Grange just happens to be located in Lancashire, Lancaster, where the Queen is the Duke. Living in Lancashire, the heart of this is Bolton - It is unknown if the Ellel Church teaches about Divine Providence and how everything is connected. What is certain the government is doing a hell of a lot of spying on people and increasing man made laws for profit. By now officials are realising The All Seeing and All Knowing God already has known absolutely everything that is going on now, thousands of years ago.

I never did not get a clear answer, if the Royal Court of Justice Court is a profit making corporation, or an ethical establishmment; obliged to administer justice. Obligations are to be met...Justice and Global Peace is overdue.

It is easy to tell when we have an ethical government, it is when the government work for the people and everyone wins. There are people in high places involved in the dark arts. The Prime Ministers know this! Tony Blair ordered Media Blackout! The evil goings on are we see with the media exposing the royals naked, is this a prelude for 'the Passover' of The Crown?

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria