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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Bishops Avenue - The Mansion Fire Mystery

A few days ago I wrote about Heath Hall being the most imporant address in England, more important than Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament put together. The address has revealed God's Law being established - Canons Close running by the side and back of Heath Hall relates to Canon Law and the New Covenant.

Yesterday the media have reported a mansion house on the same road that has caught fire. Apparently the fire was burning at least four hours. A Russian couple who reportedly own the property keep theirselves to theirselves. The property of Iouri and Natalia Chliaifchtein, was almost completely destroyed.

The Bishops Avenue is the choice location for some the world’s wealthiest people. Whether people are drawn here for the exclusivity, or because the address is important in relation to holding relgious authority in countries is unknown. Out of 66 properties, the Saudi Royal Family own ten. Other billionaire owners include the Sultan of Brunei and Britain’s richest man, Lakshmi Mittal.

The above property, a £2.8 million six bedroom home is subject to investigation to establish the cause of the blaze which broke out in the first-floor. Eight crews and 40 firefighters, took more than two hours to bring the blaze under control. One family member inside escaped unharmed and was not taken to hospital.

The couple were victims of a £2million burglary six years ago. Thieves smashed into the house removing a safe containing around £1.6million in jewellery and £100,000 cash. A high performance Mercedes McLaren car worth £350,000 and a £50,000 Lexus were also reportedly stolen. A Ferrari and Mercedes were left by the burglars on the drive.

Talk about a blatant upgrade taking place. Arrests and prosecution did take place for this crime. Gerrard O’Leary, then 23, of Cricklewood, was jailed for seven years for reportedly helping to mastermind the raid.

Mr Chliaifchtein, 55, the owner of the property is director of private wealth management company Essex-based Telora Ltd was on holiday in Ecuador with his family when the burglary took place.

Regarding the fire - a neighbour who lives opposite the house, said the fire started about 4.30am was “like a scene from a disaster movie”.

“There was smoke billowing everywhere, even over the tube station,” he added. “There were eight fire engines lined up along the road at one stage and the whole street was cordoned off.”

The neighbour praised the bravery of the fire fighters.

Another neighbour described the family, who lived at the house for about 10 years, as being “almost reclusive”. He said they kept themselves to themselves and employed a private security company to watch when they arrive and leave their home.

In one report fire affected the property’s staircase, first floor and roof. Three adults managed to get out of the house before London Fire Brigade arrived.

Scotland Yard remained on site late into the night to guard the property.

There is all sorts of speculation going on by people.

For the described destruction, it could be the house is severely damaged to merit it being demolished, new architecural plans for a new home; with insurance should cover the cost.
Evidently this family are going to suffer some inconvenience now.

From a spiritual perspective, I want to bring to light what is being revealed from this house fire. First Keep in mind that fire is destruction, that damages or destroys what was before. A new build, creates a new establishment (in this case a new home)

Establishments relate to government and being in UK, this indicates, with The Bishop's Avenue, a change taking place in upper government - the upper house of the Church. Notice yesterday I wrote about the new Archbishop of Canterbury, who incidently will crown the new Queen. In earlier articles it is written, New Queen New Rules.

Not long ago I came across the news that the Holy Belt of Righteousness has been taken to Russia - this belonged to the Virgin Mary. The Russian Orthodox Church love and honor the Holy Mother Mary too. In the Orthodox faith even though in different countries, we are all Christian Orthodox brothers and sisters. We are all one In Christ.

Because the fire took place in England, this is not related to Russia. The Royal Family live in the Upper House in England, revealed because the fire took place on the upper floor. Is the head of the church is connected with the Russia? 'From Russia with love' comes to mind - the James Bond movie with Sean Connery. Today James Bond continues with a different actor playing the part. An earlier article can be found on 007 Skyfall.

Not seeing Skyfall the movie, all I had was the trailer. What I know is in history, there have been attempts to change the political landscape and the movie revealed Hagia Sophia in Istambul. This was the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Already I have been thinking for a long while now for this to be made into a Universal Church Peace that is open for everyone - to restore it to the former glory. This can then be neutral for everyone.

In this article and others, I am sharing what is revealed to me from the symbolism presented also names and locations. Numbers are also revealing too. We can look at scriptures and add them up to see what their numerological value stands.

Fire relates to destruction. Floods represent cleaning out. Recent floods connect with names and locations identified with the Royal family. This fire is revealing the building of the new church and or for a new Bishop within the church. The new Archbishop of Canterbury has said he looks forward to consecrating a woman bishop.

With the owner of the property having a wealth manaagement company, the British Government and royal family have influence of wealth management. When decisions and laws for profit are being made, who is the person authorising these? With this address and the owner, this fire is related to money managment of the Queen and the establishment in England - because the house is situated in England. The Queen is Head of the Bank of England.

When officials have boasted that the system is corrupt, here we see with this house, the way through the owner and the address, that actually nothing is hidden.

With a new bank being formed, this coincides with the trading companies closed down when the floods took place in New York. With this fire we are shown that money will be moved from insurance to pay for the rebuilding of a new house. Could it be with the money being moved around in the banking industry is to pay for the new house?

When (Prince) Charles married Camilla, there were elements of the Russian Royal service in their wedding. However, not everyone is aware with the Orthodox wedding ceremony, the couple wear Crowns and become King and Queen. However, every Russian Orthodox is crowned with this and so the divorced couple are not more superor than anyone else. If anything divorce and infidelity is not promoted in the Orthodox marriage. Yes people have become divorced but people do not generally get married to continue having affairs.

When any fire is an accident, arson attack or a freak of nature, the destruction is the same. Being The Bishop's Avenue', this shows the establishment of the Royal court in England - Church in England being changed. This confirms that the damage has happened from within the establishment, to allow the rebuilding. We are also reminded of the unfinished pyramid because now the building is incomplete.

There is effort to unite people in all faiths in peace and this is being done by the Hand of God - by the Holy Spirit of God. When there are wars and nations are turning against each other - something is very wrong. If people want to stay in spiritual ignorance, they remain spiritually blind. It is time for everyone to open their eyes and hearts.

Mulsims love Jesus Christ and wait for his return. They also honor and hold Mary, his mother om the highest position of honor and respect. What many muslims lack respect for, is the Orthodox Church existed a long time before Muhammad was born. It did not go away. It has not changed. The Bishops Avenue directly connects Royals from different nationalities who live without being enemies. This is the Royal Road everyone can learn from.

No one can change the law when God established the law. What happened to universal peace, justice for all and brotherhood of man? God's Laws are given to protect the people and the situation now is people are not protected. Man made laws for profit are for profit. In UK lawyers and judges are rubbishing the Holy Bible and God. They have have had hundreds of chances being asked to help in my situation. Again another violation to God's law. There are no more chances to be given. These are the signs being given here.

The end of man made rules is here. When we start to see lawyers prosecuted and their assets taken from what they have stolen from people, then you know that we are on the right track. In Switzerland there are a few lawyers in prison for 'being greedy'.

Recently banks were sued and yet where has this money gone to? Officials boast of corruption and vasts amounts of money is being spent, yet no one questions what is happening. Officials in UK turn a blind eye. Lawyers and police refuse to work for justice is why there are signs to show from the heavenly realms that enough is enough now.

The government who I did not elect, or any MP's either, are creating debt and saying the tax payer has to pay it. No one is obliged to pay anyone elses debt. It is illegal to fund war and there is still wars taking place. The 'energy' corporations issue shares to profit to those who have shares. They control the prices people are paying. People are being coerced into contracts and now, encouraged to shop around and change their company - Be careful of trusting to change or enter into a contract - contract law is the only law that stands in UK. UK law courts are in Breach of contract with refusing to honor their obligations to put wrongs right with myself personally. The Queen has violated her oath too.

The Queen can argue with God if she has issue. Actually she knows she has violated her oath and while Alexander Romonov from the Russian heritage has put out a ransom for the Queen to be killed, this is NOT the way to deal with the problem!

Being born in the Spiritual Royal Family - the Royal Priesthood, already a few years ago I was shown to form a new government - this was a positive change for America and for the American people. More recently I had a dream of being given Barack Obamas private telephone number to access 24/7 (is he in tune with me now?) Yesterday in my dream I was shown that a man has put 'everything' in a home that he 'almost became bankrupt'. The dream also showed the forming a new government structure that is 'serving the people'.

This fire happened yesterday. And now with Diwali festival taking place this is a sign to show the spiritual battle is over. The future is already decided.

The current owners of this property have this home for around 10 years. No coincidence for the last 10 years, I have been caught up with injustice and homeless threats. Not only was I injured in a car accident and lost the case, British courts have refused to reject corrupt evidence and they had their warning face to face in August. The biggest God mockers is the British establishment. God fearing people - fear the consequences. Was the coronation oath to uphold justice taken seriously with 30 years injustice that I know of?

The British Royal family account for £200 million a year income - not cheap. They are not good value. They are not protectors of the people either! As the increase of man made laws are made, there is the deliberately hiked up cost of living. Cartels control prices - people are unable to afford to eat, heat their homes and run a car to go to work. The huge palatial homes are not going to be cold this winter. Not the mansion houses on Bishops Avenue - I am talking about the palaces and grand homes the royals reside.

Charles employs in the region of 90 personal staff. There is reported claim for £2 million a year to look after his wife's home. I have no staff and no security either. Nice life Charles leads - Is he still enduring the double life? One face for the people and yet what are his true feelings - is he really caring about the people?

God has a plan for all humanity. It is not taking the world as fools!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria