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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Most Important Address Globally - Heath Hall

This is Divine Providence at its best, carefully planned to the finest detail. Situated 58 The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead, with this mansion house, by the side and behind the property is Canons Close. This relates to God's Law being established and applied. Heath Hall is precisely located for The Establishment to identify Britain's NEW Holy See. It is time to unite people of all faiths and all nations in peace. Whoever buys this home is bying somewhere 'extra' special.

Heath Hall is in Hampstead gardens. The post code N2 OBE is Barnet. Hampstead is location of 'Parliament Hill'. The Houses of Parliament are in Westminster London where man made laws are authorised by the Queen - The Old World Order. The New World Order must be God's Order and spiritual laws. For God's Laws and Spiritual Laws a New Queen would also be divinely appointed. This home has many signs to show this connection.

OBE stands for Order of The British Empire. The Order's motto is 'For God and the Empire' - Is This God's Empire? The British Monarch is Sovereign of the Order. The Queen is not God. She is certainly obliged to follow what what is instructed in God's Law.

With speculation of Buckingham Palace becoming a hotel, time will tell what will be. Will Queen Elisabeth approve this home to Honor her successor from the Greek Orthodox Church? She would know this address and land formerly belonged to the Bishop of England. In 1894 the Church of England let building plots for construction of homes. In the 20th century most of the land was sold by the Church, which now owns only one house on the road - 46, The Bishop's Avenue. 4 + 6 = 10 is also important. Consider number 10 Downing Street. Heath Hall is num ber 58 = 13.

The house was named 'East Weald' prior to Greek Cypriot Andreas Panayiotou extending the home, bringing new life and giving the new name 'Heath Hall'. Heath means health. Being born in Thornton Heath, The Crown of Thorns King, established the place of HIS Throne in England. God clearly saw ahead what was going to happen in Asia Minor. In the divine plan, God's Order is taking shape, in His way. Eligibility for The Throne is also revealed clearly in the Holy Scripture; to be explained in another article.

In Avatar Movie, The 'East Weald' is within the Vaderas Hollow region; home to several plants including 'the chalice plant'.

Barnet means hair. Barnet is the scene of a Yorkist victory (1471) in the Wars of the Roses. In every battle God wins. Can people see this yet? New York recently suffered great floods and fires. The Queen's son Andrew, holds the 'given title' Duke of York. In UK, floods affected buildings and places revealing association with the Royal family. New York floods and fires in Queens', are signs we are meant to understand. God's Wrath is known in history back in the time of Moses. Right at the top this is justified.

This home was built in 1910 by Wiliam Park Lyle, from the Tate and Lyle company. William was son of Abram lyle, a shipowner who knew Admiralty Law and probably 'offshore banking' too. Abram Lyle acquired an interest in sugar refinery in 1865 in Greenock, western Scotland and then later at Plaistow Wharf, West Silvertown, London. The Tate family invested their fortune to establish the Tate Gallery in 1897. We learn something new.

Glentree's managing director, Trevor Abrahmsohn says "Bishops Avenue is like Beverly Hills, it is one of the world’s best addresses. And Heath Hall is one of the finest houses on the road." - Prestige is forgetting the most important spiritual value. When trying to float Glentree, Trevor Abrahsohn was refused by nine merchant banks and one accepted. Instead of the expense of a roadshow, Trevor spent £30 on a large board by the pond in Hampstead saying: “Glentree: More floatable than Noah’s Ark.” - Noahs Ark relates to God's laws and Establishing the Court of Justice.

Members of the Saudi Royal family have a home on The Bishops Avenue. Lakshmi Mittal from India owns 'Summer Palace' here too. Lakshmi has the name of the Goddess pictured with a pink Lotus flower. Laksmi is also depicted with an owl, representing Divine Wisdom. The Goddess is named with having direct communication with God and guided by Him. The High Priestess is identified from the Spiritual Royal bloodline.

Behind the property is Highgate Golf course. The Googlemaps screenshot has been turned around. Highgate Wood nex to Queens Wood. High Gate relates to the spiritual gateway to heaven. Another clear sign showing that 'Queens' are given the spiritual key. Also that a divinely appointed Queen works in partnership with Her King. The red arrow is where the Heath Hall is located. Notice the heart shape on the ground. Keep this in mind because not only does God work with love, He inspires people with love too. Red Arrows are the name of Britains Royal Air Force ambassadors.

The name Abrahmsohn is a remindeer to all the sons of Abraham, There are promises made to people in the scripture that are not being ignored. Glen connects with Scotland. Glen is a Scottish term for 'a deep valley in the Highlands'. Tree relates to the Tree of Life. Humanity has descended from the seed of one WOMAN.

The Highlands and Highgate connect here. High lands belong to God. Every aspect of our world is under the Rule of God with Spiritual Laws. While Prince William and Kate prepare for a new life, building a home in Scotland, Wiliam holds 'a given title' ruler of Scotland, God has other plans. Nice place to live, like Wales.

Heath Hall was built in 1910 - more can be revealed in Holy Scripture by looking at 19:10. If we add the numbers together this is 11 - a master number. Eleven represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious and insight without rational thought.

The exterior of the house we see the owl detail. The owl associates with the Goddess's of God's Wisdom, Athena, Minerva and Isis. Minerva is connected with health and healing. With my Greek mother being named Athena; in UK, Royal Bolton Hospital is situated on Minerva Road, again gives validation with health and healing connection clearly.

The Bank of China once owned this home. In the 2012 Paralympic concert, Rhianna and Chris Martin, sing 'Princess of China'. The ROYAL Princess is a spiritual alchemist. The term Royal Prieshood, refers to someone Born in the Royal and Priesthood bloodline as I am. The work of Royal Princess called by God to enable and empower the people continues for life. Whatever circumstances, the work does not end. Part of my calling has been to address legal corruption before the clean out takes place.

White lilies were only witten about in an article the other day and connect both St. Joseph and Christ. So we have now Athena, Minerva, St, Joseph and Christ being revealed so far just in these little touches that have been restored in this home. We are also reminded here of the Holy Mother Mary. Hagia Sophia, the Cathedral dedicated to Theotokos, is built on top of the ancient Acropolis, where once stood the Temple of Athena.

These look like hawthorn leaves, berries, a bird in the centre with two open flowers. The white bird is a reminder of the Holy Spirit and white being a dove symbolising unity and peace. A spiritual crown is being seen to be represented and acknowledged here. Hawthorn relates to the Christ family and Holy Thorn Tree. The pdf Brochure identifies holly detail too. My neice's name Holli Rae means Holy Light. From another article, apparently there is astrological detail on the ceiling of the billiard room. With the builder of the property being in shipping, navigators are observant of the heavens. Perhaps this home has more of a story to tell, with spiritual connections in history.

There are diamonds featured on the chimney stack, brickwork, incorporated in the interior design and the brochure highlights this detail too. Here is a diamond design with a cross and pillars to the side, as seen on temples. Diamonds also relate to Christ consciousness. The symbolic meaning of the designs and features might have been known in the time of building. It is divine timing that this house comes up on the market.

Earlier articles brought diamonds to light. Rhianna's song and new album cover is written Navy Diamonds and Diamond Roc. My Greek grandmother said my grandfather owned a diamond mine with his uncle. Not sure where exactly. My personal connection with diamonds is this; also having a diamond trumpet ring that has spiritual significance.

In the spacious hallway, there are two modern style throne chairs. This is representing of a modern view King and Queen. I personally see Christ as my King and there are obligations with God's Law that have been ignored for too long in UK. On one chair there is a bunch of pink roses. Pink is a colour of love. In history there has been the War of the Roses - between two royal houses. Here roses are seen bound together. Since 1965 I have known of my divine purpose to unite humanity in peace and assist healing.

The land on this earth is to be protected. For this reason in the Holy Bible Jublilee Laws are writtn - to Protect the People. Laws related to Justice apply globally so British officials and the Queen have no excuse to allow injustice. At any time, while Jerusalem has been under occupation. Mount Athos is the Land given to the Holy Mother and this land can never be owned by Man even if he is made a King. It is for this reason, that the Greek Orthodox Church will be protected eternally too.

In an earlier article about the house for sale in New York, said to be built for Christ, two throne style chairs line the side of stairs to the upper floor. In this home two chairs are to the side by the fireplace and under the mirror. The stairway is clear to higher floors. The understanding of Divine Wisdom is being revealed in this home. This is a home being shown as precisely situated to establish the New Covenant.

The Hall is the chief room in a castle or manor house. A 'Hall' is a name given to many manor houses because the magistrate's court was held in the hall of the mansion; a chief mansion house. With two modern throne chairs, in a Divinely Appointed Residence, this is validation of establishing God's Law to be recognised.

The ceiling on the ground floor is rounded, elegant in a form we see on an umbrella (or the curves in lotus flower leaves) to look upwards to upper floors for higher understanding. The Greek Orthodox Cathedral Hagia Sophia in Istambul comes to mind. I am inspired to have Hagia Sophia lovingly restored to be a Universal Church of Peace for everyone. These are just some of the subtle signs to show how God actually reveals His truth.

The white piano is again revealing. A white piano came to my attention as being significant in a dream a few years ago. The home I was about to buy around the time of being injured in a car accident, was to have space for a piano. Losing the court case, with 'refusal' for justice and escalating situation is certainly a hopeless situation to 'still' endure. The losses I have suffered cannot be measured and there comes a time, when accountability is due. Every opportunity has been given to put wrongs right.

The white furnishings and walls relate to spiritual purity and being Holy, as in Holy to the Lord God. While white looks clinical, however, in a setting for prayer, meditation, and spiritual healing, white is ideal. White associates with spiritual healing, the Crown Chakra and Holy Spirit. This home seems to offer a level of tranquility away from city living. The grounds have trees, vital for oxygen and woods a walk away.

For the kitchen Andreas chose Ash cabinets (I used to live on Ashdown Drive) and on top, Luna Pearl Worktops have been chosen. Luna relates to the Moon and Goddess. The floor chosen is Apple stone - The foundation stone of humanity is revealed. The living stone and MtDNA lineage of ancient times is still very much alive. We are all living descendants of the first man and woman on earth. Eve was the first woman. Today there is much talk about the New Eve, as Spiritual Mother of Humanity. Nothing is coincidence.

There is a spa with an indoor and outside pool. Notice the pillars; these remind me of the Greek pillars except these are not circular in circumferance. They are an oval shape and can be associated to the Oval Office in the White House in USA. The office of the US President. A few months ago I had a dream and was told I have a direct line to Barack Obama anytime 24/7. The Greek Orthodox Church also has an unbreakable bond with the people in America. When told by a priest I should not confront corruption, I ignored him and stayed true to myself to speak out against all the war and injustice taking place.

There are 7 types of marble used from Italy - the Italian connection is vitally important because it is the heart of Europe. St. Peter's is in Rome. Always what is to be built, will be built on top of St. Peter's, as was established by Christ. Here in Bolton where I live, we have St. Peter's Way and St. Peter's Parish in Bolton Town Centre. God has not created divisions between man - man has done and misguided people.

The hand made master bathroom suite has an unsual magenta marble effect. Being honest, I was reminded of hair looking at this marble, with having lost a lot over these years. With Barnet meaning hair this is another connection. Hair carries our DNA and long hair is adorned by many spiritual women especially.

Number 7 is significant spiritually including the 7 Laws given to Noah and the establishment of the Court of Justice. There are also the 7 ancient churches being united in Christ. The menorah has 7 candle lights united as one. We have 7 chakras too.

The white piano is a reminder of inspired music of the heavenly realms and song writing. People sing from their heart and soul - it is through our heart and soul we link with God. In the Holy Scriptures, The Song of Solomon is given to inspire love between husband and wife. God is Love and yet how patient must he be before the people who call theirselves His servants will do right by the people and this has no price tag.

If you look on this overhead view you will see a road clearly marked out that goes to the side and behind the property. This is named Canons Close. The law of the HOLY SEE is Canon law. It is written law. There are people in our world who are not abiding by God's Law and this needs to be written clearly so everyone can understand.

Heath Hall is build on 58 The Bishops Avenue. 5 + 8 = 13. If you look at the Seal of the United States of America there are 13 stars. This relates. There are 13 bloodlines. In the divine plan it is to Unite Humanity in Peace.

With number 13 = 1 + 3 = 4. My previous article identified 4G Mobile. Taking the word mobile - this means moving and movement. Four relates to four directions, four elements, the Holy Cross and Christ held in our heart. We are only here for a short time and we can use this time in giving back to the world and inspire future generations.

In the garden the Italian theme extends with the one is holding wheat, representing Demeter. Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain, and bread, the prime sustenance of mankind. In another recent dream, Christ appeared and was instructing a man about the grain. He gave the authority to a lady to make sure the man follows this through. This could well have been to show me that He still makes the decisions and delegates authority.

Dalet is the fourth Hebrew letter of the alphabet. Dalet means 'door.' The door stands in the opening of the house. In regard to an arrogant person God says: "I and he cannot dwell together." The door to God's house allows the most humble of spirit to enter. With what is being revealed to me in so many different ways, the amazing Mind really is the All Seeing and All Knowing one - it is up to people to also see the signs. I have no idea if this home is going to be my home, however, I am given validation from this.

"Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will you build me? says the Lord: or what is the place of my rest? Has not my hand made all these things? How stubborn can you be? How can you be so heartless and disobedient? You're just like your ancestors. They always opposed the Holy Spirit, and so do you! Which of the prophets did your ancestors fail to persecute? They killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One, and now you have become his betrayers and murderers. You have received The Law by the visitation of Angels and have not kept it.” Acts 7:49-53

The dalet is the initial letter of the word dirah, meaning 'dwelling place,' as in the phrase "[God's] dwelling place below." In the Zohar, dalet is read as "that has nothing [d'leit] of her own." This expresses the property of the lowest of the Divine Emanations, "kingdom," which has no light other than that which it receives from the higher sefirot. In man's service of God, the dalet characterizes 'lowliness,' the consciousness of possessing nothing of one's own. - taken from the link posted below.

Bishop comes from the Greek word episkopos, meaning 'overseer'. A Bishop is a 'guardian' who is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy, generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight. The Bishops claim apostolic succession, with a direct historical lineage dating back to the original Twelve Apostles.

Mount Athos hold the Holy Belt of Righteousness given to Theotokos, the all Holy Mother Mary, was consecrated at birth and raised in the Temple to Serve God. Mary Magdalalene was seen by Christ and the Greek Orthodox Church as being equal to the apostles. Anyone who is guided by God, can surely show this and bring evidence. This is not a test, while writing openly, my heart is hurting for the many millions of people suffering in the world due to wars, man made laws and oppression - also corruption by officials.

We are now in the third millenium. Here is the cinema with 20th Century Fox - we are now in the 21st Century. It is a great effort to unite everyone peace. With much appreciation that people just consider many biilions of people have been killed in wars already and it is bringing an end to all these abuses that is the time now.

This property has been marketed internationally, I wonder how many people even think to look at the meanings of names or numbers. Jewish people do. Heath Hall in Jewish gematria is 171 and reveals 'Finished' and 'Shekinah'.

With 1910 this could invite looking to scripture 19:10 and 10:10.

"This went on for two years, so that all who lived in Asia, Jews and Greeks alike, heard the word of the Lord." Acts 19:10

The 10th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is YUD signifying Oneness of God, who is indivisible. The way God works is very subtle an with so many false prophets distracting people from what is most important, He has taken this into consideration too.

To add together 1 + 9 + 1 = 20 - the 20th letter refers to Reish: Process - The Art of Clarification. The insight of Divine wisdom is the "nothing" between the two states of "something." Number 20 in the Tarot is the Judgement card and we have seen here the All Seeing and All knowing God reveals the fine detail of everything.

With now Heath Hall, we see a beautifully restored and extended home. Every fine detail on this earth in the past and present times, especially related to homes and roads has already been 'mapped out' thousands of years ago. If we aer unable to comprehend this, at least I do not beleive all this is just a coincidence. Nothing is a coincidence. The reason I am sharing this openly is so that you can see that the hidden hand of God is ever inspiring and guiding people to Establish His Divine Plan on Earth.

Andreas could have taken a very different path in life - instead he chose to create homes and transform hotels. Ability Group is surely revealed. There is a greater purpose to everything - even finding this home. Angry Greeks are fed up with corruption. If Greeks want an ethical system in place, they need to recognise a divinely appointed Sovereign to bring an end to all these abuses. People have been abused to the most horrific degree for peaceful protest. Are these officials even Greek. No one has a right to abuse or violate anyone - least of all officials who take an oath of office!

From what is being seen so many people have lost their way and it is innocent people who are suffering. I have suffered - the difference is I had to be a witness to warn officials and if they refuse to put wrongs right they will suffer Divine Justice. The floods have been cruel, taking lives and homes. Anyone can be struck down at any time.

With a £100 million price tag, Heath Hall is being advertised to an international audience for a reason. Usually someone buying such a property would be seeking absolute privacy too. Just an thought to consider. The people with bottomless pockets, know where to go to buy the best. Trevor has sold several homes on The Bishops Avenue. Heath Hall has 27,000 sq ft of living space, 35 rooms - six are main reception areas, 14 bedrooms, a library, a cinema room and a ground-floor indoor leisure complex, with a white-stone swimming pool, sauna and steam room. There’s also an outdoor pool in black stone - This mansion has included everything in design and the furnishing is very carefully thought out.

By the electronic gates, apparently stands a solo Olive Tree - The Gift from Athena to the people was an Olive Tree. Andreas being Greek might not beleive in Luck, but does he beleive in divine providence to realise this really is an extraordinary Mansion?

What is written in the Daily Mail with the property is so exclusive - potential buyers will have to undergo a vetting process by agents Glentree Estates. This Address is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE that has come to my attention in relation to The Law. This home is even more important than Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament put together. Then again, be reminded that God does not need a physical location!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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