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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Titan Trees in USA. Remembering The Tree of Life

The Tree of life is being given here because trees emit oxygen vital for humanity to survive. While there are parts of the world that have been cutting down trees, not everyone considers to replant new growth and so the future of this planet is ignored.

Sequoias are particular to the region and can grow as tall as 20-story buildings

There are parts of the world where land has been protected and the growth of trees celebrated. Sharing these spectacular images, that are a reminder also of the generations of people who have worked to preserve the land and growth in nature.

This tree is named The President and we can see what a big boy he is.

We are also reminded of the big boss in the heavenly realms of the power and the might of our almighty creator. There are so many lessons revealed in nature. Living near countryside, the growth takes place naturally. The elements take care of the growth. The seasons of time can be observed. With the right environment and without being damged, trees can grow really tall. When people are given the right envoronment, they evolve too.

These are the survivors: Many impressive trees were destroyed after they were discovered by settlers in the 19th century. While we all like wood in our homes, this has come from somewhere. When we cut down trees, are new trees being planted?

"The 'rusty red' tree has a footprint as large as a room in an average home, and is so huge that it is almost impossible to look at.

Their giant size allows them to survive disasters which would wipe out many of their woodland competitors - they are unaffected by storms, resistant to forest fire and can live even after being struck by lightning.

And the trees never stop growing even when they are hundreds of feet tall - in fact, their rate of growth has been found to increase the older they are.

The trunk is constantly widening, while the upper limbs grow stronger even as the trees age.

Steve Sillett and his helpers proved this unexpected finding by climbing up the biggest trees and measuring them more thoroughly than had ever been done before.

The full article is published in the December issue of National Geographic."

The General Sherman is the tallest tree in the world standing, at 275ft

The photography enhances the majesty of these trees, that are considered one of the greatest natural wonders in the U.S. Sometimes the visual images is what brings the truth to light - what is hidden and what we do not always see because we can easily take life, nature and our planet for granted. Photography captures what is important to see.

Early settlers were not intimidated by size and cut down trees by handsaw.

1890 a settler cut through a giant sequoia Wawona to make a path.

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) can live for many centuries, enabling it to grow larger than any other species of plant. The trees are naturally found in a small area of the Sierra Nevada in California, nearly all of which is covered by the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

While they have successfully grown in other areas of North America and around the world, the size records are set by the Sierra Nevada giants. The trees can live for up to 3,500 years, reaching heights comparable to skyscrapers.

The tallest trees standing include the President, the General Sherman and the General Grant, all above 240ft, although they are not the tallest known in history.

One of the biggest was known as the Mother of the Forest, which stood in the area from 668 BC. It was discovered by George Gale in 1852. He stripped the bark of the tree, leading to its swift demise. A forest fire in 1908 destroyed what was left.

As a child I was told the age of the tree can be measured by rings. The circumferance would surely give some idea of age too. Trees have been planeted in history and grown for a reason. The ancients were wise - they were divinely inspired too.

Men need to stop tampering with nature.

With fires, we are reminded of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Instead of man competing with women - there is surely enough landspace for everyone. If people would stop bashing eachother down, everyone could grow tall.

It takes one that is standing in the light and can see what is happening to start the ball rolling to change a different way. If we are unable to see the path ahead, we will not know where we are heading. When we are down, there is only one way - upwards!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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