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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

UK and LA Taj Mahal Connection, Synchronicity

This photograph was taken in a Doctors office in Los Angeles US.

While sorting through some papers the day before yesterday, my new shredder broke. The little ones came to visit - a three and five year old so I asked if they wanted to help me by emptying the envelopes of junk mail. Already I had thrown some out. Sitting on the floor, tearing papers I came across a picture of the Taj Mahal.

Deciding not to throw it away, because I was going to write an article that relates - because Lakshmi Mittal has decorated his home with marble from the same quarrry where the Taj Mahal came from. Lakshmi Mital is connected with the Olympics in London and the building of the Orbital Tower. There was no surprise to discover he has a mansion house on The Bishops Avenue too -'The Summer Palace'. Notice there are connections forming, with people, places and names. Now we have specific locations that reveal more detail.

The Taj Mahal is a building that has been inspired by love.

If you look above at the top of my page you will see an image that I discovered posted on my facebook page moments after looking at the one I have shared here. This was a photograph taken in a Doctors office somewhere in Los Angeles in America,

Below is the image I opened at home and could not copy it earlier because my scanner is not working and the camera is kaput. The reason I am sharing this is to provide you evidence and to show, when God reveals His truth there is always validation. When being guided by the Holy Spirit of God, there is always validation.

This message is not only showing synchronicity but also highlighting timing and how everything happens at the right time. How two people who are friends, yet thousands of miles apart shows how we can connect in friendship and even see the same image that is in yet another country altogether. This is how cosmic consciousness works.

This photograph is an advertisment I had opened in Bolton, UK.

The first image was posted by a dear friend from Beverly Hills, George Van Heel. The sweetest man from Holland (another Dutch connection) who is also conscious of the people who are needy in the world. He is connected with members of the Saudi Royal family in business and personal life and so we have the expanding situation here now to show UK and America, connected, with India and Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be Asia - and Holland, the Netherlands. The defining lines of boundaries are not what I want to focus on or create argument over, but to open people's minds to see how everything connects together to unite humanity together. It is only the seas and water that divide us.

With the Holy Cross, this is no longer just four directions, there are 5 continents, hense there are five pointed stars. The five pointed star shape is formed by the movement of the planet Venus and Venus is a planet of love and harmony.

Venus is also connected with the Divine Mother.

The Taj Mahal merits it's name 'crown of palaces' - a white marble mausoleum located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died during giving birth to their 14th child, the Imperial Princess Gauhara Begum lived out her life until her 70's

The court chronicles of Shah Jahan's grief illustrate the love story traditionally held as an inspiration for Taj Mahal: -

"Should guilty seek asylum here,
Like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin.
Should a sinner make his way to this mansion,
All his past sins are to be washed away.
The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs;
And the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes.
In this world this edifice has been made;
To display thereby the creator's glory."

Remembering Diana, Princess of Wales pictured sitting here alone, probably the most profound time in her life. To see this reflection of total love from a husband to his wife, to face in her heart her marriage that was not even with a spark of real love. Without love there is nothing to build on. This was not the fault of Diana who was a loving woman. Women have been blamed for too long for men's weakness. When a man loves the world knows about it.

Buildings built with love inspire love as the Taj Mahal lives on.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

More about the Taj Mahal can be found here.