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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Who is Queen of Israel? - There are 13 Families

The Queen, Camilla and Kate at Fortnum and Mason. The Crown cake has 5 tiers. The person wearing the crown would be number six. The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra and this is why we saw a lot of purple in the Olympic games. This relates to the Spiritual Eye. The Crown identies the Crown Chakra - a direct line to God.

Notice that there are a lot of steps appearing. The Olympic Flame was raised onto steps. This is important because, the flame when arriving in England was not. Yet coming from Greece, the Holy Flame raised up the one who has descended from the Ancient Greek Lineage here. Of course, this might not be recognised and accepted. However it might be. Most certainly there is a spiritual battle taking place and a physical battle. We know and have heard the expression that God wins in the end. Of course He will.

What is intersting here is to see the Three ladies in three generations. This is the reminder of the Holy Royal Lineage, passing from Grandmother, mother and daughter. In the Holy Royal Family, our family has come from the Greek Orthodox Church for many, many generations, before ancient Greece. We can go back all the way to Mount Olympus, that was God's Mountain where people were divinely inspired in these times.

These ladies are from different familes but it might be they are related from the Maternal side. If we go back far enough we are all related and I am sure this will not sit well with some people. Some time back, it came to light that Camilla has French lineage and apparently Kate has too. The French connection is important because the Queen is Duke of Normandy, and this is the title that is given and held by the British Monarch.

Notice if you watched the Da Vinci Code, that this also was highlighting the French connection. There is a fashion label called French Connection brand FCUK.

In an earlier article I wrote about Lady Columbia who is standing on steps. Columbia is otherwise known as British Columbia. This is also relevant and connected. The Lady is wearing a Greek style robe with blue cloth. She is shining a light towards the heavens. While apearing to be uncrowned, this does not mean that she is not Royal by right. She is divinely guided and not only pointing people to the light but also showing the error of their ways. The movie industry is being used to show this too.

One aspect of my process is identifying the violation of coronation oath. It is important to learn what has happened in history in context. The signs of the time are showing that man does not need to go to war and rule the world. God is quite capable of making His truth known with those who are receptive to bring light to the truth to people.

If man and women, continue to ignore God ruling this earth, then He will make sure that everyone knows His truth, what He wants and when there has been much destruction in the past, evidently He was not happy with what was happening.

It is necessary for people to be reminded that God's Laws have been ignored and there are many signs that have been showing that 'Enough is Enough'

I have no idea why people are idolising Kate Middleton - She is not appointed by God, or Christ to be His Queen. I have no idea if these ladies know who is.

Fortnum and Mason have a very interesting insignia. We can just see the top of the pinecone and some people might remember seeing this at St. Peters Bassilica. Notice the colour blue, this is the colour of the Queens cover that appeared in my dream as my blanket and the Queen's mask. The Queen has been pictured since this, with having a blue blanket covering her legs. Here again we see the colour of Wedgewood blue. Minerva is featured and connected to Royal Wedgewood and I am connected to Minerva.

While we can only see the top of the Pine cone - that is enough to see. Recently someone brought me a crowned buddha with what is a flame effect from the top of the head. This relates to the Holy Spirit and being guided by the Spirit of Truth.

The Bassilica of St, Peters also has a Pine Cone sculpture. Nowhere are you going to read this information connecting together as you will read here, because I hold the spiritual keys and in my lineage information that is not usually known - as much has been hidden from people, or lost with the passage of time.

The Queen particuarly when younger has a look as if she could be related to my mother. Moreso when looking at Princess Margaret. As an elderly lady, I can see sometimes a slight resemblence to my grandmother - sometimes the way she is captured with the camera. My brother when younger had resemblence of William. He was a blond hair blue eyed boy too. Now older he looks more like Andrew now - slightly. Genetics for eye colour and blood type is interesting. Rhesus O negative Royal blood runs in my family.

At some point the Queen and I are related. Last year I had another dream of us both siting together at the table chatting about someone. Walking through a dark blue carpeted lounge, if I recall correctly, symbolically showing the Royal Navy Blue, were Beatrice and Eugenie and the boys larking around together.

There is one thing I need to make perfectly clear. Anyone who is appointed by God does not divide people or turn people against each other. We can all make mistakes, but there are people who make decisions on who will live and who will die. No human being has been given this permission. At any time God can end our life. Recently I read about a man who was said to be 'translating the teachings of Christ.' - He was struck down by lightning and died. It is written nothing must be changed than is already given.

The Queen is custodian of the Crown of David - Queen of Israel.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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