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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Why Apparitions of the Holy Mother Mary Appear

A few days ago the Daily Mail reported another sighting of what appears to be the image of the Holy Mother Mary on a hospital window. Sharing below.

It is not for anyone to say it is not - or that God does not exist, because for many billions of people God does exist. Many millions are aware of miracles - where prayers have been answered. It is for people to realise a higher consciousness to understand.

The apparitions, visions and dreams that show the Holy Mother Mary and Jesus Christ are both a reminder to Keep hold of the True Faith. The world is being sold yet another appointed king and queen. Let me make it perfectly clear, Kate Middleton and William are not appointed by God. The people idolising these two people, worship false idols.

When people look up to the Virgin Mary - they are looking towards God. With people looking at this image on a hospital window, they are not only made aware that there are ill people in hospital subconsciousnessly, their focus is on prayer.

The Holy Mother Mary is an intecessor for prayer for miracle healings and so perhaps, this is the reminder of the image we see appearing on a hospital window.

Royal Queens who have been annointed and appointed by God are divinely guided and focussed assist healing and upliftment of humanity. Christ was a healer and spiritual teacher - He imparted Wisdom to people during his life.

In a world where so many desperate souls are suffering, because of man, and injustice is rife is contributing to people being oppressed. A divinely appointed Queen is necessary for spiritual progress to be made for all humanity. A divinely appointed Queen has the authority to bring an end to all the human rights abuses - that man ignores.

In the ancient times, the Queen was the protector of the people!

The Spiritual Throne of God is in Heaven. On earth is his footstool and handmaiden. It is throughout history that God appoints who he wants to represent him. The Holy Mother Mary was the divinely appointed Queen. Do not belittle her role for humanity.

The bloodline Lineage of The Holy Mother is the Royal Priesthood that has been set out by God. It is in the divine plan to unite humanity in peace. There is born, a woman who unites people in peace, by her blood - by being related to different nations. There is born masses of people globally who are active at work, helping to unite humanity in peace and praying for humanity healing too. It is time for healing humanity.

God has given his instruction and Holy Wisdom to women in history. The spiritual key is held by women in history as it is today. If people want spiritual understanding, it is not with fighting wars. If people want to know God, submit totally and be with sincere heart; in your thoughts, your intention and in your prayer.

With so many arguments about the Holy Bible being wrong by muslims - God has a plan about this - A Woman. The same plan in history too. The Word of God has been given to a woman and this time it will not be ignored. If you look on my pages here you will see some of what I have been guided to share and what my eyes have been opened to see.

A few years ago there was a vegetable that was photographed in the media that wrote ALLAH.If you look to how Allah is written, it looks like a hand.

Be reminded of the Healing Hand that God is given to women. Women have trained as nurses. Women naturally are comforters and nurturers. Not only was Christ a healer, A spiritual healer by prayer, thought and simply by touch - so was His Mother.

The Hamsa is also known as the Hand of Fatima. It is a symbol connecting Christians, Muslim and Jewish people. In the ancient times, this is the symbol associated with protection. This is bringing to light the handmaiden of God. This is God's helper. Levantine Christians call the Hamsa the hand of Mary, for the mother of Jesus.

In healing therapies, the hand, which is very sensitive for touch and being touched, is for a reason beyond this. There is a map of our entire body on our hands and on our feet. The treatment of Reflexology is to assist the clearing of blockages by therapeutic massage, It is with study, with training that is required for understanding.

At one time the Holy Temples were for healing and prayer. Psychotherapy and therapeutic healing are connected with spiritual healing. Priests analysed people's dreams because they are related to our soul and can be seen as messages from God. To be a psychotherapist is a spiritual calling and it is not prescribing medications for healing.

In relation to the feet not only is reflexology given for physical health, clearing blockages and looking at posture related issues, the feet are also very sensitive to touch and so this is why foot massage is relaxing for many people. In a time when stress is high and people are not relaxing, foot or hand massage can alleviate this.

And while people are rejecting spiritual wisdom from outside what they are taught. There is ancient wisdom that has been brought from spiritually enlightened ones throughout the ages for the benefit of mankind. If people refuse to listen to those who are divinely guided and professionally trained to assist healing - then this might explain why the increase of toxins in our food and water until people wake up and take notice.

People are being divinely guided by God today because this is necessary in the present time. Sharing my knowledge, learning and divine guidance openly so that you can see that God is ever present. He did not choose 'his Last messenger' 1600 years ago.

The expression Lotus feet has been given to the Buddah Teacher also to the goddess. Lakshmi is also known as Lotus Feet - She is pictured sitting on a Lotus. The Holy Mother Mary has left her footprint everywhere. Where people hold her in their hearts - she continues to be their Spiritual Mother. She may have worked quietly in prayer and gone about her daily life. However, she may have imparted a lot of wisdom that has been lost or kept hidden over these years. Divine Wisdom still comes to light because it is meant to.

So much knowledge in relation to healing has been given and yet, what is pure is rejected. Consuming toxins does not heal people. This is not New Age - this is the ancient Spiritual Way. The New Age relates to the New Era that is here - The Age of Aquarius. What is being ignored from the spoken word is being given in other ways now.

Counsellors were at one time divinely guided and spiritually awakened. Spiritual Counsellors work to heal the mind body and soul. When we consider the Priests today, have studied for YEARS before they became ordained and consecrated to serve the Church. It is also expected that a Spiritual Counsellor can also demonstrate credible studies.

For 38 years I studied health and healing; with 6 years professional training with several diplomas. The Queen's court refused justice after I was injured in a car accident. Mr. Aggrey Orleans, a London Barrister LIED in court and denied my professional training and qualifications - his way to be paid! The judge prevented the evidence. Every head authority connected with the Court and Law Corporation including the former Prime Minister have seen evidence and STILL Justice has been denied. The British Court are in breach of Contract. The God Mockers caused the Queen to void her Oath with God. Shame is on You!

Charles has no right to succeeed to the throne, neither do William or Harry. There are many signs to show this. If one family will fall, so that the whole of humanity can be raised up, this is typical to how God works. This is why Moses was born, The Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ too. The ressurection of Christ was not expected and yet He did so to save humanity from those who do not understand the role of responsibility.

While man and women have divided people and churches, Mary has united everyone. While man is still involved with war and war games, spending billions of pounds; yet ignores the need and suffering of people, Our Spiritual Mother is taking care of the people.

While the elderly people here in England are scared to put their heating on because of the heating cost, with another increase announced, the Queen and all her family are ok with no worries living in their palaces and mansions. They do not have to care. It is not Ok to give a check to seemingly alleviate the problem. Deal with the problem.

Our water is contaminated with toxins. Fluoride and chlorine are detrimental to health and contribute to the cause of cancer and brain disfunction. Aspartame, deemed deadly and dangerous is in over 6000 food products now and gave brain tumors to rats. Today there are countless people with brain tumors. Genetically Modified food is being consumed and having an effect on people eating this. This is no longer natural food. The hormones pumped into livestock, is impacting people too. I guess if people are kept dumbed down and compliant they will continue to blind to accept these abuses.

The most prolific expert on Flouridation - John Yiamouyiannis speaks to inform people from an ethical experts opinion. fluoride chronically posion people. Listen and learn from this Greek man talking about the subject that concerns everyone.

FLUORIDE "This amounts to public murder on a grand scale - to put fluoride in drinking water" Dr Dean Burk National Cancer Institute. "In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical."--Dean Burk -- Congressional Record 21 July 1976

"When you have power you don't have to tell the truth. That's a rule that's been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don't tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions." Dr. Dean Burk former head of National Cancer Institute Research

How many children are dying of brain tumors? Every 'fruit' drink in the supermarket has aspartame in it. People are also consuming additional additives and preservatives, this is surely going to be detrimental to peoples health. And officials know this!

A few weeks ago I had to go to hospital and got chatting with a woman. She told me SIX of her friends have brain tumors - So whether we drink water, or whether we consume drinks that are deliberately contaminated, we are all being poisoned.

Another issue that can be seen in the video above relates to Polyps in the uterus. There is not enough study on tumors in the uterus. With chlorine thining the blood, women are easily clinically anaemic and in some cases could be bleeding to death. Using common sense, if aspartame is causing growths in the womb and bleeding heavily - the specialist will suggest removal of the womb in some cases to save a womans life. There is always a reason for everything and so is one cause of tumors in the uterus identified?

Perhaps the corrupt officials want to kill off people who are born in the Chinese year of the Rat.

Who has taken ownership of land that provides clean bottled water for profit? Another deception taking place and while in history, there have been wars to conquest land, this land is being taken over by God's Laws NOW. It is not being controlled by any religion. Enough of wars and arguments between people from different faiths.

What people may not realise is, anyone who is not appointed by God, must be recognised by another sovereign who gives royal approval of their status. When God appoints, He makes his choice abundantly clear and if people defy Him, He will remove them.

When officials have betrayed the people and mocked their oath, they are accountable. There is no reason for anyone, whoever they are, to maintain a position of responsibility if they are not. The Queen has responsibility to humanity on her shoulders. The job is not difficult to ensure no corrupt lawyers work in a law court. To ensure officials cure illness not create illness and use human beings for testing. Identify real issues facing people in the world and implement the workable solutions!

The Crown must revert to who God has chosen for this. There is no argument because I am an instrument who has given over 300 chances for the British Goverment and Law Courts to Work for Justice and do right by God as their Oath requires them to. The Queen needs to face that her officials are boasting of innocent people in prison! These are people who have been put into prison in her reign, not 100 years ago. No excuses.

Look to the Lineage of the Holy Mother Mary for the Royal Crown.

As a small child I was told in divine revelation that to cure illness it to find the cause of the ilness and prevent this. Our thoughts can also make us ill. What I suggest is for all my readers when they go shopping to read the labels on food and drinks and see what is on there. Most fruit cordial drinks have apartame in now.

There is a multi level global healing need that is to be addressed. To eliminate illness, we must address the root cause of illness. Which Evil decided to deliberately poison people, knowing that people will become ill and die a premature death?

The Queen knows who I am......

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria