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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Wiliam Hague: Syria Democracy & Human Rights

The following images and captions are quoted directly to share the news in relation to Syria. Being in England, I have no idea of the reality in another country unless being there. However, I will research when need be. My focus is how to end the wars and bring an end to all the human rights abuses. Is war the way to peace? No!

"Foreign Secretary William Hague met with President Sheikh Ahmed Moaz Al-Khatib of the Syrian opposition movement at the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Whitehall today."

"Britain hopes to decide within days whether to recognise the new Syrian opposition coalition as the legitimate voice of the country's people."

"Mr Hague said he hoped today's meeting would mark a 'turning point' for the Syrian people."

"Smoke rises from an airstrike on the eastern Damascus suburbs. France and the UK want to try and speed up the exit of dictator Bashar al Assad from Syria."

"Syrian President Bashar Assad shows no signs of stepping down, and told a English-language television channel Russia Today he would 'live in Syria and die in Syria"

"Syria is struggling under the weight of civil war, the heavy fighting and shelling has seen the garbage collection system collapse"

A picture tells a thousand words - decision makers deciding the fate of people's lives. If the leaders are not working for the people, they are playing at being God.

Back in January 2009, the Daily Telegraph reported with the headline 'David Cameron anoints William Hague as his deputy'. Article link posted below.

A while ago an image of William Hague caught my attention - the scene in the background. All we have just the visual expression to go by. While above I am sharing these images, if you wish, you can read the article yourself. My reason for sharing these images is to remind people how important it is to see with our own eyes to understand what is relevant to know; not beleive all we are told and sold in the media.

We are at a time when everyone must acknowledge that war is not the way. For there to be peace in this world, it takes more than prayer. It takes the willingness of all peoples from all sides to say 'no more war'. This world is given for everyone. With the understanding of divinely appointed Queens in ancient history, might be with the escalation of this awareness being brought to people in so many different ways today.

And I want to raise the issue about corruption and public officials. When officials are serving the people, they are in the priviledged position to be in a paid job for doing so. Few people realise the responsibility to be in a trusted role. Few people are conscientious and care about how their decisions impact people, any people. Few people are willing to put wrongs right. There are many laws that I disagree with and what has been revealed to me, is not to be cruel to people. For humanity to progress, man made laws need reviewing. All the rules to conform, oppress people, instead of easing and improving life.

A willing humanity to 'stop the fight and value life', is just one step in the right direction. When considering the most impoverished parts of the world, man decided the rules people were to live by. There are people who have decided who is less than worthy and man has wanted to rule this earth, when he has not even mastered his own mind.

Yesterday a lawyer from overseas said to me, you are not valued in England and that is why they have refused to give you justice. They do not listen! I told him that I do not have 'given titles' nor would I accept one to 'appear' to be important. People are being trained to idolise and respect people with 'given titles' and blind to those who are born in the bloodline appointed and anointed by God. In some ways this offers protection, but also very frustrating to witness so many people suffering in our world.

As an individual I can share my experience and understanding. Sharing insights and learning is because everything is connected. While I am aware of human rights abuses taking place in other countries, I have clearly seen abuses take place in UK too. Probably the reason why UK wants to stay independant from EU is because EU law protects people - inheritance law is supposed to be protected. Lawyers here want to use EU law as a way to profit from instead of working for justice as their obligation is on oath.

It has been said that the government is mismanaged. Deaf too!

Being reminded of the term 'world stage' and the actors are many. What I know there is a real fear that threatens England and the people here. People from a different religion are no threat to me because I am secure in my faith and keep my focus on being guided by God. Eventually everything is going to come together as it is meant to happen and not by the rules of man. Musims and Jews await for the spiritually guided one.

Ahmed lived a few hundred years ago! This is a New Spiritual Age!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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