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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

7 Houses in York Landslide Are Being Demolished

A few weeks ago a dream was showing me what is happening now.

A man was carrying bags from a terrace house/ Sudddenly I was ushered into the car with just carrying a bedding duvet and a bag. There were seen two rows of terraced houses. The other one at right angles. In the middle a big drop in the land. The houses were being demolished by bulldozers. We were moved because the houses were being demolished.

Then I woke up not knowing what to make of this dream.

Now I realise that the land in the middle of this area had collapsed and there was a reason for this. As readers may have noticed there have been sink holes around the earth that are unexplained. There is also HAARP technology capable of this. However, these floods are not being acknowledged other than an opportunity for the government to spend billions more pounds. They encouage people to claim on their insurance. The government is not working for the people. It is working at making money by spending money. Using opportunity to move money around. David Cameron is conveniently ignoring natural laws.

Perhaps he is spiritually blind. he is yet actor, plays two faces.

These floods are very clearly signs of the times to say enough is enough of the people who claim to be Servants of God who are abusing and exploiting people.

The fact is the Queen has violated her coronation oath. This is the law of nature. This land is in Whitby in Yorkshire. The Duke of York is the Queens son and this report is showing the signs that the 7 Houses of York are being demolished.

Number 7 relates to Spiritual laws and establishing the Court of Justice. Today in England officials boast there is no justice. They must face up to this.

Trying to find if there is anything specific that relates to 7 Houses of York, I am unable to at this time What I did find is the House of Lancaster, of which the Queen is Duke of Lancaster is symbolic of the Red Rose. This covers where I am living now. What is coming to my mind, a few months ago the French were demanding the Crown for compensation - not sure if the Queen did pass the crown over for her successor or not. And I am not talking about her son or grandsons - They are not divinely appointed as we see here.

The Queen and her family cannot continue abusing and exploiting people, turning a blind eye and expecting the gravy train is going to run on forever. The Queen could afford to help these people and indeed authorise that the government do so immediately. It is a man made decison to demolish peoples homes. If this is so, then the government must provide a new home for these people - or at least a home that is for their family.

There is so much injustice just in England, also other parts of the world. The land gets raped and pillaged, people plundered into poverty and then the prostitutes move to new lands to exploit and do the same. All that glitters is not gold.

Being reminded of a video watching how people in India have been conned to join a Christian church by deception. There is no rights to this and people have been turned against their family. People have been promised jobs if they leave their old ways. Is this how things started here in England I wonder or just waring with people to try claim ownership of land? NO man has the authority over God and neither does the Queen.

With the land falling...we are reminded of landslide. We are reminded of the slippery slope and even of the Gates of Hell. What we are shown is, the Houses of York are on the way to being completely demolished. This is visual evidence to show this.

It is time for an ethical government and ethical leadership.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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