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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 28 December 2012

Starbucks Princess Message - Come Together

The message is being shared for humanity to unite together now. You have a choice, worship false idols or seek the higher road. This is a time where people are given the opportunity to realise a higher consciousness and the Word of God is being given again to people. This is the meaning of the Age of Aquarius with the spiritual waters flowing.

So now the media are using the argument about who has 'come together written on their cup and who does not. Different reasons are being presented as to why this is written and it could be just that it is a message for a purpose. However, nothing is just black and white - nothing is without a reason. Nothing is coincidence. Keep an open mind.

Ross Lieberman @ROSSatACA wrote #Starbucks Fail - There's no "come together" message on my 10am coffee in Wash DC (Glover Park). C'mon Man!

Of course there is a story about why this is being put out and you can research this if you want. Today I thought it would be a good idea to share 'observations' and especially as they mirror what I am thinking about humanity uniting together in peace.

Starbucks employees in Washington D.C.-area stores will write "Come Together" on customers' cups to encourage pols to make a deal on the fiscal cliff.

Washington DC is where the 'White House' is situated. American people have an abundance of opportunity to be creative, to succeed, to be benevolent' to set up non profit orgs and give time to charity, people can and do register corporations in states that allow tax benefits and success is promoted. Justice is promoted. Here in England we have '10 Downing Street' with the reminder that people are being kept down and oppressed!

America is also interconnected with Jerusalem, with the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem holding the land as possession, meaning that Christ is King and God is the protector of the people. America is the land where people who have been oppressed in other countries have found a sense of freedom they may have never realised possible.

Today people have the freedom to share the wisdom of the ages. There is a mindset that discourages people to learn, grow and evolve. People in America have been keen to explore self healing, pychotherapy and spiritual development for a very long time. Women are able to persue their own careers and bring up children - this way they have the choice to be a mother who empowers her child to live their life with purpose too. There is a mentality in this world that keep women imprisoned and it exists in the west.

It is not in the divine plan to keep anyone down and oppressed.

Loving the diversity of the ancients, the American Indians and all the different cultures together. Love that people are standing up for Freedom, Peace and Justice. Love that people are motivated to make a positive difference in their own way. Love the growing movement to empower women and care about the vulnerable. Americans have a lot to be proud of in a country with some really amazing people who show anything is possible.

There is a dark side too - a side that reveals a healing need to address and it can be done. There are bright kids who have gone down the wrong path because their life and upbringing did not teach them another way and they did not harness their strengths. There are adults who struggle and facing challenges - I am exhausted with my situation and the British legal system have no intention to give me justice. The enemy of the people!

There has been attempts to block Spiritual understanding and in doing so, people from different cultures are sharing the wisdom teaching more openly.

Noticed a long while ago, when writing to America is was usual to Put U.S.A on the address and now people are writing US. Think along the lines of what you see and US means You and Me. We are one humanity and one family, even if we do not all agree.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asks employees in D.C.-area stores to write 'Come Together' on coffee cups when serving customers. Wish Howard was sponsoring me! Perhaps he is promoting me;)

Political agendas relate to land territory and so while I am clueless to who is who and what is taking place behind closed doors, I am always going to promote ethical leadership and an empowered ethical leadership is going to empower the people too.

There are people who are determined to keep people down and divided. We are also many who want to see humanity unite together in peace. We decide make this happen. The timely message we are seeing being promoted by the Starbucks Princess is 'Come Together'

21st December 2012 is the start of a new cycle of time in the Mayan Calendar. United together we are a stronger humanity. Get rid of the mindset that keep people down. It is time to allow people to be built up and shine their light.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Saying Happy Christmas 'IS' Politically Correct

Apparently saying Happy Christmas is politically incorrect.

When God is taken out of the picture, you might be giving your power to man to make decisions for you. There is only one man who was given the power to govern everyone and that is Christ.
If you can look to the Higher Power, then you can discover God Almighty is the Ruler of This World and The Universe. Political puppets will never have power over God.

Court Judges do not have power over God. The Queen and kings do not have power over God- they have been removed in history and empires destroyed. A promise has been made to people and this is to make everything new - for peace and justice in our world.

All the floods here in UK are specifically in locations to clean the royals out to bring in Royal Rule with Christ as King - God anoints and He appoints. The Queen knows this. The stone the builder rejected refers to one who is to bring humanity forward and save it from self destruction. If you worship people with wealth and given titles, yet are unable to see the people who are the quiet ones working hard to find cures for illness, the nurses and doctors who are taking care of people, the emergency services who are on call 24/7 for all people; for the store keepers who stock up with provisions so we can buy at our convenience and not have to grow our own and farm food; for the people who work the fields and cultivate the land so that we can eat and continue suriviving as a human race.

We can easily take everything for granted and everyone for granted too. If we did not care about people, the weak, elderly and vulnerable and protect the children, our world would be in a greater crisis - I am not politically correct!

My purpose is to raise the standard of what exists and to instill ethical standards in all public services - globally. We are many who want to live in a safe world and in many different ways our efforts are to make this happen.

We are a growing army of peacemakers who care about people and the world we are living in. When war is taking place, our world is being ruled by a very unholy mindset. Lets change this. The messianic bloodline chosen to be successors to the Crown is identified in the Holy Bible. The Spiritual Crown Authority is given by the Power of God.

So I wish you Happy Holy Days in Unity with Christ. Christmas means Christ with US. Notice USA is now written US. Consider our global family when seeing this and we are all related to each other. Never fear shining a light of truth to people at the top.

Ethical officials work for the people - all people. Blind sheep cannot see. The spiritual shepherds guide people to the light. This world is for everyone - face it and accept it. There is no one who is more important than the next person.

We are born for a time, we will live our life and then exit this life with learning. We can help and also influence people. We can assist positive change. Keep Christmas in perspective - The Greatest Gift you can give is Love. The greatest healer is love.

Christ said for man to love his brother, not to fight with him.

The Spiritual Mother loves and transforms with her love. ♥

Peace, Love and Best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment intended

Justice Collective He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Every lawyer and police officer - especially law court judges need to be reminded that obstructing justice is a very serious crime. Perverting the course of justice is a very serious crime. Seek within. Are you worthy to be working for Justice?

David Cameron The British Prime Minister makes a statement about the double injustice. This is common in England. As an Innocent person I suffered two lots of legal corruption and justice is refused so it is time that lip service is not good enough! An apology is not good enough David Cameron - It is time for action called accountability!

"The 1989 Hillsborough disaster was a human crush which occurred during the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs on 15 April 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people and injuries to 766 others. The incident remains the worst stadium-related disaster in British history and one of the world's worst football disasters."

The Justice Collective have relased 'He Ain't Heavy. He's My Brother' to raise money for legal fees required for the people to seek justice. When there is obvious corruption, it is not for any person to have to find legal fees, it is for the system to acknowledge the corruption and proseucte this. It is for the system to recognise that the Queen has violated her coronation oath by even allowing injustice - with the help of her officers.

JUSTICE FOR THE 96 is the Official 2012 Christmas Number one! This song has been made to raise funds for the people seeking justice in the disaster!

The Vocalists: Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Paloma Faith, Melanie Chisolm, Gerry Marsden, Peter Hooton, John Power, Beverly Knight, Hollie Cook, Ren Harvieu, Eliza Doolittle, John Bishop, Peter Reid, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, Steve Rotheram MP, Neil Fitzmaurice, LIPA Gosepl Choir, Andy Brown (Lawson), Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Glen Tilbrook (Squeeze), Dave McCabe (The Zutons), Paul Heaton (Beautiful South), John McClure (Reverend & The Makers), Shane MacGowan (The Pogues), Bobby Elliot (The Hollies), Tony Hicks (The Hollies), Ian Prowse (Amsterdam)
Musicians: Guy Chambers - Piano, David Catlin-Birch (World Party) - Bass, Chris Sharrock (Oasis, Beady Eye) - Drums, Mick Jones (The Clash) - Guitar, Paul McCartney - Guitar, Will Pound - Harmonica, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Strings.

Background information to the injustice taken from Wikpedia

"Inquests into the deaths proved controversial. Coroner Stefan Popper limited the main inquest to events up to 3:15 pm on the day of the disaster – nine minutes after the match was halted and the crowd spilled onto the pitch. Popper said this was because the victims were either dead, or brain dead, by 3:15 pm. The decision angered the families, many of whom felt the inquest was unable to consider the response of the police and other emergency services after that time. The inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.

Relatives have failed to have the inquest reopened to allow more scrutiny of police actions and closer examination of the circumstances of individual cases. Anne Williams, who lost her 15-year-old son, Kevin, appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, on the strength of witness statements that her son showed signs of life at 4:00 pm. Her case was rejected in March 2009.

On 19 April 2009, the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced she had requested secret files concerning the disaster should be made public.

On 8 March 2011 the Hillsborough Independent Panel announced it would examine previously hidden documents to determine what took place after the 3:15 pm cutoff imposed during the inquest in 1991. A HIP spokesman said: "We have a wide remit to analyse all documents relating to the context, circumstances and consequences of the tragedy and its aftermath."

A governmental e-petition attracted over 139,000 signatories on 17 October 2011,[123] and parliament agreed to debate the full release of cabinet documents relating to the disaster to the public.

During a debate in the House of Commons, the Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, Steve Rotheram, read out a list of the victims and, as a result, the names were entered into Hansard – the official publication of printed scripts of all House of Commons debates.

A private prosecution was brought against Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield and another officer, Bernard Murray. Prosecutor Alun Jones QC told the court that Duckenfield gave the order to open the gates so that hundreds of fans could be herded on to the already crowded terraces at the stadium. Mr Jones stated that minutes after the disaster, [Duckenfield] "deceitfully and dishonestly" told senior FA officials that the supporters had forced the gate open. Duckenfield admitted he had lied in certain statements regarding the causes of the disaster. Other officers, including Norman Bettison, were accused of manipulating evidence. Bettison was later appointed Chief Constable of Merseyside in controversial circumstances. The prosecution ended on 24 July 2000, when Murray was acquitted and the jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case of Duckenfield. On 26 July 2000, the judge refused the prosecution's application for a re-trial of Duckenfield.

Police disciplinary charges were abandoned when Duckenfield retired on health grounds and because he was unavailable, it was decided it would be unfair to proceed with disciplinary charges against Bernard Murray. Duckenfield took medical retirement on a full police pension.

On 19th December 2012, The British High Court Quashed the original rulings[131] with respect to the inquest decisions made after the Hillsborough disaster. The previous ruling was that of accidental death for all victims of the tragedy.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve made an application to the high court following the findings laid out in the report by the Hillsborough Panel. The decision set out by Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge quashed the original inquest verdicts. The ruling came after revelations from the Hillsborough panel's findings showed police and emergency services had made "strenuous attempts" to deflect the blame for the disaster on to the fans which included alteration of more than 160 police statements where 116 of them were so altered with the intent to remove or change negative comments about the policing of the match

When good men stay silent and do nothing - evil will continue to flourish. Where there is no justice, there is no peace. Millions of people are suffering from injustice.

The cover-up by the police is reportedly 'too big for IPCC' with already 1,444 officers to investigate - the Independent Police Complaints Authority does not have the resources or powers to do the job. This is an enduring injusitce not a new situation.

On this Christmas day - We are reminded of the Power of God and the authority that comes from the heavenly realms. Before Christ was born, the God-Man was expected. In discovering the precision of my own life, birth, time and where I have lived - the detail in everything is for a reason that we might not be ready to know and understand.

There are people still rubbishing the Holy Bible and I wonder how many people have actually considered to read the scripture and seek the truth. Try it.

With 96 people being killed in 1989 and to this day Justice is not done, this is not going to be ignored - exposing shameful Britian with lawyers and police who boast of lying to be paid, innocent people in prison and having no care or conscience.

It is time for lawyers to make a decision, work for justice or pack up and shred your diplomas. Arrogant corrupt lawyers deserve to be put in jail as a way to make sure they have a criminal record and be permanently removed from the legal profession.

In the Video we see two children with tops, one number 9 the other 6. Taking these numbers as an example, the Holy Scritpure is going to reveal more information.

"It is he that builds his chambers in the heavens, and has founded his vault upon the earth; he that calls for the waters of the sea, and pours them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name." Amos 9:6

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

"You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you." Nehemiah 9:6

"Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously." 2 Corinthians 9:6

"We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our ancestors, and to all the people of the land." Daniel 9:6

"Now it is not as though God's word has failed. Clearly, not everyone descended from Israel is part of Israel" Romans 9:6

"and prayed: "O my God, I am too ashamed and disgraced to lift up my face to you, my God, because our sins are higher than our heads and our guilt has reached to the heavens" Ezra 9:6

“Know, therefore, that the LORD your God is not giving you this good land to possess because of your righteousness, for you are a stubborn people." Deuteronomy 9:6

"He shakes the earth from its place so that its pillars tremble." Job 9:6

"You live in a world of deception. In their deception they refuse to know Me. This is the LORD's declaration." Jeremiah 9:6

There are people who have found theirselves in the public eye who have the platform to speak out and stand up for justice and peace. As I have said a clean up and clear out of the British legal system is overdue - also a strict criteria for people who are eliglbe to work in a trusted role as a public servant and officer of the court.

It takes people singing songs to raise awareness that there is no justice in England and if I was a lawyer and judge, I would settle this matter at the time. The job is to be done, not to think about money that is secondary. A vast percentage of lawyers in England are greedy and see the courts as a way to profit. I wonder if any lawyers took money from these people years ago to assist justice and this was not done? If so, they have decieved the client and abused their position of trust. Lawyers have obligations to work for justice. If someone asks a lawyer to work for justice, they cannot refuse to.

If police are going to lie in court, they must be prosecuted and removed from the Job. Simple. To work in the legal profession is not a ticket to commit crimes.

God does not seek payment. He watches to see how many lawyers and judges actually work for justice and why they turn a blind eye at miscarriage of justice.

In the last couple of years, I have been guided to do some inspirational painting. One painting is revealing a law court and the title I was given is 'Divine Justice'. In another, using oil pastel and a iron on a postcard on it's side, Jesus Christ is revealed with a woman and this was revealing His Bride is a woman.

In all matters of Truth, there is always validation. In all matters of manipulation - people will feel it and yet might not realise why this is happening. The floods taking place in England is to wash away those who govern the land. When land is in ownership to royals and nobles - they make the rules for people who live on this. The man made laws for profit are in conflict with Biblical laws. When justice is refused, God takes over.

We cannot bring our loved ones back not matter how painful this is to face. For all the deaths that take place in suspicious and tragic circumstances, in catastrophes they are showing that something is wrong and we must look to what this is.

The Hillsborough disaster has brought corruption again into the light and injustice. The system work hard to bury corruption and maintain public confidence and yet, when officials say the system is corrupt, then it is time to establish an ethical system.

All the ducking and diving by officials shows this is overdue. I have cried in desperation and these abusers do not care. They have said you will never get a lawyer to prosecute another corrupt lawyer (New Queen, New Rules) and now in the media the reports are exposing a very high percentage of dishonest police officers here.

All the millions spent on flood defences could be pay for justice and compensation. A judge could sit back look at the situation and make a decision - this does not cost a penny. From what I have seen, lawyers and police could be really busy just prosecuting officials and hire extra staff to do the job. This is how serious the problem is here. The British establishment are not doing right by the people by ignoring injustice.

The people of the United Kingdom, make Great Britain Great. 2012 has been a year of seeing the best of people shining their light and standing up for the vulnerable. The gravy train of financially exploiting people with intention to obstruct justice is over!

Shame on all the people who say they are lawyers yet ignore injustice!

United Kingdom has a growing amount of hurting poeple because the system has failed the people. The system oppresses people, deliberately. When those who beleive they have a right to make laws to prevent the truth coming to the open, the truth will get louder. The system has so many perverts and pedophiles, those involved in satanic rituals and yet this is OK to keep silenced - many thousands of children go missing - Why the silence?

You were born with a voice for a reason - use it. Tackle situations head on. Write letters to the government and demand action. Quote the Holy Bible - God's Law. Demanding a republic is not the answer. Seek who has the authority to be Queen of Justice by Right to clean up the system. Do NOT allow this to be ignored! It is NOT Kate Middleton! Given titles. Man Made laws. Where is Justice?

No More Excuses. Prosecute ALL LEGAL CORRUPTION - NOW!

Justice will be done - accountability is not evaded in divine laws!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No copyright infringement intended

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Queen Elizabeth's 2012 Christmas message

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Monday, 24 December 2012

UK Royal Swans - Christmas Flood Message.

Will you be swanning around this Chistmas, or drowning your sorrows?

For many people Christmas will not be as they have known it to be. The cost of living has been hiked up in England and all those man made laws for profit,they are for profit. They have nothing to do with any thing Holy that is for sure.

So with more floods in UK this image caught my eye to share.

Here we see the swans gathered on the River Severn facing a building. The message that is given with balloons usually shown with reason to celebrate is:

Book Your Christmas Party NOW - Ask About Our Boxing Day Menu - Five Star New Years Eve Menu - THE QUAY.

Keeping in mind what we can see because this is relevent too.

There is a red brick building (the design reminds me of a Pelion mansion I wanted to buy in Greece years ago. Sounds grand but it was not. Pelion being in Thessaly; that was blocked) We see many windows and two entrances. Four windows below with a central opening looking like a fifth - above partly seen are 5 windows. The building is evidently closed for business. The swans are still gathering together.

Five Star we are reminded of the five pointed star and the path of Venus which forms a five star shape. Venus is feminine in nature and the energy is Love.

2012 is also totalling to number 5. On December 21, 2012 the Mayan calendar has identified th end of an era and if you look to the Holy Scriptures and read the Book of Revelation, the prophesies have been unfolding for some time now.

In the background we can just see a bridge - linking one location to another. Water is symbolic of emotions. The ocean is water and this is what unites land together. The Queen is Queen of the Seas.

The Queen of the Seas will have a connection to all people. The reason being because seas and rivers connect all lands. To be Queen by Right, is not to show favour over one people or another. The Queen of an Empire is an Empress. The World Kingdom is the Kingdom of God. Have people forgotten who is the Boss.

Swans are connected to the Queen - She is their protector. Notice the swans are gathered together and facing towards the steps that give the impression of an unfinished pyramid. This is the reminder of the all seeing eye on the dollar bill. Consider the cornerstone the builders rejected. We see the Royal pyramid not completed.

Every year unmarked swans are collected, weighed and registered - much like when we are born, we are weighed and registered by law and the Queen is supposed to be protecting the people. Because we are all related and descended from Adam and Eve, we are all equal in the eyes of God. With the Queen being Royal, so is everyone else. Not everyone has attained Spiritual Wholeness and Oneness with God, with the Crown Chakra.

A Quay is a concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships. Water does not stop swans and ducks.

With the Quay - we are reminded of Key and keys open doors also gateways to understanding. A few weeks ago I had a dream where a lady gave me a bunch of keys - these were not only representing physical keys they also related to spiritual keys. In the ancient times, the Spiritual Crown was passed from our mother - the Isis Gene. The Holy Bible identifies the Crown of Life and this relates to empowering the people too.

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been affected. Are the royal family taking care of these people. Have they who account for £200 million a year income, opened the doors to the palaces to let these people be warm and fed over Christmas. The homeless toll in England is rising, not just from increased cost of living.

All the effort to promote and make William king, he is not Christ and he is not appointed by God. Already the signs are to clean up the area of land England of the royal ruling to make way for Christ. God rules this world, yet officials are not listening.

We see here 'Bargate Lane' is flooded. Be reminded of the Bar Council and the Barristers. With there being a refusal for justice, the authority of the Bar has been washed out now too. Gate relates to entrance and exit. We also see 30 here twice.

"For it was little which you had before I came, and it is now increased unto a multitude; and the LORD has blessed you since my coming: and now when shall I provide for my own house also?" Genesis 30:30

The River Severn is the longest river in the United Kingdom.. It flows through Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, with the county towns of Shrewsbury, Worcester, and Gloucester on its banks. The banks here are have burst and flooding - reflecting the wealth that has been amassed in many ways and taken from the people. People are paying for water and tap water deliberately poisoned, so people buy it in bottles. The landowners are not fools. They are running a racket here. To deliberately poison water for profit is bad enough - these toxins contribute to illness, cancer and brain disfunction.

Shrewbury is revealed for a reason. I had a buyer for my home and was about to buy number FIVE Shrewsbury Road Bolton when injured in a car accident and had to pull out. Had I bought the home, it would have allowed me to continue with my business intention because the premises were to become this. English lawyers and law courts would rather STEAL peoples homes and livelihood than administer justice and compensate as obliged to.

Remembering the article a few months ago with the French demanding the Crown Jewels as compensation - this included the Imperial Crown. It just happens that my French Grandmother was living and died not far from Angiers. Here in Bolton, the Twin Town is Le Mans and so all the connections are already written down in the divine plan.

All the ducking and diving by officials will not work. Time is up now!

In 1138, King Stephen besieged Shrewbury castle held by William FitzAlan for the Empress Maud during the period known as The Anarchy. The castle was briefly held by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, prince of Wales, in 1215.

The Prince of Wales is the title of the ancient Kingdom of Wales and we see the Empress is revealed here too. Back in 1976 here in Bolton the Empress Club had a fire - coinsiding with my going to live in Greece. Replacing this was Spencer Snooker Club (Princess Diana was a Spencer) corresponds and there have been signs to say that Spencer Court is now demolished. The Spencer bloodline do not have right to rule land or the people.

They are not an authority over God and neither are any officials.

Furthermore, there is very suspicious circumstances in relation to Diana's death and I would even go as far to say a Satanic Ritual was involved. Officials in England know all about the evil that is happening and also people at the top who are involved.

The 'constitutional cris' was created when Diana and Charles divorced and he wanted to be with his lover. Once Diana was out of the way, he was free to marry and people accept this - where Edward abdicated to marry Mrs. Simpson. Weak willed men is a reminder for people to question who is the head of the Church and what does He and the church represent. There are churches set up for a profit making front. There are churches of God.

Not forgetting Diana, When her life was taken, the Princess of Wales also holding the title Countess of Manchester, passes on to Her rightful successor. There is a mystery of what happens from the heavenly realms. The All Seeing and Knowing God is for a reason that is true. With the Queen violating her Coronation oath, the Crown goes to who God has appointed - all the manipulation does not change this. We who are Royal by Right, do not sit and wait for this. Man made laws cannot take away anyones birthright.

The Queen being Duke of Lancaster includes Salford - meaning Sea Lord, and Bolton where I live. Manchester is the City where the Royal Court of Justice has committed crimes to be complicit in profiting from corruption in my personal experience also with theft of inheritance. The Queen took her Coronation oath to God Almighty.

A bridge that has been completely destroyed by the force of water in the village of Snapper, North Devon, near Barnstaple. Water is one of the elemental forces.

The second Royal Duchy in England is Cornwall. Since 21 years old, Prince Charles collects his income from the Duchy of Cornwall and Devon. Here a bridge in Devon has collapsed. Lawyers speak about the law of nature and now they should begin to see what this means, in context. If lawyers refuse to work for justice and courts allow corruption, there is consequence. When the Queen broke her coronation oath, this does not mean her sons or even her grandsons can take her place. Christ is a higher power than man.

People paid and unpaid, are helping the people. Here we see a lady being rescued. A while ago a lady was shouting at officials for not helping people in these floods. These floods are warnings in the Holy Scriptures. People need to realise that the officials took their oath of office and it is they who are being judged.

This is a time especially when everyone who works for the emergency services and especially all the volunteers are being acknowledged for the valuable service they give. Traditionally Christmas is not about materialism whatsoever. We are given the opportunity to realise that caring about people and helping people does not cost anything.

The people who have been impacted by these floods have also been witness of people coming together and acts of kindness from other people. It is such a shame that it takes disaster and catastrophe to bring people together and to value life. For the people who are opening their doors and sharing their food to people who have lack, this is the Christmas spirit that is traditional. We are rich if we have food to eat and shelter over our heads when many millions of people are starving and homeless in this world.

There is a golden opportunity for everyone to evolve spiritually.

About three years ago I had a dream that the land where I am living is flooded and did not understand it then. This is not just about rain falling. A shift is taking place cosmically and must also impact this earth too - this is universal laws.

We are in the age of Aquarius - Aquarius is related to the water bearer. We are reminded of the spiritual waters and the Word of God - Wisdom. The Oral law is associated with the Torah - the Writen Law. Sharing spiritual understanding is timely for people to understand the meaning of Spiritual Laws. This is the Age of Enlightenment!

Peace, Love and Best wishes
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Will You Remember Nurse Jacintha Saldanha?

Leading up to Christmas 2012, this has been a tragic year for so many families who have lost loved ones. One family has been thrown into the media eyes unexpectedly and in very tragic circmstances. International news reported the most tragic death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha. Benedict Barboza, with son Junal and daughter Lisha are faced with losing the woman who was their rock, source of wisdom and encouragement to her family.

The loss of life of Jacintha was seen as an ultimate sacrifice - a dedicated lady of faith working in the healing profession and of value that people are being forced to consider carefully. This followed days after a hoax telephone call at King Edward VII hospital where Jacintha worked. December 4th 2012, two jokers from an Australian radio station telephoned the hospital and pretended to be the Queen and Charles.

Jacintha is remembered as nurse to the Queen (Elizabeth II?)

At the time Kate Middleton was admitted into hospital reportedly with hyperemesis gravidarum - acute morning sickness. Women with this condition can be debilitated for weeks, if not months. The sickness is so agressive that expectant mothers find it impossible to keep down food and liquid. This can result in hospitalisation and being house bound, particularly with feeling profound weakness. Socialising is no fun when feeling nauseous.

The media hype of Kate Middleton created an unexpected situation. Jacintha had answered the telephone and put the call through to the staff nurse on duty. The nurse then gave details of Kate's condition during her shift - a restful and uneventful night.

The hospital stay promoted public sympathy for Kate Middleton, coinciding with the timely announcement that if she has a daughter. A 'new law' for the commonwealth countries, she is said to be Queen. It is rather presumtious to consider that any unborn baby will be Queen and 'rule over people' especially people knowingly Ruled by God. Consider also complications can occur in pregnancy, even if Kate is given the best of medical care.

So there were rushed through laws - which invites me to question the Queen's sincerity in her coronation oath 'to God' given there is conflict with biblical law. More specificially there has been blatant mockery taking place of biblical law.

Another concern from a spiritual perspective, people are being seduced to give away their energy. Focus on Kate and her baby, people are empowering her and the baby. Introducing emotional element, ie concern about Kate or her baby, people become emotionally attached. People are outpouring their love on Kate and her unborn baby as they did with Diana. Any speculation of William being king was planned and met with international approval when Diana was pregnant and compounded with public sympathy and support when she died.

Jacintha is dead. NHS accountant, Benedict, her husband is demanding a full investigation. Evidently there are unanswered questions and possibly even suspicious circumstances. If this is so, this will surely be buried so deep and will never surface. There is a reluctance, if not refusal to address issues and put right wrongs. Being honest - when first reading the story, the reported suicide of Dr. David Kelly that was highly suspicious came to my mind. We do not know the truth because we were not there. There is no law preventing the media from telling lies and this is how they manipulate people for agendas.

Jacintha's family and loved ones are grieving. Not just at Christmas time, at any time to lose a mother and wife is going to be really difficult. Jacinthas' husband could not bear to tell her elderly mother what happened and said she had been ill and died. No mother expects her child to die before her that is for sure.

People are emotionaly torn with this situation. Is Kate a more valuable as a human being over Jacintha? Not at all. In an ethically run hospital, every patient is equally of value for care and every member of staff is a valuable team member to assist healing. Without both doctors and nurses, the hospital would not run smoothly. Having pranksters call up in this situation was disregarding the vital service the hospital gives in society.

Jacintha did not seek public attention. She was a dedicated nurse who had made a personal sacrifice so her family could have a better life. She lived apart from her family when she was working and stayed in nurses accomodation. She had trained in a highly responsible and vital vocational career choice, assisting healing and saving lives.

The actual value David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth place on people in the healing profession is unknown. Having studied for decades to learn and understand, with 6 professional training for crediblity, my interest was to heal root causes of illness and this entails identifying root causes of illness. The Queen's court and officials even seeing evidence have declined to give me justice. I have little respect for a court that protects corruption and also one that supports the burying of evidence that will enable justice.

A drastic end of life by hanging, for someone who was not responsible for confidential patient disclosure, naturally raises questions and suspicions. The conversation transcript was documented in the Daily Mail. When first hearing about Kate being admitted, again being really honest, I thought she might have had food poisoning or a tummy bug.

Much emphasis is given in this situation in the media for a reason.

The more people try to silence the truth, the truth is going to come to light anyway. Why is Kate Middleton being glorified, where people so willingly see her to be a Queen over them? People are 'sensing something is not right' yet they are not putting their finger on what it is. When you peel away the layers of illusion you have been sold, you might stop putting yourself in a lesser position than someone who has a given title.

If Jacintha was a recognised Royal Princess, globally people would be grieving now and 10 years on still speaking how they miss her. People are idolising Kate who gives nothing of herself to YOU! Jacintha is a lady who gave her heart and soul to help people - yet this is a lady that many British people want to quickly forget. That is not going to happen. This lady' life is not going to be forgotten - Jacintha is not meant to be forgotten. People are warned about false idols. Be very careful of false idol worship (Kate) and become aware that you are giving your power away to people who might be exploiting you.

Questions that came to my mind was if Jacintha was reprimanded and if so, why? There is just something about this story that does not add up. If Kate Middleton was not at the hospital, would Jacintha be alive today? Did Jacintha know something? There are many layers to this situation. The dynamic impacts everyone involved. It is easy to blame when tradegy happens. The media and British establishment must take responsibility too.

Jacintha could well have been a conscientious lady who could not live with herself by putting through a prank telephone. A highly intelligent lady who had studied advance nursing with a family and children - a private nurse to the Queen, (it is unclear if Kate has been crowned Queen overseas, explaining why William over reacted with this being exposed and if so, does Queen Elisabeth encourage deception to the people?)

David Cameron publically said there are many lessons to be learned from this. William and Kate sent their condolences via staff at St. James Palace, residence of the sovereign for hundreds of years. Princess Diana lived here with Charles and their sons, until her divorce when she moved out to live in Kensington Palace. Charles was crowned in the ancient Kingdom of Wales and Wiliam has been given the title ruler of Scotland.

Lesson: In a time for people to weigh up what is most important. Christmas time is a very emotive time where millions of people remember loved ones the have lost. Jacintha's family and friends, associates and complete strangers will be thinking of the tragic loss of Jacintha to her family. Many thousands of people are praying for the family.

After hearing of Jacintha's death, students from a nursing college in Bangalore, India, holding up a poster of Jacintha, held at a candlelit vigil organised in her memory. The nurses were in prayer for Jacintha's departed soul.

A memorial took place inside St Teresa Church, Bristol, with family and friends of the 46-year-old nurse in attendance, We are reminded of Mother Theresa, a dedicated lady who gave her life as a servant of Christ to help humanity.

The family were gathered to light candles and say prayers for their mother. Notice the image here is revealing the spiritual colors. King David wore Purple with being guided by the Holy Spirit. The colour purple is Royal purple - this is the spiritual colour purple. The image shows Jacintha's son being surrounded by the purple. We get the impression from this that he is being comforted with spiritual love from his mother. Many people originating from India have developed their spiritual eye. They are evolved souls.

Jacintha is pictured surrounded by white and purple light - Purple is the third eye chakra colour - white is crown chakra enlightenment and pure soul consciousness. People recognise Jacintha as being evolved spiritually and understand her soul will go on.

In Jacintha's career to assist healing, this would have been Jacintha's spiritual calling - as both my mother and myself were called to assist healing too. We might know why we are born and what we are called to do - we do not always see the way that we are meant to be working. My mother who became paralysed - then become an inspiration to many and consultant for medical experts around the world. Jacintha did not want to be famous, unlike Kate, yet her greatest work can be to inspire many thousands of nurses around the world in relation to profesional ethics and setting the standard of dedication in the profession.

And with Jacintha being evolved spiritually, she would be divinely guided and what was meant to come to her attention would have been so. We are being shown this also with the reminder that Jacintha is also important now in implementing the DIVINE PLAN.

Last Saturday, Westminster Cathedral in London held a Mass. The family were outside and gave their messages that was recorded by the media. I cannot imagine the pain and turmoil this family, but I have felt the physical pain of losing my mother. This is a family who have held the love of Jacintha even with her working some distance away. To realise that she is taken from this life is going to be felt physically by the family.

In looking at the exterior of the building, the archway reminds me of the entrance to Heath Hall. Heath means health. The Church traditionally is a house of prayer and healing. The ancient Greek Holy Temple was for prayer and therapeutic healing. Our mind, body and soul are connected. In ancient times only a priest or priestess, would assist in this process with prayer intercession and spiritual guidance given in counselling.

Westminster Cathedral is built with Byzantine style and inside neo Byzantine mosaics. Notice a Royal Princess wearing a diadem (crown) carrying a palm leaf. Here is the Princess of Peace. This is physical evidence to show the Byzantine lineage MtDNA is important for the Crown. Hagia Sophia in Istambul was a Byzantine Cathedral built to honor the Holy Mother Mary. In this place once stood the Temple of Athena that was destroyed during an earthquake. God does not change His truth. He does not change His mind or His Laws either.

Jacintha cannot be easily forgotten. The 4th of December when she took the phonecall at the hospital was the date of Athena, my mother's birthday. Since a little girl I have sensed connection with people in India. My grandmother was born in Asia Minor - Hagia Sophia in Istambul connects Asia and Europe. With Christ spending time in India, he has connected India and Europe together for a reason too.

Jacintha was reported dead at 9.30am and I want to share a scriture in relation to these numbers for they are for a reason. If we consider that everyone is related, not everyone considers that people from a different faith or culture has value to share in relation to spiritual understanding or being important in the divine plan. Everyone is!

"What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith" Romans 9:30

With the reminder that Benedict, Jacinthas husband wants a full investigation into what happened at the hospital - if he was not a man of faith, he would not be solid in his faith and demanding the truth to be given. In my position, I am demanding that Brition brings an end to all the corruption taking place and it is time to implement ethical standards in every profesiosn that are not loose or to be taken for granted.

Jacintha died on 7th December with the reminder of 7 and the Spiritual laws. The seventh law was the Establishment of the Court of Justice. How many times this has come to light is for a reason - Spencer court in 'newcastle' has been shown to be demolished.

On 7th December 1965 – Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras simultaneously revoked mutual excommunications that had been in place since 1054. The true beleivers are surely united in wanting to live in a world with peace, no war and no injustice. When people are divided - they can be easily turned against each other. We must look right to the top to the people in the positions of reponsibility to set this standard for peace and healing.

I am unable to bring Jacintha back and did not know the lady personally. However, a great many people in England and India will keep her memory alive. Jacintha is an inspirational light to training nurses and sets an ethical standard for being very conscientious in a highly responsible profession that humanity is unable to do without. Healers are necessary for saving humanity - both Jesus Christ and his mother were healers.

For anyone to take their life it is considered to be a very serious sin and so there is justified questions and answers that must be given as to why a mother who was deeply religious would drasticly end her life. What is most certain, the All Seeing and All Knowing God, knows everything that has happened behind closed doors - He knows what is written in our hearts and in our minds. Jacintha, might have cried many tears behind closed doors. He sees and knows everything that is going on behind closed doors too.

A memorial service took place for Jacintha before her burial that was attended by 4000 mourners in India. Jacintha, an unknown lady, was loved and respected by the masses at home in India and merited respect has been given by the masses internationally.

Jacintha's final resing place took place, where her body was flown overseas to be settled at Shirva, Karnataka at Our Lady of Health Church. In the divine plan, this is exactly where she is meant to be with the reminder of the healing lady. Perhaps Jacintha was inspired by the Holy Mother Mary with her healing work. Mother Theresa is also an inspiration to many women who are nurses, carers and cousellors. India is the healing land of the Holy Divine Mother - the land where knowlege of the soul has been given to the people.

Being baptised Greek Orthodox I see Jesus Christ as My King and KNOW Kate Middleton is not anointed to be His Queen! Furthermore, because the Queen has violated her coronation oath, with the help of her officials, the land has come again under the Rulership of God Almighty - with divine timing the Biblical Jubilee Laws also apply too now.

Globally millions of people are praying for peace. Hurting people are not at peace. People who are without justice are not with peace. We can pray for healing and send love to people who are hurting in our world. Time does not bring back loved ones. I just hope that Jacintha's family can remember the love and wisdom she gave and treasure this.

Ethical people who are working in the system are very rare these days. There are people who do not back down and shy away from injustice - they do not do silence.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Jacintha.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment intended.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown USA Shooting

It is impossible to understand the mindset of anyone who will go and open fire on innocent people with intent to kill. This has happened again. Adam Lanza, age 20 opened fire on school children at Sandy Hook Elemen Elementary in Connecticut, USA.

From the report, one teacher said the gunman was masked; firing shots from the principal's office and from the kindergarten classroom, where his mother taught. A student said there were bullets whizzing by him in the hallway. The female principal and school psychologist are beleived to have been targeted.

Witnesses say the shooter went from room-to-room shooting people after first killing the principal and then going to his mother Nancy's kindergarten class.

Newtown, was once voted one of America's safest places to live.

As the people grieve, many are searching as to why this happened

The gunman killed his teacher mother at home in Connecticut before driving her car to the elementary school she worked. After shooting dead 26 people, including 20 children, Adam Lanza then turned the gun on himself.

Brother Ryan, 24, originally thought to have been the shooter, is being questioned by police after he was arrested at his home in Hoboken, New Jersey.

President Obama in tears says 'our hearts are broken today'

Flags on Capitol Hill to be flown at half mast.

So many people are being killed and committing suicide - I am finding it difficult to write and express what needs to be said, when above all as a priority, my condolences are for all the losses that have been suffered in this and other tragic situations.

What triggers anyone to pick up a gun and kill their own mother and then go and turn on children just exposed someone who has lost the plot - a ticking time bomb.

Listening to people justify having guns in America makes me shudder - I have to be honest with myself. By carrying a gun, you are giving permission for other people to carry guns too. These little children who had barely started their life, have shown they did not carry guns. They were in no positon whatsoever to defend theirselves.

State officer speaks with a lady who is distressed at the scene.

One of the reasons I did not want to live in America is because I do not want to ever feel that I would need to carry a gun to protect myself. It is also with knowing people who own guns in USA and say they would never be without one. There are people who own a gun in case of being mugged. There are also people who have bodyguards.

When parents drop their chidren to school, we would expect the child be safe. No one can predict this would ever happen and yet these situations are happening.

This is not the first time a school has been the target and innocent children killed. How is it possible that we can make this the last time? It is not OK for any people to go around and decide who lives and who dies. This is being shown to understand.

Armed State Police flood the scene of the shootings.

Devastating news for the people in America that has rocked the world for people globally. Children are a precious gift of life. Give them love and support, emotional security because most of all these are the vital elements of learning that ground them as human beings. The relationship between a child and his or her mother, is the most important that any child will have in their lifetime. What causes any child to kill parents could be multi-layered. We will never discover the truth in this situation.

Adam Lanza is described as being mentally disabled and it is difficult to ascertain what this means precisely. Was he diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and prescribed drugs. There are people who are on drugs, yet still remain volatile and reactive. Food additives and chemicals have been known to interfere with the natural process.

Nancy and Peter Lanza's home in Newtown, Connecticut, was raided after 2pm today and the shooter's father Peter was found dead.

What a child is watching on teleivison and video games can be highly suggestive too. Few parents consider to screen what their children are learning from. Not everyone knows that children learn from their parents and what they observe in life.

There are movies where 'actors' whose role in a movie is to reenact with a gun and open fire. Usually the script has a storyline and a learning opportunity too. Most actors are portraying what is actually happening in our world. It is not the presidents fault that this happened, however, it is time people start to look at what is behind the root cause of all these killings. What has caused anyone to want to kill anyone at all?

People who are 'depressed and on presciption drugs' are still learning from what they see - there is huge sales in violent computer games. A few weeks ago a five year old showed me a plastic toy gun his thoughtless mother bought him as a gift. This is alarming. Teaching children that it is ok to shoot 'playing' at loved ones might appear to be innocent. This is paving the way for the adult to play with a real gun that fires bullets and kill innocent Unarmed children and adults - even their own family members.

As more people examine their lives and internal process, there are people who are 'losing the plot in rebellion' instead of addressing issues head on. The solution to problems also is asking people to look at the bigger picture and consequences. When we eliminate the root cause of problem and we can implement a workable solution.

It is impossible to heal this situation or turn the clock back.

The tragic loss of so many lives will leave a deep scar in people's minds who were witness to this traumatic experience. People reading the story with compassion and empathy, might understand the pain from loss, however, no parent ever expects to lose their child before they are old. It is easy to underestimate the important job a schoolteacher has, in also protecting children while they are at school.

There are many comments on the article. The stirring or reactions is expected with these situations. We are helpless in being able to do something to take away the pain and shock that everyone is going through. All I can do is keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers in this very difficult and hugely emotive time for millions of people.

Sharing two comments. It is time for soul searching everyone.

"Americans. What do you love more? Your guns? Or your children? How many more innocent children have to die before you get to the truth?" - Seasider, Poole, 14/12/2012 23:01

"It took one massacre in Australia to disarm our country.... What is wrong with America? How many children are you going to let die before you do something about it? I think the logical solution is clear to the entire world, time for the US to wake up I think..." - MissWende, Sydney, Australia, 14/12/2012 22:15

President Obama says, 'as a country we have been through this too many times' - a united America, people need to really search in their hearts now, because unless we look at the way to ethically deal with this situation, we will see more people suffer and we cannot keep allowing this to happen. It is time for humanity to realise a higher consciousness. Perhaps a step in the right direction is ban toy guns for sale for children.

There will be parents who will think I am out of order for saying this. I would rather see toy guns banned than more innocent children being killed. Would you?

My prayers and thoughts are with all the bereaved at this time.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Police Officers and their Oath (Attestation)

The police are trying to cultivate good relations with the people now in England. Most people do not trust the police. Yesterday speaking with two officers on duty, I asked about their oath. One remembered it was to the Queen, the other could not remember who their oath was to. We were standing near lots of drinks were fueled with aspartame. They were informed Aspartatme gave brain tumors to rats during testing and was seen to be deadly and dangerous by FDA. Also I reminded them that the war was illegal and based on lies.

We got on the subject of the royals - the Queen has not addressed injustice, with both police and lawyers refusing to work for justice - refusing to prosecute corruption. Silence! One of them said William seems a nice guy. I reminded him that looks can be deceptive and everyone has a dark side to their nature. Also considering granny and the family account for £200 million a year in expenses, it pays well to keep putting their best foot forward to mainain the lifestyle. They were both told clearly 'unless you know someone, talk to them, get to know their true nature and what they are about - you do not know these people at all' and reminded them to keep this in perspective.

It is important that all oathtakers fully understand the responsibility they hold. The oath is taken as a solemn promise. If this promise is refused, then no one is protected. The police are paid to protect 'the people'. They are not paid to hide and protect crime from being prosecuted, or to abuse their position of trust.

With any role of responsibility there is accounntability.

Both police and lawyers here do not want to take an oath to God.

This was taken in June 2012 Belfast Ireland. If the roads are flooded or any calamity happens, who is going to save the police?

Last year in Belfast, 'eight former policemen accused of perverting the course of justice over the wrongful conviction of three men for murder walked free due to a "serious error" by police when key documents were destroyed.

A second trial of four other former officers has been scrapped.'

This is just scratching the surface. Lawyers who are protecting crimes are also going to be found to be guilty of crime and put in prison too. In Switzerland there are a few lawyers in jail 'who got greedy' to quote a lawyer in his words. Perverting the course of justice can include when a lawyer or judge refuses to administer justice and obstructs credible evidence into a court that supports the case.

When police have no care or conscience, and do not beleive in God, this explains why there are people within the force abuse their position, lie in court and many innocent people are in prison, so I am told by police officers. When asked that they address this issue, they are not prepared to and so this falls on the responsiblity of the Queen.

The black and white checkerboard can mean the good guys and bad guys. There are good guys and bad guys in the police force and they know it. They also have to deal with some really tough situations and sometimes this calls for the tough guys.

In seeing the checkerboard, this reminds me of the ancient Greek temple that connects with my heritage. While the future is unclear because there is deception taking place in relation to The Royal Crown of Justice. This is a reminder of why there has been interecessors for prayer and divine intervention taking place in crisis.

One of the worlds most popular games is chess. The Queen is the most powerful peice who can move in any direction. As a child I played the game, but it was too complicated to grasp in the way explained and so I had no interest to continue with this. Instead as an adult, I find myself in a position being dynamic in thinking and able to think outside the box, see problems, identify the root cause and workable solutions too.

The media are trying to sound out very important issues. Firstly the Queen is not a more superior being than anyone else. She took an oath of responsiblity that he is morally and ethically obliged to uphold. In the eyes of God we are all equal and if she is incompetant to look after the people's best interest, she should step aside so that the review of the system can take place in everyone's best interest.

If Officials take issue with this, do a comprehensive background on my genealogy and learn respect, instead of ignoring people who are obliged to speak out the truth. Evidently when British oathtakers are mocking God, for the sake of preventing the destruction of the country, is to speak out openly to address the issues head on. Athiests and lip service beleivers might not understand what happened in history. It seems that one lesson that is not taught with emphasis is responsibility and accountability.

'In legislation in the UK, an oath taken by a constable in England and Wales or in Northern Ireland is described as an "Attestation" and annotated as such in a relevant Act. In Scotland a constable is required to make a "declaration".

The 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales are responsible for general policing. Members of the police forces are attested under section 29 of the Police Act 1996.[1] The prescribed form of words is that given by schedule 4 to the Act (inserted by section 83 of the Police Reform Act 2002[2]), as follows:

"I, ... of ... do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law."

The police corruption map of England and Wales. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has revealed details of corruption allegations against police forces across England and Wales and has detailed where the 8,500 are from. There are surely vastly inflated figures, yet people do not know what to do about this. Even so corrupt police are rarely removed from the force and so this is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

As I have told police and lawyers who do not take this seriously, every act of corruption and injustice is done in the Queen's name. They have all invalidated her oath. With Wales being publiclly exposed with injustice - this relates to the Prince's of Wales territory. They want special priviledge, they must take responsibility.

In the following building is 'Spencer Court in Newcastle'. All the devious efforts to manipulate agenda is not going to work.

Non beleivers - take a look at the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible and see the end time prophesies include floods and earthquakes. We already have had the birds falling out the skies, millions of dead fish, wars and rumors of wars, blood red waters and millions of frogs in places and deadly diseases too. Famine is predicted. People are strugging with the hike in food prices and cost of living - with man made laws for profit that penalise at every opportunity. Who really cares about the people?

Police are people with homes and bills to pay too. In the United Kingdom, many people have suffered with flood damage - on land that is 'owned' by members of the royal family. Charles collected £17 million income last year from the Duchy of Cornall - spending money. He has collected this income since he was 21 years old.

Laws have been created to protect the throne in this family that allows war, injustice and corruption. Laws have been made to pass land 'with titles' within this family and yet land is protected by God and to be returned to God's Laws because evidently the Queen is not protecting the people. Is she head of a profit making corporation? All the man made laws and fines taking place rake in billions of profit - and why they are made.

As I wrote before, this is a Snow White story with a different script.

It is also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - Jubilee Laws apply not just for a small plot of land, but the world to return to Spiritual Laws. Floods have been taking place since June to show that the end of abusing positions of trust is now.

On a website looking for America, I found the following.

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor,

On my honor,
I will never betray my badge1,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve.

'Honor means that one's word is given as a guarantee.
Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust.
Badge is the symbol of your office.
Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life.
Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual.
Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve.
Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger.
Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office.
Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served.'

There are people who have taken an oath who refuse to rock the boat and say the system is corrupt in England. One term that was identfied was the law of nature to deal with matters. It has - the country has been flooded and areas have been washed from the royals influence. Both Manchester and Central London have been exposed by myself, a credible witness to experience corruption in the related courts with justice refused.

It will suit the establishment if God is removed from th oath and keep the church front for profit making. The establishment is not God and neither is the Queen! Because the Queen took her oath to God she is accountable. The next Queen who is appointed by God and there are other people who beleive they are, she would take her oath to God too.

There is great potential with the police for self esteem building too. When someone is born and trained extensively to assist in implementing positive changes, to uplift the whole of societiy to realise a higher consciousness, has been put what I have been through, then told that I got off lightly, there is a clean up of the police force. There needs to be a really tight criteria to be a lawyer too. It has to be done and will be done!

With the recent flood that took place in New York - the clean out of the Duke of York was done. Saving some images to share insight after Hurricane Sandy, this image was posted in the Daily Mail. The taxis reminded me of the yellow brick road. Notice on the side the sign that says 'CERTIFIED ELEVATOR' - well I am. The English courts are so corrupt they have denied this and refused justice, with homeless threats too. There is no time limit to prosecute crime. Laws have been made in relation to land in England that go totally against God's laws. Any man made law, by a King or Queen that goes against God's laws is null and void. The Only New World Order is with God's Order. God's Kingdom on Earth!

Jesus Christ was an innocent man tortured and nailed on a cross to die. Crucifixion was the punishment for treason. The imperial Crown belongs to the Successor of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, for the simple reason they are of the Royal blood and understand spiritual laws. Injustice is a crime. War is a crime. Deliberately poisoning food and water that people consume is a crime.

Shame on the British Establishment. Who is the Queen of Justice?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Master Number 22, 11:11, 777 Apocalypse 2012

The Spiritual Master builder in numberology is 22

Number 22 is the last Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.

Number 22 connects with me personally.

My birth year is number 5.

The year 2012 adds up to number 5.

There are five continents. Five Olympic Rings with talk that one ring rules all. The only person who has the right to rule over people is Jesus Christ and he pointed people to show God was the Ruler of all humanity. So no man has a right to rule.

When my father died, again my mother's wedding ring was returned to me and I wear it on my finger. The second being a diamond trumpet ring. Nothing like a trumpet to make a noise that is for sure. As the truth gets silenced, the truth gets louder.

There are five Books of the Torah.

There is 'Torah that is written', and Oral Torah, with traditional interpretations and amplifications handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.'

There is the five petaled rose - the mystical rose. Every rose is unique in it's own glory, except the roses come from specific families. As people we are like this too, with our own unique DNA.

Christ had 5 wounds, that can be also related to the rose.

We see the 40 year path of Venus around the Sun. It seems 40 is the signifant year for starting a new life cycle. For me this was in the year 2000, however, as I was about to start my business to empower people, when I was injured. There is great effort to keep people in the dark in UK - The dark lord is real and hardfaced too!

The red rose has been associated with Mary Magdalane. The White Rose because of its purity has been associated with the Virgin Mary and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. One legend holds that when the Virgin touched a red rose it changed color to white. Mary Magdalene was also a spiritual alchemist. When she announced Christ has rised to the Emperor, he did not beleive her and said 'if Christ is risen the egg is red'. The egg immediately turned red.

This is the Cap Badge of the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

Being a spiritual alchemist is being able to bring change according to our will. With prayer everything is possible. Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Can faith bring global peace?

The Roses are symbolised on Rosslyn Chapel. Everything to do with God, points back to Christ also to Hagia Sophia in Istambul, Constantinople. Hagia Sophia means Saint Sophia - the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Wisdom brings God's Wisdom.

Divinely inspired Wisdom has been given in a specific bloodline. You will see that the people who have been given this, in history, have been crowned from the heavenly realms. All the attempts for man and woman to manipulate this, will not work.

Lancashire, where I live is known as Red Rose County.

Bolton where I live is situated right in the heart of England between Stone Henge and Rosslyn Chapel. This area is in the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. This Land the Queen collects her personal income (spending money) of £13 million a year. Nice!

Henry VII introduced the Tudor rose, combining a red rose, representing the House of Lancaster, and a white rose, representing the House of York, as a symbol of unity after the English civil wars of the 15th century which, long after, came to be called the Wars of the Roses.

Just looking at my neice's page who has a spiritual connection with me, even being in a different country. She is divinely inspired in her artwork too. Royal Princesses by blood are divinely inspired - We are the Rhesus O Negative royal blood family.

Holli Rae (meaning Holy Light) shows the truth with the fake mask. My neice is inspired to evoke consciousness and valuable in helping humanity evolve. Visual creative expression is a powerful way to assist this process. Empowering people is the global vision.

The White Rose of York, pictured below, is said to represent the Blessed Virgin Mary, or Mystical Rose of Heaven: Here is the Jabobite banner. Notice there are 7 white roses to show that there are 7 spiritual lights - 7 churches, 7 families.

Great effort is happening to unite humanity in peace and the oppressors are the athiests that hide behind a church front - like corrupt lawyers sitting in law courts, it is one sham system that is a mess. The foundations have been exposed.

There were 7 young athletes chosen to light the Olympic Flame this year and people have expressed sadness that the flame has gone. People said for a moment humanity were united - while England is a cosmopolitain country, people have been told what to think, wear, eat, buy and do for so long, this spell over people needs breaking now.

The 7 candles on the menorah represent the 7 spheres, or the Sabbath and the 6 weekdays around it. There are also 7 chakrass - the top being the Crown Chakra.

A Jewish lady is expressing her sadness that people have the menorah in their home and yet she said they do not light them any more. Light up this light now!

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream where we were together in a room with another lady. She was looking at a crystal ball - although she is very clear seeing and does not need this. I was looking at the television seeing beyond what was being revealed. The following day the Skyfall 007 movie premier was published and Istambul features in that too!

Humanity has been cloaked in sadness, lost the connection with their long lost family and their true identity. People have been caught up with division and religion. The light of all lights unites the whole of humanity together.

People have been seeing 11:11 for a while now and closing their mind to this being a date. How many people went searching to see what the Holy Scriptures say?

Numbers 11:11 also connect with me personally too. My name has 11 constenents and 11 vowels. In the divine plan, every fine detail has been covered.

Apocalypse means lifting the veil and revealing the truth.

Christ has said clearly he is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the begining and the end. There is no one who can get past him using trickery and deception.

I was born in Beaulah Cresent, Thornton Heath - that relates to Christ and His Kingdom. You will read of Beulahland in the Holy Bible - The Holy Land. If all the world was Holy - Sacred Ground and then there would be no excuses for war.

Moses Gate Country Park - The Wilderness is recreated here and named too. In the divine plan, all the devious ways of men will never work.

The divine plan is to free people from slavery and oppression. And unite humanity in peace. There is a clear out of corrupt officials that is long overdue.

Someone said earlier if Jesus was born a king he would be born in a Palace. How little do people know and just take a look at the places here. The reason Christ was born in Bethlehem was specific for the divine plan then as it is to this day. The reason why the Virgin Mary went to live in Smyrna/Izmir fulfills the Holy Scripture.

The Reason why my mother came from New Smyrna to London was to complete some unfinsihed business in relation to Greece. God guided her for His divine purpose. The reason my father went to live in Greece because he always felt at home there and he died there in Larissa, the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. Did the British royals or others conquest that too? If so, in my dream God has shown me Arizona, The Courthouse Rock, The Bell Rock and Government Rock. God does not obey any of the man made laws.

The Holy Virgin Mary is Patron Queen of America.

People ask for God to Bless America, the church holding USA in the palm of their hands is the Greek Orthodox of Jerusalem meaning that no other King can rule over you, other than Jesus Christ. My connection with America is physical and spiritual.

As long as people stay in ignorance, they can be manipulated. Be very careful of worshiping false idols - even the Queen! Many people worship wealth in UK.

The Spiritual Mother of Humanity loves and cares for humanity.

The Royal Court I belong to is of Jesus Christ.

In an earlier article on Heath Hall, were two throne seats, one with a bunch of Pink roses. Pink relates to motherly love and healing. Is the Queen going to buy this as my home to live with an apology for all my suffering? Actually the address is important to establish the New Covenant - although not necessary. At £100 million. Ouch!

As a multibillionaire, £100 million price tag is loose change!

The entire British Establishment are showing their true colours. They have no where to run and no where to hide. A few are involved in satanic rituals and the most diabolical goings on. Who is going to save their souls? Many sold their soul long ago!

The Spiritual way is assisting healing and empowering people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria