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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Toy Drama

Because the messages are not being openly shared with everyone vocally, we have here the example with Daily Mail publishing photos of what could have become a real drama, in a different situation, with many possible scripts and endings. In this particular situation with Katie Holmes and her daughter with Tom Cruise, all ends up well.

Six year old Suri, was parted from her cuddly toy when a driver reached out to a window to give it to her. As you can see her expression is one with eagerness to reach out to claim her prize - the focus of a six year old is not surprisingly her cuddly toy.

Katie is seen tending to her young daughter, wrapped up warm with Navy Blue padded Jacket. Being reminded of Royal Navy - a colour my grandmother often wore.

A mother of a young child who loses a toy can surely relate to the drama as a consequence. This cuddly toy seems to be a comfort to the child. It is not unusual for adults and children seek their security. Katie Holmes reportedly moved to New York a while ago, after she seperted from her husband Tom Cruise. With parents in different states, perhaps the cuddly toy holds even more importance because it provides a physical connection.

Only a couple of days ago I said that Suri has her own purpose to serve. Just with this incident she has shown to carry a very important message that has been published in the media. This is a warning to all parents to be extra cautious and warn children not to talk to strangers, to acccept toys or sweets from strangers. Children are so easily distracted and trusting. They can easily be led away or even taken way against their will.

Standing behind suri is a little girl with a white fluffy hat. This brings a reminder of the full head spiritual crown, because children are innocent and pure in their heart. We also see Katies mother with a little girl with a rich complexion. With the three little ones we are reminded of the three Royal Princesss. The colourful bag, Katie's mother is carrying reminds me of Joseph's coat of many colours.

In this situation, Katie was there while Suri was passed her toy. She may have even known the driver. However, not long ago a 5 year old, April in Wales went missing. A pale coloured vehicle was seen driving up and down the road and heard by an elderly man speeding off. A young child said April got into a small light coloured van. The media arrested someone for murder who drives a dark 4 X 4 and no physical body has been found.

The royals here are silent. They are not interested in Justice. If they were they would be sharp on the injustice that has taken place.They are quiet on the thousands of young children that go missing every year. The government does not report this. There are children also being involved in satanic rituals and WE ARE living in times where much evil is taking place. I can only show you how easily it is for a child to be enticed by a stranger. I can only warn you to keep an eye on the children and check where they are.

Katie, the Lady in Red in New York, smiling knows in her mind and heart that her daughter is safe. Not everyone knows if their child is safe, or who they are with. In the background we see 'once' written in lights. Hopefully I will not have to repeat this message because the impressions are strong enough, to deliver the warning signs.

There is an important relationship shared between Grandmother, mother and daughter. There is a spiritual bond that I have personally experienced. Every woman has a role in someone's life and also other children's life. Not every mother is aware of the dangers around. If you see a child wandering off or in distress, Please do not ignore this. Our world might appear to be a safe place and yet, sadly it is not.

Little children grow up fast. They have their own minds and personality. At two years old they can create havoc and drama. If a child says they are scared or something has happened to them, listen to their experience. An innocent child knows their truth.

The heartbreak and anquish countless mothers have gone through with missing children, we cannot possibly imagine. Just because we do not see, does not mean that people are not hurting. We cannot turn the clock back. We can learn the lessons.

Protect the children until they are old enough and wise enough to protect theirselves. Even teenagers and adults seek the security from mother's. Being a mother is not just when children are in a pram. Being a mother is for a lifetime, with love.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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